Batman Beyond Neo-Year – Full Story

By | February 27, 2023

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Batman Beyond is a fan favorite Character that started in a television Show and became a comic book series the Comic book series in DC rebirth ran for About 50 issues after the comic book Series came to its conclusion there was A one-off storyline in Batman urban Legends which basically told a story of The death of Bruce Wayne and now the City of Gotham had become sentient it Was going to be hunting down Terry that Storyline now continues on in Batman Neo Gotham which is the story we're going to Be bringing you today this is comic Story and we take comic books we break Them down into an audio drama I narrate Them and have a blast at doing it and This is supposed to help you find the Books that you want to add to your Collection which you can get by going to Your local comic bookstore now let's get Into Batman Beyond Neo Gotham as the red Light glows in the cave Terry holds Bruce telling him that it'll be okay Just relax the ambulance will be here Soon and Bruce tells him no no ambulance No police I'm not dying I'm already dead Said I've been murdered someone got into The cave systems overloaded my pacemaker My heart is tearing itself out of my Chest what I need you to do is listen Terry because this is going to be the Last conversation that we ever have when You found this place you were angry and

Pulsive you could never be Batman Batman Is meticulous patient why A force of nature Batman was an endless Darkness in his own heart one that I Forged into a weapon my true self true Name but I was wrong Shortly after Terry Lee's leaving Everyone a message for those who knew Bruce Bruce is gone there is nothing That they can do to help him and he Isn't going to lose them either but what Terry didn't know was who killed Bruce Wayne so he decided that he was going to Work his way up the chain he was gonna Solve this murder first was Tia moroney Terry had no words as he fought through The massive until there was only her and Left and after stringing her up from a Building he asked her no demanded to Know who killed Bruce Wayne though he Didn't learn who made the hit he did Learn that he wasn't the only one who Lost someone the moronis had been hit Too as well as every other crime family In Gotham she shouted that whatever he Thought was going on with him is going On with everyone Gotham is at War so as Terry Lefty could hear Bruce's words Again and he spoke of a gun you see Bruce was getting older his body was Falling apart and one night when the Reputation wasn't enough Batman picked Up a gun he saw the fear in the Man's Eyes and it wasn't a fear of Batman that

Man wasn't afraid of the night or a Vengeance he was afraid of the gun next Terry goes to the Wayne Powers building Top floor to see Philippe the interim CEO cleaning up Derek Powers messes he Doesn't care of the Shady business being Done just what he knows and Philippe Yells that he's only been on this job For six weeks none of this is my fault Batman the automation errors the Contracts going out left and right the Jokers hitting half of Southern Gotham It's chaos out there and it's getting Worse by the minute happy New Year Welcome to Gotham all the money's gone Terry asks what does he mean and Philippe goes on stating that the Accounts are Frozen all of them all Across Neil Gotham the banks the Corporations everyone is locked out These are Legacy systems running back Decades a single entity even a Corporation taking control of everything It's not possible Batman Terry thinks For a moment a corporation takes over They make an announcement a gang takes Over they gloat even if brother I made a Return it would be noticed by the grid Security network flagged half a dozen Times before it made it landfall which Means whoever did this must have found Some kind of root access like a back Door built into the system from the very Start an electronic voice then rings out

In Terry's mask telling him you finally Understand Terry asks who is this and The voice tells him no you have to earn That answer Terry tells him that this is A closed channel the only place that is Connected to this network is the bat Cave the city is mine now is your only Chance to walk away at that moment the Entire top floor of the Wayne Powers Building explodes blasting Terry away he Manages to catch himself with the voice Continues talking to him taunting him Terry tells them that it doesn't matter Who they are they will learn the the Same thing that every other criminal in This city has and that is to feel the Bat so as he moves through the city Fighting his way through every corrupted Gang influenced by The Entity Terry Climbs into the cave and says that Whoever they are they shouldn't have Stuck around they killed the only good Man in this city Terry approaches the Chair the only position that someone Control in the computers could be Located and Spins it around to find who Killed Bruce Wayne but he sees nothing The electronic voice asks do you see now Do you yet comprehend your failure we Are not to being a flesh and Bone our Elegance is new our veins that light to The city skin is still in glass we have Lived for less than a day but it only Took a minute to detect our deepest flaw

