FIVE DOLLAR FLIPS 🐬🔥🚀! I Gave Myself 5 Minutes To Pull The Best Comic I Could Find…

By | February 22, 2023

In this video I’m trying out the newest comic hunting craze in the comic book collecting community, “Five Dollar Flips.” With a budget of $5 I give myself 5 minutes to buy the BEST book I can find at whatever LCS I visit. This time around I visiting five different LCS’s in the southern California area. Hopefully this can be a series that I continue on the channel any time I visit different LCS’s across the country. Let me know how you guys think I did. Obviously with a 5 minute timer it makes hunting pretty hard, but that’s kind of the fun part – you’re forced to buy/talk about a book that I might not normally pay attention to.

Hope you guys enjoy the video!


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Ladies and gentlemen welcome back to Another video with swag In this video as you guys can see we're Doing something a little bit different Here we are actually inside my car right Now is this the first prince of my car No this is the second period This is the First appearance of this car probably Should have cleaned it up you know we Got some yoga mats and stuff like that Anyways we are starting a new segment a New segment um channel that I'm gonna Call five dollar flips that is right Five dollar flips because as you guys Can see I got myself a little Abraham Lincoln right there a little Lincoln as The kids like to call it a five dollar Bill and I thought it would be kind of Fun to do a little game make it a little Bit of a challenge and uh go to an LCS Where I give myself five dollars and Only five minutes to pull the best book That I can find in that time frame why Am I only giving myself five minutes Because I don't have all day I have okay Okay I gotta I gotta visit five stores Today but I think that this is gonna be A very very fun segment here on the Channel we can maybe make this uh you Know if you guys are familiar with like One bite Pizza reviews this could be a Way for us to do it in comic books here Just go in there see what the best book I can get maybe talk a little bit about

The store give it a little bit of a Score or something put it on the swag Scale maybe I don't know I don't know We're gonna try something out this Should be fun and uh you know if you Guys could like come subscribe if you're Enjoying the content we really Appreciate it but with that all out of The way let's get into the first LCS we Are at Earth 2 Comics here Sherman Oaks California this happens to be my LCS This is swagel House's LCS here we are In Ventura you know sometimes I'll come Here and uh you know get get the new hot Variant or number one issue of a book That I will likely never read but uh Let's talk about the book I got you know Again the game the rules is that I go in Five dollars five minutes you know it's Like I couldn't I couldn't dig you know It was I was feeling the pressure a lot You know I wanted to look at all the Books on the wall but uh we all know That they're not going to be five Dollars so luckily uh at Earth 2 here They had a few bins that were labeled Five dollar bins you know they had the Variant bin they had some dollar books But you know I'm looking for Equity I'm Looking for something that I can Potentially flip you know we got to be Echo the dolphin over here so I went for The tried and true I went over to the ASM section everybody knows everybody

Wants Amazing Spider-Man books and I Happen to find a copy of Amazing Spider-Man number 279 right there 279 What is the significance of this well You guys know this is the first cover Appearance of silver Sable first cover Appearance of silver Sable five dollars Right there obviously there was some tax Okay but you know don't hold it against Me all right this is the general rules Five dollars generally speaking but uh Silver Sable what do we think about her Do we think that she's actually gonna be Showing up in a Sony movie do we care do We care about the Sony Universe I mean At this point you know where Marvel is I Feel like the Sony Universe might as Well be just as good as Marvel so I mean We might care silver Sable a lot of People have been talking about her Showing up you know in the you know the Bottom Web movie or whatever the case is Maybe she'll show up in the Craven movie Later this year it's got relationships To Craven people thinking that Sydney Sweeney might be silver Sable personally I would prefer Sydney Sweeney to play Black Cat but uh either way First cover appearance How do we feel about first cover Appearances I feel like first cover Appearances are a good thing but you Know you have to like got to be a really Popular character or we got to be you

