The Problem With The Flash Family – Explained

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AI Generated Description!
In this video, we’re going to talk about the problems with the Flash family of technologies. We’ll cover the different problems with Flash, how they manifest, and some solutions.

If you’re using Flash in your website or application, be sure to watch this video! It will help you understand the problems with Flash and find solutions that will keep you safe.

Welcome back to another Benny tells you All the weird knowledge he has in his Head and then spouts out an opinion About your favorite DC characters pretty Much ruining them all today's episode is Going to be my problems with the flash Family one of my favorite superheroes Like literally Green Lantern in the Flash are the top two for me it's been Followed up by Batman Spider-Man and Agent Venom like those are Benny's top Five but Flash and Green Lantern Constantly compete over the top slot but I also have the biggest problems with The flash family as a whole and we're Gonna go into my opinion as to why I Think the flash family has problems but Before we get into it today's episode is Brought to you by gamer sups use the Code Comics at checkout to go check out One of our sponsors they create an Energy drink powder and have fun with Basically posting all over their Website and Twitter and having fun with The flavor names like guacamole gamer Farts and stuff like that but what it Really is is just a less chalky than its Competitor fruit punch style drink a lot Of times some of my favorites include Just normal sounding flavors but they Also do things including these waifu Cups and all through March they're doing Mystery cups every Friday that are Selling out immensely fast if you happen

To get in there and get your hands on One of the new waifu cups please use the Code Comics because I need a lot of you To get the extras in case I miss one so Like I can make a video and you can send It to me because I'm trying my best to Collect all of these and they won't send Me free ones even though I've asked Begged and pleaded with them but anyway Please consider going and checking out All of that stuff now let's get into the Actual video now if you've been Following what these videos have been I've basically been crapping all over The Batman bat family I've went over how I feel that Damien's problem is the Inability to grow and I went over how I Feel red Hood's problem is the inability To find a purpose and I went over the Problem that I feel that Tim Drake is a Redundancy now I mentioned this for a Reason because the flash family is the Definition of redundancy but that didn't Happen right away so for today's video I'm gonna give you a quick rundown of Each of the flash family members but We're going to go deeper into each Individual flash member because I feel They all have their own core problems Today I want to look at the overview so The flash family consists of Jay Garrick He's the grandfather father character That Everyone likes to look up to he was Originally created in

1938. it was with the golden age of Comic books and he had a bunch of goofy Haha Adventures because that's what the Golden Age was and honestly I don't know Much about Jay Garrick in the 1930s Because I wasn't alive moving forward we Have Barry Allen now Barry Allen showed Up in what is known as the Silver age of Comics now Barry Allen was the flash From the 1950s until 1985. does that Sound weird to you because you know it Was a TV show featuring Barry we have a New movie coming out featuring Barry Barry is currently the Flash in comic Books but he was dead in 1985. now your First response is probably well Barry Allen probably came back within the next Year or two but no it actually in fact Took about 20 five years and to do some Quick math there because it wasn't until New 52 that Barry came back now this is Where Comics used to be we went from the Silver rage into the Modern Age and Everyone always complains that there is No progression in comic books but I'm About to explain to you that there was Kind of so Barry Allen died in 1985 in The crisis of infinite Earths it made Headlines they killed off the flash and He was gone for good the character that Stepped up to take over as the flash Well that was Wally West Wally West was Kid Flash and he then went through an Entire Arc where he became the Flash and

Then he was the flash basically until About 2004 2005 there was a year where He wasn't and then they brought him back By popular demand Barry Allen it was Nothing more than a footnote at this Point showing up maybe in the background Of a storyline hey he's in the far-flung Future or just being remembered for his Sacrificial death Wally West would Eventually take on his own sidekick kind Of Bart Allen came back from the future You're into the current day because he Was aging at an accelerated rate Wally West took him on to kind of fix that and Break him out of his accelerated rate so That he could still move quickly but he Was no longer aging at an accelerated Rate but Wally decided that he was too Much to handle so he dropped Bard Allen Off with Max Mercury and Jesse quick Max Mercury's daughter Max Mercury is Another Speedster considered a part of The flash family I haven't gotten into Their powers because they're all the Same and we'll get more into that in a Minute but anyway Max Mercury was an Older gentleman kind of between the ages Of Jay Garrick and Wally West so he was Able to train and kind of take BART Allen Wally West continued to be the Flash until about 2004 2005 time frame Where it was decided that Bart Allen was Going to be rapidly aged up to the Appropriate age Wally was going to what

