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Hey free mind you crazy for this Soulful It’s like My responsibility to make us feel Something You know if you make people feel People feel what we feeling Hey yeah Reggie here and I want to welcome you to Another one of my live streams this is Comics today a show that we do on Wednesday to celebrate the best day of The week and I just noticed that my Graphic is not the correct graphic I’m Not quite sure what happened there but There we go now we have the correct Graphic up uh I am a little tardy to the Party today primarily because I was at My boys football’s practice and the Coach decided to make things interesting By uh getting the dads to run Sharks and Minnows with the kids so uh took me a Little bit to recover my wind because it Was a little cold out there and you know How cold air in the lungs is not a good Thing uh and so I was running a little Late as I was trying to get back here to The house to get myself together but we Are here now and we are going to run Things down I must also apologize uh one Of the that I wanted to have on the show Tonight uh we had a scheduling conflict But he is confirmed for next week and Patreon members know exactly who it is

That I’m talking about I think next Week’s show is going to be a very Special thing uh but we do have one Guest that is going to be coming on the Show tonight to talk about his comic That has been option been option for a TV show we are going to hear all of the Nitty-gritty details as to how this Actually transpired and potentially it Will be an inspirational story for all Of us all of us that have hopes dreams And wishes to make magic happen uh above All else we are going to have a good Time uh I am going to go to the chat Here in a moment to see what it is that You all may have picked up earlier today At your lcs’s Um but first I want to do a giveaway First I want to do a giveaway last week We announced I think I have them here no I do not they are across the room uh we Are going to be giving away away some Gator guard cases our friends over at Gator guard hooked me up with three of Their acrylic UV protected display cases And we are going to be giving three of Those away tonight all you had to do to Get into the running for this was to Watch last week’s show and leave a Substantive comment behind uh to get a Chance to to actually be a winner and I Want to announce the three winners right Now the very first one is Mac Runner Forever Mac Runner forever fingers

Crossed you are in the United States you Are one of tonight’s winners for the Gator guard case uh the second person Because we have three of them the second Person is this guy right here Louise Collectibles you sir uh are the winner He says he was unaware of Calico that Was one of the guests that was on the Show last week uh not only are you aware Of Calico HH German’s uh comic but you Now are a big winner and the third Winner the third person is Frank Frank Uh Frank I will butcher your last name So we’re just gonna say Frank J All three of you Gentlemen please send Me an email to Reggie With your screen name your government Name and your mailing address hopefully In the United States so I can bundle up Those Gator guard cases and get them Sent out to you uh appreciate every Single person that watched last week’s Live stream commented on the video but We can only have three winners tonight And it is all three of those people so There you go we covered off on that Stuff Um so let me go to the chat real quick If you made it out to your LCS and you Were able to pick up your Comics I want To know what it is that you picked up if You read something today that was a good Story a good issue let us know that as Well so we can put that on the top of

Our reading stacks and if you want to Shout out your LCS I want to know that And then lastly if you picked up some Books uh that are new to you books I Want to know that I will tell you I Actually had a conversation late last Night with an LCS I watched the replay Of somebody’s live stream on Instagram And that was inspired they had some Amazing books up on the wall they bought 50 000 books and I’m like there has to Be something here for me I saw several Books I was really interested in had a Back and forth with them trying to look At photos and all this kind of stuff and I was like hey what are the prices they Gave me the prices I said that looks Interesting let me do some research I Went did my research and basically long Story short they were pricing all of Their raw books at the price of a graded Book I had to bail I was like this does Not work for me these numbers uh these Numbers do not work you can in my Opinion this is my opinion you cannot Sell a raw Book for a graded Book price That magic does not compute uh and so I Had to take a step away from it I Referenced of course uh my preferred Pricing guide for raw books that being I also looked at Other pricing services for graded books So I could figure out what they were Doing and sure enough they were not

Anywhere close to a raw Book price they Were were basically right at the graded Book price which again just does not Work I should also mention the also has raw book And graded book but I like triangulate I Like to see what’s out there so I wanted To make mention of that if you guys are Not familiar with I Definitely want to encourage you to Check it out huge database more than one Million comics on their database it is Out there for you to check out so all Right let me go over here real quick And see uh let me see let me see best Thing I read today was Batman deadly Duo Great story with fantastic art says Chris Chris I don’t recall ever seeing Your name before but welcome welcome to The live stream thank you for Contributing to the uh the conversation Definitely appreciate it ions has got to Steal tonight Invincible Iron Man volume Three number three 9.24 15 pounds felt bad it was low Market is very soft in the UK it is what It is it is what it is man I mean you Know the the market can’t always be Bananas right and so do not feel bad That is a great book congrats to you uh Dave says graded prices raw book yes sir Indeed yes sir indeed scrolling through That is a good I’ll tell you I really Wanted these books I will tell you that

Uh there were six of them that I looked At three were in a Grade that I could Rock with and they happen to be the more Expensive ones of course and uh the Numbers the numbers did not compute I Had to bail uh and they were like yeah We reference you know such and such and I’m like You can’t reference that because those Are those are graded prices that that Doesn’t work for a raw book you know so Uh yeah we had to bail on that uh got The first Super punk in the mail today So it prompted me to redo my shelf Picked up a small stack at the LCS but Mostly most excited to read the next Know your station ASM Ghost Rider and The red Goblin the red Goblin is back Man the red goblin took me by storm I Think it was the end of 2019 I think it Was in the 2019 we got to look at the Red Goblin and now fast forward a couple Of years he is back uh I have not read The red goblet I’m guessing it’s Normie Uh but but I’m excited I’m excited to Check it out uh picked up what is that Daredevil and Batman 131 and deadly duel Haven’t had a chance to read them yet That’s what’s up uh what is this what is This top top comic peanuts Four Color Number 194 Blue Beetle 50 Captain Atom 78 and a couple of more fighting fives That’s what’s up Chuck that is what’s up Chuck it is always good to see you

