Are Comic Book Collectors Aging Out? Plus KICKSTARTER Update!

By | February 28, 2023

In this video I turn 40! That is right, the big FOUR O. So in this video I thought it might be kind of cool to talk about comic collector demographics, at least what I see in my own analytics. Who are the people that watch my channel? And with smaller younger audience, does that mean that comic book collectors are going to age out? What do you guys think?

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00:00 – Intro
01:39 – Comic Collector Demographics
09:33 – Are Collectors Aging Out?
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Foreign Welcome back to another video with soy Gloss See this right here see this face right Here This is 40. that is right it is my Birthday today go after me I'm a man I'm 40. I'm not a kid That is why I collect dark hot books Right there shout out to Matt from the Ant-Man and the WASP fan screening that We went to with prize Comics the other Week he was kind enough to give me his Childhood collection of dark Hawk books Best birthday present I could have got From him but in this video we need to Talk about the age of 40 or maybe not Specifically the age of 40. but the age Of comic book collectors yes that is Right I am not just making this video to Get you guys to comment happy birthday To me in the comment section although That would be really really appreciated I'm actually making this video because I Thought it would be kind of interesting To talk about some of the demographics On my YouTube channel of people who Watch this comic book collecting Niche Culture that we all exist in and ask Ourselves a question Is there going to be a time when the Young kids no longer collect comic books But before I get into it if you guys

Could like come subscribe all of those Good things of course I would appreciate It especially since hey it's my birthday Today so let's kind of dig in here and I Thought that this would be kind of fun And interesting for you guys and I have Some thoughts I have some takeaways but I'd love to hear what you guys think About this more so because I think we Would all be able to kind of pull Different narratives different stories From what we are able to see here but Here we are in the YouTube Studio the Swagelhaus YouTube studio and I Specifically want to focus on the Audience tab right here this is the Demographic of who watches my channel as You guys can see it's also set for the Last 28 days right here effectively in The last month if we look right here top Geographies we can see that definitely Dominated by the United States right Three quarters of the audience is United States based we have a little bit of Canada we have a little bit of united King we have a little bit of Australia And then it goes into like Germany and All the other countries so obviously Comic books heavily a heavily Western Culture bias for people that collect or Into this sort of thing and that makes a Lot of sense obviously you know this is More of an American art form so there's Going to be like a western leading

Audience for this as you guys can see 54.5 percent of you guys are still not Subscribed to my channel can you guys Believe that all of this time I've been Making this content you guys are still Not subscribed I am a stone's throw away From 17K can we get ourselves there but This one right here I think is the most Important thing and the thing I wanted To kind of discuss mostly for today's Video and that's the age and the gender Because depending on how you want to Look at this this could actually be an Indication of a slight red flag although I do have some copium to talk about at The end now as you guys can see I always Start my videos with ladies and Gentlemen but you know probably don't Need to pluralize it because there's Only 2.7 percent of you guys out there Are of the female audience or I guess Unspecified so 2.8 right there so I Actually could just change my intro to Gentlemen and the one lady out there who Is watching this video right now but Let's focus in on the age Democrat Effects and start with that 40 year old Range I happen to be right now at the Age of 40 smack dab in the middle of the Demographic breakdown right here and as You guys can see this for my audience is Almost the bulk of who watches the Videos 35 to 44 years old over the last 28 days is 31.1 percent of the audience

Now what I think is actually really Surprising is that the next biggest Portion of my audience is actually an Older demographic than I am 45 to 54 Years old at 32.6 percent the next Biggest demographic is in the kind of Young 25 to 34 year old range at 15.1 Percent and then we ping pong again up To the older range again 55 to 64 is 12 And then we go to 18 to 24 a very very Small amount of kind of the younger Audience where we say less than 24 years Old make up only about roughly five Percent of the audience who watches my Videos now this of course is just in the Last 28 days if we happen to to go to The lifetime does the demographics Change a little bit yes they do change Ever so slightly being that the you know Bulk of the audience is mostly around my Age now this could just be more of an Indication that you know being that I'm 40 there's going to be more people who Are effectively around my age that are Going to want to watch my channel Because I probably have similar Interests similar like humor similar Nostalgia points and similar you know Interest in terms of like what I like to Collect and that's going to be one of The reasons why most people uh of this Age demographic follow my channel but I Have talked to some other YouTubers and Their analytics don't always look like

