Why Are 9.8s Expensive? 💰 9.8 vs 9.6 Comics

A subscriber asked me to explain why 9.8 comics are so much more expensive than 9.6’s. I decided to do some digging to provide an answer. Let’s dig in.

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Reggie here and I want to welcome you to Another one of my videos I recently had A subscriber ask me a question that I Could not answer and the question that This person had is why is there a value Delta between 9.8 and 9.6’s and I Honestly could not answer this question There is definitely a value Delta and we All see it but the question is why is it There I’ve honestly just accepted that The Delta exists and I’ve moved on I’ve Never really questioned it or dug into It but because this person asked the Question and I didn’t really have an Answer I felt obligated to think a Little bit about it and to do some Research and I will tell you that I Found some things but I don’t have all The answers and so I wanted to create This video to share with you my thoughts And what I found but also to solicit Your ideas as well so I definitely want To Inc encourage you to sound off in the Comment section let me know what you Think and from that hopefully we can all Learn a little bit if you haven’t yet Subscribed to the channel I definitely Want to encourage you to do so because The Channel’s mission is to help make You smarter about the hobby of comic Book collecting with that said let’s get To the video Do her in that brief intro I want to Take some time to think about the value

Delta that exists between 9.8 and 9.6 And there is some data that we’re going To look at a little bit later in this Video that I definitely want to get your Opinion of but one of the first things That readily came to mind and you would Probably agree with this is that our Hobby is very subjective subjective in a Lot of different ways and specifically With grading it is absolutely subjective Yes there is some science to grade in a Comic but there is also an artistic side To it as well there’s also the the human Error element where somebody is having To visually inspect these comics and Make a decision as to whether this Defect is a 9.8 type of defect or a 9.6 Type of defect and so again you could Have a hairs difference between those Two and to that point a 9.8 is not a Perfect comic an 9.8 can actually have Defects present and you could have a 9.6 That has defects that might actually Look better than a 9.8 so there is a lot Of blurring of the lines when it comes To 9.8 versus 9.6s and to that point of Defects we have to acknowledge the fact That not all 9.8 are created equally There are a lot of defects that are Permissible in a 9.8 you could have a Comic that is miscut or one that has Off-white Pages versus one that is Perfectly centered with perfectly white Pages and we as collectors potentially

Will place more value on that perfectly Cut comic with the White Pages versus The other 9.8 that is a little Misaligned that may have off-white to White Pages it goes back to the Subjectivity and where we as collectors Will choose to place value one of the Other things that we have to think about Is that there is some personal value That comes from having a 9.8 being able To show a 9.8 on social media being able To hang a 9.8 on the wall there is some Personal value that we place upon having The best comic that there is and because Of that that might be part of the reason Why there is a value Delta between the 9.8 and the 9.6 because of the Perception that the 9.8 is perfect that It is the Pinnacle it is the best and Many of us want the best as collectors We kind of sort of aim for that and and I have to mention that this is not Something that takes away from a 9.6 or A 9.4 or 9.2 right they’re all good Books let’s let’s remember that they’re All great Comics regardless of the grade But a lot of times there’s that inter Internal thing that drives us to get That 9.8 so that we can have the best of The best and sometimes that comes with Us having to hand over a little bit more Money for that book The Last point that I want to make before I actually get to Some data is the notion of perceived

Rarity of that comic because it is a 9.8 Because many of us perceive the 9.8 to Be the Pinnacle we we believe that book To be rare right yes there are higher Grades there are 9.9 and there are tens But the reality is that we don’t really See those books those books truly are Rare So for the vast majority of us the 9.8 becomes the top of the grading Pinnacle and that’s kind of what we’re Aiming for and we perceive that 9.8 to Be a rare book a harder to find book and The question is is it is that part of The reason reason why we are handing Over more money for the 9.8 versus a 9.6 Which as I mentioned is also a really Good book that is what prompted me to Dig into some data and I began to look At the the census for both cgc and also Cbcs to see if there was something there All right let’s go ahead and take a look At a couple of examples and I want to Start things off with a really awesome Book that being Amazing Spider-Man issue Number 300 the First full appearance of Venom really awesome book and uh I think There’s some interesting things here in The data when we start to look at it and What I decided to do was to really focus On the universal Blue Label right the Blue label Comics not sign books not Other labels but uh Universal blue label And also direct Edition and what we see Here is that there are 26

