“Joker Jr? Luthor Jr? Super Sons!” Adventures Of The Super Sons – Complete Story

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The Story n these stories from issues #1-6 of their new maxiseries, Robin and Superboy stand face to face with Rex Luthor, Joker Jr. and other psychos pulled right from your nightmares in an interstellar adventure featuring the Gang. The Gang has already robbed Superboy of his powers, and now they’re ready to reveal their grand plan!

Superboy and Robin make up the super Sons this is the adventures of super Sons telling the extra Adventures of the Team up of Robin and Superboy don't need To explain this one any further I just Love the super Suns as a team and when I Found out that there are about 30 issues That they kept going with the super Sons But they just kept restarting the story And I had never read them nor covered Them I wanted to bring them all to you This is comic story we take comics and Turn them into audio dramas for you to Enjoy the point of all of this is to Allow you to know what's going on in the World of comics and add things to your Collection at your local comic bookstore Or digital retailer we make two types of Videos complete stories are two to three Issues of an arc containing whatever I Put into the title full stories are the Entire Arc normally 6 to 50 issues and a Collection of our shorter videos now Let's get into Adventures of the super Suns issue number one As the young Jonathan Kent Smiles Tossing a piece of popcorn into his Mouth he says that he's sorry that it Took so long the place was a little Farther than he thought there's a sudden Crash and Jon continues eating asking if He's sure that he didn't want any help He did learn from the best and as Damian Wayne swings out of the way of being hit

By a giant statue of Superman he yells Hey fine stop stuffing your damn face And help me take down your dad Jon flies Up first this is not my dad it's a Statue second does Batman know how much You curse nowadays but as Jon joins the Fight Damien manages to break away Telling Jon to keep the statue busy for A bit the signal that he was tracking Ends nearby and it's most likely what's Controlling the statue Damien looks Around and sees a small work shed he Kicks in the door and within seconds Comes back out with a man tied up Stating that he's probably the one Driving that thing right the man yells That he will never be defeated by a Child John then says hey that's the Puppeteer my dad showed me pictures of But before John could finish he's Punched and Damien takes the small Figure of the statue asking what are you Planning on doing do you even have a Plan Puppeteer shouts that he will get Rich after this display of his anima Cyclonic technology Damien looks at him Blah blah blah you should have just sold It then after having a little bit of fun Using the statue to step on Jon Damion Breaks the figure stating you know I Really could get addicted to this Puppeteer then asks if they can at least Tell their dads how good his invention Was but before they could respond the

Police and the other citizens arrived to See what happened Damien pulls John Aside telling him that the fun is over They need to go later under Morrison Bay John enters The Hideout stating that After kid Amazo tore a hole through the Hull he thought he'd never get back down Here Damien finishes his repairs stating That the Justice League has gone through Dozens of hqs wait what is that soda John sets the cases of soda down telling Him that his mom and dad doesn't let him Drink soda at home so John that's way Too much sugar what's with your new belt Oh my dad gave it to me he said he Wasn't going to use it anymore since he Changed his uniform cool right it even Has Wi-Fi so now I'm a flying hot spot After telling Jon that he would never Call a belt cool he mentions that There's a monster loose at the mall of Metropolis seems mindless but people Could get hurt John begins to get Excited and yells out you know what that Means right please no it's the summer of Super Damien says that he'll pay him Eight million dollars to stop saying it Like that a few moments later at the Mall a hairy caveman looking person Roars as he picks up a car full of People throwing but Jon quickly catches It stating that it's a brainless monster Like him he doesn't realize that he can Actually hurt people the man lasts