This I do think that most of the time in Terms of the Vintage sort of collecting Maybe a slightly more like investment Leaning type of channels do tend to have The breakdowns that look as such now There are some other channels that I've Talked to that are maybe a little bit More in the nft or like you know a Little bit more in the sports card kind Of collectible world and those do have Slight least slightly more younger Audiences and we'll talk about that in a Second but what do you guys think about This demographic breakdown so far do you Think that most people watch my channel Because you know people between say 30 And 50 I'd actually bump it up 30 to 65. I mean this is the age where you Actually start to care more about quote Unquote like investing and sort of Financials and things like that you know I remember me in my 20s I could not care Less about you know buying stocks or Investing and stuff or what the you know Federal interest rates are and things Like of that nature so maybe it is that The lines charts and graphs are just not Interesting to the young kids and that's Really why we're not seeing you know the Demographic of young kid comic book Collectors because certainly they're out There I mean you know when we go out Into the lcs's in the stores you know Anecdotally speaking of course there's

Young kids in the stores but we all also Know that for the most part I think Anyone who's out there who's watching This who has an LCS would be able to Tell you that most of the demographic of People who buy floppy single issues Especially new comic books are going to Be you know older dudes generally Speaking you know people who are around My age or perhaps I guess you know for The sake of this video uh two-thirds of The audience who are watching it as well So I do think that that is pretty Interesting and it does sort of beg the Question to me you know is there going To be a time you know when 20 years from Now Is is the portion of audience that is in This subset going to catch up or are we Just going to see the numbers shift Where the large majority of people will Eventually age up into 45 to 54 and then That audience will eventually age up Into 55 to 64 and then eventually we'll All be in retirement homes flipping Bag Man comic books to each other now I do Think it is kind of interesting that if I set it back to 28 days right here and I go to shorts the format of shorts it's Not like I post a lot of shorts but what You do see is a heavy amount of the Shorts viewership jumps up significantly At the younger ages right here where all Of a sudden 18 to 24 is 17.6 just to

Show you guys again all of it is 4.8 if I go to shorts it massively pops up so It could also be due to the format you Know the kids like to consume all this Type of stuff on their phones or they Like to watch the shorts so maybe it is More of that like five dollar flip Segment where I do the shorts and I'd Make it kind of like a game that the Kids are more interested in now I also Thought will be interesting to pull up a Couple of videos that I've done on the Channel that I've had you know a Slightly higher than average viewership To see if there are any Trends with the Type of content that you know younger Collectors are watching so this one Right here starting a collection on 100 Budget you know part of me was thinking Oh maybe the younger audience you know Doesn't have as much money so therefore They're more interested in those kind of You know uh keys to buy for twenty Dollars and things of that nature and so In this particular videos demographics It does still seem to be that the Audience still is around mostly my age And then you know the younger audience Tends to be the same so I did this for a Couple different videos Comics to invest In on a 25 budget again the younger Audience not really you know Significantly higher I had this one There was a variance one I bought my

First one in 25 variant still I thought Like you know maybe my audience skews Older because I talk more about vintage Comic books but it doesn't seem to be That the variant content I've made Either uh caters to the younger audience As well and then I looked at this one my Marvel cards are back not a lot of People collecting Marvel trading cards Either at least in terms of the younger Audiences and again of course this is a Small sample size this is just one point Of data on my videos and then this other One here which was my nft VV comic book Video and this one did have I would say A slightly higher percentage of viewers That did skew younger although not by Much and then the last one here that I Do see a slightly higher percentage of Younger audience is this one right here Where I went to San Diego Comic-Con so Perhaps it is you know the experiential Things that you know the kids like to Watch where we're actually at the con Floors and things like that but it has To be you know this kind of fun music Video music driven stuff I know a lot of You guys say like oh yeah you swallow House you edit too fast like I I feel Nauseous watching your stuff it's like Look the kids like this stuff okay if I If I pull up the interviews where I talk To dealers you would see the same sort Of demographic breakdown where the kids

