Hot Comics You May Have Are SPIKING 🤑 Top 10 Trending Comic Books of the Week 👀

Tom, Ryan and Russ are all in the studio to help discuss the many hot comics and covers that are shattering records this week! Strange Academy is back on the list again, but it’s not issue 1 this time! The 90s variant for Justice Society of America is making some waves. Is the Eminem cover from Amazing Spider-Man worth all the hype? Adam Hughes has a sexy new variant for Pop Kill that puts the term virgin to the test. Spider-Man: The Lost Years has some key appearances, but will they show up in future Marvel projects? There’s a lot of buzz around the indie books Eve and First Seven Days, but will it last? Nova issue 8 is heating up after all the Guardians of the Galaxy footage we’ve seen. Will Hell Cat be the next hot Avengers character? And will New Mutants issue 99 actually be valuable?

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