Actually I'm well aware of my actions And the end results Damien gets ready to Jump in but before he could he shot out Of the air as the bindings begin to wrap Themselves around him from head to toe The hairy man then grabs John one wrong Move and kid Deadshot will put another One right between the peepers of your Friend John struggles telling him that If they hurt him I will tear but the Herriman throws Jon at Damien don't Worry I got something for you too John Whispers asking if Robin can hear him But a voice tells him that they don't Need to worry about names or code names Here John looks up to see a group of Child counterparts to some of the League's most fearsome villains with its Leader a miniature Lex Luthor I would Like to introduce you guys to the gang You've already met Shaggy boy say hellos To Ice Princess Kid Deadshot Brainiac 6 And back from the grave my bestest pal Joker Jr Joker Jr laughs We don't need a backstory Rexy and Rex Laugh of course not JJ I'm pretty sure John has enough questions for example Why is he being attacked by kids who Looked like the planet's greatest heroes And what pray tell does Rex Luther have In his mysterious container and just What in the world will gold Kryptonite Do to me suddenly Jon feels his powers Quickly fading and Rex says that he

Hates the fake drama so he's going going To cut to the chase the truth is we're Not from here our home is light years Away we're just such big fans of yours And fans of what do you call them the Villains anyway this is gold Kryptonite And it is some of the rarest stuff in The universe theory is that it drains Kryptonian's Powers completely John Struggles to even try speaking and Rex Looks at him it looks like it's not even A theory now bet it feels weird huh Rex Lifts his fist into the air punching John don't worry it'll only hurt for a Second As Jon takes the hit he has pushed back Without taking any damage and looks down Realizing that the belt has a force Field my dad's the greatest Brainiac 6 Says that it's strange it appears the Boy's belt is equipped with a hard light Auto protection mechanism and he's Calling it Dad Shaggy boy says no dummy Ack his dad gave him the belt a nice Princess asks should we go help our Fearless leader Shaggy boy Rex punches Again I don't need any help my power Glove is all I need this kryptonian's Powerless inside I just need to break Through but as Rex swings Jon jumps out Of the way you're from another planet so Maybe you just see some pointers on how We handle things here you may have Sapped my Powers with that gold

Kryptonite but I definitely don't need Them to take care of some cosplaying Alien wannabes just then Jon is shot in The back with a laser and kid Deadshot Says there is so much blabbing in this World it's amazing anything gets done While this is going on Joker Jr removes The bindings from Damien asking are you Watching of course not seriously you're Going to want to see this so how about We cut right to the big surprise Rex Walks back to their ship yes good idea We were just planning on taking over the Powerless Kryptonian body to get what we Needed but the force field is a slight Hurdle so instead we'll just control him By other means like a puppet as Rex Pulls and throws Puppeteer out Jon says You think I'm gonna let some third-rate Bad guy use me in some sort of plan but Joker Jr pushes the ray gun to Damien's Head of course you will otherwise blammo Puppeteer takes out another small device And begins to control Jon and even as he Struggles Puppeteer tells them it's Pointless the energy field is moving He's just along for the ride Rex says That that is some tech he wants a Complete rundown on it after this is Done JJ you'll have to wrap up your President put it away for later JJ Reactivates the bindings telling him you Hurt the man but before Damien could be Completely re-wrapped he leans down at

Whispering you've gotta help me I'm not What you think I am Rex then gets Everyone on board and after a short Flight to the Arctic Rex tells Jon to Remember just walk in and don't say a Word as John is let out and begins to Walk into the Fortress of Solitude kid Deadshot says that this planet sure has Everything and Rex tells him that that's Why he chose it it has an abundant of Riches John then says yeah it's also Rich with heroes or gonna kick your Butts back across the Galaxy after a Little bit of walking Jon steps up to a Podium where a cube hangs suspended and He asks what is this Rex yells that's it Exactly right where I last left it now Bring it to me we can all go back home As they get back to the ship Rex says That the object is called the hypercube It's one of the oldest objects in the Universe it's a Gateway giving one Instant access to eight dimensions This will help them greatly as the gang Extends its influence across the known Universe but first they have an extra Passenger to dispose of Shaggy boy grabs The Puppeteer as the Puppeteer is Yelling for them to wait Rex then grabs His Blaster going on about how Puppeteer Could just be a puppet but as John is Listening he forces himself to move and As Rex pulls the trigger Jon manages to Jump in the way of the blast taking the

