The Problem With The MCU – Explained

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Welcome to another problem with video in Which I tell you what I find to be the Problems with the things that I enjoy This is an opinion based video in which I'm going to tell you definitively what Is wrong with stuff in today's video It's brought to you by [Music] It did fall out of the chair didn't I Anyway gamer stops is an energy Supplement that you can use to get that Kind of energy it's less chalky than its Competitors but they also have a lot of Fun with it by creating things like Waifu cups waifu hoodies and things that Are similar to that and you too can take Your gamer subs and skate around your Room trying to get yourself a plastic Cup I almost died to give you that ad promo Now let's talk about the problem with The MCU oh and uh click the link down Below I forgot to like the key click the Link down below if you want to get some Gamer Subs it's kind of the important Bit if you appreciate me almost dying Click the link so when I'm looking for Problems with the MCU or Marvel Comics I Do what a lot of you do and I look for Like-minded individuals who are creating Videos who 100 agree with me and if they Disagree with me and even one percent of What I think is accurate I want to let Them know in the comments down below

Right I mean that's what we all do and What I've seen a lot of is people saying That 17 movies and TV shows is just far Too many to put out I'll agree to some Extent yeah they really upped their ante And it created a situation in which we Didn't care uh oh no but the visual Effects of Tanked it is causing a lot of Issues did you see what She-Hulk looked Like it was garbage and I'll agree with You on that one too A lot of the CG and The visual effects have gone to crap and Oh my God the MCU is doing stuff that I Don't personally like like She-Hulk and Moon night and who the hell thought a Cartoon about what if was a good idea Okay you're right 17 movies and TV shows They did try some new stuff in there and Some of it just didn't hit Moon Knight And She-Hulk for me were two that I Thought were okay but nothing to write Home about you know we all could agree And disagree on what the popular ones Were and what their actual problems were And stuff like that but without going Into any crazy political arguing about What direction the MCU should take or Has taken I think it's actually a Different thing that is causing the Primary issue with the MCU visual Effects and the amount of product that They were putting out aside there's one Big issue and that's the story so up Until the beginning of the first

Avengers the story was all about these Individual Avengers getting their own Individual movies those individual Movies then built towards the Avengers That was the story what happens if we Have all of these superheroes in one Location and then some big bad Loki with The alien aliens arrives what if they All were to team up and that revealed The through line the overarching story The Avengers have been created but what Is Thanos what is Thanos after moving Forward from The Avengers after that we Had a situation in which we would get New products new superheroes new stuff Coming out but at the same time we were Constantly being reminded and bombarded With Iron Man Captain America and Thor They were the through line they were the Heroes they either got a cameo or they Had the minimum got a mention within These other movies stuff like The Avengers battle in New York would come Up and the brand new superheroes movies Following the first Avengers movie we Had Thanos at the end of it and the Overall story was arising but you know What phase two had nothing really new Phase two primarily had Iron Man 3 Thor The Dark World so too in Captain America The Winter Soldier Captain America 2. we Got a brand new movie with the Guardians Of the Galaxy but that started to bring The cosmic scale to light started to

Hint at things that Thanos would be a Part of and throughout all of this we Had these MacGuffin things that would Later become the Infinity Stones this Led to the Avengers Age of Ultron so Phases one and two were just telling the Same story here's Iron Man here's Thor Here's Captain America and they're The Avengers and what happens after the Avengers well they all have to go back And they constantly reference The Avengers and how they all teamed up and It was this one cohesive storyline we Then got peppered in with things like Here's Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man but phase two which took place Over the course of two years it Literally had six movies So that means we have three movies a Year for the most part I believe it was Kind of bridged out even if a little Further than that because looking at This the dates on these they were two Per year but they were kind of close at Times either way two per year for three Years we weren't getting over saturated With the MCU we weren't getting flooded With it and we had one cohesive Storyline because at the end of Avengers We saw Thanos and he was coming to do it Himself now comic book fans knew that This meant the Infinity Stones and That's when they started to tie things Together and turn them into Infinity

Stones but the story just continued from That point on it was just the Avengers Ant-Man came out after Age of Ultron so A lot of people mistakenly place it into Phase three and guarding to the Galaxy Came out right before Age of Ultron so If both of those had tanked they Literally put Age of Ultron in the Middle so the MCU is doing fine phase Three was 2016 to 2019. and while they Started off with two movies a year they Did up the ante to three a year to get Us to end game now over the course of That period we had one two three four Five six seven eight nine ten eleven Eleven total movies in the span of three Years now this is why I agree with 17 Projects in two years is just way too Many because the end game phase was very Long but it still didn't feel like it Was too jam-packed we were still getting About three movies a year for the most Part now during this period we again got A Captain America three we got a Thor Three so that continued on those Characters but during this period we Were introduced to brand new characters Doctor Strange got his first movie and People thought it was okay Spider-Man Got his first movie and everyone freaked Out love or hate homecoming everyone Loves Spider-Man Guardians of the Galaxy At this point was already a success They'd worked so they got a sequel black

