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Issues 7 & 8

Part 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PpVeOK2_v1k&t=534s
Part 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PpVeOK2_v1k&t=534s
Part 3 https://youtu.be/QRwC2vsf26g

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“Batman Betrayed!” Dark Knights of Steel (Medieval DC) – Complete Story | Comicstorian
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In this video, I’ll be reading and reviewing the entire Dark Knights of Steel comic book series. The series is set in the medieval DC comics universe, and follows the story of Batman and his allies as they fight against the corrupt regime of Superman.

If you’re a fan of DC comics and the Batman franchise, then you need to check out this series! It’s a great way to explore the medieval DC comics universe, and it’s definitely worth your time! In this video, I’ll be reading and reviewing the entire series, so be sure to watch all the way to the end!

The DC Universe set in a sprawling Game Of Thrones style epic that's what Dark Knights of Steel is and now that we've Got a few issues out today we're going To be bringing you issues 7 and 8 of a 12 issue series now this series is still One of my favorite storylines out there I think it's one of the best elseworld Story that DC has put out I just wish That it wasn't being hit with so many Delays the art is beautiful and Fantastic and the story it just keeps You guessing along the way to catch you Up on what is going on Bruce Wayne has Discovered that he is actually a son of Jorel so he's actually a Kryptonian but He was stabbed seemingly by Kal-El with A piece of kryptonite that doesn't make Any sense though because cal-l shouldn't Have been able to wield the Kryptonite To stab Bruce Bruce was then taken off By John and Martha Kent to their Farm Where he was able to recover while Bruce Was recovering from all of that and the Realization that he's actually a Kryptonian the army of storms which was Basically black Lightning's Army and the Amazonian Army are coming together to Start a war against the elves because They think that the the elves have Killed their princes and princesses so At this point in the storyline Bruce is Recovering while the armies are Approaching the L border I hope you guys

Enjoyed today's video uh this is comic Story we take comic books turn them into Audio dramas the point of this is so you Know what's going on in the world of Comic books I get to have a lot of fun Acting them out and then you know what To grab at your local comic book store Or what you can get at the digital Retailers because they're doing a poor Java marketing so we're trying to tell You what's out there anyway guys I hope You enjoyed today's video and let's get Into it The elves fly forward their eyes blazing As they burn through everything in their Path Batman rushes forward his sword Drawn as he tries to stop them but the Queen lashes out knocking him to the Ground this is our world now bastard Ours to rule she snarls Bruce looks to Cal please brother he gasps but the Families turn their burning eyes upon Bruce and he bursts into flames he sets Up sharply as the nightmare ends gasping A sweat drips from his body are you all Right a voice calls out and Bruce whirls Around to see a green dog standing in The room demons he shouts and the dog Smiles I think you might be seeing Things that aren't there the dog says And John and Martha come into the room With Martha checking his forehead it's All right Prince Wayne you're safe John Tells him and the dog is joined by a

Witch he is not safe there is something Inside of him something that is poor Poisoning him he is dying Raven tells Them meanwhile over at the Kingdom of Storms Roz brings Prince Jacob to Constantine having been raised from the Dead Jacob demands to see his sisters But Roz shakes his head explaining that The prince can't be seen by the court Too many have seen your body you would Be burnt trust me in this I speak from Experience Roz tells them but John Promises Jacob that they will figure Things out and bring it down the L's as Vengeance for his father he finally Turns back to Roz what do you want me to Do with the children he asks and Roz Informs him that there are greater Threats than the wars of the kingdoms You need not concern yourself with the Children Constantine you made a deal the Titans will be mine now Roz says as he Turns to leave meanwhile back over at The Kent Farm Raven has worked her magic Pulling the sliver of kryptonite that Was poisoning Bruce out of his body he Finally awakens to find the Titans Standing over over him informing him That they voted on whether they should Just let him die I voted to not let you Die the green dog says as it comes back Through the door gar shifts before his Eyes becoming a green human once again Hi I'm Beast Boy he says with a smile

And extends his hand do not shake his Hand his hands are covered in the blood Of Our Kind Raven tells her friend Bruce Defends himself explaining that he has Never killed but the Titans are aware That he captures their kind and Imprisons them you make me sick Raven Says before the group leaves the room Martha steps forward while that could Have gone better Prince Wayne but you Wouldn't be the first to attack others While denying the same truth about Yourself she says and Bruce is shocked That the Kenseth figured out his secret With Jon explaining that when he fell Out of the sky and survived was when They really figured it all out so Bruce Questions why they keep the Titans in Their home to protect them from people Like you Martha tells him but they are Interrupted by Starfire shouting from The Next Room the trio rushed out to Find that she has Richard Grayson by the Foot and is holding him in the air I Found this boy sneaking around outside Starfire snaps Bruce steps forward after She has put Richard down and questions Why he has come all of the robins have Been searching for you I found a crater With a piece of your armor in it and Then wagon tracks led me here have you Been trapped by these demons Richard Asks but Bruce shakes his head they're Not demons Bruce finally admits turning

Back to the other Titans and apologizing Especially to Raven who saved his life Bruce turns his gaze and its powers to Allow him to see through the wall what Is it John asks someone you don't want Outside of your door the Demon's head Bruce says before turning to pull on his Armor and weapons but outside Roz stands With his daughter we want the Titans Out in no And no Bruce pulls on his gear stay Inside all of you Grayson will protect You Victor steps forward offering to Fight but Bruce shakes his head turning To see John and Martha arming themselves We run to always Farmer's son or once Fought in your parents Army John says as He has an ax Bruce nods and the trio Step outside to face Raz al Ghul these Are L lands shadow of Shades does not Have permission to be here Batman calls But Roz shakes his head the children are Ours a bargain has been struck and Bruce Glares at him no bargain has been struck With me Roz he growls looking back at Martha their force is hiding in the Field all are failed Abominations in Front of the Lazarus River they are dead Already do not hold back the undead Rush Towards the trio with Roz transforming Once again into the demon etragan as Martha and Jon fight the dead Batman is Roasted by etragans fiery breath but the Smoke Clears to reveal that Batman is