Brother welcome welcome scrolling Through Um a few a few new books uh but better Yet finish my comic book room that is Celebration worthy sir that is Celebration worthy uh congrats congrats On making that magic happen that is all Right scrolling down uh through the Comments here picked up uh ASM 19 cover A the variant Marvel no problem that’s a Good book that’s a good book uh Miscellaneous that’s a good book laughed Out loud when I saw it on the Rock there You go scrolling through some of the Comments here uh man you know the the Thing is the comic shops or the comic Shop have been in business 30 years I I Felt I I I I I they were like yeah we Use so and so my response I debated my Response I think I ultimately went with Uh yes I noticed good luck to you And that was after I mean I had typed a Couple of messages where it was like That those are greater Book prices I I Can’t rock with that you know um and I Even reference hey I’m going to look up Some pricing Services I’m gonna look up Some prices to figure out like how you Came up with these numbers and yeah they Were like just not they was not close it Was not close Seth oh pause pause we Need to pause Seth picked up ASM 110 From a great person in the community Who’s this this wasn’t me was it

Congrats to you Seth and the great Person that you are uh referencing That’s what’s up uh what is that Philtastic how you doing uh Rick man you Be careful you be careful you better put Some respect put some respect on the red Goblin no do not go to Red Robin We we went to the Red Robins in Arizona About about a year ago Uh a little dated maybe a little dated It was awful I don’t know if all red Robins are now trash uh but at least the One we went to is not what I remembered I used to love Red Robin because I do Love a good burger and that was not the Jam Um Dave says deadly Duo was a great read He snagged uh king-size annual lot from Our Canadian friends it includes Fantastic Four issue number six which He’s very excited about you should be Congrats on that brother congrats on That one uh scrolling through Did I mean did I miss your comments Steve uh let me see I’m trying to scroll Up brother I’ll try to scroll up to see If I see it and uh I I do not uh I I do Not I do not see it Seth I um I’m going To have to just say thank you uh Steve I’m just gonna have to say uh thank you Very much all right uh scrolling through What is this Um Watching wakanda forever but I’m here in

Spirit and grabbed a bunch of Red Sonja From the LCS today uh what kind of Forever fantastic uh do not believe the Rumors do not believe the hype that Movie is good it could have been a Little shorter and I would have been Fine with that uh wakanda forever was Dope there there is no doubt about that In my mind do not believe the naysayers Uh scrolling through Scrolling through uh Cross Bronx you sir Will have to wait because we have not Gotten to our interview yet so you sir Will have to wait up like your style Says picked up books enough said you Know what I respect that I I respect That sir it is all good let me see I’m Scrolling through seeing what else Red Robin is big Oh no these days It took me a minute my old eyes don’t See as well brother uh but I remember I Remember back in the day uh a red robin Opened up where I was and this was a While ago and I was like if there was an Opportunity to go to the Red Robin I was At the Red Robin I really was the Burgers the fries were fantastic the Service was was always just okay wasn’t Great uh but I was there for the burgers I was there for the burgers and they Were amazing we went again like I said And I think was Goodyear Arizona I think We went and uh it was absolute trash it

Was absolute trash I was disappointed I Drove past one uh the other day and and I commented to my wife when we were out This weekend hey let’s go get some food And I was like but I don’t think we Should go to Red Robin we ended up going To a different burger place and it was Fantastic it was a great one uh Oh you like the wall we we decided I Forgot I forgot you guys haven’t seen The wall we we decided to mix it up back There with some with some cool stuff so Uh yeah we we decided to uh to have a Good wall back there I went digging Through the uh the collection and and Tried to find some good stuff to put up There there’s a couple of things that I Don’t think have seen the light of day In quite some time so it was nice to be Able to uh to put those books on display If you guys came in late uh we gave away A couple of Gator guard cases to three People uh so if you missed the beginning Of the show you may want to rewind and Check that out because uh maybe your Name was called I don’t know I’ve taken Those three names off the screen now so I’m unable to uh to go back Scrolling through seeing what else you Guys are talking about wakanda forever Was great a little sad but a proper Tribute man I’m gonna be I’m gonna be Honest with you brother I’m gonna be Honest with you I shed a tear in the

First five minutes I was like oh this is Going to be brutal uh but there were These inflection points where they re Where they they hit that sad note they Went on some other things and then they Revisited that sad note and it was Almost like uh grief right it was almost Like grief that you go through when you Lose somebody it’s not all sadness all At once it is inflections of sadness Right like I lost my grandmother if he Seems like not that long ago and I still Get occasionally sad when I when I have These moments where I’m thinking about Her and as I went through the movie I Felt like we were on this this journey Of of grieving with Um the main actress I will also say that In in this movie I felt like there were Several surprises there were several Things that I did not recall being Teased and did not hear about that I was Pleasantly surprised about I was like oh That’s dope didn’t see that coming there Were a couple of those really cool Moments and uh it was a good movie uh Black if if you’re just coming in black Panther wakanda forever I think was a Fantastic movie uh a great tribute uh it Was an emotional rollercoaster in a lot Of respects I think it could have been a Little bit shorter I don’t know why they Were going for like the longest movie Ever for Marvel uh they could have

Tightened it up and I would have been Just fine uh with that to be honest so Scrolling through uh love wakanda Forever best of phase four for me Slightly edging out Shang Chi Shang Chi Was not bad either Xiang Chi was not bad It wasn’t it wasn’t the emotional roller Coaster but it was good right I mean not Every movie can be an emotional roller Coaster let’s be completely honest about That we don’t need that um just like Every movie can’t be all action can’t be All comedy right like give me some Diversity in in genre somehow missed uh Batman deadly Duo uh you need to Circle Back to your LCS or Circle back to your LCS uh let me see I’m scrolling through Oh that’s Um that’s gross I’ll be completely Honest with you brother that is a little Gross uh wakanda forever was strong hope This is an upward path for the MCU Ironheart is much cooler in the comics You know I I don’t know that I connected With with ironheart to be to be honest With you uh Black Panther was great uh I Don’t know that I collect connected with Her in an emotional sense like I don’t Feel invested in her uh but maybe we’ll Get a little bit more of her in her own Series I don’t know it’ll be interesting To see how that plays out I will tell You uh the more the more was Was dope the more was just I mean the

