Batman Revived From The Dead, By Believing – Batman Vs Robin 5

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Batman vs Robin number five came out Ending the series so what exactly Happened in it after the events of Lazarus Planet Neja possessed Batman's Body and brought Robin to the bat cave After distracting him Robin manages to Escape and is joined by the monkey Prince who informs him that if they Released Neja from Batman's body Batman Will be killed knowing that he has to Save the world Robin manages to lure Neja Batman to Gotham where the bat Family fights him long enough for zatana Enchantress and pixie to arrive the trio Manages to pull neja's soul from Batman's body and Robin orders them to Take his soul to save his father but Zatana informs him that Robin's Soul Would not be enough so Robin puts out a Message to all of Gotham he asks for all Of those that Batman is protected over The years to give up a small piece of Their soul so that Batman may live the Magic works and Batman is resurrected It's kind of a Tinkerbell moment like in Peter Pan

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