They Canceled This Show, Now The Comic Is DROPPING

By | February 27, 2023

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How's it going Dave from conflict Investments so in this video we're going To look at five keys that are dropping In price and I have to say some of these On here not dropped by too much not too Much no uh some of them I'm surprised That uh well I knew they were dropping But I was more surprised that it wasn't As bad like most of the time you see the Graphs here it's like goes up it comes Right back down this one not so much so But a couple others on here let's just Get in the first one first one is Fantastic Four 94. a 6-0 is down 63 from 408 to 150 and NATO is down 54 from 600 To 279 and a 9 2 is down 50 from 1400 to 6.99 this of course is the first Appearance of Agatha the Harkness She was the the witch in One Division and pretty much the main Villain and then Disney for some reason Wanted to give her her own series her Own Disney plus series I mean Why like I didn't feel that Amazed by her that I Was like you know I really want to spend Another four hours watching her and it's Not that She's fine or whatever but of all the Characters and all the villains that They have in the Marvel Universe you Want to spend four hours whatever Disney Plus show is I don't know it's like 30

45 minutes per episode six or eight Episodes who knows it's four hours On that character like that's why I just Don't understand like where's the logic And thinking yes let's spend more time With that character but we have don't Worry we have tens of thousands of Characters one's much much better than Her and we want to take the time spend With her it's like oh my God Stupid it's it's just dumb anyways Um but there has been a delay And they don't know when they're gonna Release it they're pushing it back I Think they said next year it was Supposed to come out I think this year But they're pushing it back next year And I have a feeling that it's not ever Gonna happen because they switched CEOs And uh back to Bob Iger and I feel like He he has come out and said stuff like Disney plus is putting out too much Stuff that we're ruining the brand of Marvel all that kind of stuff so Usually you know movies and TV shows They're in the works for a while so we Won't see If he's actually Gonna Change any of This stuff you know for years to come Um because it takes a while like day one If you said hey let's make this movie It's gonna be like three years until you Actually see that movie So I'm glad that they're pushing it back

And hopefully this canceling all Together because like let's just put a Waste this what a waste Next we got Wolverine limited number one A nine fours down forty five percent From 336 to 185 a 96 down 55 from 630 to 285 and that nine eight is down 51 from 1334 to 650. now this is the one I was Talking about earlier I'm surprised like Most of the time as you can see on the Graphics it shoots straight up uh Because during like the comic boom but Most of the time it's dropped a lot more Than 50 like you guys seen these videos Most of these are in the 70 to 80 range Like that's where most of them are this One's Us in the 40 to 50 range so it's Really not that bad obviously it's going Down but it's just kind of slowly going Down so that's that's pretty good I Would say honestly Um compared to the rest of them this is Wolverine's first solo comic book on its Own it lasted four issues and then a few Years later then he got his own ongoing Series I don't know why it was a few Years later actually Because I think this was Wasn't a series his ongoing Series in 88 It wasn't this in like 84 or 82 or Something like that I don't know but Anyways took a while but it's Wolverine All right next we got Superman Center Kalel number one

A nine four is now 57 from 28 to 12. I Can't get much lower than that uh a nine Six is down 65 from 134 to 47 and 980 is Down 78 from 194 to 42 dollars now Um 42 as you can see there the nine six And nine eight actually the 96 sold for More than that that's just recent prices But basically it's case cost that's what Would cost the case of book around there Around so this book is case cost it will Always be case cost from here on out Um the only reason I was shooting up at 194 is because That's what these companies do they hype Up these books so people want them and Have to get them and so they buy them Because you know it's a number one And they usually make a lot of variants And I mean it makes sense from a Business point of view because if you Hype up your number one You are hoping to get you know let's say You're first you hype it up a time you Make all these variants people have to Have it all this kind of stuff you never Selling let's just say 100 000 copies I I know that's a lot but let's say a Hundred thousand copies of your number One well you're hoping that probably a Lot of those aren't actually going in The hands of Raiders they're just going Into shops that are like well I need to Buy 25 to get the one to 25 variant okay So get rid of that but you're hoping