Know in in 2021 when everybody is buying Every single spec book out there for First cover appearances to really matter I think generally speaking uh you know Maybe we can flip this for uh Negative one dollar on eBay but what do You guys think what do you guys think About silver Sable I mean come check it Out Earth 2 Comics if you're ever in the Sherman Oaks California area pretty cool Shop uh you know they got some keys out There they got they got the keys on the Wall uh they always got a good batch of Books not a ton of back issues you know It's not a very big store you know dig Ability is two out of five stars you Know they have some bins but they're you Know you're not gonna spend all day in Here although I do have a little pet Peeve my pet peeve is that uh the keys That they have on the wall uh or the Ones that they have in the glasses you Know they don't have the prices on me They got the prices behind the books so I always have to ask the clerk I have to Be like hey uh what's the price you have On this uh Daredevil one right here and Then they gotta look at it because they Don't even know they don't even know What the prices are they gotta like they Don't remember because nobody asks Because nobody cares nobody nobody goes To the shop to buy back issues so they Have to look and then uh you know they

Tell me the price and obviously it's More than I want to pay and I say okay Thank you very much and then I don't buy It so it just sits in the last case I Would really prefer it if the prices Were on the front of the book so we Didn't have to have that human Interaction you know because I I don't Want to talk to anybody I don't know About you guys when I go to a comic Store I don't want to talk to everybody I'm just kidding I will totally talk to You I had to do a pickup shot because I Forgot to mention when I was doing the Review can we talk about Facsimiles for 15 is that the going rate For facsimiles we're a selling above Cover price is that a thing because you Know the the facilities they can always Reprint the facsimiles and that's I Don't know that's wild to me have I been Sleeping on specking on fact similes Should I just be stocking up shelves of New facsimiles and flipping them For 3x I gotta rethink my whole whole comic Book investing strategy we're at Galaxy Of comic books and I don't remember Where I don't remember where I am I'll Put it down here somewhere uh but this Is one of the good lcs's near me I Always like coming here one of the best Things about this LCS is that they open At 9 00 a.m on Wednesdays so if there's

Ever like a hot new comic book I always Can feel good about coming here uh for My chances of being able to get a copy Five dollars five minutes what's the Best book I can pull uh luckily for me Today Galaxy of Comics I did not time This was having a 50 off on their back Issues they have the pretty good back Issue selection you know not the best Not the ultimate best but generally Speaking they have a lot of good options A lot of good choices and uh you know They're really really good for finding Those like hot books of the week you Know what I mean you know when there's Like a hot book that gets announced on Collector and then you like need to go To your LCS and see if it's out there This is the place that I go to when I When I want to find that hot book and There were some options of hot books That I almost decided to pick up but but There was one book in particular that I Felt like I had to get for my five Dollar flips right here now it was half Off so technically it wasn't the sticker Price I had to pay but I found me a copy Of Ghost Rider number 28 first Cameo Appearance of the midnight Suns you guys Know this book super hot one now I know What you're thinking 13 half off that's Not exactly five dollars but I was gonna Pass that up okay this book is still in The poly bag still in the poly bag which

Means it is near mint actually I don't Know if that's true you guys ever uh Think about that you know just because It's in the poly bag does not mean that It's actually going to be a near mint Copy but it is in the poly bag so you Know we're thinking like you know maybe I could have a nice little flip here Probably on eBay right now this book That goes for like I don't know 15 20 Bucks Maybe maybe I don't know so I feel Like we're we're doing well here with Our five dollar flips definitely go Check out Galaxy Comics if you're Allergic to cats Not a good store to come to I am Allergic to cats so I'm a little bit Sniffly right now every time I come here There's a cat in there and as much as I Like digging around you know I'm on I'm On a timer I'm on a clock because the Cat just makes me you know sniffle and Sneeze and everything which makes it Really tough all right post game car Show like you guys saw they were having A 50 off sale and uh I wanted to spend More than five minutes not so I needed To dig around some of those bins so I Did pick up some extra books I thought It would be uh you know fun to talk About here first one here Silver Surfer Number 15 just the great Human Torch Silver Surfer cover half dollars off of 29 you guys can do the math 15 something

