CBCS Continues To Shoot Itself In The Foot – Recent Pricing Update, What Do They Actually Offer?

In this video I talk about the recent pricing tier update by CBCS…the comic community was not happy about it. While I don’t mean to make this video a “bash cbcs” rant. I do wonder what CBCS offers the market? At this point they are simply a watered down CGC. Is this what we want them to be? I discuss in the video.

Let me know what you guys think about this update, are you fans of CBCS?

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Foreign Welcome back to another video with Swaggle house I thought I would do the Match frame to the thumbnail of the Video which is of course the face palm I Haven't even made the thumbnail for this Video yet but I already know that this One is going to require the good Old-fashioned face palm thumbnail Because in this video we need to talk About Cvcs cbcs the company that continually Shoots itself in the foot because just When you think cbcs might be gaining Some ground in market share for the Grading of comic books and collectibles Out there in the market they go and do Something like this And totally don't redeem themselves we Gotta talk about cbcs price increases And turnaround times that just do not Fit in today's comic book Market but Before I get into the video if you guys Could drop me a like or comment or Subscribe if you're enjoying the content Help support the channel doing those Things I appreciate it But let's get into this video here today Now we have to talk about this cbcs Recently announced their new tiers new Pricing new turnaround times and the Comic book Market met it with Understanding and open arms

Foreign obviously that was not the case They one thousand percent hated it but Let's jump into the post that cbcs had Put out on their Instagram of course if You guys don't know cbcs is a Grading Company much like cgc Comics that does You know Collectibles and slabs uh comic Books of course you guys know what cbcs Is I don't need to really explain it Much further than that but they recently Announced their new pricing tier updates And they kind of went through it with This Instagram post and we can see here How they broke it out new priority Service level grading at a glance Now New comic books 2001 to present it's Going to be 32 dollars with a Max Declared value of a thousand and then You can see right there on the fine Print this is going to be a 60-day Turnaround time so new comic books at a Price of 32 dollars with a 60 day Turnaround time now in a vacuum you Might be thinking to yourself well What's the really the big deal 32.60 day Turning around time I don't know this Doesn't seem that bad but when you Compare it to cgc which of course is the Most prominent grading comic book server Service out there and you look at their New comic book tier you know modern 1975 To present you can see that the fee per Item for them is twenty four dollars and A 20-day turnaround time in fact you

Almost are at the point where at thirty Two dollars I mean if I wanted to pay a Little bit more fifteen dollars on the Top of the 24 which obviously is still More than cbcs I could get it back Fast Track in 10-day turnaround time and I Think that that is really the thing that Is shocking to most people who you know Saw this announcement and responded to It in the comments is most people are Just talking about like 60 day Turnaround times in this market in 2023 Like what is this covid lockdown like That doesn't seem acceptable at all like 60-day turnaround times is you know who Knows what the value of your book is Going to be by then how could you Possibly compete with new comic books That come out uh you know with Pre-screens or you know pre-orders for Cgc 9.8 or in this case it would be cbcs 9.8 you can't actually compete in you Know the spec Market or the variant Market or the new comic book Market with Turnaround times like that especially When compared to what cgc is offering at 20 days and 10 days now similarly the Modern tier for them they said that it's 34 here Max declared value of a thousand Uh 45 Max declare value of 4 000 and That is also a 60-day turnaround time Their vintage prices pre-1975 so we're Talking about you know maybe when you Start to get into the you know early

Bronze Age silver Age golden age stuff They have it at 50 a tier Max declare Value of a thousand and then seventy Dollars if it's Max declared value at 4 000 with a 30 day turnaround time now This is maybe a little bit more Competitive when we're comparing you Know apples to oranges here where you Know the vintage comic books if we're Talking about right here in economy Pre-1975 the fee for this is 35 which is Cheaper than cbcs but the turnaround Time is 130 days but if you do the fast Track which bumps it up to 50 and now You're on an even playing field with Cvcs the turnaround is still 20 days Which is still 10 days faster than the 30-day turnaround time that cbcs is Offering right here so when you're Comparing these tiers you know when We're actually breaking it down looking At you know whether it be a new comic Book or a modern comic book or a vintage Comic book basically the pricing seems To be relatively the same yet the Turnaround times for CDC are always Going to be faster so what is cbcs Really offering here now the one thing That you can say that they are offering That is maybe a little bit of a win is Their Max declared value you know we're Talking about insurance prices here but You know for the most part I don't think That really comes into play that much

