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By | February 23, 2023

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How's it going Dave from comic book Investments so yes got some stuff back From cgc usually do this video every Single Wednesday for the most part Unless something happens and the audio Doesn't work and then I'm angry very Angry I'm very angry I destroy Everything I like the Hulk and uh then I Just do it next day but usually every Wednesday anyways this is where I talk About stuff that I got back from cgc Maybe there's a rant I don't know this Is unscripted so I have no idea what's Going to happen maybe I'll see something It'll spark a rant maybe I will see Nothing at all and it won't spark Anywhere I know you guys like my rants Um so let's just go on and see if I get Rant All right uh Uh Conan O'Brien Conan the Barbarian Yes we got Conan O'Brien uh number eight And eight five Um I thought this being 8-0 Um so good there I would say cgc has Been pretty nice lately overall Um Just in my experience sending books Non-stop you get like tough times and You get some good times and right now I Think we're in the good times uh which Is nice To have

So anyways Um 99 dollars This is a cool cover So crime suspense or crash suspense Crime does not pay this is a pretty cool Cover I like this um so if you can see Here it's a guy getting shot it looks Like he's a criminal low life and then His shadow is actually a um him getting Electrocute because crime does not pay You do the crime you get the time Anyways uh crash defense no crime does Not pay 42. Um that'd be four five got a five oh so That's good they're 6.99 it's a cool Cover There's a lot of crime uh does not pay Covers out there that are kind of cool And we've got good old horn head is that What he is Horn head yeah Um Daredevil number three he's got the Single D on his chest I wonder if this Was the Double D Um That'd be five five got six oh Uh 3.99. All right here we go we got the Double D's Minor costume change as you can see here This is a minor costume change I wonder if Double D's meant the same

Thing back in 1964 as they do now see Before he had a single D I don't know Why the Daredevil I guess Daredevil is Just Is it one word It is one word up here Daredevil it kind of looks like it could Be dared evil You know just put a space between the D And the E uh anyways we got the Double D's on his chest right there Um Double D's let's see uh it's Obviously got six five three ninety nine For the Double D's And here we go we got ramita's first Time drawn in Spider-Man Um It's interesting this is like looking at The art Um I got a whole bunch of these that what Grade is this 6-0 okay I came back great I was wanting I got like five five and a 6-0 and I think I got six five right now Um 359 for this one just wondering what That other number is some people ask It's the price if you had overcollectors Comics.com you will see these available Right now They usually go up Tuesday or Wednesday well I mean they Technically go up Tuesday Tuesday like Evening Afternoon late afternoon so if you don't

Want to wait for me to say this see some Of these books might have been sold Already I don't think so but So if you don't want to wait you can Always go Tuesday and usually the new Stuff up man this book This book is dropped Like a Stone Yeah My goodness It's just one of those things It's one of those things so this Character's character character I Um it's first appearance Wrecking Crew They were done dirty in She-Hulk my God That show assist It's one thing just be bad but it's one Thing to like just crap over every other Character like crap over Hulk you know Oh a sun uh Ugh They gave they made his son Like just the way he was dressed and his Hairstyle and stuff like That's why sometimes I don't like about TV is they dress people like the Characters on the show doesn't have to Be a superhero show to me like the most Fashion forward type of person Of that era so if you watch a show from The 80s it's like they're wearing 80s Clothes but like super 80s clothes And it's just like I don't feel like Most people look or dress like that at

All they just wear normal clothes and There's not very many people that wear Those super fashion forward looks Um yeah I mean I have literally worn the Exact same type of clothes jeans and T-shirt just normal Jeans Normal T-shirt Nothing fancy and I'm not very fashion Forward at all Anyways this book dropped like a stone Because They're in She-Hulk so anything that's Associated with She-Hulk is basically Screwed Um nine two 199 this book would have Been worth six months earlier so much More money and it's not just because Every book is dropping it's because Yeah She-Hulk get everyone dirty all Right we got some old Detective Comics Shelly mold off I don't know uh the story with Shelley Moldoff is my dad remembers seeing him At the conventions selling these Paintings that he would do And uh my dad his Booth was next to his Or something like that at a probably San Diego Comic-Con or something and so he Would talk to him all the time so my dad Really liked Charlie model so when I Would go into my dad's office when I was A little kid he had like Shelly mold off Like one of a kind paintings of Usually like famous uh DC like like Green Lantern or you know some Batman