14 something clearly I can't do the math And then this other one here Silver Surfer 16 you know that Great Mephisto Cover 32 dollars another half price uh Book right there so you know 15 a pop it Felt like I had to do it obviously those Go above my five dollar flip rule but You know when in Rome we are in Chatsworth California what is in Chatsworth California not a whole lot to Be honest not a whole lot A lot of uh long streets but luckily There is uh some cool comics for us we Are at Spiros Heroes comic books in Chatsworth California a great store you Know this is one of those stores that Makes the five dollar flip segment very Very difficult because you could be in There for hours you know you could be Digging around for a long long time and Uh you can get lost it's one of those Stores where you know they have a back Room and you can do the whole like oh Fifty dollars fill up a short box and You can just be in there for dates but You guys know what it is by now five Dollars five minutes best book that I Can pull To flip for five dollar flips now I was Digging around there and uh like I said You know you saw a lot of the bins ten Dollars and up which didn't really help Us for a situation because I got a five Dollar limit so I had to you know be

Focused be clear I went straight for the Uh 70s and 80s section you know dug Around in there and uh one you know There were a few books that stood out to Me you know there's a first appearance Of Dark Star first appearance of Brothers Grim but there was one book in Particular I felt like was worthy of my Five dollars a book that is guaranteed To go to the Moon because now it's all About DC of course the book I picked up Was Avengers Sorry I always say Avengers Adventures Of Superman number 500 you guys know This book The Rebirth of Superman now I Don't know how you guys feel but a Rebirth in my mind is basically as good As the first appearance right I mean This is pretty much a book that is as Valuable as Action Comics number one Because that was the first appearance of Superman and then technically he died so This is the first appearance of the real New current going Superman right so any Superman that James Gunn gives us really Is going to be this version of Superman Because the Action Comics number one Superman uh he's dead he's gone we all Know that he died in Death of Superman Right that was his official death so That one doesn't count anymore this is The true Superman right here right now So if you guys want this book instead of Action Comics number one you guys know

Where to find me we can make a trade we Can make that happen I think I could Probably you know sell this for six Dollars on eBay so you know after taxes And fees maybe I'm breaking even overall But generally speaking I felt like with The five minutes I had digging around This was the best book I could pull all Right what do you guys want from me Store is great Sparrow's Heroes this is One of those stores where it's like if You need to fill your back issue run you Need to fill your bins you know this is The place to go uh the owner there is is A great guy he always gives you a Discount too they always have sales so It's a great store you know four out of 5 stars What do you guys think Adventures of Superman number 500. so I got we are now In Chatsworth California once again at Another great comic book store in Chatsworth California you know Chatsworth of California again like I Said doesn't have that much great stuff Going on but they got a lot of great Comic book stores and as you guys can See we're at we are heroes comic books We are heroes a great store uh you know More of like a pop cultural store they Got all types of comic books they got The magic the Gathering stuff they got The pop figurines they got all the Goodies they do a bunch of signings they

Bring the WWE wrestlers here great group Of guys that run the store now you guys Know the game by now five minutes five Dollars best book that I can get in the Allotted time now I thought I came in With a good strategy you know here we we Can be heroes they separate it out they Got the DC and they got the Marvel Section and you know obviously DC is all The rage right now so I had to go Straight to the Booster Gold tab no I Thought I was gonna hit goal right there Going into Booster Gold now pun intended Obviously there were no books left Everybody's buying Booster Gold okay There was one book left but it was ten Dollars and I don't even know what book It was but I wasn't gonna pay ten Dollars for that book so Booster Gold Was a bust so I went to you know kind of The more main stuff Spider-Man Avengers There were some Kang variant books in There that could have been a good option But I wanted to you know kind of take Away the downside risk you know the Downside risk we gotta we gotta flip This book and we got five dollars to Spend so I decided to go with Iron Man Number 43. what do you guys think you're Thinking about this right here you guys Are like what the hell is that book you Guys don't know this what is the Significance of this this is the first Appearance

