Comic Book Dad Humor hits different (ft. My Dad) #comicbooks

By | February 28, 2023

Comic Pops is here with the Bags and Boards team to talk about the Mystery Mail Call and the fun of collecting comic books! Let’s see which variants are being added this month!

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#ComicBooks #Venom #collecting

Whoa you got a collection what happened I gave somebody money And they in turn gave me comic books That's how it works sometimes that Happens and um so I'm still going Through them I bought it like eight Months ago but I'm still going I'm Almost done I'm almost done but I'm Bringing them There's some really cool Come here look what agua's got going on August what are you doing Whoa It's going [Music] Foil dude I like that you're wearing the Gloves off yeah yeah with foil I have to This is a good point all right look at That Gabriel Otto House of Secrets 92 a point of view All perspective we just shipped out February's boxes and now we are working On March's mystery mail call and look at This Johnny Desjardins Dark Wing duck

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