When we're talking about you know Someone who wants to send their comics In for grading you know are they Thinking about well in the worst case Scenario if there has to be an insurance Payout you know at least I'm going to be Covered more by cbcs for the same amount Of money that I've put into it you know A lot of people you know just will Decide even if they have a say you know 800 book they'll still send it in Economy at fast track with the 400 Max Declared value because you know what are The chances that their book is not going To you know come back to them I mean There certainly is always that chance And I'm sure there's a lot of you guys Out there that would definitely you know Want to protect their book as much as Possible but let's face the facts most People who send in their books aren't Always declaring the max value they're Trying to maximize their profit margins So they're going to try to slab the book For as cheap as possible as fast as Possible and they're not too worried With the books coming back in fact if I Really had to point it out I mean the Only situation in the last year where There was a significant story about Books not coming back has actually come From cbcs so maybe it makes sense that They would have to raise their Max Declared value and this to me is

Ultimately I think the problem and the Frustration that is coming out of the Comic book Community with this Announcement from cbcs is that you know I don't have a horse in this race I Don't have a dog in this fight I don't Have a Kang in this dynasty all right I Have no particular opinion one way or Another about which company should or Shouldn't be you know the number one Company out there in the market but what Seems evident to me what seems clear to Me is that cbcs at this point is sort of Just a watered-down cgc I mean what Ownable things does cbcs offer that cgc Can't already do for them in like you Know a more efficient and better way cgc Is already faster with turnaround times Cgc is effectively the same price if not Cheaper in certain situations cgc comic Books hold value better in the Vintage Market and also the new comic book Market uh cgc does more Signature Events They have custom labels that people Prefer they have labels just standard Labels that people prefer some people Argue that the cvcs hard case is better I mean I don't know I mean it I feel Like that's subjective when I hold the Cpcs case in my hand I actually don't Like it that much in comparison to the Cgc case and so I think what's really Confusing is that I just don't know what The ownable thing of cbcs is like I

Think of it as like here is a company That I'm going to send my books into in Protest to cgc like they are the not cgc Option for comic book collectors that's Really what it is it's like and that Doesn't seem like that's going to be a Reason for me to ever want to become say A fan or a loyal customer to cbcs like That doesn't seem like you're going to Be able to capture a market share there I mean it feels like when cbcs did this Announcement shouldn't they at least be Like the cheaper option you know or Their prices should be down like I Understand if if they don't have the Ability to have as fast of turnaround Times as cgc I mean we can't really Fault them for that right I mean that's That's if they just don't have the Infrastructure they don't have the hands Yet they don't have the support to be Able to make that happen I mean that's Not really their fault uh but they Should be able to offer something else You know they should be able to offer Cheaper prices or at the very least you Know maybe they should be the company That you know increases their customer Support maybe they should have the best Customer support in the market that's Something that they should invest in More so than that of like say a faster Turnaround time you know maybe they can Have slow turnaround times but their

Customer service is Top Notch and for The most part as far as I understand it Their customer service is worse than Cgcs so the problem is is like you have This other company that's really not Providing any value to the comic book Market and speaking of values I mean the Most important thing which I think is The number one consideration for Everybody who is grading their comic Books is going to be the values Themselves and I know that this is Probably you know painful to those out There who think about cbcs and want it To be you know the go-to company but Let's face the facts here cbcs values You know there is a bias here they do Not hold up the same way as cgc prices Do now that being said you know if I was Selling a book I wouldn't just sell my Cbcs book for 10 cheaper just because It's in a CBC s case I mean that's Actually kind of silly to me it's still The same book in there why does the case Really matter but that's that's me you Know that's not to the market to the Side there is actually this bias and I Just want to show you guys a couple of Recent examples like here we have an Incredible Hulk number one and there was A Heritage auction earlier this year in January uh that I actually had talked About a little bit in a live stream but I didn't actually break it down in the

Video and this was actually really Interesting to see because there were Sales that happened live for a cbcs Incredible Hulk one and a cgc Incredible Hulk one that happened back to back so The first one that went up for sale was This one right here Incredible Hulk won Cbcs 7.5 with white pages and then the Book that sold out for that was this cgc Incredible Hulk one 7.0 so half a grade Less but also white pages and what were The sale values for this one well the Cbcs one as you guys can see went for 58 800 oh excuse me right there 58 800 and Then the cgc one went for 63 000. come On oh my oh my God 63 000 right there so You can see that the cgc book at a 0.5 Grade less still sold for five thousand Dollars more now I know a lot of you Guys are probably thinking to yourselves Well you know the book in the CDC case Looks better than the you know the cbcs One had a you know whatever whatever it Doesn't really matter the point is People look at the number and people Decided hey that's a cbcs case I would Rather buy the cgc one I don't care that It is a 0.5 grade higher and therein is Proof of the bias at least on the Secondary market so if you are someone Who was selling a book why would you Ever send it into cgc if you're trying To maximize your profit margin this is Also true of books in the modern age as