352 blue labels that have been graded by Cgc which is is a ton of books overall But when you look here at the Census Count great thing about gold collect is That they are integrated into cgc we can See that there are only 1 381 9.8 on the entire census right that Is a relatively small number of books When you consider the total number of Universal Blue Label that happened to be Out there and so I thought it was Important to kind of look at that but Let’s click on this and let’s look at This data just a little bit closely and I’m going to kind of go back and forth And toggle through some things but again There there are 1 381 out of 26 000 There are 10 books that are graded Higher right there are some 10.0s I Think 10.0s on on the census that go a Little bit higher than the 9.8 so there There is something out there that is Above it but this is the top 5.3 of books the top five 5.3 percent of Books again that would say that this Book is relatively rare at a 9.8 and It’s important to point that out because We’re trying to use some data to to sort Out why this is the case and again you Can see the 9.9 there are 10 of them There’s only been one cell and that book Went back in 2017 for a crazy amount of Money but as you look at the data again What you see here is a relatively small

Census number uh for for the 9.8 you can See the FMV and again we’ll just focus On the high level numbers here FMV of 4 200 when you look at the 9.6 the Census Count more than doubles the Census count More than doubles as you go from the 9.8 To the 9.6 the value also comes down Dramatically so potentially there is Something to be said For a book that has a relatively small Census count when you consider the Overall So that’s important what I also decided To do was I decided to look at the cbcs Data and I’m not going to show you that Data but you’ll have to trust me I Pulled that data up and what I found was That cbcs had graded an additional 784 essentially blue labels 784 additional blue labels Um and only 17 of them were 9.8 so when You add up all the numbers right you are Still between cgc and cbcs you’re Talking about 30 roughly 30 000 books Right the true number is 2000 27 000 uh 136 that is the true number of total Blue labels that are out there graded And the total number of books that are 9.8 of that are is only 1 398 or 5 percent Five percent and so potentially that is Why we see a value Delta here between The 9.8 and the 9.6 because the 9.8 is a Pretty rare book when you consider the

Overall total so I want to show another Example that I think to some degree or Another can conforms to to that notion And you’ll see what I mean here in a Second I wanted to to get an older book Right this is from 1980 this is Moon Knight issue number one for self Self-titled series for Moon Knight and When we look at some of the data here What we can see let me make that a Little bit larger for you is that there Are 9974 Universal blue labels that are out There and of those there’s 1124 that happen to be a 9.8 so again a Relatively small number of books uh and When you look at the 9.6 you can see That the Census count more than double Holes again and you see the value here At FMV for the 9.8 375 dollars the FMV For the 9.6 140 dollars but let’s click On it let’s click on the 9.8 and drill a Little bit deeper and see what we see There and and you can see again here let Me Zoom uh a little bit uh uh a smaller What we see here is some interesting Stuff the 9.8 is the highest graded book On the census there are no 9.9s or tens The highest is the 9.8 and those are Limited in number right we already spoke About that 1125 this is the top 11.3 percent of graded books that says Something right we have five percent

Roughly with ASM 300 and now 11.3 for Moon Knight issue number one I did the Same thing I did the same thing I went To the cbcs uh database and I looked up Again basically the the blue label Direct Edition they had graded an Additional 4 425 total copies across the Board across all grades only 42 percent Of them or I’m sorry only 42 of them About 10 percent happen to be 9.8 so When you do the math on that you were Talking about between cgc and cbcs a Total of 10 380 graded books that are Universal blue Label and 1166 of them that happen to be a 9.8 or 11 of those books happen to come back at A 9.8 again a relatively small number of Books and that could be why you see a Value Delta between the 9.8 and the 9.6 Now admittedly the value Delta is not as Great here as what we saw with ASM 300 But we also see a much smaller number of Books here and and let’s be honest Moon Knight is not as popular as amazing Spider-Man as Venom or Todd McFarlane so That potentially could be part of it and This book it also is not as rare right It’s 11 versus five percent of a very Popular character that could be part of The reason again not to take anything Away from Moon Knight people love Moon Knight which is perfectly fine so I have A few more examples that I want to look

