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By | February 20, 2023

In this video we count down the top 10 most submitted comics into CBCS Comics.

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Reggie here and I want to welcome you to Another one of my videos in this video We are going to run down the top 10 most Submitted books into cbcs for grading This data is for the month of January And comes directly from the folks at Cbcs prior to them grading any of these Comics I will tell you that many of the Books on this list do not have a large Number on the population report and thus There are not a lot of sales so you Won't necessarily hear sales data in This video but we're still going to run The list down stay tuned Number 10 on the list is Kanan the last Padawan Issue Number 10 published by Marvel Comics in 2016. at present there Are only four copies of this book on the Population report two are blue labels And two are signed copies with a yellow Label having the highest grade at a 9.8 Number nine on the list is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles issue number 127 Published by IDW in 2022 there are Currently 21 total graded copies of this Book with 13 of those being signed by Kevin Eastman himself 19 of the 21 are Graded a 9.8 this book is the second Cameo appearance of Venus de Milo in the Main Turtle Universe number eight on the List Batman issue number 118 the Bogdanovic variant published by DC Comics in 2022 this book is the start of Not only a a new story arc for Batman

But it's also where the new creative Team of Jorge Molina and Josh Williamson Take over the flagship title currently There are 10 copies of this book on the Population report and nine of those Copies have a 9.8 grade number seven is Farm hand issue number one specifically Cover B published by Image Comics in 2018. this comic is reportedly in Development for AMC and at present there Is only one copy of this book a 9.8 on The population report number six on the List is unnatural issue number one the Convention exclusive variant published By Image Comics in 2018 at present there Are 10 total copies of this book on the Population report which includes 9 9.8 And a single 9.6 the last sale for this This book according to go collect was For a 9.6 in 2021 and at the time that Book sold for 105 dollars number five on The list Amazing Spider-Man issue number 17 published by Marvel Comics in 2023. This book is the first team appearance Of the Insidious 6 and the first Appearance and origin of a demonic Spider-Man variant because this book is So new there are no graded copies on the Population report number four is another Spider-Man book this one Amazing Spider-Man issue number 13 published by Marvel Comics in 2022 this is the first Appearance of the gold Goblin and like The last book there are zero graded

Copies of this book on the population Report at the moment number three Amazing Spider-Man issue number one the Facsimile Edition at present there is a Single copy of this book on the Population report but given its position On the list I expect this number to Increase in the weeks ahead as these Copies are graded number two on the list Is Wonder Woman issue number 781 the Exclusive variant that features a photo Of Gal Gadot which is probably why this Book is so popular there are a total of 237 copies of this book graded on the Population report 170 of those copies are a blue label 9.8 And there are 98 additional copies that Are all signed by Gail Gadot the 30-day Average for a 9.8 blue label is 108 and 930 dollars for a yellow label and the Number one book on the list is Harley Quinn the 30th Anniversary Special issue Number one specifically the art germ Cover published in 2022 by DC Comics at The moment there is only one ungraded Copy of this book on the population Report but clearly this is about to Change and as a result of there being Zero graded copies at this moment there Is also zero sales data as well with That said I hope that you enjoyed this Video and if you did I want to encourage You to give the video a thumbs up if you Need to reach out to me feel free to do

So on Instagram at Reggie collects take Care Foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music]

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