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Where has Superboy been and I don't mean Just any Superboy I mean leather jacket Wearing sunglass wearing Superboy from The 90s well long story short after Everything that happened with the new 52 He was removed from reality and sent it To another world where he was raising a Family that turned out to not really be His that's a story for a different day But with the recent dawn of DC relaunch Of their line and their focus on this News line-wide initiative of the dawn of DC we have a new situation where the Super family is finally as big as it Should be and since they're expanding The super family we finally get leather Coat wearing Superboy back in Action so Today is issue one of his brand new Series in which he discovers what it Means to be a super person this is Economic historian I make a couple tapes Of videos here from complete stories That are one to three issues of your Favorite comic books to full stories Where I combine all of those together I Make them into audio dramas with the Purpose being telling you what's going On in the world of comic books so that You know what's out there you can go to Your local comic book store adding them To your collection or you can go to your Digital retailer but that's all we got Let's get into Superboy issue number one The car flies through the air but in a

Flash Superboy is there holding off the Destruction with his strength and Telekinetic Powers anybody dropped their Car he says of the smile but Dr Polaris Is there still fighting and Superboy Orders everyone to get clear everybody Get clear I'll cover you he says as he Leaps into the battle just as Polaris Throws another building but in a blur of Motion Jon and Cara are there catching The building don't worry Connor we got This John says and Cara Smiles just Another Thursday in Metropolis huh and a Blur of motion Superman joins them Grabbing hold of Polaris Connor tries to Help but realizes that it looks like the Others have everything under control With everything fixed Conor size Reaching down for the coffees that he Dropped hey I gotta get the coffee back To modpa promise to them metropolis's Finest this morning the others seem Confused as he floats away back over at The Kent Farm Ma and PAW can't thank Connor for the coffee you really didn't Have to go to all the trouble cutter They try to remind him but Conor tells Them that he didn't mind though he has Noticed that Metropolis is getting a Little crowded with the super family Flying around he isn't sure where he Fits into this new world after having Been brought back ma Kent hugs him Around the shoulder you just need to

Find your place that's all she tells him Explaining that even Clark had to go to Metropolis that he was too big for Smallville and needed to find his place In the world so Conor opens up his eyes Realizing that they're right and he Suddenly leaps into the air there's Something I gotta do I'll be back later Don't wait up he shouts as he flies away He later finds himself with the Fortress Of Solitude asking Helix to show him all Of the distress signals going on around The world the Kryptonian robot does just That but also shows him that the other Heroes are already dealing with the High Level Threats and Conor Ponders for a Moment can you show me the galactic Distress signals he asks and massive map Of the Galaxy appears showing thousands Of distressed signals whoa Conor gasps Pointing to one that is flashing the Strongest and kelix explains that the World is under attack by the dominators Conor turns away with a smile are there Any Starships Starship storage teleport Us he asks and killix explains that Clark keeps a teleportation bracelet That he took from a bounty hunter but it Was deemed too dangerous Conor waves him Off perfect someone there needs my help Helix I think it's time for a road trip He pulls the bracelet on grabbing a bag And he has Helix program a return point To The Fortress for him before

Disappearing in the blink of an eye he Appears in the distressed World shocked To find the alien species is running Away from him believing that he is one Of the Dominator soldiers alright folks If this thing is translating correctly I'll help you guys get to safety and if I'm speaking gibberish just keep running And I'll cover you Conor says he drops His bag cracking his knuckles with a Smile and he quickly leaps into the air Starting the battle he destroys the Dominator ships and covers the aliens But as more aliens run towards him Conor Subtly blocks a massive energy attack he Looks up at the three approaching aliens The name Superboy these people are under My protection so please tell me you have A problem with that the meta aliens Rush Him Conor quickly knocks them away until Above them a dominator appears what a Luck we are graced with one of Earth's So-called Heroes you should feel honored Your world's metahumans inspired these Creations the Dominator calls out Offering Connor a chance to leave but Conor refuses launching forward knocking One of the meta aliens away with a Massive punch another grabs him and Tries to rip him in half but Conor hits Him with a TK blast throwing him to the Ground the third flies forward and is Going to attack a civilian but Conor Leaps in the way blocking the blast you

Okay thought you guys had uh gotten away He begins to say taking his eyes off the Alien that he saved but the image shifts In the moth winged meta-alien grabs him By the throat smiling do you like my Telepathic Illusions and my super Strength she asks tell me something Child your body is strong but how is Your mind she asks and Superboy feels Her probing into his mind bringing up Every bad feeling and emotion that he Has ever experienced the Dominator Floats forward hold him still 103. it's Time we see just what kind of trash We've collected the Dominator orders He's fascinated to see that Conor is Also a clone and that they will be able To use his Kryptonian DNA to splice into Their own experiments of course we will Need to soften him up a bit 101 102 and 103 begin to hit Conor again and again Knocking him into a crater on the ground But Conor finally pulls himself up Dusting himself off is that all I Thought you were gonna soften me up he Asks but he suddenly turns to hear the Civilians have finally escaped the city Hey wait do you hear that that's the Sound of everyone's footsteps as they Leave the city which means I get to go All out Superboy shouts sending a TK Blast that throws the metahumans away Before leaping at them and hitting them With super strength the metas are down

But the Dominator struggles to his feet Your planet's reputation for butting in Where you're not wanted beseech you but Your planet's Heroes tend to move in Groups you're alone why the Dominator Asks and Conor Smiles telling him that He thought it was time to make his Mark By helping people the Dominator Smiles So you are alone that's all I needed to Confirm he says as he holds up a remote Hitting a button far overhead a ship Opens up spilling out hundreds more and Meta aliens they fall towards Conor who Leaves up trying to hold them back but His TK and his strength aren't enough And he begins to get bogged down but Energy blasts until they cut through the Meta is destroying them and as Conor Struggles to his feet he looks up at the Dominator who is fleeing I figured it Would only be a matter of time before They arrived we'll continue our talk Later Kryptonian I have credits to make In orders to fill Conor turns seconds Before he's hit with another blast and Thrown to the ground it looks up its Three individuals approach him weapons Aimed at his head look what we have here Friends looks like the cosmoteers can Add another experimental Kryptonian to The kill list who wants the first shot And that concludes the return of Superboy finally Connor Kent is back the One that we all knew when we were kids

The one that was around at the death of Superman he is back and he is in action And I love that they commented on the Fact that there's too big of a super Family now that he feels like he's not Needed so they had to bring him Elsewhere but what do you think about The return of a leather jacket wearing Superboy cause I'm excited to have him Back in Action let me know what you Think in the comments down below and Don't forget to like And subscribe as Nearly every day we bring you brand new Content right here at comicstorian

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