MCU DYING! Ant-Man 3 Worst 2nd Weekend Drop In MCU History

By | February 27, 2023

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So I think the MCU is dying and it's Just getting worse and worse out there If you guys haven't seen the news uh This was the worst second drop ever for An MCU movie and if you don't know what A second drop is basically if you look At the box office results And you look from the first weekend to The second weekend so here we got the First weekend right and then include President's Day or whatever Um let me scroll move me down a bit you Can see here that It had a nearly 70 drop and that is Terrible and if you compare it to the Other Ant-Man movies you know the first Ant-Man only had a 56 drop basically Meaning from the first weekend to the Second weekend and then Ant-Man 2 had a 61.6 drop and somewhere around if you Get in the 50s that's really good that's What you want um 60s is not very good But getting up to the 70 percent here Uh that's terrible that's really bad and Yeah I mean There could be a lot of reasons why but I think people are just kind of my Personal opinion I think the reason why It's dying is I mean a lot of people say Things like oh it's woke or MCU is a Thing I've seen you know basically Turning all the characters into Basically women counterparts things like That

I think there's elements of that but I Think the biggest thing is this is bad Writing it's just really really bad Writing and it's bad Direction it's bad Choices Um like why do they choose to even have Certain characters and make TV shows About certain characters or certain Characters into the movies things like That I think it's just all really bad Choices and then coupled with really bad Writing and I know a lot of like I did My review of it and I talked about like Just how dumb and the writing was it's Just like the whole time you know here's Some spoilers Um but you know Basically Janet um You know Hank pym's wife or whatever uh She refuses to tell anyone About What's going on in the quantum realm and Because she refuses to tell people Cassie then Builds a machine and then it sucks them Down in there and then still refuses if She would have just said yeah there's Like this guy down there his name's Kang And he's trying to get out and if we let Him out he'll destroy everything type of Thing if she would have just mentioned That one a little bit then the movie Wouldn't exist so it's just like really

Bad writing and just a lot of stupid Choices and the way the characters are And I know a lot of people were like Okay just turn your brain off but I Think I think that works for some people but I Think a lot of people can't And and then on top of that Like Cassie building this special Machine that can take you to the quantum Realm She's been in I think all three Ant-Man Movies and never once has she shown any Real interest in life being like super Smart or a scientist or anything like That Just out of the blue she's literally Like oh by the way I'm uh a massive Genius like at least with like Tony Stark who built the first Iron Man suit It's like he's been working around this Tech his entire life it showcased that In like through the first half of the Movie so when he's in the cave he builds This thing right out of the scrap parts That he had and he builds a a jankity Iron Man suit so you kind of believe him At that point Um so yeah I just But the Cassie is like oh she's an Activist a political activist okay and Then all of a sudden she's also super Smart just just because because we wrote It in the script that she's going to be

A Super Genius when she's shown nothing Nothing about being like super smart Before like if Hague Pym would have made That that would have made more sense Because you know he's a Super Genius You've built multiple movies showing his Super Genius But no they don't want to have Hank Pym Do it or even if you know Janet did it Somehow or something like at least she Has been to the quantum realm so she Knows a little something but no they Made Cassie do it so it's just like That's dumb it's just like a lot of bad Writing Um I think the other stuff is Maybe does play a part in it for some People but I think overall it's just Really really bad writing I mean the Shows that have come out even the movies That are like Like not bad but they're not great like In my personal opinion Shang Chi it's Good but it's not like MCU phases two three and four or Whatever the phases with all the good Ones like winter soldier Civil War uh Infinity War stuff like that uh Doctor Strange One I was very disappointed in Doctor Strange one or two industry is one I Loved but Doctor Strange two just I Don't know just kind of missed the Mark Um and I think a lot of people are

Feeling that way I think it's they Really need to do an overhaul I know Bob Iger has come back and he is firing a Bunch of people and he's canceling a Bunch of shows like Agatha got canceled Which should have never been a show to Begin with Um he's canceling a bunch of them Which is good gotta you know because It's all about the brand you want to Make sure that the brand or the MCU can Live on but if you literally kill the Brand kind of like they did with Star Wars where they came out with Han Solo a Star Wars movie based on Han Solo and it Lost money so that's how you ruin a Brand things like that So I don't know hopefully you know they Can turn the ship around but the thing Is If they decide to turn the ship around Today and they decide to make this new Movie it won't come out for like three Years so whatever decisions they make Today or even the last year since Bob Iger's come back you won't see that for The next two three years so I think We're in for a lot of people are saying Phase four okay It's fine we're gonna move on we're Going to do something better so phase Five that's where everything's gonna get Better I honestly don't think phase five is

Gonna be good I don't I don't think it's Gonna be great um we have Guardians uh But I feel like that's very separate Because it's like James Gunn is you know Helming that so I don't know I think phase four and Phase five are gonna be the same and if It continues this way where people just Like you you'll look at this and you'll Go oh okay it made a ton of money right Okay it's up to worldwide 360 something Million and a lot of people like oh That's great that's amazing but I mean It costs like 150 million to make these Movies so you double that because you Have to do advertising and things like That so you're in for like 300 million Because production budget that's just to Make films 150 then you have advertising So it's usually double that so it's 300. Then you have to also understand that The theaters take like 50 of this so I Mean they have to I mean what was it James Cameron said That the the newest Avatar movie came Out had to make 900 million dollars just To break even Just to break even You got advertising theaters taking Their Cuts whatever their percentages Are all that kind of stuff so this 300 Million might look huge and obviously Can continue to grow uh the other one Ant-mans have made about you know

500 600 so enough to like go on but I mean obviously the production values Go higher or budgets go higher and Higher with every sequel that comes out So this one's probably higher than the Last one so it has to make even more I mean I'm sure it'll probably like Barely be profitable but is that like if You're barely profitable off an MCU Movie is that a good thing I don't think So I think that's a bad thing I usually Making a ton of money like a ton of time It's an MCU movie if you're just barely Breaking even or losing a little bit of Money that's not good at all so Um yeah I think I think the Dyne I think They need something soon to fix what They're doing they need a big overhaul Instead of writers the writers or you Know whoever's putting the things on Screen that they decide to do that needs To go that's just terrible that's just Just really really bad Um this this writing was I mean I talked To everyone that was with out theater And a lot of people either put this on Their worst or one of their worst MCU Movies And it's yeah it's just not Not that it's a bad movie compared to Other movies of course but that outside The MCU but You expect something more coming from an MCU movie at least I do and maybe I'm

Just you know living The Glory Days of Whatever phase two and three but Yeah I don't know let me know what you Think Have a good day

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