What is the he left for an alternate Reality to live a happy life with Linda And there would be a new Flash this Would be Bard Allen in the fastest man Alive that's the name of the comic book It'll only went for 12 issues and due to Fan backlash they murdered Bard Allen in A brutal way in which the Rogues just Beat the tar out of him which caused Wally West to come back from the Alternate reality become the flash again And look for the killer of Bart Allen Which was inertia it was the Kona Bard Allen okay so he had impulses Bard Allen And then I think it was inertia but Either way Wally was then the flash Again until 2011. now 2011 a big thing Happened in the world of comic books it Was known as the new 52. the idea behind The new fidget Cube was to kind of reset Everything and when they reset Everything they killed all the Progression that the DC Universe had had So let's let's look at this a little Differently for a moment we like to have The argument of Manga versus comic books Well some people do I don't and I know a Lot of you are like I'm sick or tired of Hearing about it but there's the core Point I want to bring up here for that Argument right now in manga Traditionally we have one writer and we Have one creative director and there's a Lot of times the same person and they

Draw them manga and tell the story in One linear fashion Dragon Ball super is Just a linear fashion progression from Dragon Ball Z which is a linear fashion Progression from Dragon Ball Dragon Ball Goku is actually a kid Dragon Ball super He just seems to be perpetually at the Age of 35 and has Batman syndrome but I'm not talking about Dragon Ball uh Berserk just continually tells one Arc My hero Academia continually tells one Arc DC always had the problem where you Could not get rid of and retire Batman Superman and Wonder Woman the reasons Are simple the merchandising is insane You need Batman to at all times be Between his 30s to 40s he needs to at All times not be working with anyone he Needs to at all times be matched up with His movie version so that they can make Toys in the comics in the movies and do That but but that doesn't mean the DC Universe wasn't allowed to move forward That means that Batman Superman and Wonder Woman weren't allowed to move Forward the rest of the DC Universe was Allowed to move forward so Barry Allen Died Wally West took over he was the Flash we didn't have hundreds of flash Family members because that's a Redundancy you see Barry Allen Wally West Jay Garrick Max Mercury Jesse quick Avery ho Wallace West Bart Allen I'm Sure oh bartor and I'm sure I'm

Forgetting some of them uh I'll run fast That's the power set they can vibrate Through materials they can sometimes Throw a lightning bolt but all of that Is normally at the whim of the writer oh Do I need Barry to do something cool now He can throw a lightning bolt do I need Them to vibrate through the walls oh Wally has that power the entire flash Family's like plot progression has Always been who's the fastest and it's Generally been decided that it's Wally West and when he's not as fast as Barry Is because he's holding himself back but If you want to talk about redundancy I Don't even know the number I just named Off but it's huge there's a lot of Speedsters and they all have the exact Same power set now in the comic book World you just run into different and Problems they go through time they go Into an alternate Dimension over here They can't move very fast that's why one Of his core villains is Captain cold Because he freezes him so he can't move Very fast but I digress the issue we run Into is you can't have all of those guys At the exact same time so the way the DC Universe used to work is they would Retire people this didn't just happen With the flashes Green Lantern my other Favorite superhero went from Alan Scott To Hal Jordan and how Jordan was Green Lantern until I'm not going to look at

The dates on it but it was the end of The 90s they decided to make him into a Villain because Jon Stewart hadn't Really panned out as well as they were Hoping for but they had Jon Stewart Guy Gardner they had Hal Jordan these were The three Green Lanterns at the time and They were kind of rotating who was the Primary Green Lantern but we needed Progression in the Green Lantern Storyline Green Lantern sales were down They weren't doing that well Green Lantern was telling the exact same Storyline three different cops three Different sectors doing three different Space Opera comp things so what they did Was they turned Hal Jordan into a Villain he broke the entire green Lantern battery and Jon Stewart and Guy Gardner had to go find different jobs And different things to do Guy Gardner Became the warrior and he was able to Transform his body into all kinds of Crazy monsters was really terrible he Got his ring back which is good anyway That was when they introduced Kyle Rayner so the Green Lantern storyline Progressed properly flash progressed by Putting Wally West in charge Green Lantern progressed by putting Kyle Rayner in charge we had a similar Situation happening with Superman Superman couldn't be replaced but what We could do is have super boy and

