Shazam 2 Releasing Digitally—So Soon? #shorts

I did not see Shazam Fury of the Gods Fret not because it is coming to your Home very soon is Reporting that Shazam 2 is going to be Released for purchase digitally on April 17th that is one month after it was Released in theaters honestly I think That this is just going to make what Happens at the theaters accelerate that Much faster just to be clear what's Happening at the theaters is not a good Thing the movie is not performing well Despite having pretty positive feedback From audiences on Rotten Tomatoes it has An 87 percent right now but hearing that This is going to be released digitally a Month after it was released in theaters Will just mean that more people will sit At home and wait for it to be released This all comes on the heels of the Director basically saying that he is Done with superhero movies at least for Now

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