The the modifications to his background I’m good with that a lot of people Didn’t like that man tell it tell me a Good story I’ll buy it I was buying all Day with with uh with how they told his Story I thought it was really good uh if East Tennessee check out bit Burger Super good burger place retro movie and Video game theme that’s what’s up good Thank you for the tip brother we are Going to uh Tennessee Uh in March I think we’re going in Tennessee for March uh Black History Month wall don’t know about the two Upper right or the one behind you Um upper right I can’t tell which is Upper right for me from here to be Honest with you uh one behind you Beloved the cardiac nod is that upper Right yeah those two are Lobo That is lobo 1 and Lobo two two super Hard books to find uh first uh black Character I think to have his own series And uh I actually read it uh read issue One and issue two the artwork the story The lettering is all fantastic and I Don’t like westerns I enjoy Lobo I came Across a lobo low grade like a 3.0 uh Not that long ago and I regret not Buying it I really do regret not uh not Picking it up so you gotta load some Cardiac too any chance I get to to show Off some cardiac man I think he is a Dope but underutilized character no no

Doubt about it Um scrolling through Um I will tell you I have an unboxing um I know I’m not an unboxing I have a Submission Have a submission coming up and I Recorded the video I’m showing it later This week and it and and and it has ties To some of the things that we are Talking about right now so I definitely Encourage you got man I definitely Encourage you guys to stay tuned when I’m watching Angela Bassett at the UN All I kept seeing was my mother that’s All that I kept saying was my mother I Was looking at her her uh shoulders and Clavicle in her arms and it just Reminded me of my mother Angela Bassett Absolutely crushed it she crushed it she Crushed it she crushed it uh yeah and I Enjoyed it uh Steve on the board saying Riri was cool uh reread’s back there on The wall she’s up there Um slow scrolling through Um what is this uh scarecrow having seen What kind of forever not a fan of Submariner but really like shuri from The first film man um I’m I’m a big I Like Neymar I I I dig name more and at Some point I’m going to get some of that Earlier uh early Submariner a human Torch uh Alex Schoenberg stuff because I Dig I dig the Human Torch and I dig the Whole water and fire thing and I’ve been

I’ve been a Neymar fan for a very very Long time so sign me up but I I Definitely get uh not necessarily being A fan but Um that’s Namor we are talking about no More too too completely two completely Different characters uh give me a sec Here let me send a quick message uh Give me a sack bear with me folks Trying to find the right mechanism to uh Make the magic happen here Uh bear with me bear with me So one thing that I will tell you all uh One thing I will tell you all is that I Have a little bit of an of of an Announcement Um we we have an artist that worked on Uh issue three of isolation That decided that he was going to be Very generous he decided that he was Going to be very generous and donate To to us to swold your publishing some Original art from issue three as part of Our Kickstarter campaign that artwork Right now is available on and what he has given Us is basically four pages Two single pages and a double spray it And all of that is available as packages GH and I right now on Chase Cohen is the is the guy is the Artist and I want to show you one of the Pages that original art pages that is Available right now as part of our

Kickstarter air quote Kickstarter Because it’s not official it’s a Kickstarter versus hey I need some money So I can print this book Um but this is the double page this is The double page that chase has uh Graciously donated to us To be able to uh to raise funds and I Can tell you that uh the the light in Here is so bright that it makes it hard To see exactly what this is but this is A double spread that is beautifully Illustrated by a really talented artist From the cupert school the and he’s Giving us this again for us to be able To raise some cash to be able to uh can Continue our efforts with isolation and So you have an opportunity to pick up uh Basically you know depends how you look At a four pages of original art Available on the website right now so if You guys are interested in supporting Issue three of isolation uh there are Several packages that are available Right now on the website there’s there’s Everything from a single issue to double Issues to digital to uh Ash cans to Original art from the actual comic and What you’ll notice when you go there you Will see uh Pages four five which is What I just showed you there page 17 and Page 20. one thing to note about page 17 Is I’m only showing you a single panel From page 17 because there are some

Things that happen on page 17 that give Away too much of the story and so we had To we show uh the others we showed three Four and we show 20 full in their Entirety but we show a single panel of Of page 17 just because of what is Actually being depicted again if you Guys are interested in supporting uh we we appreciate It and I will tell you we have raised Some decent money we have raised some Decent money uh towards issue three uh Mr Tomlinson it is good to see your Brother I have not seen you in a Month Of Sundays I spoke to somebody about you Recently uh maybe it was a mirror maybe It was a mirror and uh I was like yeah I Haven’t seen this dude in a while and Then then you appear it’s good to see You brother welcome to uh welcome back To the live stream scrolling down Through some of the comments it’s uh What is that uh Oh my goodness uh we you know he we we Um we we tend to buy Doug and I tend to Buy some of the art from Um from the artist to support their Efforts right so we we tend to buy some Of the original art and then after the Issue comes out uh people have the Ability to buy some of the art as well And and chase this whole thing was hey I Want to see this continue I want to Contribute here is you know basically

Three three packages that you can make Available to subscribers so I was very Appreciative of that because he wants us To succeed he wants us to succeed so Um scrolling through uh yeah yeah issue Three is imminent issue three is going Down So we have already finished all the Artwork all the lettering all the Proofreading it is currently in layout Right now we are laying it out it’s Called pre-press we’re trying to make Sure that everything flows the right way All the pagination is in the right place All the ads are in the right place and Then we’ve got to go through a couple of Rounds of of reviewing it to make sure All the bleeds are where they’re Supposed to go and then we release it to The printer so isolation issue three is Going down there is no doubt about that Uh print run will be much smaller we are Only doing two covers to keep costs Sensible and the hope is that people Will actually continue to support issue Three so that we can get to Issue four Right because none of this stuff is free Uh so I definitely want uh I I Definitely want there he is there’s Amir How you doing Brothers good to see you Um yeah so we’re trying to keep it Moving trying to keep it moving so all Right so let me go ahead and I want to Get to a oh I think I have the artwork

Here I do have the artwork let me show You guys this real quick I’ll show it on Screen so you guys can actually take a Look at it here is uh Pages four and Five so this is what I just showed you Here a moment ago you can see uh it is It is massive it is two pages that have Essentially been uh connected right so a Nice little spread inside the book a lot Of pencil uh Line work a lot of inking Work actually went into the creation of That so that is basically four and five I think I said three and four so my Apologies for that four and five uh and Then here is let me see if I can find 17. this is 17. this is the one where I’m showing you a single a single panel Uh from from 17 so Um there is a lot of there’s a lot of Activity there’s a lot of activity That’s happening on this one uh and we Don’t want to give it all away before People actually get the comic in their Hands so that’s why we we reduced it to A single and then here is Um here is page 20. so you can see uh The main the main character right there Front and center and the little blow out There on the left hand side uh but again Shout out to uh to chase for making Magic happen and doing this artwork Incredibly fast uh to to a high degree That the quality on this thing is Impressive and then also for being a

