Make Money With Comics–Right Now

By | February 13, 2023

Is it possible to make money with comics still or should people sale everything?

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Yes the economy is not in a good place But I do believe that there are ways to Make money with Comics right now and it Doesn’t matter whether you are a Collector or an investor generally you Want to see the money you spend going The upper Direction and not in the other Direction and that is what we’re going To talk about in this video stay tuned For it Reggie here and I want to welcome you to Another one of my videos in this video We are going to take some time to talk About how you can actually make money Right now in the hobby of comics and I Wanted to create this video partly Because I’ve had a lot of people reach Out to me over the last few weeks and Months asking whether they should sell Their collections now before the comic Book Market crashes what I will tell you Is that I do not think that that is Going to happen what we are seeing right Now is nothing more than the larger Economy having an impact on the hobby That is what we are seeing when the Economy is doing good and people have Jobs they have lots of disposable income And they feel like they can spend that Money on comics and collectibles and Other things that are purchased with Discretionary funds but when the economy Is bad people tend to hold on to the Money they have if they’ve lost their

Job they tend to hold on to the money That they have and as a result of that Things that are purchased with Discretionary funds tend to take a Little bit of a dip it is a natural Thing that happens and it happens over And over and over again in our economy Not necessarily a crash but certainly Not a boom if you will now with that Said I don’t believe that this will last Forever it might last for a year might Last for two years but I do not believe That it will last forever so to that Point do not sell your Comics wait it Out if you need the money because you’ve Lost your job but you have some kind of Expense I would definitely encourage you To dump your Comics but if you don’t Have to sell if you don’t need the money Save it save the collection until things Get better because as I mentioned things Will turn around generally a bear Market Which is a bad Market does not last as Long as a bull market a good Market but Because it’s all cyclical so things will Turn around but you have to be willing To actually wait it out and if you can Do that what you will find is that the Value of your Comics will actually go Back up will they reach the levels that We saw in 2020 and 2021 I have no clue But if you had asked me in 2018 whether We would have seen those numbers in 2020 And 2021 I would have told you no no one

Knows what the future holds but if you Hold your book you will potentially find Out what the future holds so don’t sell The second thing that I want to talk About is that you should potentially be Buying right now there are Bargains to Be had and it doesn’t matter whether You’re talking about key Comics or Collections raw books or graded there Are Bargains to be had as a result of The economy being in a bad place there Is less money flowing into the hobby Which means less competition which means Prices are not going up that means that You can actually pick up some really Awesome books at lower prices lower than What we saw in 2020 and in 2021 and as I Mentioned over time the value of these Books will go back up and so if you buy Now you reap the benefits later on Another thing that you might want to Consider is diversification of your Funds and what I mean by that is that The market is definitely down right now There is no doubt about it and so Potentially if you have money set aside For the purpose of investing in comics Maybe you don’t put all of that money Back into Comics right now maybe you Find alternative things to invest in and There are lots of ways to do that you Can invest in stocks and bonds and Mutual funds and in Gold you can Absolutely do that but you can also look

At nfts there’s a lot of uncertainty About nfts but there’s also a lot of People that absolutely believe in them And so that is something that should be Ignored you also can take comic money And direct it towards original art Original art moves in a different way Than comics in addition to that not all Comics move the same modern Comics may Be taking a massive hit right now but Golden age and Silver age books have Taken less of a hit and so maybe your Diversification strategy requires you to Shift money from Modern Comics to Golden Age Comics or to Silver age or to nfts It’s something that you want to consider But by continuing to invest in the hobby Again you will reap those benefits later On when things start to turn back around Without a doubt one of the best ways to Make money from Comics right now is to Invest into Blue Chip comics and I think Everybody knows what Blue Chip Comics Are but it is those books that have First appearances of really popular Characters popular characters that People widely recognize So Amazing Fantasy 15 Amazing Spider-Man 1 Fantastic Four number one Daredevil Number one Superman number one Batman Number one it is those books that people Salivate over these books have Historically had value and at present Many of these books have seen declines

In their value but because they have a Massive fan base because they have Historical performance rest assured that These books will rebound into the future As they continue to age as the economy Improves these books will absolutely Recover and so these are certainly some Safe bets yes you can speculate on less Popular characters and some unknown Characters but there’s a little bit more Risk involved with that versus going After a blue chip comic or two as I said Earlier in this video I firmly believe In the future of comics I believe in Them as a source of entertainment and I Also believe in them as a source of Investment I believe that this Hobby and That Comics are here to stay and I know For a fact that as this economy recovers The values of comics will also recover It is those people that can make the Investment now that will reap the Benefits later With that said we’re gonna wrap this Video up I want to thank you for taking The time to watch I hope that you Enjoyed this video and if you did I Certainly want to encourage you to give The video a thumbs up share it with your Local community and if you need to reach Out to me for whatever reason feel free To do so on Instagram at Reggie collects Take care [Music]

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