CBCS vs CGC Price Comparison #shorts

Here is a very very quick summary of CGC versus CBCS pricing. It is pretty tough to compare the two given turn around time and value caps but I wanted to take a shot on goal.

You’ll need to visit the websites to get all of the fine details. And, at the end of the day, a lot will depend upon the value of the book that you are submitting along with its age and your preferred turn around time. In some cases CBCS will be cheaper and in other instances it could be CGC.

Hope this helps.

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In light of cgc's recent price increase I thought that I would do a comparison Of cgc versus cbcs I will tell you that This is not easy because each one of Them offers something slightly different But here goes and yes I'm going to read This because it is a lot modern Comics Defined as 1975 to the present has a 20-day turnaround time cgc charges 25 Versus cbcs at 34. they have a range Depending upon value and turnaround time Going from 22 dollars to forty dollars The Vintage tier defined as anything Before 1975 cgc charges 37 for a 30-day Turnaround time with a 400 value cap Cbcs forty dollars with a 20-day Turnaround time and a range of 40 to 60 Dollars depending upon turnaround time And value next up high value tier cgc 85 Thousand dollar limit 10 day turn around Time cbcs charges sixty dollars for the Same one thousand dollar limit and ten Day turnaround time next up we have the Unlimited tier which is basically a Thousand dollars and up cgc charges four Percent or a minimum of one hundred and Fifty dollars for a two-day turnaround Time cbcs on their site any year any Value five days at two hundred dollars There is a lot of nuance here go to the Websites get the information

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