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Welcome to comicstorian your number one Place for dramatic readings of your Favorite comic books I'm Dan and I'll be Your narrator today for the comic series The Immortal X-Men this story is the Main precursor to the X-Men event sins Of sinister and in this video we will be Covering issues one through four and Eight through ten of immortal X-Men this Is the core story as issues five six and Seven are a part of the larger Marvel Event known as Judgment day so we'll be Skipping those ones and keeping to just What you need to know for sins of Sinister I hope you guys enjoy Paris 1919. Nathaniel Essex sits quietly on a Park bench reading a newspaper that Proclaims the end of the war he looks up As Irene Adler approaches the two Exchange pleasantries but Irene quickly Warns him of an approaching War it will Change everything I know you're an evil Man but I fear that our Fates are joined Together I think we need to be on the same side She tells him he smiles at her as she Leans in and Whispers in his ear at her Words his eyes grow wide and he begins To choke black liquid leaking from his Eyes and mouth until he falls to the Ground you're a ghost He whispers before he dies Irene looks Down at him as Raven appears over her

Shoulder what did you tell him she asks But Irene can't tell her only asking That Raven trusts her the lovers take Each other's hands and walk through the Park I will tell you if you ever need to Know And we must hope that it never comes to That Irene says The present Mr Sinister steps through a Portal into his hidden lap smiling as he Looks at his medical Abominations and he Walks over to his computer let's see how It's holding up he says he looks at all Of the previous logs So I'm 26 he says with a surprise smile He looks at the logs of past events Telling him what led to this point today Is a red letter day I must remember to Act surprised he tells himself later at The quiet Council Magneto stands up and Gives his resignation telling the group That he is retiring to Mars the rest of The council doesn't seem at all Surprised with most of them knowing Already but Sinister storms to his feet What he shouts realizing quickly that His surprised reaction might have been a Little too much Some aren't sad to see Magneto go with Emma getting to her feet and demanding a Vote to remove Magneto immediately and Not allow him to vote on his replacement The vote passes and Eric leaves the room Sinister isn't surprised about this

Having already learned that Charles and Eric revealed the truth about Moira to Her The quiet Council quickly begins Interviews with potential new council Members afterwards the members discuss The candidates but Sinister shakes his Head and walks out I can't help but Think there's someone better for us if We're an elite Council let's be elite Nothing but the best for the quiet Counselor he says It is Exodus who goes to the five Telling hope who he believes to be the Mutant Messiah that she should have a Place on the council hope doesn't like That Exodus believes her to be some sort Of Messiah but Exodus persists Enough of the acolyte stuff and cut to The chase what do you want from me she Asks him he smiles at her and explains Later the council is interviewing Celine A mutant vampire and one of the Externals she makes the case that she Has knowledge of the ancient mutants and Magic that she will be a valuable member To the council but she is interrupted as Hope walks down the entryway yeah that Sounds like a good pitch but it needs to Be me she says Charles looks at her Reminding her that she has not been Invited to the council yeah I know but I Think we can cut to the chase hope says She points out that the five need to

Have representation on the council as They are the linchpin in krakowa's Society and should have a say in the Workings of the nation so if we want it The five needs to have representation we Want it she says Sinister looks at her And smiles before turning to the rest of The council am I the only one who hears An or else here he asks but hope shakes Her head and turns to leave I don't Think that people hearing that I was Refused is going to make the council Very popular it's not really an Ultimatum I just don't really see you Having any other option she says as she Walks out of the room the council is Quiet for a moment before thanking Celine for her time the vampire turns Away angry reminding them that the External gate that reached arako was Created from the bones of her murdered Externals think of the disruption if That gate just went away and yes Sinister you hear an or else She says as she walks out of the room Sinister size inwardly he knows that Celine is bluffing but he loves her cape Afterwards the council votes Sinister Knows how everyone will vote and will Vote against hope so as not to arouse Suspicions but when the vote gets to Destiny she decides against hope and Sinister is shocked and is now aware That the vote will Sway in the wrong

Direction he needs Hope on the council And he suddenly raises his hand I'm Sorry I've thought about this and I want To change my vote give the girl a chance Spirit of Youth fresh blood and all that Yes He says everyone looks at him with a Little bit of surprise for the moment But the vote passed afterwards Sinister Stance not wanting to make eye contact With Destiny believing that she must Know something Charles goes to find Celine letting her know that she has not Been given a spot on the council Celine you're quiet are you taking this Particularly well or particularly poorly He asks her but she just Smiles feelings As if they matter this is quite simple You made a decision and you'll live with Consequences she says she raises her Hands and a massive monster raises from The ocean depths the external gate was Made whole once more on the beach the Council stares in horror I thought she was Bluff Mr shouts to the others the monster Rears back and Bellows fire onto the Island the more heroic mutants leap into Battle with the monster as Sinister Turns to Irene in Anger did you know This was going to happen why didn't you Say something he snaps at her she shakes Her head reminding him that he never Understood her powers I don't see the