Class Act to donate some pages to us for Us to be able to uh to share with folks To keep the ball rolling so there you go I wanted to make sure that I uh showed That stuff so um let me let me get to a News event Um I want to talk a little bit about This because it is something that I Spoke about in a reel I spoke about this In a real earlier uh I want to say it Was this week I think it was this week About AMC AMC has decided that they are Going to basically charge People based Upon the seat that they want to sit in And so if you have a desire to have one Of those really good seats where you can Actually see really well to see the Movie really well you are going to have To pay a premium price movie theaters Are constantly finding ways to uh try to Bring audiences back to the experience To back to experience films on the big Screen while it’s also attempting to Find ways to maximize Revenue with AMC Theaters launching a new initiative in Hopes of accomplishing both objectives I Will tell you I think that this is not Going to succeed I think that they are Not going to bring people back uh So objective one I think is a fail Objective two maybe maybe you’ll make a Little more money uh on average but not In totality uh to bring in more viewers Uh less desired seats such as those in

The front row will be discounted while The optimal seats with the best view of The screen will be more expensive some Of the most popular seating options However will reportedly maintain their Same cost and variety is the one that I Guess started reporting on this they’re Basically saying that theaters in New York Chicago and Kansas City are set to Roll out Nationwide by the end of the Year I’m sorry yeah set the rollout Friday and Across the Nation uh by the End of the year so it is an it is an Interesting approach and basically what They say is that we are a similar form Of entertainment we are a similar form Of entertainment to a concert or Sporting event and in those venues you Pay based upon your seat and the Proximity of your seat to the action and So they feel like that is their Market That that is what they are competing With and thus they are pricing Themselves that way I I think I I think That uh their actual competition is Netflix their actual competition is my Sofa at my house watching my TV that is Their actual competition not necessarily A sporting event I think that they need To maybe think about their Market a Little bit differently because this Misses the mark this misses the mark in My mind and maybe it does uh you all as Well better viewing experience at home

He said you see what I’m saying you see What I’m saying um even in the UK even In the UK they’re like nope the best Viewing experience is from the sofa that I already own on the Netflix that I have Already that I have already uh uh paying For yeah it’s brutal but let me show you Guys I I went and did a little bit of Additional research because I I feel Like this might help us to understand Why uh they are sucking wind why they Are sucking win this chart this chart That I found on the kind of Sort of tells you a really interesting Picture if you look at this chart what We are seeing is annual ticket sales We’re looking at in the with the blue Line here tickets sold and then the box Office that comes in as a result and you Can see up here what was this 2018 we Were looking at basically 12 billion Dollars 12 billion dollar box office is What the total was and they were Basically selling uh I guess that’s 1.3 Million no one is that billion I can’t Tell uh somebody help me out uh but they Were selling yeah billions they were Selling 1.3 billion tickets generating Basically 12 billion dollars covet hit Covet hit those numbers drop those Numbers dropped dramatically as you Would imagine world came to a stop Everything was bad but then how have Things recovered we’re we are a couple

Of years out and we are not even close We are not even close box office is Basically 7.4 billion 7.4 billion versus 12 billion uh they are sucking win they Are trying to survive and if you imagine That is total box office all movie Theaters not necessarily AMC slice of The pie so AMC AMC may be sucking win More or less I don’t know versus their Their counterparts but you have to Imagine think about the footprint think About the footprint that they have the Real estate that they occupy with movie Theaters and if you’ve been to the Theaters lately you probably know that That footprint is big and empty it is Cavernous just how just how empty it Happens to be and so AMC is trying to Make some magic happen with these moves And and I I just I just do not know if It’s going to work to their advantage uh We’re we’re watching a screen not live People performing you that is well said Brother you are not watching a Performance you are not watching a Performance that is essentially a a Moment in time right because that’s what A sporting event is or a concert or a Comedic uh performance it is a moment in Time that you are witnessing that you Were sharing with everybody else that’s There right Um with with movies Not necessarily like you you were

Experiencing a uh some time and you’re Experience in something with people that You probably don’t even like And they’re probably irritating you you Know so uh what is that uh streaming Booming theaters business sank hard to Undo that uh Blockbuster Blockbuster Versus Netflix I I it could be bad it it Could be bad uh looks like well said Scarecrow looks like the opposite graph Of a comic boom I mean again I think you Know there was a lot of people I think That the market comic book Market Exploded during the pandemic in terms of The number of people that were were Reading comics were digging Comics out Of their collection that were engaging With comic book content uh and now we Are not necessarily in that place to be Honest with you I mean I remember live Streams we had 200 people we had 200 People watching a live stream we’ve seen Lcs’s go out of business we’ve seen uh Retailers go out of business dealers go Out of business right so we are we’re Not in the boom period anymore not Saying crash I don’t think that that’s What this is this is a market correction And uh yeah it’s brutal it’s brutal out There scrolling through Um wonder how much the close-up seats Are going to cost close-up seats will be Cheaper at AMC that’s what they were Saying is that the seats that are close

To the screen because it’s like you got To crank your neck to be able to see it Will be inexpensive and I think Potentially uh the like the the Accessible seats the seats for people That have disabilities I think that Those will also remain affordable it is Those Choice seats you know when you get To the theater right like 35 minutes Early I never do but when you get to Like 35 minutes early I imagine that People aim for those middle seats in That Upper Deck right those are the Seats that where they’re going to jack The price up and I heard from someone in Canada that AMC actually did this very Same thing in Canada uh right before They closed all of their theaters in Canada now that is unconfirmed that is That is one report anecdotal evidence That I received from somebody maybe it’s Maybe the Canadians that are here in the Room can correct me on that but that was The rumor that I heard on the street so I definitely want to caveat that Scrolling through I go to AMC all the Time mostly IMAX to watch the Marvel and DC movies Imax costs more anyway did They mention IMAX I did not see any call Out for any brand Under AMC right Because I’m guessing AMC is the the Parent company there’s a smaller Brands Underneath I didn’t see any mention for For IMAX uh but maybe maybe we’ll get

