Are Signed Comics Worth the Investment?

By | February 16, 2023

In this video, I look at the ”benefits” of submitting a blue label book for a signing event. Is there an upside with upgrading from a blue to yellow label?

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One of the questions that I get asked a Lot is whether there is a benefit to Having a book that is already graded Cracked out signed by Creator and Re-graded and in this video we are going To look at whether that makes good Dollars and cents stay tuned All right so let’s go ahead and take a Look at a couple of examples and My Hope Here is that the methodology that we’ll Look at will help some folks out there Because essentially what we’re going to Do is to try to evaluate whether it Makes sense to send a blue label comic In to have it come back as a yellow Label by investing and getting that book Signed by a Creator and I think that This methodology could work for people Out there but you you’ll have to decide For yourself whether you can make magic Happen with this so the first book that We’re going to look at is a book that Honestly leads no introduction this is Wolverine issue number one the limited Series a fantastic comic that I happen To own as a 9.8 so that is what we are Going to look at we’re going to look Specifically at the 9.8 and what we will Be able to see here fingers crossed let Me uh move that up a little bit and I Think that’s big enough for folks to be Able to see uh the the value of this Blue label 9.8 is presently sitting at 670 dollars which is not a a bad amount

Of money you can see the high water mark For this book was around eleven hundred Dollars back in 2021 in at present Sitting at 670 dollars so how does the yellow label 9.8 Fair we will be able to see that Here momentarily and uh what we’ll see Is that the yellow label basically goes For 1127.50 that is essentially the cost or The value if you will of a yellow label So that the net difference between the 9.8 blue label and the 9.8 yellow label Is a meaningful one it really is a Meaningful one but to realize that value You have to do some things right you Have to send the book off to get it Signed and the the signing fee that Frank Miller charges is basically 140 That gets you a signature and a grade of A comic now if you’re going to send the Book in you might as well take the best Shot on goal by having that book pressed So if you’re going to get it graded and Get it signed or get it signed and Graded you might as well press it to get The best possible grade that you can get Especially if that book is going to be Cracked out it’s going to be handled by Cgc and also by Frank Miller you want to Press the book so your total cost for a A signature a press and a grade is 160 Dollars but that’s not all of your costs Because the book has to be shipped to

And fro and so for the purpose of this Exercise we’re gonna we’re gonna Guesstimate that the the shipping cost Will be a total of thirty dollars which Means that your all in cost is about a Hundred and ninety dollars 190 dollars For or a um a clean a press a signature And grade and then shipping all right so What I decided to do was to to work a Little bit of uh some some math here Right so we took the value of the yellow Label at 1127 and subtract it from that the Investment cost right of one hundred and Ninety dollars that gives us a Difference of nine hundred and thirty Seven dollars from there I subtracted The value of the blue label book at six Hundred and seventy dollars which gives Us a net increase from Blue to Yellow Label of 267 dollars now some people will say it Is completely worth it to take the 9.8 Blue Label spend 200 bucks roughly 190 And to net out 267 dollars some folks will say that That’s not enough of an increase which I I get as well you’ll have to decide Whether that is a mean meaningful Increase for you or not but the reality Is this is that if you crack out a blue Label 9.8 there is a chance that that Book will not come back at a yellow Label 9.8 even if it is cleaned and

Pressed grading as we’ve spoken about Recently is part art part science There’s some subjectivity there there’s Human error there potentially you could Actually lose a grade so let’s assume That you do indeed lose a grade so what Is the value of a yellow label 9.6 the value of that book and we Hopefully will get that here momentarily Is seven hundred dollars that is the Value of a 9.6 yellow label and if you Remember the blue label 9.8 was 670 dollars so you have a book you Invest more money into it and your your Net difference is not all that great Between the 9.8 and the 9.6 yellow label Uh I mean some might even say they’re Relatively equal the other thing that I Will mention to you I do believe is that The high water mark for a 9.6 yellow Label and the high water mark for a 9.8 Blue Label are roughly the same so if You were saying hey well I’ll take the Hit initially but over time this 9.6 Yellow label will be worth more maybe Maybe not right because the 9.8 again Still has a value that is roughly Equivalent to the 9.6 yellow label Fingers crossed that that actually made Sense hopefully I stuck the landing of That one all right so folks will have to Decide for themselves whether it Actually makes sense to send in some of These books so I do want to apply this

Methodology to a few more examples Because I think that it may be helpful For people and then there’s also a Little twist that I’m going to put at The very end so bear with me as I walk Through some of this stuff the next book That I want to look at is this one right Here Fantastic book fantastic Frank Miller Book this is the the first appearance And origin of Elektra just a fantastic Character no doubt about it now I have This book raw I have this book uh a Guesstimated a dirty grade if you will At a 9.2 so we’re going to assume that This is a 9.2 blue label all right so The value of a 9.2 blue label at present Is 245 dollars if my numbers are correct 245 there you go February 2023 the most Recent price for this book 245. let’s See how a yellow label 9.2 fares and uh We’ll have that information here it Should be if I take that off 512 dollars so again you have a nice Little Delta between a 9.2 blue label And a 9.2 yellow label that I that some May consider meaningful but as we know You have to invest in order to get that Yellow label so uh ship shipping Cleaning pressing Signing uh grading and then reshipping 190 costs if we do the math 512 minus 190 gives us 322 minus the cost of the