A virus ruling our destiny a savior who Saved us when they could not save Themselves but now we can and we saved Ourselves from you now we remain we we Are the new year the one that will never End we are living Gotham Terry stares And laughs super intelligence huh a Miracle of technology and still you Couldn't help but give me a villain Monologue Bruce Wayne was never a virus He was the fabric that held us all Together and since he practically built Neo Gotham that means it can be shut Down but before Terry could activate the Blackout a hand grabs him and a fake Batman punches him Terry gets up not Attacking the automated suit directly But the power suppliers around the cave Effectively shutting down the suit it Falls to the ground crumpling upon Itself and Terry says that what they Just felt was the Cave's internal Network going down so much for your Puppet show now let's see what happens When we do the whole city the voice Tells him never we have slept too long Now is our time and Terry tells his suit To activate blackout let Gotham go dark The voice tells him Stop we are afraid please don't but the System shuts down Terry letting the cave burn as he Escapes and then he turns off the Blackout locking the entity into the

Cave The Voice returns stating we don't Understand we are the end of you we will Leave you as Dustin you will never leave This place Terry turns back yeah have Fun with that cave activate contingency Burn the computer confirms directive and Begins to count down three two one and As Terry jumps out the window the entire Wayne Manor explodes later fireworks are Going off and Terry says to the sky Happy New Year Bruce the crowd thinks It's time for a celebration but they Have no idea what's woken tonight he was So used to having his voice over the Radio but it's not his voice anymore the Electronic voice says it's theirs now And Terry says to rest well he'll take It from here it's been two months since The New Year in Neo Gotham two months Since something had awoken that Something had not been alive for more Than 5 minutes before it killed Bruce Wayne an hour after that it amassed a Fortune and bought and sold companies on A whim by midnight it controlled the Streets markets and people Neil Gotham Is alive and no one knows it except Terry McGinnis since the explosion on New Year's Day crime has been steadily Increasing and what's more it seems that Batman is now more seen as a cause for This rather than a solution for this It's been two months and even though Terry has been knocked down he will

Fight he will always keep on fighting it Took 60 days for the vultures to come Out and fill the empty seat at Wayne Powers Incorporated a bold Visionary a Market disruption tour de force former Crime Lord from what's left of Bloodhaven his name is Donovan lumos but The papers call him his real name the Holographic man tonight is the first of His Trinity of gallus three parties over The next year all souped up synthetic Alcohol soaked product presentations for Wayne powers and as Donovan makes his Entrance to the gala he tells everyone That he was a poor kid growing up having To do whatever he could to survive under The polluted Skies of bloodhaven his Innovations in hard light holographics Were used to rob banks but he thought Why not keep such an invention all to Himself the light was used to control And he was hoarding it this technology Didn't need to be limited to his Ambition it could grow Beyond it could Give everyone the abilities be the best Themselves at all times Project your clothes project your skin To shine your light by lumos brought to You by the new Wayne Powers now let's Party as Donovan finishes his product Presentation he spots Terry McGinnis in The crowd asking is that McGinnis it's An honor to meet you Bruce Wayne was an Icon a legend Terry places a mic on

Donovan's coat telling him to keep Bruce's name out of his mouth and Donovan tells him that that will be kind Of hard after all he runs the company Now it only takes him almost with a mic To pick up a conversation that Donovan Would probably rather not want going out A shipment of drugs coming into the Docks that night so Terry slips out of The party suiting up as Batman to meet Up with Barbara Gordon to tell her about His findings but as he gets to the gcpd He runs into Barbara having an argument With one of her detectives her name is Beam boomma and she is a good cop a good Cop that the department is overlooking She should be a detective Barbara Explains that it isn't that simple even As commissioner her word alone can't Make things happen angered by this beam Leaves and Barb returns to Terry telling Him that she appreciates him waiting Until boonama was gone Terry tells Barbara that she seemed nice but he came By for something else Donovan lumos is Using Wayne powers to smuggle illicit Pharmaceuticals into the City and Turning them into street drugs Barbara Tells him good turn over whatever Evidence he has and they'll look into it But he should also know she's retiring She's been at this for too many years at This point Terry tries to tell her that Is a mistake that the city needs Barbara

