Anti Scam Defenses for Comic Collectors

If there is money to be made, there will be bad actors. Without a doubt the scammers that are trying to steal your money are evolving and we need too as well.

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In my mind the Mantra used to be trust But verify but in this day and age I Think that the new mantra has to be Trust no one and I have landed on this Because of all the crazy stuff that has Come my way in the last couple of weeks Stay tuned Reggie here and I want to welcome you to Another one of my videos I promise you This will not be a rant video I do However want to share a little of my Frustration maybe offer up some tips and Pointers and I will also show you some Cool books in this video some books that I recently picked up so I will do that To balance it all out but I am honestly A little frustrated and I am a little Frustrated because I continue to hear Stories of people in the community that Are being taken advantage of by Bad Actors and I've been saying this for a Very long time that if money is involved People will find a way to try to take Advantage of us and to some degree or Another we continue to let it happen we Are opening the doors Opening Our Wallets and allowing these scammers to Reach inside and grab our cash and we Honestly have to stop it again as I said At the beginning of this video the Mantra used to be trust but verify but I Think the new mantra has to be trust no One and I say that because the scammers Are getting smarter the things that we

Have put in place that used to protect Us a little bit more they found ways Around some of those things and they are Evolving and because the scammers and Bad actors are evolving we too need to Evolve so what do I mean by that once Upon a time it was it was a belief that If you got a phone number for someone And you could talk to a person on the Phone and you could hear their voice That that person was safe that person Was okay like I can do business with you Because I've spoken to you on the phone The scammers are now using burner phones And fake phone numbers to have Conversation patients with us on the Phone to convince us and persuade us That everything is okay I am like you I Am a member of the community you can Trust me and send me your hard-earned Cash and rest assured that I'm gonna Send you this really awesome book that You want that is false the phone calls Cannot save us anymore because they have Found a way to use the phone to again Overcome our our our Tendencies to push Back on certain things and they are Still again taking advantage of us so The phone can't save us anymore so the Scammers have found a way around the Phone call they have also found the way Around another safety net that many of Us have depended upon that being the Census Data the ability to look up a

Comic in the census report to give you Some comfort that the book that you are Buying remotely is actually a legit Comic by now I'm pretty sure many if you Have already heard about the scam that Is taking place in the Pacific Northwest Where someone is basically creating fake Versions of comics artificially aging Those Comics placing them inside of cgc Cases and basically having the census Description of that book match the fake Comic that they've placed inside of that Case many people have relied upon the Census Data as a a safety net if you can Find the book in the census and you can Look it up you know that it's legit that Gives you a certain amount of comfort Just like the phone calls that the Scammers have found a way around they Are finding a way to leverage another One of our safety nets and they again Are taking advantage of us they are Evolving which means that we too need to Find a way to evolve and potentially the Evolution for many of us might need to Be only buying from reputable companies Buying from reputable website reputable Apps reputable dealers and potentially Not dealing with some unseen unknown Individual on the internet if you Potentially can't do business with that Person with a reputable company try to Do business with that person face to Face that will give you the opportunity

To visually inspect that comic to be Able to check the cases to make sure That someone hasn't used a filter and Applied it to a comic to make the comic Look a little bit better than what it Actually looks like in person because That too is a little bit of a scam that I've heard out there as well people Using filters to make a comic look a Little bit better and when you get it it Doesn't quite resemble the photos Because that filter was applied anytime Money is involved there will be some bad Actors at play another important thing I Think that we have to do is we have to Find a way to take our emotion out of The decisions that we make and I say That not because I'm trying to take Someone's Joy but because the scammers Rely upon us being emotional they rely Upon that they tell us SOB stories about The financial troubles that they happen To be in in an attempt to overcome you Know are the red flags that we're seeing And maybe that that voice in the back of Our head they use those emotions they Use our desire to have this really Awesome book at this really great price Greed if you will because it is an Emotion they find a way to leverage These things to separate you from your Money and to rope you into this scam so We might have to take the emotion out of It separate ourselves from the

Transaction slow it down evaluate what Is being put in front of you and I think We also cannot ignore the red flags we Cannot ignore them because a lot of Times your gut will tell you what the Answer is but we suppress it because we Want the book we want the deal and we Ignore it and that is partly how we get Taken advantage of so let's just say That you choose not to do business with A shop or a dealer or a website or an App you still want to do business with Individuals that is perfectly fine take Some precautions do not use cash app Zale or venmo do not use those platforms Because they offer you zero buyer Protection and yes you have to pay some Fees yes the seller has to pay some fees And potentially what you're buying will Actually go up but pay the fees because By paying the fees you actually get the Protection because one of the scams that They will run is hey let's do it off This app let's do it off here let's just Venmo me the money uh sell me the money Cash at me the money and I can give you The book a little bit cheaper because I Don't have to pay fees they're using Your emotions they're using a little bit Of greed that desire to get that good Deal they're using those things against You and they're getting you to just send Your hard-earned money with no Protection zero protection use PayPal as

As many frustrations as we have with PayPal uh use PayPal use something that Gives you some type of protection and no PayPal is not perfect at all but it's Better than just willy-nilly sending Someone your money with no protection at All so with that said I'm gonna I'm Gonna end this part of the video I want To show you guys a couple of really cool Books that showed up here at the house Uh and there is definitely a theme Here There is no doubt about that the very First book Marvel Superheroes Secret Wars issue number nine a really cool Book there nothing particularly special About this issue uh but it is a really Cool book this this series was I believe The best selling series that Marvel had Certainly at the time in in the 80s and Maybe even to this day I don't know uh Somebody would have to fact check me on That one really cool Doom cover here This is again Marvel Superhero Secret Wars issue number 10 this one too is a 9.8 with white pages really cool book That I am pleased to add to the Collection I have a lot of copies of These issues in the 100K collection I Don't think that they are 9.8 worthy Which is why I decided to go on actually Buy them this next one right here is uh Same title issue number 11 direct Edition this two is a 9.8 white pages But this one is a cbcs book and uh I I

Like cbcs I like CG see especially when They come for you know as a 9.8 for a Great price so I ended up picking this One up and uh all of these books were Actually purchased from a reputable Website it's a site that I use a Lot and uh and again picked up all of These the very last one that I'll show You Probably no surprise at this point is Also a 9.8 with white pages this is a Secret Wars issue number 12. and again a Really cool book I have several copies Of this in the collection one of which Is actually an A-Okay from Bueller he Sent that to me a couple of years ago And I have it across the room so with That said I want to wrap this video up I Want to thank you all for taking the Time to watch again the first part of This video was about us protecting Ourselves I do not believe that these Scammers are part of the comic book Community I believe that they are Outsiders trying to infiltrate trying to Take advantage of us we need to close Ranks we need to protect ourselves Protect the community and part of the Way that we can do that is by using some Of the tips that I referenced early on In this video certainly if you have any Issues questions comments or thoughts Don't hesitate to reach out to me I am

Always available primarily on Instagram At Reggie collects take care Rapper [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] Thank you

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