“Batman Actually Loses to Ra’s” Batman: Ra’s Al Ghul: One Bad Day – Full Story

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What was it that turned one of Batman's Greatest villains into the villain that He is today this is Reish algul one bad Day which is a series of one-off story Lines telling us the history of Batman's Greatest villains before we get into it Let's explain the pronunciation for race Roz and race are both correct the Animated Series said race the movie said Roz the Arabic pronunciation is Roz While the Hebrew one is Rich the Original Creator chose to use the Hebrew Pronunciation and therefore that is what Was carried over into the Animated Series while the movie shows dealing More into his Arabic background and call Him Roz both are correct as we have Media using both and contradicting each Other for today I'll be using Reish al Ghul this is comic story we take comic Books and turn them into audio dramas For you to enjoy the point of this is to Allow you to know what's going on in the World of comics and add things to your Collection at your local comic book Store or digital retailers we make two Main types of video videos complete Stories are two to three issues of a Arc Containing whatever I put into the title While full stories are the entire Arc Normally 6 to 50 issues and a collection Of our shorter videos but today we have A single one-off issue known as race al Ghul one bad day now let's begin this

Origin Reish was only seven when he witnessed True horror the Invaders came and Attacked his village and left not a Single person alive with blood soaking Through his clothing that wasn't his own Reish ran into the forest hoping that They would protect him However He was wrong He could hear the heavy footsteps of the Conqueror behind him he was only a child Against a trained soldier Reish felt the Blistering heat burn against his leg as He fell to the ground and that a heavy Boot pressing his fate into the wet dirt He he thought that this was it that this Was his end But as his mouth filled with mud and Crushed insects Forest saved him the Wolves tore into The attacker and race ran jumping into The water letting it carry himself away It's the same thing every time he comes Back from Death every time he wakes up In the Lazarus Pit he forgets the world That he's being reborn into instead he Remembers what was and then it comes to The shock of the present and that's when The rage arrives the realization of Where he is race Rises out of the Steaming green liquid and is reminded of Who he is that he is race owl ghoul the Demon's head and he is safe he is loved

In whatever horror he is living has Already passed however Talia doesn't Understand she can't it's not the past Horrors that overwhelm him it's the Realization of everything that this World has lost in the many lifetimes That he has everything that has been Brutally torn Away by the blight of Humanity and through the many lifetimes Reish has watched cities fall under the Weight of their own greed force and all Within cleared for farmland and finally Be taken by the desert as for the wolves That saved his young life they were Hunted by cowards slaughtered by selfish Wretches who felt that they had a Greater right to this world than any Other creature rage places his hand on a Wolf petting her stating hello old Threatened her name is Nigeria she was Found when she was a cop tortured in a Cave and race immediately knew what she Was so he slaughtered her captors with His bare hands he saved her as her Ancestors saved him and she has walked Beside him for 19 years she has been his Friend and now she is old and scared and She is so alone not because she faces The end but because she is the last race Has outlived so many in his long life Parents why lives children and it has Hardened his heart against death but as The eyes of an entire species closed for The last time the grief of this loss is

Impossible to hold at Bay he is Witnessing an Extinction so the next day Off of the coast of Gotham Gerald Edwards relaxes on his yacht when Suddenly the captain runs down to inform Him that they've all just lost Communications with navigation that They're currently sailing blind but Before Gerald could even ask as to why His answer presented itself to him in The form of a shadow looming over as the Hatch of the flying Airship opens up Rash stands on the edge telling the man Take out the security do not harm Edwards or his son within seconds the Security detail is taken down and rage Holds up a recorder telling the captain To repeat after him may day may day There was an explosion in the engine Room we're going down Gerald asks who The hell are you and array tells him we Will come to me in a moment captain At that moment Gerald's son climbs out Of the pool asking who does he think That he is you can't threaten us you Have no idea who you are messing with in A Flash race pulls his sword slicing the Young man's throat causing him to fall To his knees clutching the wound Gerald Yells as he tries to run to his son's Side but race stops him I have a Question for you a question about the Empire that you have built about the Harm that you have done when did you