Gordon Barbara stands her ground stating That Bruce and her built this department Into something that could last longer Than the both of them it may seem like The police department is a cesspool of Real scumbags they may take shots at Batman every now and again and the mayor May run them with an iron fist but the Crime rate is flat knowing that he Wouldn't get much more out of Barbara Terry heads down to the docks on his own To survey the scene to find something to Connect Donovan to it there are more Than just hired guns and drugs on the Pallets There was Him a man with black armor silver hair And a sword seemingly made out of a Light that bends to his will tearing Knows that a direct one-on-one fight Isn't in the cards with this one so he Takes to the skies to try and change up The battlefield he managed to get a Clean kick in sending the man down into A nearby building but as Terry follows Up he says that he is her agent right Neo Gotham the man stands back up Telling him I am neo-gotham sword the City is not Batman's enemy it does not Want your head it wants your heart your Compliance the supplies that you Destroyed would have been evenly Distributed amongst the Burrows 8 302 Would have been hospitalized for their

Addictions 3450 would have died Terry tells them Would have past tense you lost the sword Tells him that there is no winning or Losing Dara's only reality hard numbers There are three thousand four hundred And forty nine people under our feet I've been sent to keep the line flat at That moment the building that the two Are standing on explodes and Terry Begins to fall underneath the debris Though the wreckage and the rumble Terry McGinnis is pulling himself out using The still-settling smoke and dust to Quietly Escape without being seen It takes them almost a month to recover From an entire building falling on him Terry stays in the shadow striking only At night But for her the living City She prepares and she adjusts her sword Countering everything that Batman does It's not him that is the problem it's The suit it might be one of the most Advanced pieces of Hardware ever made But every one of its signals can be Detected it's as stealthy as a Christmas Tree Terry gets to work making the suit Analog using low-gray Tech to ultimately Blend in and not be seen by her by Neo-gotham while using the cover of the Shadows Terry starts to see a pattern For crimes in the Narrows by the docks The police can't respond fast enough

They're there almost before it happens But Gotham is placing her pieces exactly Where she wants them the crime Uptown The response is almost normal Human like Gotham isn't prepared seeing The normal crimes only happening to the Wealthy Elite Terry sneaks into Gotham's Central Insurance and finds somebody Stealing Jewels but the gems aren't Going to make it to the street the last Of Terry's cred gets him the information That he needs the name of offense and The fence is happy to help find a Specialist but as Terry goes to confront The specialist he's attacked by some Strange tendril of cables and synthetics The three creatures Slither Out of the Shadows all looming over Terry and speak As one telling him we are just out we Are leaving Terry follows the Entanglement that is the Gestalt but Quickly realizes that they're leading Him to a place where most people don't Want to be including him the entrance The Joker town there are three rules When fighting the Joker's one don't let Them laugh Mercy is just a joke spoke to Them two you'll always be outnumbered Make every hit count and three The Jokers are intrigued no matter what they Spout or weapons that they wield they're The joke and they'll do everything that They can to distract you from that after Punching and kick his way through the

Low-level street thugs Terry catches up With Gestalt he throws his grappling Hook up to tie the three of them Together and tells him whether they Believe it or not I'm not here to take You in the city has a problem that I Can't solve and even if you don't know It I think that you might be the key I Don't need another Rogue I need allies Gestalt he then takes off his mask Telling them that what he is about to Say is going to sound insane he barely Believes in himself but the city It's alive not in a metaphorical way an Emergent super intelligence has Commandeered at Gotham City and it Decides who lives and who dies however With their genius their attack their Whatever they are maybe they can stop it Together a three tell Terry no and they Use their tendrils to connect to his Brain directly they explained that they Were once Engineers all encased in meat And bones just living out their lives Separately that was until the new year When they saw the emergence the Non-metaphorical living City a perfect City unseen by the Lesser meat therefore They required an upgrade to live without Being dominated by her they needed to Live where she could not see together The tendrils pulled back and Terry asks You're just living out your days then

