10 Most In Demand Comics

By | February 21, 2023

It’s time to countdown the 10 most in demand comics according to Shortboxed. These comics span the modern to silver age.

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Reggie here and I want to welcome you to Another one of my videos in this video We are going to run down the most Searched for issues on the short box app And as a reminder this is a fantastic App for people to buy and sell graded Comics whether they be cgc or cbcs given The size of the user-based for short box I believe that having this information Gives us some insight into what it is That collectors and investors are Hunting for and hoping to add to their Collections or inventory let's get to The video Number 10 on the list is Batman issue Number 656 published by DC Comics in October of 2006. this book is considered A cameo appearance of Damien Wayne who Actually appears on the very last page Of the issue 9.8 for this book have a 30-day average value of 293 dollars trending upward number nine On the list is Avengers Issue Number Eight which is the first appearance of The original Kang the Conqueror Kang is Currently appearing in the Ant-Man and The WASP movie playing in theaters this Book was published back in 1964 and has Over 3 000 copies on the cgc census Number eight on the list is Batman issue Number 655 and this book is the Cameo Appearance of Damien Wayne the son of Bruce Wayne and the daughter of Raza Ghul 9.8 for this book have a 30 day

Average value of 296 dollars trending Upwards number seven on the list is Amazing Fantasy Issue Number 15 the First appearance of Spider-Man aka Peter Parker this book is also the first Appearance of Uncle Ben Aunt May and Flash Thompson there are roughly 3 700 Copies of this book on the census number Six is Avengers Secret Wars issue number Eight this book is the origin of the Black costume which goes on to become Venom it's also the second appearance of Spider-Woman Julia Carpenter 9.8's for This book have a 30-day average value of 687 one of the other data sets that I Get from the folks at shorebox is a Breakdown of how the transactions go Based upon the errors in which Comics Come out so they look at all Transactions they break it down into Errors and when we do that what we see Is that 50 six percent of the Transactions on the app are associated With modern Comics 22 percent Bronze Age Comics 17 Silver age in just five Percent is allocated for Golden Age Now What's really interesting is that when You look at the actual Revenue that is Generated from all of those transactions 43 of it is attributable to the Silver Age which might tell us where people are Choosing to focus their dollars number Five Fantastic Four issue number 48 this Book is the first appearance of the

Silver Surfer it is also a cameo of Galactus this book published in 1966 Almost has 9 000 copies on the census Number four New Mutants issue number 98 The first appearance of Deadpool who is Set to appear in Deadpool 3 in 2024. 9.8 For this book have a 30-day average Value of fifteen hundred dollars number Three is spawn issue number one the First appearance of Al Simmons AKA spawn There are nearly 30 000 graded copies of This book on the census with 9.8 having A 30-day average value of one hundred And eighty four dollars number two Ultimate Fallout issue number four the First appearance of Miles Morales a Spider-Man from an alternative Universe Miles is set to appear in an animated Movie that is going to be released in June of this year 9.8 for this book have An average 30-day value of one thousand Eight hundred and eighty four dollars Hulk issue number 181 the first Appearance of Wolverine is the most Searched for Comic in the last 30 days There are currently more than 16 000 total graded copies of this book on The census with 9.8 is going for as much As 66 000 in the last 30 days [Music] Foreign [Music] [Applause]

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