Decide that you were more important than Tomorrow perhaps you were born this way To be another conqueror another Destroyer another parasite or was it Nurtured were you lied to as a child Told that you were special exceptional Worth more than an animal was it Arrogant or ignorant maybe you simply Cannot comprehend that it is to Forfeit The world to come if that is the case Allow me to help illustrate Race reps both hands around Gerald's Son's bleeding neck and with a sharp Twist snaps it Gerald screams but rash Takes him don't worry you won't be here To see what comes next you and your kind Will be replaced by your Bettors rash Walks towards the pool taking Gerald by The neck holding him under Too many if not all the sinking of Gerald Edwards yacht seemed like a freak Accident Except to one man the one that Reish Refers to as the detective However Batman didn't just notice that The ship sank in calm Waters but that Gerald Edwards also happened to be a Friend of his father's Damien asks why Would anyone want him dead Batman tells Him that he is the owner and CEO of Rocks Court Damien says right so everyone wants him Dead but there's something else that Batman notices two weeks ago the owner

Of NH petroleum fell skiing he hit his Head and he died a month before that Jeffrey Tanner a media Mogul had a Stroke three high-profile corporate Deaths in a short amount of time Damien Says that they have a ship malfunction a Skiing accident and a man who died of Natural causes Batman tells him there's A pattern let's go Later deep in the ocean Batman takes the Batmobile close to the sunken ship of Gerald Edwards and Damien asks what Exactly are they looking for Batman Swims out telling him that he won't know Until he's found it so Damien says the Police divers have already investigated This wreck they said that there were no Signs of Foul Play Batman goes lower Finding a gun in the pool Damien says That it's not entirely out of place for Edwards to have security Batman pulls The magazine yes but that doesn't Explain why two bullets are missing Later Batman goes to the corner to Examine Gerald's body but since the Cause of death is shrowning they didn't Think much of it from there but Batman He already knew he tells the coroner to Look into his lungs she says yes they Found chlorine meaning that Gerald Edwards drowned in the yacht's pool not The ocean Batman next goes to visit the One person who would have benefited the Most from Gerald's death his daughter

Julia Batman learns that Julia and her Father were not very close mostly Because she was actually against her Father's methods when it came to Business she didn't want to be Associated with how rocks Corp dealt Strictly with fossil fuels and would Rather have seen them diversify it was The main reason that her brother Harry Was was more close to him and next in Line Batman then asks if she ever met a Man named Rochelle ghoul she says no but She is certain that she knows his Daughter Talia Talia is a friend and a Great advisor as the pieces slowly begin To fall into place Batman investigates The three deaths telling Damien that he Is sending over a list Damien sits at The bat computer asking what he is Looking at and Batman tells him the 30 People responsible for the most Environmental damage to the planet Owners and operators of mining fossil Fuels manufacturing agriculture social Media and traditional media Empires Three of these people are now dead and This isn't about the three who died but It's about the three who replaced them They've all publicly stated that their Intention is to take the companies in a New less harmful Direction Damien is confused is that a bad thing Batman tells him that he believes racist Plans are to replace these people that

Makes this a hit list and they're going To reach out and get surveillance and Protection in place of all of those People Damien then asks should we really Be safeguarding the worst people on Earth Batman Father as the connection phase another Voice tells him that he is gone and he Won't listen he doesn't want to be Challenged Damien looks back to see Reish standing there the Batman believes In preserving life that's hardly a bad Thing it's time for you to come home Grandson no and then Damien looks around All of the Ninjas surrounding him and Rash tells him that was not a request Later the bat jet comes screaming Through the Himalayas just as rash Predicted that it would and as Talia and The others surround it they see that There is no one piloting it Reish Watches from his control room until he Hears a slam and Batman storms in Demanding to know where Damien is League Of Assassins members spring from the Shadows attacking but there is no Stopping Batman and after brutally Knocking out several assassins Reish Yells to stop holding his sword to Damien's neck Batman slams The Man into A wall telling him he is my grandson you Won't harm him but rash tells him that He still doesn't understand no life is Worth more than the future not ours not