Cover Um redone so he had a bunch of those my Dad sold all those he also my dad also Had a bunch of Ken Kelly he really liked Ken Kelly because obviously Frank Rosetta is like you know The one you really want to go for if You're into that Fantasy stuff sci-fi fantasy but my dad Really liked more of the Um I don't know that caveman type of Look and Ken Kelly was a lot more known For that so we had massive Ken Kelly Paintings uh all over the house too and Old movie posters too really old movies Posters Like It's a Wonderful Life Um he had the movie poster from Snow White seven dwarfs from like 30s it was All movie posters that were from Probably like the 40s And 30s so that's what we had hanging Around the house I don't know what I'm talking about Anymore Um 257. 279. Ah yes Detective 298 First Silver age Clayface Now Matt hey guys okay so original Clayface Was just like an actor who put Clay on His face So original put Clay on his face and he

Would mold his face to look like other People That was the original Clayface so I Think this is when the clay face turned Into the clay face that we all know Where he basically can shape-shift and He's made a clay and he could get he's Like the Sandman basically but who came Out first 1961 so this was prior to Sandman but I Think I think Sandman was probably a Little more Um Like super hero or super villain-ish Compared to this guy Um 298 That'd be five Five Guys six five so one Thousand ninety nine dollars this is a Very expensive book Uh we got the first League of Assassins Yep first League of Assassins Uh 299 No what did I just do that's four or Five yeah yeah yeah It's like I do these things light I'm Already tired and right after this I'm Gonna have to go back and I have a big Old stack of books I have to grade Um so yeah Fun stuff And I've been shipping non-stop finally Finally it's like calm down shipping Because we just had our auction so if You guys don't know that we do our

Auctions quarterly it ended last week Tons of tons of shipping Um 299 If I'm not saying the grades because it Came back exactly what's on the label so It's no surprise there I thought this would be a quick episode Fast 420 that'll be four five got five Five C all good stuff 5.99 That's why You've got to learn how to grade Because you can't Trust cgc to do it so I personally think That they like being wildly off because Then you know we have to send book three Four five more times you know and then Maybe it's not cost effective for me to Send it but the next person gets in like Maybe I should send this in and get a Higher grade and then you know they get Paid again and again and again and again First black panther Um w25 got a one five because there was A piece missing on the inside That I must have not noticed uh 335 This Donald Duck Four Color 147. Nice gray too Uh Tabby 7-0 gone 806.49 And then we got Wonder Woman 19 or Golden age Um Bobby 200. 4.99 And then we have stack over here these Are just some old silver age Spider-Man These are this is

If you want everyone if people want to Know what to buy for investment purposes This all right this stack right here This is perfect now I'm not saying you Go out and buy the stuff here I mean I'm Just saying this is the type of stuff You want this is perfect this is like if Someone sent me a collection and I I Mean I did I bought a collection just Like this and they have multiple copies Of like this book and all these other Books all different grade ranges Um anywhere from You know like nine fours all the way Down to like Seven O's that's like Perfect perfect comics for like Long-term investing like if you don't Have like a lot of money but you're like Okay I want to get some good stuff this Is good stuff just buy the stuff all the Time Silver age Spider-Man just buy over And over and over like these are all Like non-keys like you don't have to go For like a Spider-Man 14 or Spider-Man 50 like if it's like oh it's too Expensive but this stuff good Uh Um was it 56 And a 9-2 Okay there it is that'd be 9-0 uh 5.99 Number 60. Uh 4.99 Fireman 62. That'll be 9-0 399 now you might be

Asking yourself well why why are these With you know Why is this the good investment versus Other things like obviously there's keys And stuff like a first Wolverine or First Punisher things like that but it's A 64 and a 9-0 I thought I'd be nine two got nine out And 359. Um the reason why these are good is Because The reason why these are good is because Spider-Man I know some of you guys out There are going to get hurt you know I'm A Hulk fan but Spider-Man is the most Popular character also when it comes to A comic series he is the most collected So It just is what it is Um and so there's a lot of people that Want this stuff So most people if you ask anyone that Grew up during this age like if you They read Spider-Man like some people Probably read fantas before but most Times people read Spider-Man and so you Have all those people collecting and Then you have even now like people Really love Spider-Man so then they'll Go back to the older stuff this is the Stuff that's very desired very wanted Just this And it will always be like that for a Long long time to come as long as Comics

Are collectible and wanted these Spider-Mans will be on the top of the Heat Five so I mean 802 19. It's like this one this is a cool cover Of Mysterio I think 66 is better but Still I mean you get yourself an 8-5 for what I say 219 or something This one crisis on campus and I really Like this cover Um it's all these people complaining About something A low I don't know what it says Something low rent or something Anti-something who knows 68 and these are college kids Look oh look way older than that Uh Uh 165. Oh I got a throw right here thrower 225 Uh it's obvious I've got 85 so that's Good uh 205. So yeah that is it Have a good day

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