Everyone likes Superboy Prime and all That kind of a concept so what if we Create a new Superboy that's a clone of Lex Luthor in Superman well now we can Follow the adventures of a new Superman But once again we're not retiring Superman and the bat family had the Exact same thing happen we had Nightwing Retire we brought in Jason Todd he Became the anti-villain evil Batman and Then we had Tim Drake become Robin Tim Drake then progressed in his own path And this was fine the DC Universe was Moving forward the Titans were becoming More powerful and becoming more Prominent we had the Teen Titans kind of Propping up doing their own thing Young Justice came out of this time period as Well when we needed to put Bart Allen on A team with I think it was Tim Drake and Connor the whole idea of the DC Universe Pre the new 52 was that everything would Move forward except the core three and Yes we've always had the status quo Problem Wally will learn some new Abilities or progress further in his Storyline but hey he's got to get back To being the flash even though we were Swapping out the heroes with new Heroes We still needed the flash we still Needed the Green Lantern but we can move The story forward we can move the story With a new character we could progress With the new storytelling things but now

We have a problem because of the new 52 They decided to start that timeline over But they changed it around so the new 52 They reset everything back to square one We had Hal Jordan back as Green Lantern Uh I think he already came back because Of Blackest Night and stuff but that Doesn't matter right now okay Hal Jordan Was Green Lantern Batman was uh Bruce Wayne properly because he had already Progressed to Dick Grayson but now now It's Batman Bruce Wayne again Dick Grayson is Nightwing Tim Drake is Red Robin Damian Wayne is now Robin uh Jason Todd's just a good guy Um but over on the flash side of the of The force we had just Barry Allen we Reset the family again Jay Garrick was Deleted at this point that's a whole Nother thing of why they got rid of the The classic like he was deleted just Someone was messing around with the new 52 and they're like wow should we make a Justice Society book and they were like Delete oops uh well I can't hit undo so Whatever the Justice Society doesn't Exist Barry Allen was Flash and The New 52 storyline was really good in my Opinion it was a new retelling of The Flash Mythos this time the speed force Existed almost immediately because for Those who don't know the speed force was Created by Jeff Johns I believe it was Jess John's uh like mid-2000s it didn't

Exist before that no it was Jeff Johns Because it came out of the whole flash Rebirth thing but the speed force was Now an integral part of the flash Barry Allen was learning his powers he was Learning his villains he was meeting Iris everything started over we didn't Have Wally we didn't have impulse we Didn't have if Wallace or Avery or any Of the characters that now exist what They did do was they had a kid flash Immediately and that kid flash was Bart Allen we thought so first thing they Decided to do was try to separate Barry Allen from Bart Allen Bart Allen in the New 52 he was not a true Bart Allen nor Was he an allen he was Bart tour an Environmental terrorist from the future Who was sent back in time with new Memories as a way to pay for his crimes I'm not joking pretty sure he either Died or got removed at the end of the New 52. he don't exist no more like he's Just gone because they they basically Wanted to have a kid flash and they Wanted to have a flash but they didn't Want Kid Flash to be related to Barry Because the berry in this timeline still Hadn't even met Iris so how do you how Do you tell the story of his Great-great-grandson so they implied it Turned out he wasn't it was some weirdo Uh bartorius storyline I one day I'll do The the story of the The Flash no one

Wants to remember it's just like the Time period DC doesn't want you to Remember but anyway we had just Barry Allen Barry Allen went all the way to The end of the new 52 and everyone Complained because we didn't have Wally West so they decided to bring back Wally West they race swamped Wally to be Wally West the Kid Flash that is far more Recognizable at this no not to the new Generation he's far more recognizable Okay I like Wallace but we then ran into Our first problem we're ringing back Characters but you're obviously going to Get the wrong kind of backlash for doing A race swap on Wally you also then need To explain a lot of stuff and then we Saw the people that wanted redhead Wally Because in case you forgot what I just Said Wally West was the flash for 25 Years Wally West was in The Flash for a Year and they removed it and you can Just swap them around and it doesn't Matter Wally was The Flash The Flash for 25 years so of course the backlash to De-aging him and race swapping him and Changing his entire origin because this New Wally West his uncle was Daniel West Which was a really weird reverse flash Whose entire suit was made out of a Monorail and every time I say the word Monorail I think of that song in The Simpsons monorail that wasn't even the Tone but I bet 80 of you know what I'm

Talking about anyway what they decided To do to please both fans because now we Had a new younger generation that Recognized Wallace as their Kid Flash And Wallace is starting to grow into his Own he was becoming a great character so What they decided to do with DC rebirth Is they would bring back classic Wally West with the redhead and everything but But how do you do that without you know Race swapping him back we make uh Wally Wallace West and then we have Kid Flash Okay it's confusing and I'm trying to Explain it and you can tell right here Because my brain's doing like 90 miles An hour trying to give you definition What they decided to do Barry Allen is The Flash red-headed Wally is another Flash and he's Wally West and we're Gonna rename New 52 Wally West to Wallace West and then he's gonna be new 52 and the the storyline for it was the Merging of the two timelines and I think They even say like they're technically The same person but they're not or Something weird like that DC rebirth Explained that a few timelines got Merged by Watchmen it was weird wonky Didn't quite make a lot of sense and They it sounded like they were going to Explain it at one point we never got to That explanation but anyway we had Barry We had Wallace and we had Wally okay Simple Wally went to go beyond the

