DCeased 3 “How It Ended…” – War Of The Undead Gods – Complete Story

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And heres the AI Generated description!
In this episode of DCeased, the war between the undead gods and the human race comes to an end. The stakes have never been higher as the fate of the world hangs in the balance.

DCeased is a comic book series about the war between the undead gods and the human race. In this episode, the final battle between the undead gods and the humans comes to an end. Will the humans be able to triumph over the undead gods, or will the undead gods win and bring about the end of the universe?

This is the end of deceased a virus is Set upon the world and at this point We've discovered that the Mastermind Behind its creation was a being known as Erebos our heroes lost their mentors Lost their families and lost their Allies but then we found a cure certain Heroes came back like Superman While Others remained dead like Wonder Woman The virus hit the new gods and the Battle hit Cosmic scales Mr mixopitalic Was turned into an anti-life zombie Along with the Specter getting involved And destroyed Dark Knight became the Yellow Lantern and Supergirl was turned Into an anti-life zombie eventually as Damien who had become Batman was turning Into an anti-life zombie the heroes were Losing and finally Alfred was changed Into the new Specter and saved Damien's Life now with the Cure in hand our Heroes are trying to figure out their Last ditch effort to defeat erebos and Save the Galaxy this is comic story and We take comic books and turn them into Audio dramas helping you keep up with The storylines within this incredible Industry we make complete stories which Are one to three issues and then we make Full stories which are hour-long Presentations of the entire plot support This great industry by going to your Local comic book store or going to the Digital retailer if you enjoyed these

Storylines now let's get into deceased War of the undead Gods issue 8. Unearthed to the tides of the battle Have finally begun to turn in the favor Of the heroes Alfred has delivered the Cure needed to revert to those who are Once turned Undead by the anti-life Equation and the people have started to Have hope that they may actually survive This and even new allies have joined Them after kandor was freed of Brainiac's control and the unlikelist a Villain has taken up arms to try and Fight back erebos in the form of Yellow Lantern dark side but while there are Many reunions there are many goodbyes And those Mortals that were buried were Buried next to the gods they fought Alongside death too was even there to Mourn the high father the black racer However with the black racer there Damien had a question for him his father And his brothers taunt him to respect All life but before he became Batman Before he became Robin he was an Assassin he was taught to look for Weaknesses he has been thinking about How to bring the fight to to the source And erebos is a primordial deity he is a Darkness personified and the only thing That can destroy the dark is the light If erebos is anti-life he may have an Idea one that he wants to run by him to See if it could even work

After speaking with the black racer Damien visits cyborg inside of Brainiac's ship about his plan because If Damien's plan is going to work Vic is Going to be the key to stopping it after Explaining the details to cyborg the two Call on all of the remaining Heroes to Go over their last ditch effort to stop Erebus heroes and villains answered the Call along with the old gods in the new However there was only one problem with Getting to Erebus he now resides in a Limbo outside of their universe and for Them to reach that place they must pass Through a doom tube the only problem is You have to be dead to travel through a Doom tube cyborg says that he's been Working on a workaround that should be Ready by tomorrow and as for erebos he And Batman believe that they have a Weapon that can end him however to Ensure the deity can't escape they need To be inside of Erebus when they unleash It they just need to attack it from two Different angles one being the fight in The front that will hold his attention Dark Side chimes in I will fish Erebus Guy Gardner asks if he's intending to Monologue him to death he's then hit by The Omega beams and simply States yep Yep I know that one's on me why was a Mocking dark side but at that moment Ares chimes in explaining that Darkseid Cannot hold the attention of Erebus

When they ask if Aries could hold back The primordial deity Ares tells him it Would be suicide Cassie asks if he's a coward since when Is the god of War's plan to hide from it And Aries says he does not hide Lois Then demands to know where Ares was when Her son was standing between this planet And Annihilation and Lobo chimes in Probably watching it's what he does he's More of a creepy stalker than a God of War lobo's taunt is what works on Ares As he turns his attention towards him But black racer stops him telling him That if he faces Erebus tomorrow he will Not be alone Death will be beside him as death has Always followed War so Ares releases his Grip on Lobo and states that he will Hold the attention of erebros but after All is said and done Damien tells Cassie That she certainly lived up to her title Of Wonder Woman back there she laughs Stating that goading the God of War into Working for them was his play but she Did execute it very well speaking of Plans they're going to have to be Careful tomorrow they were already close To losing him once and Damien says that That's just it he needs her to stay Behind in case they fail even with the Green Lanterns here Damien doesn't trust The Guardians to do the right thing and The newly freed kryptons

Well they need to be trained Cassie says That if he's trying to spare her but Damien tells her no He's asking Wonder Woman The Greatest Warrior that he knows to protect the Entire universe So Cassie wants to know what is the Weapon then if only he and Cyborg can Use it what did he come up with Damien Tells us that he cannot tell her what The weapon is so she turns to leave Telling him that she wants to trust him There's still a little too much of his Father in him as she leaves Jon flies Down with a package telling Damien that He got him a present he tells him it's a Birthday present it hit midnight in Gotham about the same time that he Thought it would be a good idea to punch The father of the new Gods apparently The wisdom coming with age thing doesn't Apply so Damien opens it up to see a Brand new Batman suit a white one John Says that he thought since they're Fighting a primordial deity tomorrow Maybe the personification of Darkness Could come up against the light Knight Damien smiles Feels right and no matter what happens Tomorrow John tells him that they're going to win And they're coming back Yeah We're gonna win John