Panther was huge everyone couldn't Believe black panther was getting a Movie and the movie was incredible then We had some lackluster ones Ant-Man and The WASP came out the seagull the Ant-Man wasn't so great Captain Marvel Depends on who you talk to I thought it Was an okay movie but the box office Tells you that everyone loved it or at Least went to see it and that's all that Marvel cares about and to end up all of This we got Spider-Man 2. in the same Phase again they didn't try very many New new things black panther was Introduced in Civil War Marvel knew that This was going to be a success and since Civil war came out in 2016 and black Panther came out in 2018 they gave Themselves plenty of time if black Panther got backlash and wasn't light so Really the only brand new character that Got introduced in this phase would have Been Captain Marvel and Doctor Strange That's it two still very popular Marvel Characters when it comes to Captain Marvel depends on who you talk to and Whether or not they actually read Civil War Two but that's a totally different Discussion anyway but that's where we Get to phase four now up until this Point I agree visual effects were great Having maximum 11 movies coming out of That period yeah that we had just enough We weren't getting over saturated and

That's when we got into phase four now Oversaturation visual effects assigned You have to look at what they tried to Do with this phase we had no ongoing Story we had no ongoing characters You Could argue that phases one two and Three weren't about the Infinity Stones They were not about Thanos as a matter Of fact I'm one of the people that Thinks that endgame didn't work as a Solo movie because it was all about the Encompassing storyline that they had Built up to that point an incredible Movie I've argued for a long time that It just would not stand if you hadn't Watched all the other MCU projects and Yes yes I know why would you go watch Endgame if you hadn't seen the other MCU Projects Benny that's everyone's Counterpoint but you know what end game Broke boxed office numbers into the Gajillions and guess what guarantee you At least one person didn't see the rest Of the MCU I would love to meet that Person and see what their opinion of Endgame was but anyway phase four Contained a black widow movie that Should have come out back in phase two Falcon winner soldier TV show now this Was them trying to get people to watch The Disney Plus shows a turtle's movie Brand new cast barely references what's Going on other than yeah that was a Thanos thing that we didn't get involved

In Shang Chi basically doesn't reference Anything going on in the in the Marvel Universe until it's post-credits scene And apparently that was supposed to turn Into Ant-Man but got thrown out the Window because no one liked the ending To Ant-Man One Division another Disney Plus experiment Loki arguably probably The best Disney Plus show was also Another Disney plus experiment Spider-Man no way home blew up box Offices who would have thought getting Three Spider-Man into a movie would make It do well Doctor Strange was the sequel To a character that was you know I guess Midly kind of accepted is midly a word Can I make up midly he was mid look look Benny's acting like he's 16. aren't you Cool kids anyway then we had Moon Knight She-Hulk Miss Marvel all of those you Can take him or leave them they we if There's stuff I enjoyed about all of Them and there's stuff I disliked about All of them Thor love and Thunder Thor was great with three movies we're Gonna end it there uh and then the Hawkeye show which was great the point I'm making is while we can't agree that 17 projects was too many for a two-year Span of time especially during a coven Era um and we can't agree that visual Effects have taken a tank I would argue That the problem is the story isn't There and I'm not even stating like oh

It didn't exist because they were Implying the Multiverse and Kang and Quite a few of these projects uh one Division was heavily implying the Multiverse Loki heavily implied the Multiverse and uh what was it Doctor Strange was literally called the Multiverse of Madness Loki introduced Kang or a king related character because That wasn't Kang and that's just an Inside joke for people who have been Watching my podcast forever and if you Want to be on the inside go to Absolutely but anyway that was it like Nothing else really implied Kang or the Multiverse which would be okay because Going back to what I said about phases One through three You could argue that It wasn't about fan it wasn't about the Infinity stone what I would argue is That it was about the Avengers it was About Captain America Iron Man and Thor Coming together to build this team Because they realized they needed Something to stop a threat like Thanos Thanos himself and the Infinity Stones Really were just macguffins big threat Coming to the planet what's he gonna do Use magical stones that can literally do Anything that you can think of you can't Get much more McGuffin than that he Unwound the Guardians at one point and Then wiped out half of the population of The universe it can do anything but what