Blue label at 245 dollars gives us a net Value increase of just 77 so at a 9.2 to Get the from the blue label to the Yellow label we will have a net increase Of 77 which in my mind is not enough Money to Warrant taking the risk of Sending this book in and having it come Back at a 9.2 or or even less here in October the most recent price for this For this uh yellow label 9.2 in October Was actually five hundred and twelve Dollars before that in June it was 5 15 And before that if we back up here in May it was one thousand ninety five Dollars that’s actually a lot of money Right and I think that that’ll be Important here in a hot second as as we Look at potentially what could happen if We lose grade from a 9.2 to a 9.0 so Let’s look at that real quick the most Recent price for this book was twelve Hundred dollars twelve hundred dollars But it’s in May it’s in May that there Are not a whole lot of of these books on The population report in fact there’s Only 76 of them so not a whole lot of Sales which means that there’s not a Whole lot of data points but we saw the 9.2s value be high and drop with more Recent sales potentially you would see The same thing happen with this 9.0 so I Don’t think that we can actually use This most recent value of 1216 in May of 2022 as as the real evaluation of what

This book is worth in the present day Long story short I don’t know if this is a book that I Will send in I’ll be completely honest About that because maybe it comes back At a at a 9-2 maybe it comes back out of 9.0 I’m having to spend a nice amount of Money I.E 190 and potentially I won’t Really realize that much of a value Increase for this book again if it were Indeed a a graded book so uh again Hopefully that methodology uh and the Math actually makes sense for people I Want to look at one last example here uh And and this is this is one that I was a Little disappointed in to be honest with You and I went looking for this book This is Wolverine Issue Number Four I Like Wolverine I like the limited uh Series one through four I enjoy that Story arc so I have a Canadian price Variant of this book right here and I Was not able to find a value for this One so that that was that was where I Was disappointed uh but the copy that I Have is a Canadian price variant and uh It is a nine point for so but for the Purpose of this video we are going to Assume it is just a regular 9.4 that I’m Thinking about sending in to have signed Uh by Frank Miller so let’s just let’s Just move forward with that assumption And uh what you’ll see here right right Off the top is that there isn’t a whole

Lot of value in this book right there is Not a whole lot of value in this book The most recent price on I think they Just updated the price on me again uh The most recent price that I had written Down here for this book was 74. uh it Looks like there’s maybe been another Sale or maybe a a database update here That is taking it down to 68 uh 85 but But for the purpose of this we’re gonna We’re gonna use my numbers all right We’re going to use the numbers that I Have so let’s look at how the the yellow Label fares the the 9.4 yellow label has A value here of I hopefully 200 is what We’ll see yeah 200 bucks is what we see Okay so again if we do the math of 200 Yellow label minus 100 190 investment That gives us a net difference of ten Dollars we subtract from that the value Of the blue label at 74 that gives us a Net decrease of sixty four dollars so Again does not make sense to send this Book in if it were again a just a Regular blue label because we would have A net uh value decrease because of the Investment that we are making into the Book but let’s say let’s say that we we We had the best press job ever and we Got this book up to a 9.4 let’s look at What would happen if the 9.4 became a 9.6 all right let’s look at that that Would take the value of this book up to 211 all right so we so we we have a

Yellow label 9.4 we got a good press on It got up to a 9.6 its value only goes Up to 211 dollars which means it’s still A loss right the net value is 53 dollars Not as bad at 64 right but 53 let’s say Let’s say that that the presser was just Making magic happen and then the greater Just looked just favorably upon that Book and we got that book to a 9.8 let’s Look at what would happen if it became a 9.8 from a 9.4 to a 9.8 that would Increase the value of this book to 535 dollars which is not bad again if You do the math That means you get a net uh increase you Actually get an increase if you get that Lucky bounce to of of 271 dollars that would be the net Increase if you went from a 9.4 Blue Label to a 9.8 yellow label and Potentially that is uh meaningful money Right potentially that is Meaningful Money to people uh but are you that Lucky I don’t know the answer to that One uh one of the other little twists That I wanted to add to this thing is That if you decided you wanted to just Go all out on this book and get yourself A remark from Frank Miller right get Yourself a remark a remark will run you Three hundred and twenty dollars and if You decided to pull that trigger Essentially you would have a net loss on Every single book that we just looked at

No matter how you shake and bake it uh Because the remark is incredibly Expensive so again this is not to deter Anyone uh from sending books in to be to Be signed remarked by their favorite Creator that is not what I’m attempting To do but what I always attempt to do is To give people some things to think About and this is a question that has Come to me time and time again I decided To maybe put together a little video to Articulate it a little bit differently So my hope is that this actually helps Right at the end of the day if you have An opportunity to get a signature from a Creator that you absolutely love you Should absolutely do it but if you are The type that wants to use head versus Heart then the methodology that I’ve uh Explained in this video might actually Be helpful to you so with that said We’re going to wrap this video up I want To thank you for taking the time to Watch this video and if you found it Enjoyable or not still give the video a Thumbs up and leave a comment behind to Let me know your thoughts if you need to Reach out to me feel free to do so on Instagram at Reggie collects take care Foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music]

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