At that that don’t quite conform as Neatly as what we just saw so I wanna I Wanna look at that and and and and there May be some of what I spoke about Earlier this personal satisfaction with Owning the nine point that eight that Could be attributing to why people are Choosing to pay a little bit more for Certain books but I’ll look to you all To to give me your thoughts as to why That might be the case I love the Sentry And I recently read a bunch of century Stuff just because I had a hankering to To revisit it and so this book came out In 2000 I have a couple of 9.8 of this Myself that were from my original Collection and also from a collection That I acquired a couple of really Awesome books and you know a 9.8 of a Black cover is not an easy thing but we See a much much smaller Census count Here we only see a total of 1241 Universal books out there of that Number 459 are a 9.8 and 407 are 9.6 so again Almost a similar number between the 9.8 And 9.6 yet look at the fnv the FMV is Very different you have one that is Almost you know that is basically 450 Bucks and another that is below 200 Dollars Let’s drill in let’s look at this one Now a little something different here The 9.8 is the highest graded again

There is no nine nine there is no 10 Potentially there is something to be Said for this being the highest graded And that’s why because when you look at It this is the the 9.8 represents the Top 37 percent the top 37 of graded Books so a bigger portion of these books Happen to be a 9.8 but you’re also Looking at the highest grade and you’re Also looking at a relatively small Number overall of books that happen to Be graded this does not necessarily Conform but maybe there’s some some Learnings there for us to be to to Observe so let’s look at another example And uh the the these next couple are are Interesting examples I do believe we’re Going to look at a really popular book A Book that has seen its value Skyrocket Over the last couple of years and then Come down a little bit here ultimate Fallout Issue Number Four first Appearance of Miles Morales I do not Have a 9.8 of this I have a I think I Have a nine six which is more than more Than fine for me uh but when you look at This one what we see is that there are Uh 14 449 Universal blue labels that are out There and when you look at the Census Count 3 700 of them happen to be a 9.8 And 4100 happen to be a 9.6 and you can See again a value Delta that exists Between those two and then when you

Click on it what we see is that this is The highest grade it again maybe there’s Some consistency there there are no 9.9’s no tens the 9.8 is it and there’s Uh you know a relatively small number of Them out there but this one is the top 25 our top 26 of what is actually out There and again Big Value Delta between The nine eight and the nine six is it Worth it I don’t know I don’t know if it’s worth It I think these are things that we’re Going to have to consider for ourselves Arguably one of the the more popular Modern characters that exist maybe there Is some subjectivity here as to why People are choosing to pay a lot of Money for the 9.8 maybe there’s some Speculation there uh I don’t know I Don’t know the answers but again this is All interesting data I think for us to Uh to consider one last example that I’ll show you again an incredibly Popular character incredibly popular Creator uh spawn issue number one first Appearance of Al Simmons AKA spawn and Some other folks this is issue number One and over here you can see that there Are a lot of copies of This Book 22 000 22 000 copies of this book out there And what you’ll notice is that there are Six perfect tens six perfect tens and 69 9.9 and potentially that affects what we See when we start to look at the data

Same thing here the Census count the 9.8 Is not exactly a rare book uh ten Thousand ten thousand nine point eight Out of twenty two thousand that’s a lot I mean but you can see a value Delta Here it should there be a value Delta I I don’t know so let’s let’s click on it And let’s take a look at it and see what See here what we find is that this is The top 47 percent the top 47 percent of Books graded happen to be a 9.8 that is A lot that is that is a lot and then and When you look a little bit more you can See that there are 75 graded copies that Are higher than the 9.8 is that is it is It worth it is it worth it to have the 9.8 here uh I I honestly don’t know Again is there is there more at play Here because of the popularity of Tom McFarland the fact that it’s you know Spawn and people are huge fans of Spawn The potential that people are Speculating with with Todd teasing for The last several years that there’s Going to be a movie I don’t know I don’t Know the answers but again I find some Of this data to be to be interesting and Maybe there are some common themes that We’re seeing here that will allow us to Better understand Why a 9.8 is more valuable if you will Sells for more than a 9.6 and maybe what We’ve seen is some instances where that Shouldn’t necessarily be the case data

Can be your friend let’s just say that Data can be your friend but you have to Take the time to actually dig into it to Look at it to make sure that you Understand what’s happening uh before You hand over some cash and and uh this Is just me uh taking a shot on Gold by Looking at this data I think additional Analysis is is is encouraged or needed For us to really come to any definitive Conclusions but with that said I am Going to wrap this video up I want to Thank you for taking the time to watch I Hope you enjoyed it I hope that you will Sound off down in the comment section And let me know what you think about This data can you draw some conclusions From what you saw or do we need to dig a Little bit deeper if you need to reach Out to me feel free to do so on Instagram at Reggie collects take care [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] Thank you

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