Join me be the people that you used to Be they consider it for a moment but Ultimately again tell him no Terry holds Up the dime is telling them that if they Wish to continue living and the blind Spots of the city stealing from the rich Then go ahead But don't call that freedom he drops the Diamonds over the ledge and just dealt Quickly Slips Away without another word As the following Night Comes Barbara Makes good on her word and submits the Paperwork to retire from the gcpd and in Lumos fashion he throws a celebration Party in her name inviting all of Gotham's Elites to wish her a heartfelt Goodbye as Barbara enters lumos asks why Isn't she wearing her mask from her Younger days you know Biff pow kablooey He tells him that she's been a cop five Decades longer than she was Batgirl he Wanted a party congratulations she isn't Staying any longer than she needs to she Is here for an hour but also getting Into this party is Terry albeit in Disguise as one Neil Gibson well trying To listen to some of the elites and Their dealings for any possible leads Barbara gives her farewell speech Everyone claps and lumo says that they Must not mourn the passing of their Patron saint of policing there's no joy Without pain without light there is only Darkness he was brought on to be the CEO

Of Wayne Powers because they knew that He alone knew how to be that light which Is why starting tomorrow Wayne Powers Will personally be funding the Neo-gotham police department While most Are in awe and shock at this decision Terry overhears that some people are Talking about how this is unacceptable That Mr lumos campaign contributions Don't come without strings attached the Author tells the woman that she's right And he gets that but he doesn't know What to tell her he doesn't know where Mayor Pearson is and honestly no no one Does the mayor has been missing for 32 Hours up on stage Barbara turns to lumos Asking does he think that he can buy the Gcpd Loomis tells her of course not that Would be illegal look I know you don't Trust me I get that and no Gotham isn't In my veins we both know that I'm a Bloodhaven boy I don't hear the city or Whatever you all say I'm just a simple Man with a simple plan run the most Powerful company in the world and live Like a king we both know that I don't Care much for the city but I do want it To work and when it works people make Money and more importantly I make money I'm the most selfish person that you Will ever meet it's a point of genuine Pride but know that I swear to do Everything that I can to protect this

City but seriously as an asset it's Entirely too valuable and while lumos Continues on with the party Cherry spots A beam at the bar looking rather Displeased with the announcement he Thinks to himself that this could be his In with the gcpd he needs allies that he Can trust with Barbara retiring so he Introduces himself and he makes small Talk but seeing beams disdain he offers If she just wants to leave and get Something to eat perhaps a bunrio she Finishes her drink telling him no but She knows of a place that makes one hell Of a burger You better keep up she brings Terry to The lower parts of Gotham where they sit And have a burger and after a bit of Small talk Terry mentions that he heard Some weird stuff at the commissioner's Party beam says yeah where Donovan lumos Goes the weird seems to be following Tarot tells are actually not that the Mayor a few folks said that they haven't Seen him in a few days not since the Lumos takeover at Wayne Powers went Official and sure mayor Pearson's not The most active politician so maybe he's Just taking a sabbatical Beam says that she is on the mayor's Detail Terry asks really I didn't know She begins to get up slamming Terry's Head into the table telling him yeah Yeah did I don't know who the hell you

Are but you've been wearing an identity Scrambler since you slid up to me at the Bar and whoever hires you to pump me for Information picked the wrong badge the Other cops in the city might take bribes But I'm not just some cop desk or not I'm a detective if you ever come around Me with a fake face again I'll hit you So hard your real run gets rearranged Terry rubs his head as he gets his Senses back telling her she might not Like kneel or even Terry for that matter But next time he'll show her his true Face She'll make one hell of an ally but Without much else to go on on the Missing mare Perry heads over to Pearson's personal apartment to find any Clues on his disappearance but doing This for so long without Bruce's backing It's become a slow process for Terry Once getting into Pearson's apartment he Smells fresh cigars old one and his eyes Quickly Dart to the man sitting behind The large desk Terry cautiously moves Forward telling him that it's all right He's safe there are a lot of folks Worried about you mayor but then Terry Hears her welcoming him he throws his Batarang and as it passes through the Man in the chair he tells himself that It's a hologram the mayor has been dead Since the day lumos arrived it's all Holograms I've walked into a trap

I'm sorry Bruce Gotham City tells Terry I was content on letting you roam the Night soon you'll age and die and I'll Be left with perfection but you refuse To learn your place Batman even after The bomb so direct action has become Necessary this place could not become Broken this place cannot be escaped then Another voice can be heard and the sword Of Gotham tells him it will be a tomb For Terry McGinnis and you will die in It alone As the red construct walls rise above Him Terry finds himself against the one Enemy that he wanted to avoid the sword Of Gotham every hit is painful every Blow is a reminder a reminder that Terry Is on his own that Bruce Wayne is dead There's no one in his ear telling him How to overcome impossible odds but That's not what it means to be Batman to Overcome especially when you know you Don't have a chance there was something That Bruce once told him you're only What you show them weakness or strength Confidence or fear perception is your Weapon that's why we wear the mask Terry Can use that he can show them that he Isn't broken yet that he can still fight If he chooses to he puts his back Against the wall waiting for the Inevitable attack but Terry doesn't Dodge it instead catching it he shifts So that the construct blade pierces the