Imax’s prices and then the IMAX will go Up I don’t know I don’t know how it’s Going to work uh scrolling through I’m Afraid the theaters days are numbered I Love going to the movie says Trev I miss How classless the theater used to be Oh no brother it is now the Haves and Have-nots if you want butter on your Popcorn you sir are going to have to pay And as I said to someone else uh you can Use the bathroom the bathroom is free But the soap and the towels will cost You just saying uh if AMC was smarter They’d be licensing with the NFL and Uber uh feel those places up on Sunday Afternoons with Trunks and get the most Frog brother I’ll be honest I didn’t Know where you were going I I did not Know where you were going with that but It was a fun Journey it was a fun Journey to be on with you brother uh I Still love going to the movie theater But there hasn’t been good movies that Get me in the seat uh I I I didn’t see Uh black con black panther wakanda Forever in the theaters I saw it at home I absolutely loved it I think a lot of People went to the theaters and saw it Based upon how that movie is performing So it may not have resonated with Everybody but I think I think they’re You know you have to decide I haven’t Seen any think I saw Puss in Boots that Was the last movie I saw and I took at

Least three quick naps during Puss in Boots that movie was probably 45 minutes Too long I’ma just be completely honest With you all my parents out there if you Saw it I am sorry for you we will never Get that time back scrolling down Through the comments see what else you Guys are talking about uh I think Everybody’s welcoming everybody I’m so Behind uh there you go so going during The empty hours of the week pay for Cheap receipts sit anywhere you want That’s my question my girl will there be Ushers in there to uh Usher you to your Prophecy to prevent people from doing What you just described also what Happens if I show up late if I get one Of those premium seats is there going to Be an usher that will get somebody out Of my seat if I choose to pay that Premium price these are the things that People really want to know because I Don’t want to show up early for a movie But I do like a good seat I will tell You that Um though those were premium seats that Cost more for sure Cineplex theaters he Said scrolling through me a great way to Make more people stay at home uh you Could absolutely be right about that so For those folks that came in a little Bit late I showed you all the new Packages that we are offering for our Kickstarter for isolation issue number

Three the issue is essentially done we Are raising funds to try to recover some Of the money already spent uh for the Artwork the lettering the proofreading But also to print the comic as well uh The the fundraising efforts have gone Pretty well but thankfully the artist on Issue three Chase has donated several Pages of original art to us that we are Now putting available on if you go to the Ice Uh the isolation issue 3 Kickstarter Page on the in the shop you will see Packages GH and I I think they are all Affordably priced if you want to support The kickstarter all of it Is there for you there is some dopeness Scrolling through some of the comments Here I’ve been to the move I’ve been to the Show twice since covet is just not the Same for sure brother I will tell you in Michigan we call it the show and and uh People really don’t know what I’m Talking about when I say the show the Show means movies and uh a lot of people Don’t pick up on that a lot of people Don’t pick up on that Kevin but I Appreciate I don’t know where you’re From But I appreciate you Kevin that’s all That I’m saying I love a good show I Love a good show scrolling down through The comments here the whole uh AMC thing

Is dumb Uh where I live it’s Regal Theaters There you go uh there you go So it is it is potentially not a good Move for them but I’m guessing that they Are grasping at straws right they’re Grasping at straws trying to survive and Uh sometimes in desperation people make Not good decisions uh they sometimes Make not good decisions so uh I call it On the pictures again is this Blockbuster are we seeing Blockbuster so At that if you saw the thing you saw the Thumbnail uh there is a comic there is a Comic that has been optioned for a TV Show after just a couple issues just a Couple of issues unfortunately it is not Isolation but You never know you never know how the Ball is going to bounce but I wanted to Invite the gentleman that is behind this Comic on the show to talk a little bit About it uh we are going to talk to the Man known as Mikey Sutton and for those That don’t know Mikey he is a recognized Movie scooper which is why we were Talking about the AMC right because he Scoops movies he is a journalist he is The editor-in-chief and the owner of a website that I Reference a lot for news uh Mikey as I Mentioned is also the writer behind the Comic known as dream Walker that was Published by Second Skin Comics that has

Now been optioned for a TV show and I Want to welcome to the show right now Mikey how are you doing I’m doing great Regime what a thrill it is to be on your Show tonight for the first time As you know I’m a big fan of yours Brother usually it did not hit me until The other day that I had never had you On the show yes I gave you we’ve been on The show together right yeah but I never Had you on my and it it did not dawn on Me until the other day What a great time to be on right and Little history is what I share between You and I one night I was working Randomly watching you live on a Sunday Evening when your show is on Sunday Evening if I listened I heard they Didn’t hear my name and you and I had Never interacted before and I’m like Reggie collection weird should be you Know like does he know I’m watching Because he didn’t even know I was not a Subscriber at the time so that’s how I Lost time I think my G and I there you Go man and again I I get a lot of news I Reference a lot of news and it’s like I Look to see what’s out there who’s Talking about what and I use it right And geek acidity mag was thank you I Don’t remember what it was but I Referenced something that you were Talking about or in the news for so uh And we’ve had a lot of contact over the

Last couple of years as a result of I Guess me initially mentioning you but Um Mikey there there may be some people Out there that are not familiar with uh Dreamwalker can you can you give them The elevator pitch exactly exactly so Dreamwalker is about a young Filipina in The Philippines who was in a horrible Bus crash and where she is the only Survivor and she discovers that she has The ability to walk through people’s Dreams And she can steal objects from them And use them against Monsters which are From Filipino folklore Um just Supernatural vlogger so these Powers come in handy with what the kind Of research that she does But she has an Achilles heel and I got That from Spider-Man I did you’re a big Spiderman a lot of Spider-Man tonight I’m actually guys have a treat for you Reggie doesn’t know this I’m gonna grab A Spider-Man bomb tonight on this show Exclusive a big MCU bomb gonna drop Tonight on the show Um anyway Um I got it from Spiderman Spiderman When he runs out of web fluid right what Does he do he has to use his Intelligence and his strength to get out Of the situation When she takes a weapon from somebody’s Dream if a dreamer wakes up that weapon