Titans Wallace went to go be in the Teen Titans and flash continued to be a book About Barry Allen everyone was kind of Happy but here's the problem they Decided to bring back Wally West Seemingly on a whim to please everyone So they then decided to do some Character assassinations with Wally West Wally remembered the original timeline With Linda his wife and his kids so First off they made him a weird creepy Stalker where he was kind of like just Following Linda around the city and She's like what are you doing you crazy Flash guy and he's like oh I swear in Another timeline we have children and You love me just Wasn't that egregious but it was pretty Bad because every time we'd get a Titan's book it'd be like Wally's spying On Linda and then you know dick Grayson's like Wally you know she Doesn't know who you are right man like I get your argument I get your your Plight but maybe we should stop spying On the civilians but anyway while I was Doing Titan stuff and then they decided That because there was an event going on In comic books called Doomsday Clock That was getting massively delayed and Doomsday Clock Was supposed to be a year Span of time and it was going to correct The issues with the timeline but because It was getting so delayed other events

Started getting delayed and there was a Massive holdup going on in DC so they Made a quick decision to do a fast event Called the heroes in crisis the heroes In crisis in concept was great it was an Idea of characters dealing with a lot of PTSD and Trauma from everything that They've been through they were going to A secret location where no one knows What they are where they can kind of Talk through their issues cool they Decided that I forget the exact Reasoning and I don't care to look it up Because it's not that great Wally loses Control of his powers which ends up Killing everyone in the heroes in crisis Area puts the blame on Harley Quinn and Booster Gold and it's a whole weird Mystery the core of the story is fine And if it had been anybody except Wally I think it would have been accepted Because the concept of Heroes in crisis Wasn't terrible and they only really Killed a bunch of no names no one cared About and Arsenal like that's that's the List of people that died you don't care About any of them they killed Arsenal And that was it like okay cool whatever But they made it Wally and that ruined Wally like a lot of the classic Wally Fans are like we had 25 years of him Being this great hero you barely brought Him back and now he's a murderer like That was the General reaction to the

General public while this is going on Wallace is still in Teen Titans I think He's getting brutally tortured by Damien I don't know this is when Damian was Doing stupid stuff and Barry Allen at This point he's doing the DC rebirth Storyline which involves I believe that Was the godspeed Arc and that was the uh Joshua Williamson godspeed and it was Like future flash and Thon came back a Bunch of times and a bunch of weird Stuff was going on but Wally was evil at This point so that decided to then Change it so that while he wasn't Evil By giving him the power of the god of Knowledge so that he could travel Through time and try to fix the timeline All of this ends with Wally has Linda Park and the kids back Barry has Iris Back and Wallace is over here so what They then decided to do was expand the Flash family and this is where I feel The problem started to proc up in the Flash family's redundancy because right Now we have three flashes each doing Their own thing so it's not terrible but Now we need to really incorporate Jay Garrick again we need to introduce Avery Ho Avery hoe is the Chinese flash for The Chinese Justice League they tried to Start up uh like 2018 2019. it's Actually a really good book I highly Recommend it but Avery hoe she was one Of the fan favorite characters out of

That run so let's let's bring her over To the flash family she's on an on-again Off-again relationship with Wallace that Way she has an excuse to be back in America and be a part of the flash Family finally so we started bringing Over all the Flash and now we're at a Point with the flash family where there Is way too many people with one exact Same power set and they're constantly Teaming up so what the story's now Become is instead of so Batman's Character is pretty much defined by Batman Batman makes progressions by Learning new ways to deal with new Villains he'll learn to work with a team He'll learn to work with Alfred he'll Learn to be a better detective he'll Learn to do whatever Batman does like Carry more Kryptonite in his belt that He told Superman wasn't there he'll Learn some new trick and progress as a Character until he can't and then we got To bring him back but that's a different Argument the Flash's problem is well we Have all these different versions with Different Stakes they all can do the Exact same thing so let's tell some Stories about a flash with a wife and Two kids cool we go to Wally all right Well now we want to tell a story about The premier Flash and uh Iris and their Relationship and how they're going to Get married okay so we're gonna go to uh