Hit for the Puppeteer JJ then says that That takes care of that two powerless Kids can't get into too much trouble He'll go ahead and take him back to the Other kid Rex says that it's a good idea Do that while I take care of the Puppeteer as John is dragged away There's a gunshot heard across the ship But as JJ continues bringing Jon down The hallway a door opens up and inside Damian is wrestling himself free JJ Tells him to stop you're just making it Tighter we copied the tech from a Villain on our world called Copperhead It constricts the more you move besides You have work to do you need to get your Friend back up and punching and fighting I know it's hard to believe especially From someone who looks like me but we Really need your help as Damien becomes Free he jumps at Joker Jr slamming him Into the wall I am not gonna fall for That trick Damian then hits him with Joker Jr yelling hey if I'm gone too Long Rex is gonna notice please just Listen there's more going on here than You realize we're not just villain just Trying to open up the Multiverse Damien Holds his punches telling Joker Jr that He has 20 seconds so Joker Jr explains That they're from the cygnus system and They've been watching Earth for years Their entire culture is built around Celebrating their world Rex however

Imagines it all much differently his Dark Twisted perception of their world Has led him to create a much grimier Story about himself he used it to Inspire himself to follow in the Footsteps of their greatest failures Their villains Rex killed his parents to Try and drive him crazy to turn him into A joker that he could team up with and When that didn't work he took things a Step further Rex created all of these Kid villains the others are loyal to Rex But he isn't Rex wants to use that Cube To find even more who will join him he Wants to destroy their worlds making Them into the stories he sees in his Head I can't prove anything that I'm telling You but I can give you this as Joker Jr Holds out a box Damien asks what is it And JJ tells him that it's the case with The synthetic Kryptonite Brainiac 6 made It he overheard him tell rex that the Effects can be reversed if necessary So Damien asks how does it work and JJ Tells me doesn't know he just needs him To be the heroes that inspired him from A far-off Galaxy a few moments later on The bridge there's a warning that an Escape pod just launched and Rex looks Around asking where the hell is Joker Jr As kid Deadshot nice princess check the Escape pods they see a message from JJ But it simply says I quit Joker Jr is a

Traitor Rex Rex then hurries to the Holding cells but inside Damian is Tinkering with the synthetic Kryptonite Stating that something is happening John's eyes begin to shine both red and Blue it hurts Damien it feels like I'm Being ripped in too and as the room Fills with light Shaggy boy pulls open The door so the holding cells as a blue Version and a red version of John stare At each other asking who are you Damien Continues to examine the Kryptonite Stating that it turned red any idea what That does John A short while in space JJ size stating That he did it he's finally free of Wrecks and it doesn't matter where he Ends up As long as he can be himself again but Then there was a warning alarm and Before JJ realized it his Escape pod was Being shot and he was being flung into Space but while holding his breath JJ Reaches inside of his jacket pressing a Button back on the ship kid dead shot Laughs telling himself blam gotcha Sucker Joker Jr is handled Rex I'm an Even better shot than the real Deadshot Rex tells him good now get your butt Over here we got a problem Damian puts himself between the two Johns as they're arguing over which one Is the real one telling them stop we Gotta Focus the gang's going to pounce

But the two Johns both yell at him to Shut up Rex meanwhile tells Shaggy boy To grab him and Shaggy boy asks which One Rex shouts just grab one Damien says Something about splitting his Personality must have made him naturally Adverse to each but red yells that blue Is just a faker can't you tell by Looking at him and blue shouts that red Is a stupid jerk I can't wait to punch Him Damien then covers both of their Mouths look super boys until this wears Off we gotta work together the two argue That they're not going to and why should They and a Shaggy boy attacks Damien Says that's why Damian throws a batarang To keep Shaggy boy back but red and blue Go back to arguing to the point of red Actually punching blue Rex and punches Blue back towards him telling him thanks Red enemy and my enemy etc etc blue goes Flying over in red ducks hey you kind of Hit me Damien and Reddit then charge for Rex but there's an ice blast that shoots By freezing them both in place and Ice Princess says that the stupid heroes are Best served on the Rocks Damien shouts That they're messing with the wrong Heroes from the wrong planet and let me Show you firsthand how to handle alien Wannabes Rex tells him that he has Studied their planet for months they Will be better in every single way and He's going to start by performing their