Was more important was Captain America And Iron Man coming together and then Fighting against each other in Civil War And then being at odds that was the Interesting story what brought Spider-Man into the proper Avengers Universe was having Iron Man constantly Popping up in the background turning him Into Iron Man Junior but that's an Entirely different discussion as to why That's not really Spider-Man it's just Iron Man Junior with spider on his chest But we can have that talk later having Situations like black panther being Introduced to the universe by fighting Against Captain America because of the Winter soldier like things like this is What introduced everything into the Universe and gave us this big sprawling Interconnected Universe going all the Way back to Iron Man 1 seeing a Captain America shield on the desk that we all Thought was just a fun Easter egg to Becoming Captain America teaming up with Iron Man phases one and two weren't that Experimental and even when they were With Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man They were still heavily implied to be in This universe with the Guardians being The cosmic side of the MCU and implying Infinity Stones and Thanos and all this Stuff is real where did that character Come from Ant-Man You could argue was a Little outside of the usual wheelhouse

Of the Avengers but while I can't think Of the connections off the top of my Head I guarantee there was mentions to What's going on and how it was tied Together the problem with phase 4 is That we don't have any of that Thor Didn't show up in some random spot Iron Man's not checking in on Spider-Man and The third movie we don't have Captain America being this overarching sign of Justice and morality and everyone has to Follow him we aren't referencing a Realistic event that could matter like Aliens invading New York when they Reference the snap the MCU doesn't want To think about the dark side of the Concept of the snap so they don't really Reference the snap we've had a few cool Moments like in one division when we saw What happened with Monica Rambo and Stuff like that but for the most part we Don't reference the snap Thanos and all Of that is like well they talk about it On podcasts and it's a lot of fun they Try their hardest to remind you that This isn't the MCU without having a Proper through line the big bad is the Multiverse and the big bad is Kang that Was defeated by Ant-Man what Like that doesn't give you some Impending doom we have no need for the Avengers to reassemble we have no Grandfathered Avengers to lead anyone on That is what I would argue was the

Problem with phase four how much better Could phase four have been if the Miss Marvel show also involved Shields Somehow directly being involved because They were trying to recruit it to the Avengers that's another thing they bring Up the Avengers and the latest Marvel's Trailer she's like am I trying out for The Avengers who's the Avengers Who's left is it Falcon is he officially Captain America because we don't even Know the timeline like did he become Captain America is there a background Avengers group being made up right now Where did Bucky go at the end of that Show that is the issue in my opinion as To what's happening with the MCU none of This is linked together we just have a Outlier Marvel movies phases one through Three three being the most ballsy of one Through three even that one closely tied Everything together Guardians 2 they Were talking about Thanos and they were Heading back and they were running into Those problems Doctor Strange is the Outlier that's the outlier character Okay and there was a lot of faith in the MCU at that point but when we get to Phase four our outliers our test bed is A show all about Loki a show all about Wanda in an alternate reality that's Gonna play out weird and be experimental I mean there was a lot of experiments Here Wanda being like a sitcom but it

Wasn't a sitcom with a underlying tone She-Hulk is literally just what I like To call your c-level sitcom it's not Great you pop it on while eating popcorn Moon Knight featured Moon night for 14 Minutes that's six episodes how is that Not experimental can we do a superhero TV show without a superhero like with What the ones that seem to do the best During phase four are existing Characters Spider-Man or it directly Relates to what's going on in the Overarching storyline oh Spider-Man Again at this point I just feel like I'm Rambling and bringing at the same points But what I feel is the actual issue is Not the visual effects it's not the Amount of product because I feel like Both of those would have been excusable If there was a through line the worst Times in Marvel Comics is the times like Right now how are they interconnected How is Marvel connected as to what's Going on because I don't know about you But the Avengers have been doing their Own thing for three years over there With Avengers forever the X-Men had been Locked off on krakowa and they're doing Interconnectivity with the X-Men and Spider-Man's doing his own thing and Then we just have a random Marvel Comics The closest we got to them being Interconnected was ax and ax was overall A good event but what the hell led up to

Ax nothing there was no build up there Was nothing coming out of it there was No a bunch of books there was no like Spider-Man comic where he's like what's Going on do you remember this I'm Talking to you other old hats who have Been reading comics forever the eras of Secret Invasion the eras of Secret Wars Every comic reflected what is going on Secret Wars literally interrupted comic Book runs that had nothing to do with Secret Wars to put them into Secret Wars And some could argue that that's bad but I would argue that that gets us to read All the comics and that's what makes us Interested in the MCU those little Interconnected moments turning the post Credit scenes into jokes ruins the those Interconnected moments it ruins it makes Them all linked together don't make it Some stupid trailer that's gonna come Out in three months just interconnect it Make it me feel like I'm missing Something by not doing that because That's what happens in the comics when I'm reading a comic and Spider-Man talks About just a minute ago he was running Off with Iron Man and Iron Man got Involved now I want to know what Iron Man was doing DC has been struggling With interconnectivity for the last four Years like 2019 dark crisis or dark net It was death Knights Dark Knights metal The the second one the second Dark