Disappears so what does she do and so That that’s her Achilles heel and that’s All from Spider-Man Um so she decides to use his power To fight all these monsters and all of a Sudden coming out And they’re all from my childhood stuff That I learned through folklore and you Know the elderly would tell me haters Vampire bird or whatever you know things Like that and I Incorporated them in the Comic book so in that show lots of Dreamwalker is about there you go and Again I didn’t know some of that I mean I’ve read issue one and I’ve read issue Two but I think it’s always helpful to Kind of hear some of the backstory but Issue one and issue two both came out in In 2022 and and you tell me I think it Did really well in in the Philippines And also in in the US Um talk a little bit about that but then Also when can we expect issue three to Come out because we’ve had one and two When is three dropping yeah three is Dropping in April um actually finishing The script right now I got it got Delayed for quite a while because Ironically because of the show uh Because we were working on negotiations And everything you’re gonna go inside Hollywood tonight I’m gonna tell you Guys a lot of stuff about Hollywood Tonight

Um but it’s coming on April so the Script’s almost done and by the way you And Doug are ended again I kind of Where’s Waldo a little funny camera with You and Doug okay running gag now Because I have I have plans for you and Doug in the comic book so okay okay that Was a pleasant surprise like I didn’t Expect to see myself or Doug in the Issue and it was it was cool to open it Up and actually see us in there but um Can you talk a little bit about like the Philippines right like you’re you’re Half Filipino yeah the book did really Well in the Philippines can you give us A little bit of texture for that because In the US we don’t necessarily Appreciate that right so can you talk About that Well a lot of the Philippine connections Because of Kate Valdez who I modeled the Character after Um and it goes to this very strange Story uh Reggie about how this always Turned out so so 2018 I was I suffered a Stroke my threatening stroke I was an Hour away from dying actually Um make a long story short long story Short I was told that I may never write Again ever Because I lost the ability to use both My hands and I couldn’t walk and I might Not walk again either so a dreamwalker Had a deeper meaning than what you think

Because all I could do back then Reggie Was dreamed that I’m walking because I Couldn’t walk So after two and a half months of Rehabilitation I regain the ability to walk and use my Hands again it was a miracle all the Time Um So when I was back home I was out of the Hospital I was walking again back and Forth to the living room my mom was Watching a soap opera called onanai and I don’t wash soap operas especially Filipino ones I don’t watch them right But I saw this girl on there with this Keyboard does and it stopped me in my Tracks like who is this right and so I’m Watching the show and this beautiful Girl but she could also really act Because it was really really surprising Um so I posted her picture on Facebook That later that evening let’s hurry up Holding a dream of her crying but Um And you know I posted a picture on Facebook and I just I I recorded a song And the person who commented was Noel Leon Flores who became the artist for Dreamwalker and like I have all three of Them on the same post From 2018 and I decided to model the Character after her because originally Dreamwalk was supposed to be a comedy

And if you read the first two issues Hard to imagine now yeah but it was a Comedy and it wasn’t funny at all it Sucked so Um and I was like I couldn’t make it Work man you know sometimes you’re Already just just you just like forget About it just won’t work it doesn’t work So you have to go in a different Direction it sounds like that’s what you Did yeah because I was talking to her You know we were we were talking over The phone and she asked me hey have you Seen children Adventures of Sabrina on Netflix I said no I haven’t seen her he Goes you should watch it you like it I Watched it and I’m like why am I doing Comedy yeah it’s gonna be horror that’s My natural element you know so I made it Horror and the script that I had been Writing for a year I wrote it in a week And they and the well with my artist he Wanted to work with me so bad and so I Sent him the script and I said model it After Kate Valdez Who he worked with on the show I had no Idea this guy was a big deal like a very Humble man Um he is the elite visual designer of Her Fantasy Store that she worked on so They knew he should have pictures Together he wasn’t a set I’m like so he Modeled after her and then that’s how Everything

Um on that transpired but you can you Hold on just for a second I’ll be right Back yeah sure so for those folks that Are coming in a little late we are we Are talking to Mikey Sutton Mikey Sutton Is a is a journalist he is a movie Scooper uh he has also written a comic Called dreamwalker and his comic came Out just before isolation did right his Issue one came out he has issue two out And issue three is expected in April so We’re keeping our fingers crossed for That but we are sitting down talking With him because he has two issues out He has a third coming out as I mentioned And uh his comic has already been Optioned for a TV show and so I wanted To have him on to talk a little bit About uh how that transpired how that Came about and we just heard from him That he modeled the main uh person in This comic after an actress that he Happened to see on uh the the TV show in The Philippines uh got to know her he Ended up connecting with an artist the Book is out so so Mikey to that point Brother how the heck does someone go From having two issues of a comic to now Having that comic option for a TV show How does that happen yeah it’s very Surreal what happened and you know I I Told my story to an Insider who saw the Article on variety Um last week actually we could go today

And he goes why did this happen like you You there’s only two issues remarket That came out only two that was it like Like this never happens a guy like tired As happy doing variety and all of a Sudden and After I told him the story which I’m About to tell you Reggie he said you Know your backstory is more unbelievable Than your comic book like I I can Believe a girl could walk through dreams But I can’t believe your story but they Played out in real time on Facebook Facebook was the key to all this Reggie All of us was Facebook Like I posted her picture on Facebook And well found me he got me in contact With Kate I interviewed her which led to Her telling me about Sabrina wish baby Can get the horror which is how I Finished the book and so Um I was telling um Telling him like the story I said look a Lot of begins with Spider-Man and I know You’re a big Spiderman fan Reggie who’s Perfect we’re gonna tell you the story Yeah Um because the first comic book I ever Read was Amazing Fantasy 15. Um I read it in origins of Marvel Comics The trade period black had a reprinted Af15 in there and Um so Spider-Man was a big influence but Here’s the key here’s the weirdest part