Planet's oldest trick killing a robin Kid Deadshot walks up pointing his laser At Damien I'm sorry to do this I was one Of your biggest fans but suddenly the Ice melts as Damien and red fall why is My butt so hot red asks and blue sits up Laughing as his eyes cool down stating That his butt is just red just like the Rest of him Damien quickly grabs the Synthetic Kryptonite telling him I am Never having kids keep the gang busy Super boys I'm gonna find a way to get This Kryptonite machine working and get You back together red and blue jump to Their feet and charge in and as blue Says that Robin told him to keep the Gang busy red argues stating that he was Talking to both of them rex runs out of The room and radios of Brainiac 6 the Human boy has escaped and is possibly Heading in his Direction Brainiac 6 says That he calculated that as a risk an Hour ago there's nothing that he can but In that moment there's a sudden Shake in The ship in Brainiac 6 falls out of his Chair caused by a giant hole that the Super boys namely blue ripped in the Hole Brainiac 6 gets up I will scan the Camera so locate Robin but before he can Damien jumps into the room kicking of Telling him good news You Found Me Damien pins him down telling him that He's going to tell him how to get his Partner back to the way he was or he'll

Be thrown out of the nearest window Brainiac 6 laughs from what I have Observed of your kind you will never Kill anyone intentionally Rex begins to Sneak up but as he goes to swing Damien Rolls out of the way allowing Rex to Deliver his punch directly to Brainiac6's stomach back with the others Red closes up the hatch stating that the Container door should hold for a few Blue asks what are you breathing hard What a wuss but there's another Shake of The ship and Rex says that it's sickness They're closing in on its troposphere Damien hurries over to the controls Stating that the navigation system is Busted where is the manual override and Rex says that it won't be enough at this Velocity back with the boys they Continue to argue when Damien comes over The comms telling them that they Amazingly took out the navigation Controls so they're basically in an Accelerated Free Fall towards a major Metropolitan area he has no idea what Power levels they have but they need to Gather these gang losers and get them Off the ship while he tries to steer it Away from the city but red asks blue if He's thinking what he's thinking blue Says of course he is Robin is so lucky To work with them as the ship continues Its descent red flies out to pull up on The stern While Blue pushes on the bow

Within a few moments the spaceship flies Down into cygnus but with the help of Red and blue they help bring the ship Down in one piece even though it has Crashed Damien steps out calling to red And blue asking if they can hear him Because they did it red stumbles forward Telling him that he's here but he Doesn't feel right like something's Missing Damien asks where's blue and They see him down at the wreckage not Moving red says that it must have been The reverse thrusters he caught them Full on but still managed to save them So Damien tells red to go find the Kryptonite device now Rex appears asking Oh you mean this little thing afraid It's broken looks like a hero died today The first of several Damien begins to Ask what does he mean and Shaggy boy Stomps on the synthetic Kryptonite box Rex begins to laugh but that's when There's a beep beep and a voice calls Out hey super Sons get it Damien and red Look up to see the space cabbie flying Over heard you need a ride back to Earth And the adventures of the super Suns Continues the first major Adventure Wraps up in these first three issues as They are now on the planet of cygnus now If you're wondering this apparently Takes place before the whole age up Thing so this is like a series of Stories that happened to Damien and John

Before they became like their new Versions honestly there's still a lot of Fun and we have a lot more of these to Bring to you so if you want to hear the Story continue as to where space cab is Going to bring them and their Adventure Through the Multiverse then make sure You like subscribe and hit that Notification Bell so you know when more Videos are coming out on that note guys I will see you later and thank you so Much for your continued support I really Do appreciate it

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