Knights thing ever since then they were All over the place we had a black label We had out of continuity Batman books I'm covering a book for you guys right Now called Batman Fortress which overall Has a really cool concept and idea and Superheroes are dying so it's not in Continuity the point I'm making is What's hurt DC right now is there's no Desire to read anything else I don't go Read Batman and then wonder what Superman's doing and wonder how Hal's Involved I don't go read Marvel and then Wonder reading through the X-Men I Forget the Avengers have a comic half The time because it hasn't been that Interesting in a little while and that's What's going on with phase four we don't Have that through line there's no Avengers coming together there is no Thanos there is no Infinity Stones what There is is a guy that got defeated by Ant-Man and the possibility of a Multiverse which is now not a Possibility it's a thing but that's not A threat that's not a problem your Average moviegoer doesn't even know that The incursions are a thing and that's Actually going to be the problem with a Multiverse but there's no big bad for You to aim The non-existent Avengers at The incursions is the idea that Multiversal words are going to slam into Each other it was implied and hinted at

And dark Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness that's it 17 projects and they Said that that's a problem that we're Worried about they didn't Point them at A bad guy they didn't say that this is Causing the incursions nothing like we Have the incursions the incursion is Called Secret Wars in the comics for Those who don't know but that's that's Where it could go we don't have that we Don't have Iron Man Captain America and Thor making the Avengers we don't have The big bad and that's what I feel is The problem and I feel it's the big Problem in comic books right now is that What makes comic books stand out over Manga because I read a lot of manga we Have a channel it's called manga Historian I talk about what I Read Manga Is amazing because I can have a thousand Chapters of one piece and it's one Ongoing storyline written by one guy but What makes Comics stand out over manga What makes them separate is that we can Have nine Batman stories written by nine Different people and they're all Different tones personalities and Behaviors but what I can also have is a Batman Superman Hal Jordan book where They team up and they go across and There's a big bad that they have to team Up against dawn of DC is what DC is Doing right now and they have already Implied that we are building up to two

Big events we're building up tonight Terrors which is some kind of Halloween Horror based thing and then we have Brainiac that means that the DC Universe Is working on interconnectivity once Again because they realized how much it Was hurting to not do it that means that The DC comic books are all going to Start finding things related to these Big bats that they're all going to team Up that they're all going to work Towards a common goal in Marvel we Haven't had that since Secret Wars we've Got Spider-Man doing Spider-Man stuff With Venom and Ben Reilly and stuff we Got the X-Men doing X-Men stuff over on Krakowa and the Avengers somehow just Got completely separated by I think Jason Aaron and he's like done nine Different Avengers books that all in I Don't know how that works I don't know What happened there I I love The Avengers book but how is it just its own Out of continuity timeline what doesn't Make any sense man anyway at this point I really am just gonna start rambling And re-looping exactly what I stated and I try not to do that Dan's probably Already cut out a couple of the lines in Which I kind of repeated what I'm saying But to end it to bring it all down to Bring the too long did not read just get To the end of the video because you I Don't know why you would do that I

Gained it probably didn't put up any Real images up here I don't know why you Did that why'd you skip to the ending But anyway the point I'm making is that I think most of what people claim to be A problem with the MCU would be Forgivable it would be something we Would laugh at we'd make fun of but we'd All do it in fun and ingest and I think A lot of the hatred and why we pinpoint Moments that look terrible or the fact That we point out that there's way too Many things coming out is because we Don't have a reason to care why should You care about She-Hulk if She-Hulk is Going to be Nine episodes that don't Mention or bring up anything really Involved in the overarching MCU the only Thing that we even have that closely Ties it to the MCU is the appearance of The Hulk and outside of that it's just Bad sitcom and then why should you even Care even more if the ending of She-Hulk Shows that the MCU could be broken at Any moment by She-Hulk so we can't bring She-Hulk back why should you care about Moon Knight if Moon Knight's not going To reference anything if moon is just Going to be like a weird National Treasure Indiana Jones Style Adventure That ends with him becoming Moon Knight How can I get it I get uh Oscar Isaac Didn't want it to be connected but That's a problem when your entire thing

Is how connected our universe and World Building is you all hate the eternals But at least they mentioned Thanos like We've gone to the point where people Don't even mention what's going on and That's why I was excited for phase five Until Ant-Man killed Kang oh man I'm so Scared of Kang Ant-Man beat you Ant-Man I like Ant-Man but he shouldn't beat Kang Anyway that's the end of this video I Hope you guys enjoyed it let me know Down below if you agree or disagree Because this I I know what's wrong with The phase four thing is like a big Hot Topic right now in our community and I'd Like to get your opinions as to what you Think is going on my name is Benny you Can like subscribe hit that notification Bell every Wednesday I give you my Opinions on things that I'm 100 Factually correct about and um Please don't just Daddy I'll see you next time

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