Single guy trying to get married that's Barry okay well we want to tell a story About a young Speedster couple who are Trying to get along and learn things Okay that's gonna be a story about Avery And Wallace and what I'm getting at is These characters individually are no Longer allowed to progress these Characters individually are now defined By what is going on around their lives That's where they're used so they tried To fix that recently by sending Barry Into the Multiverse and he basically Just died again even though he didn't he Just basically died again you know and Then Wally's whole thing whole story as Much as I love it is literally I have to Get home to Linda and the kids oh no Ira Is doing this thing so I need to bring Her over there oh Jace is a power set so I need to go deal with that so we had 10 Years of Barry being the solo Flash in Wally's entire story is now based around Linda irae and Jace and whenever we Bring in Wallace Wallace is dealing I Don't even know what they're doing with Wallace anymore like Wallace just kind Of free floats whenever they need Another kid flash like he popped up in Wally's story and it was an arc about Wallace and Wally working together Because Wally needs to learn how to Train a kid flash but all of these Stories in my opinion would have been

Fine with Barry What If instead of Moving back to Wally Barry got married To Iris Barry had his kids from the Future they came back we dealt with all Of that what if Barry was training Bart Allen don't even get me started with Bart Allen because now we have two kid Flashes so we don't use Bart Bart just Doesn't exist again like they literally Made a big deal about bringing back Bard Allen and DC rebirth he showed up on Young Justice and well no we have Wallace we got to use Wallace it's the Ultimate redundancy in the way that They're fixing it is they're giving Individual stories about what goes on Around their lives and that's what kind Of irritates me about the flash family Because I would love to see them just Working together better and I would love To see them being more of a team and I Would love to see the progression of Each individual character back to the Way things used to be where like well Wally is now the Flash and he needs to Learn to become a hero and that he's Going to meet Linda and then he's going To have the kids and now we're going to Learn how to deal with that because that Was his 25-year progression now I do Want to say this entire video would have Been so much better about three months Ago because right now they're doing an Event called the one minute War which is

Written by Jeremy Adams and it's Incredible and it does everything I'm Literally asking for right here Barry Allen was going to ask Iris to marry him Not gonna say what happens because we're Going to cover that video here didn't go As planned Wally is dealing with IRA and Jace having powers and Jace not having As many Powers so that's actually Progression for Wally properly over There impulse is working with Wallace to Go and do different things it's it's a Great book and I do highly recommend it But I'm worried that once one minute war Ends we're gonna go back to individuals Only progressing in their little circles You know Wally's got the family and you Know Barry's got just Iris and they can They're on it again off again and all That other stuff we need to cut down the Flash family we need to get back to just Having one at a time or they all have Clear divisions one's the team guy one's The solo guy one's the youngster we like We don't need every single member of the Entire flash family to be constantly Active because then you're just running With a situation of what do I do with Them all so anyway that's the problem With the flash family it is the epitome Of redundancy at this point I'd love to Just see one guy progress My ultimate Goal would be we pick up Wally and we Just continue Wally's family and we see

Where that's going to go or we go back To Barry and Barry with Iris and they Have a kid and they do their thing There's just so many possibilities and I Feel like ever since New 52 we've been Stuck in a loop with see where Everything seems to kind of reset every Five years but not in a way like I said Before New 52 before New 52 that reset Wasn't that big of a deal because it was Only with Batman Superman Wonder Woman Primarily we haven't seen anyone else Progress properly we haven't seen what's Going on here like they brought back Connor Hawk and they're going to put him Into the new Green Arrow book how's that Even going to function how's it even Gonna work because Green Arrow I think Is still technically like 30 years old And he just met Black Canary so how are We gonna pull that one off he's got like Two other illegitimate kids they Introduced in the new 52. so now Green Arrow has got like three illegitimate Kids all running around as Arrow users What I guess the problem's the new 52. Ever since then they've just hodgepodged Everything together okay look you like You like every flash family member why Should we retire any here's 20. enjoy And don't even get me started in the Fact they just introduced a new one an Infinite Frontier the non-binary I think Their name is Jess thankfully they're

Not on the flash family because now we Just got more speedsters running around I don't even know what's going on anyway Thank you guys for watching today's Video I feel like if I keep going I'm Just going to start looping and rambling Which I guess you guys kind of like but You get what I'm after here the problem With the flash family is redundancy the Problem is that they're not allowed to Grow individually anymore because of This let me know what you guys think Check out our sponsor down below by Clicking the link to gamersumps and Using the code comics and uh yeah on That note I will see you next time and Don't forget to check out manga story And absolutely Marvel in DC Dungeons and Ale eligible monster gaming lore comic Story and full story Channel comic story And shorts Channel and I I don't know Dan and I are going to work at a weird News one that'll come out soon too see You guys then

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