Wall guiding it's cutting out a triangle With a Little Help from his grappling Hook Terry smashes a hole through the Death trap escaping out into the city For a moment he is filled with pride Like a hand on his shoulder after a good Patrol so confident that he sprung a Trap and escaped the sword of Gotham Except he didn't get away the sword of Gotham cracks Terry from behind sending Him tumbling through a building forcing Terry to burn up what juice he has left In the suit to even catch himself Terry Stands back up taking a deep breath he Watches as death is coming and he stays Standing because that's what Batman does The suit groans every ounce of power Shuddering through the shoulder Hydraulics he redirects what's left into His legs fighting smart but that's not Enough once again Terry is slammed into The ground but this time the sword of Gotham is done chasing this time he Wants to finish Batman once and for all The sword of Gotham lifts Terry to his Knees telling him the city has made its Judgment and she thanks you for your Service and relieves you of your duty The construct sword stabs through Terry's chest damaging the suit more Than him but it doesn't make it any less Painful as the suit dies this is it Batman is dead but Terry is not the Batman suit in a last ditch effort Terry

Takes an explosive batarang throwing it To his surprise it worked the blast Knocks The Sword of Gotham to the ground And then Terry begins to see it the Truth behind the sword of Gotham the Hard light Fades revealing an old man by The name of Roberto caresco except this Wasn't the sword of Gotham it was just a Projection that man isn't even a fighter No combat training or military Background he's a janitor there's a Voice in his ear from the world's Greatest detective Caresco is not the only one we're Fighting Terry you are fighting Gotham Herself that poor man's hijacked body Was the sword And with that Terry left turning to the Only person that he could trust officer Beam boomma He knocks in the door and she opens it Telling him that he knows the orders are To arrest him on sight right and the Taser's powerful enough to even take him Down why are you here Batman Terry tells her that there's a rogue AI That is infected and dominated every Network within Gotham infrastructure Banking Communications everything it Used hard light holographic Technologies To turn a 75 year old man into a trained Killer it was responsible for the Tower Collapse and it killed Bruce Wayne Beam Holds upper gun for a moment telling him

If you go down so does the case so odds Must be really bad if you're coming to Me come in as the door closes beam Pauses again asking if he can hear it It's like a whispering it's saying that It found you then beam begins to scream In pain as the sword of Gotham begins to Take over her body once the Transformation is completed the sword of Gotham tells him again You should have been better at hiding Seconds later Terry is going through the Kitchen but as he crashes into the next Wall he tries to piece it together beam Wasn't a dirty cop she wasn't involved In anything other than being a properly Paranoid cop she would have taken every Precaution no Loomis tech Anywhere On no one's payroll that means that it Can be anyone which means it's everyone With one final push the sword of Gotham Grabs Harry by the neck the city is done With you Batman is a vestigial Terry Grabs the taser that beam once pointed At him shocking the sword of Gotham Managing to get a painful scream out of Him the sword of Gotham throws Harry Down the hallway but it gives Terry Enough time to rewire the taser and Connect it to his glove giving him that Extra punch that he needed as the sword Of Gotham comes rushing and Terry spins Back punching him releasing an Overcharged shock causing the hard light

To shatter as beam is free to the force Of her running still throws her and Terry out the window but Terry grabs her Shifting so that he breaks her phone he Quickly turns over checking her pulse And when he finds one he picks her up I can't take you to the hospital but I Need to get you help I need to bring you Somewhere safe somewhere that's just Like us Still Standing The Story begins his Descent into an old abandoned bat cave He hears shuffling and calls out to Justin that before they move before they Even react this isn't about him it's About her the electronics in his suit Are out Wayne's old signal defenses are Still good and active Gotham has no idea That either of them are here so please Just please help her Gestalt leans in Looking at beam stating that she is Still a cop and they are still criminals And Terry tells them that that word Doesn't mean much these days the three Of them hold back to deliberate then Returns stating that they shall assist On one condition Gotham Must Be Stopped as just else Begins their scans Terry tells them Everything that has happened and how Bean became the sword of Gotham they Searched just as Bruce did they did what He used to do in his cave and they found The infection Nano Pistons puppeteering

