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How's it going Dave from comic book Investments so yeah uh probably if You've noticed on this channel you Haven't seen very many uh episodes Lately or videos wherever you want to Call Um so yeah I'm taking a step back from YouTube just temporary step back don't Worry I have some other things I need to Focus on so The videos are going to be very sparse Let's just say it that way Um so you'll have this video and then You'll have a video I don't know whenever this video is Uploaded I'm doing this in advance so Whenever this video is uploaded you'll Probably have another one coming around As well but yeah so you won't have as Many as I'm used to doing so I have some Other things I have to take care of I'll Be back so don't worry don't worry about That kind of stuff Um but yeah so let's get into it this All the stuff will be on our website at Collectorscomics.com And just let you guys know we are Running another auction we do it every Quarter so we're accepting Consignments Go to collectorscomics.com to fill out The form to send Consignments we've been Getting a lot of consignments in but Once again zero percent fees that's Right zero percent

I mean can't really beat that now can You so zero percent fees no service fees No buyer's premium no listing fees no Nothing whatever you just go on to our Website collectionscommerce.com fill out The form and then uh we take and you Have well you have to send us the books And then send us books we picture them List them put it in our auction and then Yeah and then we pay you once they sell 100 of it so go check that out uh but Let's see what I got back from cgc Oh green Landon 16. first appearance of Star Sapphire I thought I'd be a three five got a 4-0 299. I'm doing these in reverse Because I was too lazy to flip them over Uh Greenland and sex Um that'd be six oh God five five three Seventy nine Oh this is so weird Green Lantern five I could just read Back but I don't know sometimes I like To look at the covers uh that'd be six Five I got six five four seventy nine Green Lantern 3. This was no that one was the first Appearance of Hector Hammond uh I'm just Thinking about the movie Uh I thought before we got 502.99 Oh Okay we got some good Golden Age stuff In here we got this ghost Comics Number

Nine That's cool you're gonna see a bunch of Stuff maybe you've never really seen Before I don't know if you guys can see That very well Oh well ah I looked at the light now I Can't see Um I thought b3o got a 4-0 579 see that's what happens I look look At the light I'm like blinded Frankenstein number 27. Frankenstein Commons Um That'd be five I got a four five three Ninety nine Trying to like as I'm doing this I'm Trying to think I know you guys like my Rants I'm trying to think of something I Could rant about you know I'm hoping I Can come up with something before I get Uh Down through these Stacks uh fight Comics 939 Uh that'd be 606.99 Do Feature 102. So this is dull man And Um so he's actually very small so I Think this is the first shrunken down Superhero Now a lot of people think oh what about

The Golden Age atom now the Golden Age Atom was not small he had the atom punch So really had nothing to do with being Small so this was I think the first Small superhero Am I going through obviously you have The atom That's the Silver age Then you have Ant-Man but that's Silver Age as well Yeah I think it is I think doll man's The first uh small now the atom can get Smaller than Ant-Man but Ant-Man can get Big So there's trade out there 5v70 got six five three ninety nine And uh Pan s422 is this second appearance the Mole man it's like appearance moment That'd be 50179 uh the Mario movie if You guys ever care got moved up two days Pretty excited about that right around My birthday So I shall be seeing that for my Birthday paint has fears number eight Also 5.99 We're probably gonna get another Developer Um on our so if any of you guys are web Developers out there Um Feel free to reach out to me through my Email but uh We're looking for another developer and

We're uh we're keeping our current one Don't worry but we're just trying to Speed things up but we're on like we Only have so much money so we can only Just do little bits at a time but We had to basically we had to pour over Our whole system to a new database and So that's taking forever so it's like Limiting any updates and features that We can do so we're like okay during this Time that we're moving over and one Person's working on the database Hopefully we'll get another person to Jump in and speed things up But yeah oh detective this is the first Uh new Batmobile Um detective 156 before that he just had A car Uh 12.99 Cheerios premium Not really sure it says like Don duck atomic bomb These were in like Cheerio boxes Um 3.99 Yeah I can't I can't really think of Anything to rant about I've been like so busy with other things So Um yeah I have a bunch I I was pretty Excited I did that rare cover uh video I did what like a couple days ago Because I finally I have this Mass like Lots of people ask me to do things but I Also have my own list of like different

Videos like oh this would be cool and I Write down the idea and sometimes some Notes and different things to like Research and things like that so I would Just write down stuff and I'm like I'm Gonna do a video and in the beginning When I first started I would do pretty Much a video on everything I did but Eventually that list got huge and I'm Talking about like hundreds like Probably like 400 different video ideas Oh But that rare one was on there I was Like you know what I was gonna do something but I was like I'm gonna get one of those things off The list it doesn't really help much I Mean I have hundreds of video ideas to Do if I started scrolling through and I Was like I'll do that one so I did that One that was fun to do because there's Like a lot of things I want to do on the Channel and a lot of videos I'd like to Do but some of them just take so long And uh so it was nice to like I actually Got one off the list So that was fun Um oh this one Wasting my time that's what this one is Um where is it omac For some reason it's not on this list But I don't know it's like 30 35 or Something like that anyways I I don't know why