Of the story right no one knew who I was In 2019 when I was writing greenwalker And that’s one of the things I was Worried about putting his book out who’s Gonna buy this someone knows who I am Right all of a sudden August 22nd I Believe it was Um I kind of became famous because Tom Holland was going to leave the MCU There’s that whole Story that came out well the night Before that happened in Reggie I got a Call from an Insider for from Sony he Said hey somebody in Disney had a Kerfuffle and it looks like Tom Holland Was leaving the MCU And he goes hey I heard deadline is Going to run the story in the morning do You want to run it I said no no man I Don’t I was not a public scooper Reggie I was mostly hidden I had student names That I was using clearly scooping once In a while I did School publicly the one That he knew me from was Spider-Man the Spider-Man deal to begin with i scooped Spider-Man Civil War so because I want To give you this like that’s terrible News right I’m like I don’t want to I don’t want to run with The bad news this bad news man it’s Terrible you know this is I said look You know I’ll I’ll no offense but I’m Gonna ask somebody from Disney if this What’s going on here right yeah and so

In the middle of the night Reggie I host Texting people some are getting mad I go To sleep Mikey you know what I mean Um because one guy told me goes hey can You call tomorrow at noon and I’ll tell You what’s really going on okay okay and Then I realized I look at the date Reggie I realized the time zone Difference right Um that day in Manila was case about This birthday and she loves Spider-Man She loves Tom Holland I’m like well like Horrible news to wake up to And I was like oh man I don’t want her To wake up with this news right her Birthday So the next day I called the guy And he said no let’s just leverage you Know Sony is just trying to get a better Deal Um they’re trying to get public sympathy If you’re trying to say oh it’s Marvel’s Fault that is not our fault and so Marvel came in and give them a better Deal So I went on Facebook I had about a Thousand friends Reggie it was no I was Nothing I was nobody back then you know So I put it out there and I decided to Make it public because it was her Birthday and I wanted her to read that First before she read the bad news right So I did that for her like okay this way She didn’t have bad news

On that day did not realize the impact They would have Um I checked my Facebook an hour later I Had like a thousand shares I’m like what’s going on you know that’s Crazy right yeah um and then Um hour by hour I kept picking You know she saw the news like okay I Feel better she saw the news right so I Was thinking I wasn’t thinking about Becoming famous or anything Um then somebody I don’t know where Found my track record my secret track Record that stuff I had been posting on Facebook like the Spider-Man deal Black Panther and Civil War and like man this Can’t even read all along okay when that Happened like a big bang that my Facebook post was everywhere right all Of a sudden put me on their Front page Like it was insane I’m like what’s going On here But guess who saw it the person who saw It was the president of the studio who Optioned the comic book All of a sudden he’s following me the Big MCU fan and and I’m thinking and I Knew nothing about this at the time Reggie yeah Um It was when I had Noel draw the first Illustration of Kate Valdez a Dreamwalker so I’m planning a comic book

Here’s the first you know panel from it Whatever He messaged he sent me a message and I Have no idea who this guy was but no Clue And he goes hey um Big fan of yours when you’re kind of What comes up can you send me a digital File I want to read it right and at the Time Reggie I didn’t look up people when They messaged me like they didn’t know What who they were or anything yeah and I think this guy was a president of a Studio Okay so It gets weirder it gets really weird Okay so in order to inspire me to write Dreamwalker issue one I saw Filipino Horror film called Erie on Netflix And that gave me the tone that I wanted For the book Because you know I’m kind Of learning on the job dreamwalker is my First time but guys so you know [Music] Oh looks like we may have lost him here We’ll we’ll bear with them and uh see Whether it’s his sound recovers but it’s Not my we’re we’re having a conversation With Journalist and movie scooper he has Given us a download on how it is that His two-issue comic has now been picked Up and being optioned for a TV show uh It seems like it all comes down to to

Facebook Facebook is this is the secret I don’t use Facebook anymore but I’m Telling you after this show wraps up I’m Going to uh reignite my Facebook page Because you really should Rachel you Should it might lead to me getting Options Mikey continue with your story Brother so yeah so Um I was watching a film called Erie Which gave me dance inspiration on how To write the book right the tone and it Really takes place in the Philippines The Filipino horror film And it’s on Netflix because I don’t Watch it and you you and I got more else To talk about without it too Um so I’m watching this film I got the Tone for the book I said okay I’m this Book is gonna rock right because I know The tone is now Um So I I was talking to this uh this this President of the studio And he said can you send me digital Files okay so now I know who he was my Heart’s beating really fast why does he Want to see my book right Um and you know I don’t want to expect Things you know because we expect things To get disappointed right I just let Things roll whatever happens happens Right But my gut feeling tells me this guy Wants to option my client book right but

It’s not even it’s not even written I Mean it’s not even drawn yet I’m trying To say right it’s not even drawing yet You mean it’s not it’s not even realize It’s not even real just a script the Script and and one one page one piece of Art that’s it that’s all that’s all There was right and this guy’s already Interested you know it seems like it you Know yeah so it took a year to finish For Novella draw the book because at the Time my humble little artist was working On a multi-million dollar TV show called Both is five which is a live action Version of an anime in the Philippines Um so I was working on that while I was Drawing dreamwalker and I didn’t have Money to pay him either you can bring it For free at this point Um So the book comes out a year ago Actually from Valentine’s Day when it Came out and I actually sold out on February 1st on the pre-order that sold Out Um So he sent a message because all your Book is out communicate I just want to Remind you to send me digital files I Said okay sure I think it’s cool so I Got his email I said digital files and I Kind of like I was so focused on the Book being Alan promoting I was even Thinking about it right yep so I got an

Email from him about a month not about a Week or two later Reggie because I read The book I really really like it um can You talk to my producer I’m like okay Now this is getting serious right I’m Like what you know what world am I on You know Um so I set up a zoom conference with His producer Um because a time zone difference was Like in the middle of the night over Here right because she’s in the Philippines and he’s in Singapore Um so we talked oh you know on zoom and She goes well you know everybody here Really likes your comic book and I want To tell you why I wanted a conference With you okay okay we want to option Your book I’m like huh and that’s like yeah yeah It goes we’re gonna send you a contract Um what you know like it’s gotten to That stage like our first conversation Already correct not crazy right you know And so uh she goes okay here’s where you Get some really weird Reggie she goes Let me introduce myself by the way in Case you’re wondering what my work is I’m a film producer okay I produced a Film called Erie I like no way oh wait could it be Happening it all comes full circle full Circle and I could I said that film Inspired dreamwalker one in fact issue

