Silver Age Key Purchased

By | February 28, 2023

I have waited two years to add this comic to my collection.

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So recently I had to complete my taxes And because I treat the hobby like a Business I had to look at my expenses And I had to look at all of the comics That I bought in 2022 and I will tell You that I didn't really buy any books In 2022 I kept my powder dry until now Stay tuned Reggie here and I want to welcome you to Another one of my videos as you heard in That brief intro I kept my powder dry in 2022. I do not think that I purchased a Single big book the entire year I spent Money mostly on isolation and the guide To Smart comic collecting but I did not Make any major purchases of comics the Entire year and I've decided to take Advantage of what is happening right now Where prices are coming down and as a Result of that you're able to I'm able To pick up some really awesome books at Some favorable prices and I will tell You there's a book that is in this stack That I have not seen at a good price in My opinion for the last several years But I did recently and I went ahead and Snagged it with that stuff out of the Way let's talk about this first book A Book that is part of a larger project That I am working on this is Marvel Superheroes Secret Wars issue number six A really awesome Bob Layton cover Featuring a bunch of villains and this One is a 9.8 with white pages really

Cool cover right there absolutely love That one uh next up is another really Cool cover this one is also a Bob Layton Cover this is superheroes uh Secret Wars Issue number five also a 9.8 with white Pages and this one primarily features The heroes right they're really cool Cover right there Again love love these uh Secret Wars Covers uh the next one probably is not Gonna be a surprise for anyone out there This is Issue Number Four another Bob Layton cover not as dynamic as the Others but is a cool cover nevertheless This one too is a 9.8 with white pages And you are probably sensing a little Bit of a theme to this video but I will Promise you it will end with a bang I Promise you that next book this is a Secret Wars issue number three this one Is a mic Zach cover and uh really cool Book right here first appearance of Volcano and this one and uh all of these Were actually purchased from platform that I Absolutely enjoy buying from so I went Ahead and snagged that uh this next one Actually came from uh short box this one Came from short box this is a book That I have waited for for about two Years I've waited on this book for about Two years I've had this book in my hands Several times at several cons and Several comic shops and I've never been

Able to pull the trigger on this book Because of either the price or the Condition of the book or the price and The condition of the book they've never Been where I wanted them to be I found This book on the short box app for a Great price not a couple of bucks off of It I made a a best offer the person Accepted and the book came in this is Batman issue number 181 the first Appearance of poison ivy a gorgeous Gorgeous red cover with that black and White Checker up top I absolutely love This book it came this one came in at a 5.0 with off-white to White Pages love This book and I will tell you this book Came in two days ago Spent about 20 minutes staring at this Book when it came in and I do not Believe that this book was cleaned or Pressed I do not think it was clean Depressed I think that there are a lot Of of defects on the case certainly but Also on the book itself a lot of little Minor bins that do not break color and There also appears to be a little bit of Dirt and debris on the back cover as Well that could probably benefit from a Clean and a press and I will tell you That I did not pay a crazy amount for This book at a 5.0 and if I can get this Up to a 6.0 for the price that I paid That would be amazing and again I've Waited a couple of years to buy this

Book because the prices were never Favorable but now now is the time to Snag a cool book like this and I think I Actually showcased this one a couple of Weeks ago in a video but again really Cool book definitely pleased to add that One to the collection and I cannot wait To do all DC wall back there and be able To Showcase some really awesome books Like this Batman issue number 181. with That said I want to wrap this video up If you haven't seen my most recent snag These books now you definitely want to Check it out because there are some Deals out there to be had if you need to Reach out to me feel free to do so on Instagram at Reggie collects take care [Music] Foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music]

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