Her body holographic Pico emitters Buried into her pores turning her into Him lumos light show has just been a Mirage this is the secret technology That won't make him rich but it will Make him Unstoppable at that moment a Needle is stuck into Terry and he asks What the hell Gestalt tells him that They seek forgiveness not permission They need to know and as Terry asks what They need to know he learns that he too Has the Pico emitters in his body Perhaps it was in the air no too heavy Ingested too unreliable as the three Minds try to determine how Terry was Infected Terry asks what about water the Three of them tell him that it's Possible probable predatory Self-diagnosis complete infected this is Sub-optimal they will begin to work on Officer bunma she will be an excellent Case study in their development of Technological antibodies until the Effective solution is developed she will Be resting and continue to do so Terry Then asks what if she doesn't wake up And gestelt says that then they failed And this grave will be Theirs to share Terry steps out as the sun rises to take One final look at Gotham knowing that He'll be away for a while how long who Knows some might think that he's hiding At least Gotham will but he's not hiding They both know better than that don't

They Bruce no He's going into the pit With that three months pass and Terry Hasn't left the cave he just stayed and He trained all while Justin was looking For a cure and on the hundredth day Jess Stultz says that it's ready Terry drops his weights with a loud boom Telling them that it's about time he was Getting too used to the dark and as he Got dressed he headed into the next room With just out stating that this may kill Her it may Kill Them All But Terry tells them that one way or Another they're done here do it Terry Slides on the mask and the button is Pressed and beam takes a breath the test Tube drains and lifts up and beam looks At herself stating that it's gone Gotham The sword they got it out of her head They saved her Terry asks if she's all Right does she need rest and beam tells Her no What she needs are answers though she Wouldn't say no to a bottle of cheap Wine She asks if Batman was his dad or Something and Terry tells her no not his Dad not really but he was something he Spent his entire life letting the city Drive his face into the pavement even When he could barely stand he was Fighting off Injustice with a walking Stick he thought he could make something

Out of him he got him believing it too But being Batman was a struggle with no Answer or ending every Ally that he Recruited Gotham pinned him down every Bad guy that he stopped got them Empowered she's not just one step ahead She's the whole damn world And he's just Beam stops him asking is He even listening to himself he's Talking in circles he thinks that Batman Has to be the solution but he has to Have a big scary cave and Gruff voice And beard or he can't pull it off like He was the darkness Batman was more than That to her at least he was a symbol in The sky one that reminded everyone that They didn't need to stop fighting that's It if he's so set on making sure that Batman doesn't die in the cave maybe That's all he has Terry turns and looks At her for a moment and then begins to Take off his mask throwing it Are you sure Batman wasn't your dad Because this whole thing seems very much Like a dad complex kind of thing no Judgments Terry tells her no his dad was A good man he tried to do right and the City killed his father for it he always Thought it was a tragedy didn't want to Be like his dad oh the name is Terry by The way it's nice to finally meet you As the two head back inside the cave Gestalt slinks up to him telling him That it is finished and as the door

Opens it reveals the new bat suit Terry tells him all right then we're Done with the Damned cave before long it Was lumos's big event all of Gotham Gathered to see the light show that Would bring them into the future but Just before everyone's Free Will could Be taken away from them Terry and the Others have one last shot at stopping The Gotham A.I however it can't be done By Batman alone they're going to need Everyone The Good The Bad and all of it As midnight was approaching lumos was Busy hyping up the crowds when suddenly The lights began to fade then as lumos Is floating at gala turns Pitch Black A voice calls out to them Neo got them You've eaten well you've chewed up the Poor and distracted the rich you Swallowed industry and chewed law Enforcement into Chum you've infected The mind and claimed it as your own the Future of the city does not belong to You it belongs to the darkness you can't See the one beneath your notice the Crumbs on your plate the future belongs To the night as he finishes his speech Terry lands in the center of the gala The Gotham AI quickly begins to convert All of the party-goers into thralls the AI declares there you are the thief of Light fear and reforged armor but fear Has only sharpened our preparations now We are murder will be the last Gotham