Two is a tribute to Erie that’s crazy Flooding issue too she goes oh of course Like of course I produce Erie our studio Released a film like wait a minute you The studio wants to option my book That’s crazy release the movie that Inspired it that’s crazy That’s okay so so Facebook and some Chance right and Facebook of course Doing the work right I mean you had to Actually do the work but that that’s an Amazing story Mikey no doubt about it Um in my in your mind did I know the Answer to this but I have to ask it Um you you never really imagine this Happening right I mean you were you were Puddling around with it you and to go From where you were to where you are now It did you imagine that and and have They started filming just yet are you Still in the pre-production phase yeah Um In terms of imagining it I told Noel Before he drew it I told him I want you To light it up like Netflix make it look Like a Netflix show that’s how I was Picturing it my mind I was a big fan of The Daredevil Show on Netflix I wanted Like tank type of Moody lightning Moody Lighting and everything so the book Looks like a show already it looks like A show Um well I guess one of the things that Producer brought up because your comic

Book is already a TV series The Way We The visuals are presented and everything Um but no I never I never imagined it I Mean I just want to get the book out That was really my focus I’m a single Focused person you know yeah I might go Thinking the book out and they get as Good as good as they can right yep um And so Right now we’re in we’re going into Pre-production right now Reggie Um and originally I my role was story Consultant at first but I got promoted To Executive Producer I am second Producer of my first TV show which is Amazing and a lot more work than I Thought but it’s great I love it Executive producing your first TV show On your first Comics which only had two Issues published how does that happen Mikey I don’t understand it brother uh We are getting close on time Mikey I Know that you may mention that you had a Potential MCU Spider-Man related bomb That you want to drop that I honestly Don’t know anything about but I made a Note of it so I can Circle back to it uh Do you want to go ahead and share that News with us now before I do just one More weird tidbit please When they they chose the director they Chose the director of Erie so the Director of that film was directing this Movie the show and one more thing I want

To bring up during the contract Reggie Um they asked me occasionally they asked Me what do you like like a McDonald’s Happy Meal like a restaurant you’re Asking for a menu right yeah do you want A TV show do you want a movie or do you Want an animated series like like what Um I said TV show because I want to prove Myself first Um secondly I want more of the story to Be told so I just want to get that Across why is the TV show as I show the TV show there you go But as far as the MCU bomb is concerned Exclusively collects I have not dropped This anywhere uh I am hearing from my Sources that null is a variant of Kang And will be an Avengers Secret Wars Um fighting the spider-verse characters Such as Tom Holland’s Venom and Undergrowth under Garfield toy Maguire Okay so what I’d So no the Symbiote guy yeah yeah is a Variant of King the Conqueror yeah And will be appearing in which movie now Okay yeah Avengers Secret Wars Avengers Secret Wars when that comes out fighting Spider-Man is that what I just heard Well you’re fighting three Spidermans Actually Okay Mikey uh you’ve been right a lot but I’m Gonna be honest brother I have said to

So many people we will not see null the Symbian God we will not see no we won’t See him he’s too new of a character Mikey please don’t prove me wrong I mean I want you to prove me wrong but I don’t Want to be wrong I mean it’s weird I’m From a mix of emotions right now you Know Well you know by the time it comes out I Mean Um there they are speeding up the Process now when characters are Appearing Yeah because I mean they they said uh Kevin feige said what 10 years a 10-year Lag yeah and and I’ve I’ve anchored to That notion and like when people ask me My opinion of stuff I reference back to What’s been said publicly I mean maybe By the time Secret Wars comes out uh uh Avengers comes out maybe it will be 10 Years I think it was 20 26 right is it 2026 I don’t know off the top of my head I don’t know Nola’s a dope character Though oh yeah definitely oh definitely Yeah I just don’t want to be wrong so it Has to be right at the 10-year Mark so I Can still accept that that’s right you Know but Mikey brother yeah I um I want To thank you for coming on uh thank you So much you and I have back and forth All the time periodically for for years Now it’s been a pleasure to have you on The show to hear how you went from a

Comic to an option TV show in which you Are the executive producer you threw in Some bonus MTU uh news that hasn’t been Released anywhere so I thank you for That Um where can people get a hold of you Michael Mikey on on social media so that They can check out everything that you Offer I’m certain Pub on Instagram like You said on Facebook Um also various YouTube channels but Still up do like I host cover co-host Rose Gallery I just want to say a lot of The Code table and still Nation out There uh but Instagram that’s probably The easiest way to contact me is easy to Find just look up something public Instagram you’ll find it there we go Mikey brother thank you for coming on It’s a pleasure man and great luck with That great luck with isolation you and W A fantastic job on iconic works though It’s it’s Doug I just I just along for The ride is the and the great team that We have but thank you brother I Appreciate you much time take care All right so that was Mikey Sutton uh Again I have I’ve gotten to know this Guy pretty well uh you know for the last Couple of years we have a little back And forth about different things he he Got me and dug into issue two I think TiVo was in there as well that was a Wonderful surprise I think that there

May still be copies of dreamwalker out There if people decide to go ahead and Pick it up uh but but he dropped up Little bit of an MCU bomb I did not know That he was going to do that Um so I’ve made some notes here maybe You’ll see a real or short of that a Little bit later as we try to spread the Word of that good news I want to thank You all for hanging out with me again if You have a chance head over to we have our Kickstarter going on for isolation issue Number two uh three sorry issue number Three for the record we are going to Beat Mikey to the release of issue Number three he beat us to issue number One but we are going to get him for Issue three issue three hopefully will Come out in March especially if you guys Support what we are trying to do I’m Gonna wrap this up I want to thank you Guys for hanging out with me as always If you need to reach me feel free to do So on Instagram at Reggie collects take Care my body ate itself until they found This passion they got fat while we saw But it’s powering fasting until I turn To ashes I remain stowaway through my Rap heroics I painted 10 000 poems then I drink the potion of poetry emotion I Started choking there was potent my Pro Shopper downloaded knowledge hungry I Was embarrassed I could ask my parents

For money when I had a full tummy so I Asked for wisdom better than crypto Sweeter than honey I don’t take it for Granted I don’t wear cakes in math

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