His you are a man of singular purpose do You really doubt the conviction in me Batman pauses for a moment Letting Go Allowing the Assassins to capture him Rash then walks over telling him that he Understands what he does he doesn't want Anyone to suffer like he did as a child And that's admirable he believes every Life is is worth preserving but he is Wrong no one life is worth more than the Future my grandson's future I have been Working on this for a decade maneuvering In boardrooms with stakeholders moving The pieces ensuring the right people are In place when the climate criminals fall People will bring about the change that They need you and your friends have Fought for this planet time and time Again and for that I am grateful but Today all that I ask of you to save the World is to step aside I will not let You kill any more people Is not heroism this is sabotage I will Be taking win for the murder of Gerald Edwards and Harry Edwards along with the Suspected murders of Race size I am done trying to reason With you and he stabs Batman in the Stomach with his sword Damien screams From his binding trying to fight his way Over to his father and as he frees Himself Reish tells the others to leave Him let him say his goodbyes Batman Takes off his mask this

Is now yours I also know that you're Going to be angry How easy it will be to succumb to that Anger how much you'll turn your grief Into violence But you have to promise me You will never Take a life Damien fights back at the tears I and Batman takes his hand promise me promise Son Please Damien finally looks back telling Him that he promises And with that Man draws his final breath Reish walks up to the detective he was Right I never would have harmed you but I did what I did because I had to make Sure that there was no more interference One day you'll understand Damien cries As he pulls on the mask listening to Race speak but as he finishes he gets up Slamming a dagger and a racist shoulder The Assassins get ready to attack but Race holds up his hand white Damien Didn't did anything vital but the only Reason that I am still breathing is Because he made a promise to his father After several more months racist plan to Slowly replace those in power with more Suitable substitutes continued and Through all of it many more were killed And it was all for the future More and more fall more and more were

Replaced all the way down to the last One and as soon as the final piece was Placed Batman began to breathe life once More he gasped as he clawed his way out Of the Lazarus Pit and Damian was there Telling him to take it easy go slow He'll be all right Batman asked how long And Damien told him that it's been some Time it's been three months Damien Continues stating that his grandfather Achieved what he set out to do Batman Begins to suit up asking where is he and Damien tries to reason with him to slow Down but race activates the intercom Telling him that he is here now come I'll be outside Batman walks outside in the snow and Rach tells him that he didn't have to Bring him back there was no reason to Fight me more it is done Batman picks up A sword from the ground for me it's not Done no the most destructive people Across the Earth have been replaced by Those committed to a better future none Of the people that I have put there have Had any hand in the deaths of their Predecessors if you expose the truth What happens you're a detective but Pieces together Batman knows what it Would do the potential of dooming the Planet he knows that he must choose Between his code and the world There is no choice in a Flash the clip Side is filled with the sounds of Swords

Clashing together along with the men Wielding them shouting the two easily Are a match for one another neither Taking any damage from the other and That is until Batman manages to disarm Race pointing his sword at his throat What now are you going to kill me Detective never That man punches him Damian needs to see That your way isn't the way he needs to See that criminals are punished race Coughs up blood looking towards Damien He did this for you And then crawls to the edge of the cliff Throwing himself off landing on the Ledge Far Below though this time as Reish steps out of the Lazarus pool There is no uncontrollable Scream Of Rage or grief with the realization of Everything that has been lost still Hitting today he is reborn with Something new the knowledge of Everything that he may have preserved he Is 700 years old and for the first time In a long time he's no longer terrified And that is race al Ghul one bad day I Hope you guys enjoyed today's video We're gonna try these One Bad Day videos Again the Riddler one that we did months Ago did not do well there's a big and One at penguin one there's a whole bunch Of these One Bad Day stories about the Villains and I love Batman's Rogues Gallery so most of these I truly have

Enjoyed if you want to know more about These click the link down below to bring You to our Amazon link where you can buy Them or the whole series or you can you Know check out the rest of the videos as We put them out like subscribe and I'll See you next time right here

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