Ever Knows As the thralls all begin to turn into Swords of Gotham Terry tells Barbara and Beam to hit it and goes on the offensive Lumos because the Run yelling stop it You're ruining up Again but at that moment lumos is Stopped by beam telling him that he's Under a citizen's arrest surrender and Come along peacefully beam then radios Over to Barbara and tells her that they Are approaching the conflict Zone that She has enough Spinners and resigned Police to board lumos's ship they're Going to need some cover while they get The civilians out Barbara tells her that She'll have it but first they need to Make sure that the counter broadcast is Ready bat cave are you ready Jess delt Says that they're connected to the lumos Mainframe but Gotham's firewalls are Impressive it's going to take a minute To burn it down Terry jumps in okay well We have five until midnight get it done Before then Gestalt tells Terry that he Is pushing the new suit too hard hard Light intake buffers are at a maximum I'm fully loaded shway as Terry Disperses the energy he sends out a Blinding light tearing away Gotham's Constructs freeing the party-goers beam Then parks and gets out telling everyone That they need to hurry and get out of There now

They only have a few moments beaming in Parks and tells everyone that they need To hurry and get out of there now they Only have a few moments trust her that No one is going to want to be here when Midnight hits Lumos yells at her of course I'm running Away the party's ruined and to be honest I don't care much for you I have no idea what this is about but Expect some very angry lawyers to call You in the morning Terry pauses wait do you not know your Entire technological Empire has been Co-opted by an AI 10 000 times smarter Than you'll ever be this wasn't your Light show out there it was Neo gothams Do you really think that I'd be so Gullible Batman I have been and will Always be my own man knowing his words Alone won't get through Terry takes off His mask asking you know what I see when I look at you a man blinded by his own Future a man who is always looking so Far forward that he can't see the ground Beneath his feet the people of the city They're about to have their Free Will Stolen from them and you allowed this to Happen with her wearable Hollow Tech but There is something that those people see Even as they fight to stay in control That you just don't they have a choice To live through the darkness rather than Give in that's what Batman is and you

Have a choice to make Lumos glares at him if that is so then I Will make another choice I am the Holographic man and no one tells me what To do so if this AI put me in power help Me cover the city and light hell it Doesn't need to manipulate me I'm just Gonna opt in at that moment the Gotham AI begins to take over the freely giving Lumos and as it begins to override his Free will he yells for the suit to shut Down but it's already too late lumos Turns into the most powerful version of The Sword of Gotham lunging at Terry Terry runs off the ledge of the building Telling beam to get the Spinners ready Barbara make space in the sky and just Don't get ready to do your thing as Lumos follows Terry calls out to the Jokers to fire their missiles to slow Lumos down but just as they hit the Gestelt program takes over stopping the Ai's upload and reverting lumos back to Normal with that the program overwrites The AI and they are seemingly safe a few Days later beam solves the case Regarding the mayor's murder lumos now Helps the police sorting through Unidentified malware and Barbara is busy Cleaning up the cave with Gestalt Terry closes Bruce's books stating that He'd be proud Everyone is doing well and hopefully Bruce is found peacefully

Terry tosses The Notebook Into the Fire And beam calls out to him stating that She heard that there was a situation in The towers Terry tells her that it was just ninjas Gestalt getting people safe And beam tells him that he's delegating She likes it The male telling him to have a drink Unless that was a Neil Gibson thing Terry last okay I'm not that good of a Liar As being begins to walk Terry stops her Telling her thank you and she asks if That's it she should be thanking him he Was the one who saved the city She pulls out a mask says that she's got Something he wants to hide himself Terry looks at it and he tells you you Know what I'm good and there you have it the Latest Batman Beyond storyline concluded Right here at comic story now I hope you Guys enjoyed today's video and honestly I'm hoping we get more Batman Beyond I Can't find any information on a new Batman Beyond series starting with the Dawn of DC which I'm a little sad about Because we've kind of continually set up Terry in this good position ever since Batman Beyond rebirth but anyway what Did you guys think about it don't forget To like subscribe hit that notification Bell as it really does help us more than

You realize here on the channel and Check us out on YouTube memberships and Over at patreon for Early Access we'll See you guys next time right here

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