The next day everyone straps in to be Killed and Cyborg explains that their Hearts will stop for only a minute but Just long enough for them to pass Through the Doom tube once their hearts Stop beating war world would carry them Through to meet with erebos They're all shocked and they're all Presumed dead so War World creates a Path to the place where Erebus resides It's much bigger than anyone was Expecting as Aries and the black racer Are the first to leave and engage erebos Ares says that they cannot win this Black racer tells him no we cannot but We will fight to lose the battle and let The heroes win the war araba stares at The two what there is no one left to Fight a war when there is nothing left Living to die there will still be Darkness Meanwhile green error uses the bone Quiver of Apollo to pierce the darkness When everyone else combined their Strength and Unleashed their power once That crack was made Lobo flew in to tear It open allowing the others to pull open A gap big enough for the entire War World to go in inside cyborg tells Damian that it's time to unleash the Weapon but cyborg searching through his Memory banks realizes that he doesn't Know what it is it's like whatever their Weapon has been removed from his whole

Damn conversation Damien what have you Done Damien tells him he's sorry Bruce Was a paranoid man and when you bonded With apocalyptian tech Bruce didn't just Hide a Tracker in view he hacked your Entire system years ago and left the Control with you I found a theory the Anti-life virus leapt from your mind and We needed the opposite I found it in you I found the life equation I extracted it And erased it from your system now it Only exists in me you don't need to do This really you have the greatest Technology of Two Worlds your own Brilliant mind and the calculating speed Of Brainiac explain how there's another Way Vic it can be me it started with me But Damien begins to Glow as the life Equation takes hold it's already started Cyborg it's in me as soon as we entered Erebos a chain reaction began well I'm Not leaving you here but that's when his Thrusters activate and Damian tells him You don't have a choice I've already Programmed your flight path back goodbye Vic as he Rockets out Dinah wants to Know what's going on and asks where Damien cyborg says that he's not coming And they have less than three minutes to Escape Darkseid asks did the weapon fail There was no weapon it's Damien it was Always Damien Damien took the life Equation and activated it inside of Arabos it's like when matter and

Antimatter Collide there's about to be a Big bang in the center of Erebus no one Can survive what's coming a universe is About to be born inside of Damien and Erebus expanding at the speed of light John radios out shouting I'm not leaving But Damien across the radio tells him It's okay I'm already gone dark side Compliments Damien tell the child that His plan is most impressive in Green Arrow yells that he doesn't need Validation from Dark Side Damien radios Back to green arrow telling him that This is how he said it would end don't You remember what you said to my father The day that he died you were talking to Bruce over the radio but you were Looking right at me Batman isn't going To get taken out by a virus you're not Going to get sick and Fade Away you're Not going to sacrifice yourself for the Galaxy outwitting and evil as old as the Stars or something green arrow tries to Think something to argue back with but All he can do is sign and how right the Comment was Meanwhile above Erebus grabs Aries Telling him that he can feel the light Inside of him what have you done what Did you do as Aries attempts to free Himself Erebus squeezes his hands Crushing the God of War Darkseid tells Everyone that Ares is down and Cyborg Opens up a boom tube telling them all

That they now need to leave But inside Damien sits and waits for his Inevitable end arbo speaks to him Explaining that this will destroy the Both of them but Damien tells him not Really he'll become something else Erebus tries to bargain But Damien denies him Damien tells him That this is just His end Back outside the last of the heroes Departed Jon tries to stay stating that He won't let Damian die alone Alfred as the Specter tells him that he Doesn't have to I could take you to Damien he explains that he will get Himself and John out just before the Explosion no one has to worry about Jon So while Superman waits for his son Alfred brings Jon to Damien much to Damien's refusal he yells that they Can't be in there but Alfred says that There is nowhere else that he would Rather be at this moment than beside his Son that he can't harm them Damien Explains that they can't save him Jon Sits beside him yeah I get that so I thought maybe I'd just Sit here you know so you weren't alone Damien looks over if I told you what I Was doing you'd never have let me do it John lass no I wouldn't have And you were right You were a great Batman as Damian Smiles

The final moment arrives and Damien says Thanks John As the Erebus is destroyed John Alfred And Superman all make their escape and Soon everyone begins to realize the Sacrifice that Damien made for them the Sacrifice that Batman made for them for A boy born as an assassin someone taught To not care about life he fought against It all And he ended up saving all life Sometimes Alfred would visit the cosmos That Damien made reflecting on having no Idea how much a parent would sacrifice For their child not until he had his own Did he understand what he would give up For them but he would do anything to Prevent any harm from coming to them and How Deeply he misses them his bats his Sons His whole universe And that concludes the deceased series As far as we know this is the ending and Where would you even go at this point They've eradicated the virus they've Made a new universe and we still have Some Heroes that are remaining alive to Deal with it I hope you guys enjoyed This series here at comicstorian and as Is with many of our series that come to Their full conclusions I know that we're Going to lose some of the viewers so Thank you for watching every episode of Deceased as we've come to this but if

You take a moment to consider sticking Around we do bring you new videos five Times a week covering Marvel DC and Other stuff lots of cool stuff is Happening with the dawn of DC and I'd Love to share it with you anyway I'm Benny and I'll see you next time Hopefully

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