Well let's talk about something that's Killing the children number one a book That has been super hot this last couple Weeks or so and just to show you guys uh Here is a cbcs sale for a 9.8 that sold For 700 on February 26th and you can see The cgc sales that are surrounding this You have a 9.8 cgc sell for 954 just the Day before the that so 154 dollars more Than the cbcs one and then after the Fact you have a sale on February 27th a Cgc 9.8 sell for 880. so a hundred and Eighty dollars more so both before and After for this modern book you have Sales for cgc books that go for a lot Higher and this is pretty consistent Time and time again so again you know For thinking about customer base and What cbcs offers obviously what they Can't offer is to guarantee the highest Value of your book so anyone who's a Comic book dealer or anyone who wants to Send in their books for grading and like Protect the value or whatever the case May be is not going to be incentivized To send it into cbcs because as we can See you know at least anecdotally in Those values you know they're not going To be able to hold up as much as the cgc Prices are so you know it sort of begs The question what is cbcs really going To offer the comic book market now kudos To them the one thing that they can Offer is signature authentication so you

Know that's one thing that cgc does not Offer although there's a lot of people That would argue that you know cbcs Should not offer that at all because you Know it to me it's really more of a Philosophy than a perk right where I Think cgc actually just has a philosophy Of if we didn't see it it didn't happen And that's just the stance that they Have to take and that's actually a Respectable one I I totally understand That so that's the only real thing that Cbcs can offer and I think a lot of the Frustration with what we saw with this Recent announcement and the post and What people are talking about in the Comments is you know this frustration of Like again you're just continuing to be This not as efficient not as effective Cgc and when are you actually going to You know offer something different in The market and I think that this is Actually you know a parallel thing to What we see with Beckett currently going In the sports car world now I'm not an Expert in the sports card world but from What I generally hear about it you know Beckett who owns cbcs again has lost a Lot of market share in these last couple Years because Beckett essentially is not PSA and there's been other companies That have popped up like SGC that has Been able to at least kind of take some Market share and say hey we're going to

Be the company that can do you know Cheaper prices and faster turnaround Times and still be a respected company That offers some service maybe we don't Hold the same values as PSA but at least We can offer something that's different Now there are some interesting companies That I did want to talk about because I Got a little package here from EGS which Is another Grading Company and I wanted To just kind of like highlight to you Guys why I think EGS is doing good stuff For the market now I can't speak to EGS In terms of values and prices but Tony From this company the CEO did send me This book to check out did send me their EGS case and I think it is really cool What they're doing overall I mean the Case is uh you know it's very much like A cgc case the label as you guys can see At least this label looks like a cgc Label although I think they have a long Way to go with the label because of the Printing quality of it it's clearly not Quite as nice as what we see with some Of the other companies but they're Trying to do different things and I Think this is a good indication of what Companies should be looking to do in Order to break out or in order to appeal To certain customers out there in the Market what they do offer is a lot of Customization of labels now there might Be a lot of you guys thinking well I

Don't really like having you know labels That are different colors or I like all My books uniform and that totally makes Sense and I understand why you would Want that uh you know I feel very Similarly in my thoughts but at least What this company is offering is those People who yeah maybe they just want to Have you know a Hulk book that has a Green label on it so the entire you know Slab kind of matches and it goes with a Certain aesthetic that they're going for You know it doesn't have to be purely For comic book collectors it could be For shelf design or you know maybe I Have a back wall where I have a pop Figurine with some other like Hulk Posters and I want everything to match And I want everything to be green they Offer this kind customization which I Think is something that is very very Ownable to them and is actually really Nice to offer the comic book Market Which is not what you can say for cbcs Because I'm not really sure what they Stand for anyways that's all I got for This video that was cbcs's recent Announcement what do you guys think About cbcs what do you guys think about This announcement what do you guys think About the turnaround times right there Again I'm not trying to make this a cbcs Bashing video it's just me calling it Like I see it and I want cbcs to be more

Competitive with cgc so that both of These companies can continue to push Each other and get better and then we The comic book collectors benefit Overall anyways that's all I got for This video like comment subscribe I'll See you in the next one oh Kickstarter Goes live next week be sure to check That out Link in the description

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