This got the grade that it did oh that's Why that's why that's why ah here we go Here we go So I graded this an iron six and my brother I think graded a night for two people Grade each of these books before we sent It out So Yeah So I looked at this book and I'm like How did it get an 8-0 and I'm like oh Maybe it was a mistake right and I look And I'm like oh it looks really nice Like it's really really nice like I Could definitely see a 9496 and then Look at the back and I'm like whoa why Is there a big crunch here Freaking cgc dropped this book there's No way on Earth me and my brother would Both miss this right and it's nor would I send this now I've been done before And sent some things that I shouldn't Have sent but I would never set an oh Mac number one in an 8-0 and on top of This Yeah it just looks like it just they Dropped it I was like going through my head I'm Like There's no way that we would send it Like this Like this definitely could have been Like pressed out that's if we would have

Seen that we would have done that press That out because it definitely looks Like it got dropped so I'm gonna blame Cgc on this one But whatever a good thing is only omac One I mean 9-4 would have been like I don't know maybe a hundred dollars at The most so I don't know what the price Is I think it's like 30 35 but Nonetheless Joyce that's not the first time uh cgc Has dropped something before but good Thing it's not expensive And Um yeah I guess out there other people Might get a drop and get really mad but I guess when you send so much stuff it's Just like oh okay it's not that big deal Like Because they're not going to claim that They dropped it and they're not going to Be like oh sorry here here's some money Or whatever like that so I'm glad it was on Omak one and not A better book like an Action Comics Number one which I don't have So I couldn't send that even if I wanted To All right awesome mystery 189 Probably 1994 why did I put this one Here oh I like this cover I like how the Hands drawn who drew Neil Adams yeah Very good hand it's a very good hand I Might say I mean I think it's a rat

That's supposed to be yeah it's a wrap Um I don't know if the rat is really huge But I'm assuming it's just the way that It's drawn that it's a normal sized rat Um I mean it could be huge but the hand Very good hand Yeah very good hand Foreign Was saying when he was trying to get Better at drawing he would just for one Week straight I think it was one week or Maybe it's three weeks he would just Draw one body part over and over and Over for like a week or three years Whatever it was so he's like yeah I've Just draw an arm over and over and over And over and over and then I'd draw a Hand and then I just got good at Everything Uh 189. 349. What have we got here Oh this is now this is bad art I mean The thing is who drew this Rich buckler well Um The thing not very good but the Hulk Terrible he looks terrible this is a Terrible drawing of the Hulk I mean his Proportions are all out of whack I don't Know just bad drawing all together not As good as this Neil Adam's hand

I feel like sometimes There's a point in an artist's career Where they start getting lazy and then They just kind of phone it in I don't Know what year was this 74 which buckler Should have been better at this point During this time I don't know maybe is This an off day or something like that Yeah his calves look terrible His face just not good Um what was it Joe Hubert like his Art's Really really good in like the 50s and 60s and then once you get to the 70s It's kind of like is this like a uh What's it called like a preliminary Sketch is that what he just turns into Some preliminary sketches now Um 259. Oh love this cover Uh I think this is the second highest I Don't write down see the the highest Grade or the second highest grade these Books are extremely rare Um I like this cover because it's he's So happy it's a GI Joe he's shooting People all while holding his dog great Cover I love it Um 7.99 without b35 came back a 5-0 cool Cool cover really like it Not many up there personally I would Keep it I think it's fun I like dogs so 210

Flash That'd be 9.96 249. Eerie number seven 2.99. Crack a jack funnies The owl Hmm Frank Thomas Frank Thomas the name Sounds familiar Um Or three five six 5.99 And then we've got crack Comics number Six just some old cat Comics I don't Even know who is this Clock No that's not the clock Condor the man who can fly It's not better than the green llama Uh 6.99 And then we got number three Last one that'd be four or five got a Four oh that'll be it this is 8.99 uh Like I said go to collectorscoms.com if You want any of these and um Oh yeah if you're consigning anything Uh go to collectorscoms.com I know People are gonna say in the comments and No I'm not so if you're typing it no I'm Not I'm just tired So many times this is for people David Are you drunk are you high and I'm like No no I don't I don't do that stuff well I drink sometimes I haven't drank in a

While Um I've been sober Three four months now just because just For fun I mean not for fun but like just Because I wanted to Um I didn't really drink too much before Like maybe years ago I did but not Recently maybe like once every couple of Months Um but yeah trying to see if I can make It a whole year Uh maybe that's why I'm so tired all Right have a good day

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