That maybe eventually those comic books That they do buy and don't go in the Hands readers they put them in like the Dollar bin or like this should be like 10 for dollar bin and someone will pick It up right you the Commerce shop makes It cheap and all you're doing is you're Trying to pump the market full so you Can get readers and hopefully the book Is good enough well they'll pick up Issue two three four five six and so on And then you got someone who connects With the book and that's why the numbers Will drop off and eventually these Numbers will get down to like Just a handful of readers and it gets Canceled I don't know where this book is At currently Um as in the series I don't know if it's I think it's still ongoing from what I Can remember but I don't know what the Numbers are but It's probably On its way out Um that's what happens honestly with Most of these books it's that's how it Always goes but nonetheless this book is Dropping it's someone paid 200 right out Of the game I'm surprised I remember This book came out and there's a some Controversy for it and I was like wow That's two years ago It lies uh but yeah so Watch out for you know don't give him

The fomo and you literally just wait a Little bit and maybe you don't want to Wait maybe you want to read well it's Not You're not buying a cgc book because you Want to read you're not cracking it out You're not paying 200 so you can crack It out and just read it so you could Probably picked up this book for next to Nothing uh probably less than cover Price after these books are released Just know that after these books are Released like within a month you can get It less than cover priced raw so I'm not I'm trying I'm trying to think uh put Myself in the mind of someone who's Buying this as a nine eight right out of The gate because to get a 98 right out Of the gate even if the camera shop got It day one and they sent it to cgc and They fast tracked and all that kind of Stuff it's gonna be at least like a Month Month and a half to two before you get It back and sell it so by that time the Book has probably already dropped raw Price so if you're paying like I'm just Trying to think why would someone pay 200 for this are you thinking are these People buying into the hype thinking That I'm gonna buy for 200 and then a couple Years from now it's gonna be with 400 is That what they're thinking that they're

Getting because then why wouldn't you Just if you're spend 200 why wouldn't You just buy the raw book for next to Nothing and then send it in yourself I Mean maybe you're hoping you don't get a 9-6 or a 9-4 I don't know people out There if uh If you're one of these people that are Buying this book please explain to me Why like I know a lot of people are Going to get put their two cents in and Think why just how I am but if you're Actually one of the people that does This are you thinking are you buying Into some hype that this book or a book Like this is also going to be the next Big thing and so you buying in at 200 Dollars When it's brand new is a good deal Because you think it's going to go up I Mean this is not a variant this just Cover a Um when you could probably get those raw At the time and even now for next to Nothing so that's that's where I'm Having a hard time understanding I don't know help me understand all Right next we got Shazam number 28 this Is the first Um basically first Black Adam in the DC Uh continuity uh before this he was just In Fawcett Comics a 9-4 is down 77 for 21.50 to 460 a 960 Now 50 from 3 000 to 1500 and a nine eight is down from seven

Thousand to fifteen hundred for a total Of 78 percent But if you look at the graph it's back To where it was before the boom it was Already like going along slowly going up Straight up straight down back to where It was so 1500 I think I looked there's Actually this was a Um I think one sold for around that Price also around this time so I feel Like 1500 is probably where it's gonna Land somewhere around here so it's it's Going to probably bounce around between Like 1200 and 1700. realistically but Nonetheless black Adam's coming on Um I was really hoping that movie was Good and I really love the action scenes In it and I thought a lot of the Concepts are cool it's just the Execution with the acting oh So bad Last on the list is Ghost Rider Number Two a nine four it's not 56 from a55 to 375 96 down 44 from 1225 to 685 and a 9a's down 59 from 3 000 to 1238 I mean I really don't I mean I just think this is a case of The like the comic boom shooting it up This first I think it's the first full Appearance of Damien Hellstorm Um I know he had there's some TV show That they're doing I [Music] It could have been like a year ago it

Could have been five years ago like I Didn't watch it I just knew I remember It and so I I don't think it lasted more Than a season or two but yeah I have no Idea when that show was but that was That and I'm not even sure if it's the same one That's in for some reason I remember the Show focused on something different I Don't know I didn't watch the show That's all I can say but nonetheless This book is going down uh I know Ghostwriter won Is doing okay like I I've seen like Obviously comic boom everything was Hyperinflated but I feel like Ghost Rider one is there's some ones that are Like going back up again things like That so I just listed a bunch of Ghost Riders Too As an also not number two anyways Have a good day

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