Unharmed what you are not what you Pretend to be the demon says as Batman Draws his blade rushing forward no foul Demon I am not I am a monster like you And I will not allow you he shouts but His words are cut off as etragan hits Him launching him through the farmhouse He looks up at the Titans that stand Around him they're on the floor Starfire Notes and Batman nods yeah I noticed the Titans once more offer to help and Beast Boy suddenly shifts becoming a massive Dragon let's wreak some Havoc he says With a smile and the Titans rush outside Leaping into the combat with the Assassins Etch again we'll try this again hell Spun Batman shouts Now flanked by his New friends his eyes Blaze and he hits Etch again with a blast of heat fishing Launching the demon across the field he Turns his blazing Eyes Upon Talia Ordering her to take her father and Leave she finally relents we'll leave But there is more at stake here than you Can possibly fathom and you can't watch Over the children Prince Wayne not while You're fighting a war she tells him After the fight Batman removes his Helmet telling Richard that he can't Return I'm sorry Grayson I do not belong To the elves that has been made very Clear Bruce tells his young charge but Grayson shakes his head asking Batman to

Not turn his back on his people you are The prince of the Kingdom as far as many Are concerned you're the rightful King John steps forward telling him of the First child that he saved a boy who was From the land and the Sea who also felt That he didn't belong but with enough Humility and empathy Arthur has become a Great king Martha says with a smile so John steps forward telling Bruce that he Isn't a monster you have great power and If that power could stop a war You know where you need to be the armies Have now begun to gather the Amazons Joining the Army of storms far above Them the green man watches and cackles It is time time for the Kings and the Queens to fall it is time for this age To Die the ring says and the Green Man Smiles finally He cackles meanwhile in the dungeons of The elves the supposed Banshee is Leaning close to the bars hold still Oliver tells her flicking a stone across The dungeon which breaks the lock on the Mask that muffles her she Smiles at him My thanks stranger Dinah tells him he Introduces himself and she asks him how He found himself in the dungeon I tried To save the world I slew the god king he Tells her as he sits against the bars Looking at her what are you in for they Think I'm a Banshee she explains that She has the ability to allow her to

Destroy things with her voice Can you break these walls he asks her And she nods explaining that she can't Control it and it might bring the whole Castle down and kill them all all of her Smiles sounds like you need help with Your aim I may be able to help you there Back over in hob Forest Amanda Waller And Harley Quinn stand already as the Armies of Storms and Amazon's approach Hiya Harley calls waving her hand she Steps forward attempting to speak to the Sanity of the Queens telling them that No one has to Die In The Name Of War so What do you want how do we ensure that All of these people can make it home Harley asks but the Queens only want the L's and when Waller refuses she turns Away my Army will see you on the other Side of the forest she growls but Constantine refuses to let them leave he Rushes forward Hellfire in his hands and He stops as he realizes that something Isn't right the forest is alive he Shouts as the trees begin to press in Vines lashing out at the armies of Storms and Amazons Harley looks at Ivy I Said I'd bury an army for you Ivy says With a smile on Harley nods there are Two armies she points out leaning down Kissing Ivy before Galloping away with Waller but the Green Man arrives from Above slamming into Ivy driving her into The ground with that the forest ends its

Assault and the armies are able to Continue forward keep your armies Marching the green man tells Jon as the Armies finally step out of hob Forest Amanda Waller stands with their archers On the wall archers once they're in Range release on my command Deadshot Glances at her they're already in range Waller she glares at him wait for my Command zala and Diana then fly past Them hold your fire Diana shouts and the Pair of land before the armies March Forward turn your armies around It's not too late zala pleads and Diana Stands beside her love refusing to move At her mother's command meanwhile from His secret Court John Constantine Watches as Jacob stands beside him what Did you say to zala before she killed You John asks the resurrected Prince I Said I'd make it rain in her lungs Jacob Hisses he holds at his hand and outside Zala suddenly collapses to the ground Spitting up water as she begins to drown But Jacob begins to falter John I don't Know if I can I've seen Beyond I don't Want to send anyone else to their death Diana reaches razala turning back to her Mother's Army who is doing this stop it She's dying she shouts out and napolita Steps forward preparing to finish the Young princess but the Army is scattered As Laura jorel stands amongst them Apolita looks at the queen Laura don't

Do anything foolish if you love your People surrender we have your son Already and if I Surrender what then the Amazon queen promises that no one will Be harmed and that they will end this War without anyone dying she holds out Her hand I give you my word Laura Smiles taking the hand where's the Fun in that her eyes Blaze and she cuts Hopola to in half Diana looks up in Shock mother she screams out And that brings us up to the Dark Knights of Steel issue 8. I hope you Guys have been enjoying this Game of Thrones style thing because this is Probably one of the best things that DC Is putting out right now and I am Insanely in love with this whole story I'm sad that it's a mini-series and I'd Love to see this universe continue or Just get more stories in this world but What do you guys think in general if you Want to catch 9 and 10 we'll be coming Out with that I believe next week Because I think those two are now Officially out so make sure you like And Subscribe we'll be seeing you then if You want to come back for that also just So you know the notification Bell is how You know when we put out new videos we Put out a new video every morning Featuring DC Marvel in other books and Would love for you to join our community So please consider that also we also

Have a community over on Discord that Link is down below if you want to come Chat with me and other like-minded comic Book fans anyway thank you so much for Continued support and we will see you Next time right here at comicstoria

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