Are not into this stuff but in this Particular video when I go hunting Comics in San Diego Comic-Con we Actually do see around a 20 sort of Younger audience demographic so I do Think that that is pretty interesting Over overall and it makes me once again Think about the demographic of comic Book collectors 20 years from now are People still going to be buying vintage Comic books I think so I actually do Think so because I would like to think That 20 years from now I will still be Around buying comic books so I think That that will certainly still be the Case now 30 years from now that is where I start to think is that going to still Be a thing I don't know I don't know What do you guys think about that like What was your plan with all of your Vintage comic books you know were you Planning on selling them uh when you hit 65 in retirement age was that sort of The game plan that you had for yourself Uh what are you thinking you know do you Think your kids uh those who have kids Do you think your kids actually care About your comic books are they excited To inherit your collection these are Some of the things I think about I don't Have the answers but I am very very Curious about that now the last little Thing I'll show you which is some copium Is of course the success of Heritage

Auctions in 2022 they set their absolute Record for sale so we do know that People at least at this moment in time Still want to buy old crap and if I Scroll down here to the part where they Talk specifically about comic books they Say right here that Heritage sold 195 Million dollars worth of comic related Sales which is up seven percent from 2021. here are their demographic Breakdowns now this isn't specifically Just comic books but you can see at Least in terms of their complete volume Of sales Heritage auctions continues to Trend up and you know most of the stuff Is stuff that you would assume coins you Know old art pieces uh historical items Things like that that you know a lot of The kids don't necessarily care about And so I do think at least for the time Being at least in the near term there Are still a lot of people that want to Collect these items like comic books Well that's all for this video that was Me talking about being 40 you know Thinking about the future actually I do Know what is in store for me in the Future I gotta do a little bit of a Channel update for my Kickstarter comic Book because yes that is right I am Ready to actually launch the damn thing I am super super excited to announce at Least some soft announced to you guys That my Kickstarter will be going live

On March 7th which is a week from Tomorrow that is right I am very very Excited and so if you're interested in Backing the project supporting me Supporting the channel giving me a Birthday present head on over to the Link in the description this is the Pre-launch page for my Kickstarter comic Book called sanity uh it's kind of a Lovecraftian pulp Adventurer throwback To you know sort of those old Agatha Christie style of detective stories kind Of set in that you know horror Lovecraftian universe and I think you Guys will really really dig it if you're Into that sort of Storytelling it would Mean a lot if you decide to follow it I'm super super proud of the work I'm Super super excited so I cannot wait to Put it out to you guys to put out you Know the trailer and all the stuff Breaking it down showing you guys some Of the pages in fact since you guys have Been hanging out right now and you're Still watching this video why don't I Show you a couple of pages for the very First time here on the channel I am Super excited to show you guys cover a Right here by Santiago Espina kind of The Montage cover I have absolutely love What he did with this I love The Vibes Of the detective right here you guys Might have seen you know some of these Images before but this one is really

Really cool cover a here is one of the Interior Pages super excited about this You know the art is really really cool Very very moody uh kind of has a Throwback you know very very Noir and Detective style I love the color choices That we did by Maxine strokov he did an Amazing job so I'm super excited to show You guys this stuff and then last little Page I'll just show you guys right now Uh you know detective Vibes that sort of Thing film Noir so just a few pages a Few panels to show you guys maybe get You a little bit excited again I'm super Super happy with uh you know what I've Been able to do with it I'm super proud Of it uh if you guys don't know you know I work here in LA and I am a Screenwriter myself so I think that the Writing is quite good as well well That's all for this video that was me Talking about being 40 celebrating my Birthday with you guys here on the YouTube channel anyways let me know what You guys think I thought it'd be Interesting to kind of take a look at The demographic breakdown and talk about That and what that means for the future Of comic books we'd love to hear your Thoughts down below that's all I got Like comment subscribe March 7th Kickstarter goes live I'll see you all In the next video

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