DCeased 3 “Is Anyone Left Alive?” – War Of The Undead Gods – Complete Story

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And heres the AI Generated description!
In this episode of DCeased, the war between the undead gods and the human race comes to an end. The stakes have never been higher as the fate of the world hangs in the balance.

DCeased is a comic book series about the war between the undead gods and the human race. In this episode, the final battle between the undead gods and the humans comes to an end. Will the humans be able to triumph over the undead gods, or will the undead gods win and bring about the end of the universe?

The universe is dying and it's because The anti-life equation was combined with A technological virus turning everyone Into what basically boils down to Zombies we are now on deceased three War Of the undead Gods which is concluding The series as the first story deceased Told how we lost the planet Earth and The main Heroes all perished we moved on To the second story telling how they Returned to Earth to discover a cure and Now we're exploring the war of the Undead Gods the finale to everything the Anti-life equation as it stands turns Out to be a being known as Erebus Erebus is trying to eradicate the entire Galaxy the last six issues of this Finale basically set up an infected Dark Side becoming a Yellow Lantern and the Heroes proceeding to lose as even Mr Mixel pitolic was being controlled That's basically where our story is now The heroes are losing everyone is Panicking and no one knows what's going To happen next and as Damian Wayne who Has become Batman and was knocked so Hard that his head nearly fell off his Body Alfred became the new spirit of Vengeance after losing everyone Important to him this story has been Going on for some time and I'm loving it Today I'm going to bring you guys Issue 7 and give you guys my thoughts on it This is comic story I talk about comic

Books and I turn them into audio dramas The idea is to keep you up to date so You know what to get at your local comic Book store to build your collection now Let's get into issue seven we'll talk After The undead hordes have reached Earth 2. The second home of mankind Oliver covers President Lois as she evacuates people To the ark while the war is continuing Around them also Lobo has arrived he Most likely won't make anything Different well looks like a frag and fun Time the last cesarean shouts as he Arrives on his space Spike he Roars Forward grabbing an infected light Ray Ripping his head off in the process on Earth 2 Mr miracle and Barta continue Their fight but Miracle pauses for a Moment to turn and see their son Mr Miracle hesitates and that's when Jacob His own son attacks him ripping through His chest elsewhere Alfred has become The Specter the spirit of Vengeance Using his power he rips through the head Of the high father who is infected and Nearly knocked the head off of Damien he Then turns back to his last son it's all Right you're safe he tells him but Damien looks visit him cuts on his face No I'm not I could feel it in my head The anti-life equation I can't stop it Damien gasps feeling the anti-life Equation beginning to take him over

Cassie lands nearby taking Damian In Her Arms I'm sorry Cass I tried he whispers To her but he looks at Alfred telling His old friend that it's not too late I Know you're going to want to tear them Apart Alfred you'll want to destroy it But you have the power to save Damien Gasps the infection beginning to take Control as he begins to tear at his own Skin an infected Maxima lands nearby but Cassie is angered lashing out knocking The powerful alien away Alfred stands Still surveying the death and the Destruction around them above them a Boom tube opens in the infected Yellow Lantern Dark Side descends upon the Planet flanked by powerful allies and an Infected War World the Specter begins to Rise before turning to Cassie Wonder Woman keep them at Bay as best as you Can until I return Alfred tells her Cassie looks at him in shock return Where are you going I need you she Shouts but the Specter flies away Heading deep into space no there is Somewhere else I need to be he says to Her meanwhile Superman Roars forward Attacking Dark Side hitting him with a Blast of hate Vision Brainiac is there To help hold him Kryptonian he says to John but Darkseid turns and the Infection begins to spread throughout Brainiac's body he immediately heads Back to his space now infected by the

Erebus virus where he intends to infect The hundreds of Worlds that he has Trapped with in small bottles upon his Ship but cyborg follows him not wishing For the plague that he has brought to This world to spread any further he Blasts Brainiac from behind we know your Name we know what you are if you can Hear me arabos these cities are under my Protection cyborg tell Brainiac glares Back at him you cannot protect the Universe he snarls tentacles lashing out To infect cyborg but cyborg Smiles Brainiac can't infect him again and Vic Then takes control of Brainiac adding His technology to his own Brainiac is Mine now he says with a smile as he's Transformed he turns around suddenly Having an idea and he returns to earth Too Below them the citizens are still Rushing to the arks Oliver looking back To president Lois as a swarm of infected Thanagarians rush them but I'm president I hate to say it but there's hundreds of Undead between us and the arks I'm not Usually one to point out the Shortcomings of a bow and arrow but even I have to admit I'm a bit Limited in What I can achieve here but it's at that Moment that cyborg lands among them Scattering the aliens Lois where's Condor cyborg shouts with a new Brainiac Inspired voice out in space John can't

Continues to fight against Darkseid but He sees warworld positioning itself to Strike Earth 2 and destroy it keep Fighting John shouts as he flies past His friends with a mighty Cassandra Kane Taking charge of beating down Dark Side John rushes forward flying in the path Of the destruction beam coming out of The war world protecting Earth 2 long Enough for him to fly into the beam and Destroy it from the inside out weakened He tumbles towards Earth to low but he Is met by his father and an army of Recently enlarged candorians Debt I stopped it John tells his father Clark Kent Superman looks down at his Son with a smile I saw a son I saw the Specter has now returned bringing with Him shipments of the Cure from Earth he Scatters it over Earth to Healing the Infected and Damien opens his eyes Cured he sees Alfred Cassie and Leslie Tompkins leaning over him he's awake his Injuries aren't too severe he'll be all Right Leslie tells them the other heroes Are holding down Dark Side trying to Give him the Cure but his skin is too Tough that's when lobu arrives with the Cure in hand I know a technique he Grunts as he shoves his hand down dark Side's mouth like he's a dog who needs To take his medicine The Cure works but Darkseid's big Chompers come down upon The cesarean's hand taking it with him

You bastich I use that hand for some of My favorite things Lobo shouts dark side Is cured he stands confused by what Happened and the Specter appears before Him You were taken we brought you back you Have been used new God by an entity Known as aeropos Darkseid gets to his feet turning to Superman one of his greatest enemies Darkseid was made upon He asks and Superman nods yes Darkseid's eyes Blaze as he grinds his Teeth my Vengeance will be terrible he Rumbles with rage And that's it we are almost at the Finale of this entire series and I'm Stupidly excited I've kind of been Yo-yoing with deceased three War of the Undead Gods because the idea in general Does seem really cool you know what About the anti-life equation what about Dark Side what about the high father What about all these Gods it kind of Just rushed to all of them gaining a Bunch of abilities which is why I was in The middle kind of losing interest Because what makes deceased one and two Interesting is the character development That comes out of it seeing the Emotional path that characters like Damien have taken in deceased one and Then deceased two Dead Planet but Deceased three has been more about

Telling the story of the universe being Lost meaning it's been telling the story About like how the gods are battling and What's going on with Darkseid and that Kind of a thing but now in these last Couple of issues we're coming back to That character development those Touching moments that I really do love About the series such as Alfred being Consumed by the spirit of Vengeance Because of the fact that he felt he was Losing his last son but what do you guys Think about it let me know down below Currently issue ate the finale is coming Out on April 18th 2023 so if you don't Want to miss it subscribe to our Channel Hit that like button and if you're so Inclined please consider turning on the Notification Bell it turns out only About two percent of our subscribers Have it on and that's why you may be one Of the people not getting notifications From us with all the changes YouTube has Recently made basically if you don't Have that on you don't know we exist so On that note I'll see you guys next time Right here at the comic story and Channel

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