Of the villain character known as the Guardsman now you guys can see right There it was six dollars on this ticker But hey this is my rules my game I can Break the rules five dollars six dollars Same difference right we already did it With the midnight Sons book okay we're Not gonna give up these opportunities All right so decided to go with this one Here you know on the on the cusp of a Bronze Age Silver age book I feel like You know anytime you're gonna get Basically a silver age book for five Dollars you can't go wrong right I mean What's the lowest that it could possibly Sell for on eBay Probably five dollars but I feel like This is more like a twenty dollar key Because the Guardsman if you guys know Is one of the main villains that goes Against Iron Man and you know they are The guys that work for the the US Government that guard all the secret Military stuff you know they're they're The jumpers that all the heroes got to Beat up from time to time so my thought Is that the Guardsmen might show up in Armor Wars later on when we get armor Wars so I feel like this is kind of a Low-key sneaky book right here and at The very least you know the worst case Scenario still a good book it's still Still a bronze silver age book you know You know it's it's a larger size format

Too you know this is the 20 this is the 25 Center 25 Center for five bucks How can you go wrong with that all right We are in Northridge California at Continental Comics you can see it right There Continental Comics you know a Pretty good store you know this is one That I occasionally find myself at uh But one of the problems with this store Is you know they got all the boxes on The wall you know they got all the boxes On the wall and uh it makes it hard to Dig through because you got to pull them Off sometimes you got to use the step Ladder you know it's very very tight Space you know you got to like look Through and then the way that it's Organized is like a little bit it's like Backwards like you would think that it Would be like upper left to lower right Would be you know from name to year but It actually goes backwards it's like the Newer the comic is the higher it is on The shelf and then some of the other Ones like go lower it's always really Really confusing anyways luckily for me One thing that gives Continental Comics A little bit of bonus points is that There was actually a bin in there a bin That says dark Hawk on it so you know What I had to do okay I was feeling the Clock I was feeling the pressure went Straight for the dark Hawk band and I Pulled myself a book five dollars five

Minutes best book I can find for myself And I got Dark Hawk number one by Kyle Higgins From 2021 how much is this book worth Obviously it's worth a million dollars Dark Hawk any dark Hawk book is worth a Million dollars so I'm able to flip this One easily on eBay minimum Minimal or our Jokes Aside not a million Dollars minimum 375 minimum minimum but uh had to go With the dark Hawk one first appearance Of Connor young the younger version of Dark Hawk you guys know how they do Miles Morales the young Spider-Man Sam Alexander the young Nova well they tried To do it right here Connor Young The Young dark Hawk And who knows maybe we're gonna get dark Hawk in the MCU I mean a lot of people Have been talking about that I think It's possible I certainly think it's Possible but uh you know that's what I Decided to do didn't really have time to To dig through you know you got to go in You got to make your choices you gotta Execute I don't know let me know what You guys think what do you guys think of Dark Hawk number one obviously going to The Moon well I hope you guys enjoyed That video that was five stores five Dollar budget and only five minutes at Each store that I allotted for myself That was actually a lot more difficult

Than I thought it was going to be you Know the ones that are are a little more Disorganized or harder to make those Digs for because you know it's just Obviously with a five minute limit you Know everything's random it's gonna be Hard to find so the one uh store Galaxy's Comics was you know a little Bit more easy to navigate because I knew Exactly which bins to go to to be able To look through and luckily it's kind of Organized you know by bingewer and stuff So that's where I think I got my best Value here in finding this midnight Sons First Cameo you know definitely the the Book that probably pays for the lot Right here of the five books that I got You know not the most interesting books But I thought that this would be kind of A fun experiment to do see if we can Find any gems uh let me know what you Guys think what do you guys think about This type of video series I thought it'd Be kind of something cool to do and you Know anytime I can go to a comic book Store I can give myself this little bit Of a challenge and see if we can Actually find any books with some kind Of equity out there anyways that's all I Got for this video like comment Subscribe see in the next one

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