Future because there is no the future There is no Destiny she says as she and Raven turn to walk away Sinister turns Back to the battle crap crap crappity Crap he whispers to himself as he turns To Leaf he returns to his lap quickly Knowing that he can just start over try Again he reaches for a shotgun and aims It at the tank preparing to start anew But he pauses No one day that's not enough he whispers Putting the weapon down he turns back to His computer and orders it to record the Battle knowing that his future selves Might be able to get some knowledge from It he turns back to the stasis tanks Smiling at his clever plan knowing that Someone born with the ability to start Over after they die and remembering Everything is incredibly useful but Thinking that 10 deaths wasn't nearly Enough and surprised that Moira never Thought of his plan He looks up at the tanks filled with Moira's clones proud of his work Krakowa hope looks up at the massive Monster that Celine has created knowing That it is because of her that this Happened Charles tries to talk Celine Into destroying the Beast the vampire Shakes her head Consequences Charles just consequences She says before disappearing and Returning to her home in London with her

Vampire cult As hope moves through the crowd ordering Other mutants to get everyone to safety Magneto and storm have engaged the Beast With Magneto using his powers to impale It with metal that allows storm to Channel her lightning better the monster Roars as it explodes in a shower of Blood and falls to the ground but as it Does destiny begins to shake Emma senses Her Terror as she reads the mutant's Mind This is a mistake Futures realities Warping oh I feel sick just stop Destiny Gasps Emma orders the others to cease Their attack and it is Dr Nemesis who Warns the mutants that destroying the Monster will not only hurt krakowa but Its connections to Otherworld storm Stops her lightning immediately and Watches with Terror as the monster Begins to heal and get to its feet By the goddess she Whispers hope Continues to help people evacuate until Exodus arrives and asks her to leave I'm not leaving anyone behind she shouts Even I can't protect them all he tells Her but she looks to him and explains to Him that since he grows more powerful as More people believe in him if she mimics His powers then she'll be even more Powerful people believe in me much more Than they believe in you right so Together she says as she reaches for his

Hand combined the two are able to create A shield that blocks the monster's Attacks allowing everyone to escape In his lab Sinister size as he continues To watch the battle he opens his Jean Closet and picks a particularly strong Gene it's a shame to remind them exactly What Sinister can be he says as he steps Back through the portal it appears at The Battle he drinks the potion and Begins to transform his body becomes a Mass of muscle bone and Claws Charles Looks at Sinister in shock oh Essex what Are you doing he asks psychically Sinister rushes forward and fires a Blast of energy from the diamond in his Forehead hero stuff you know how it is He says as he slams into the monster and Throws it to the ground I'm going to get The Kaiju clear of the island but in About six seconds I'm going to need a Rescue he says to Charles but the gene Wears off quickly and a massive Explosion rips everything apart Afterwards Sinister floats in the ocean As the monster begins to reform the Nightcrawler appears and teleports him Back to the shore hmm Hero moment Kurt crowds applauding Palms Cast at my feet he asks Kurt looks at Him and an eyebrow you would If you were a hero he says Sinister looks at him Touche but while I cannot change my

History you should realize I am as Committed to krakowa as anyone we at Least bought a reprieve together today He says Nightcrawler thinks about it for a Moment before giving him a thumbs up Well done you bought us time he says Before walking away Sinister stares out at the ocean got Above people who think the best of People are just the easiest he says to Himself Charles calls the quiet Council together Within his mind having a meeting on how To defeat the monster in the span of Mere moments Afterwards Destiny goes to Hope and Tells her that she has seen a vision at 1907 Greenwich Mean Time Celine will Step through a window in London I have Ascertained the address she will stand There for a second Then she will die Destiny says Pope Stares at her for a moment you see Probable Futures not certain ones what Are the chances of this happening hope Asks Destiny and Raven turn away I dare say Higher after this conversation Destiny Says over her shoulder It doesn't take long for Hope to put her Plan into action she acquires a rifle And mimics Magic's power allowing her to Teleport through limbo she appears in

London and begins to fall from the sky But as she passes by the building where Celine is staying hope fires her rifle And kills the mutant With her dead she returns to cocoa and Brings Celine back welcome back Celine Hope says before knocking the woman out Exodus Steps From the Shadows taking Control of celine's mind and shutting The monster down With krakowa saved Exodus snaps celine's Neck in a one swift move later hope Stands before the council There was an opportunity I took it she Explains some members of the council are Impressed by her plan But Charles leans forward I have a Question hope would you bring Celine Back if she were at the top of the queue He asks hope looks at him I think we Should table that discussion for now she Says Afterwards the council disperses but Destiny is still weak unsure of why the Creature seemed to disrupt time and Space She stumbles and Raven catches her I Haven't felt like this since over a Century at least thinking of a bed a Summer no Destiny suddenly gasps before Falling to the ground Raven rushes to Her side you're a ghost Destiny Whispers Again and again when Irene's Powers First manifested she was given a vision

Of all possible Futures at once and it Nearly drove her mad the Visions would Eventually take her sight but she would Take what time she had left to write her Prophecies in 13 volumes hiding them in A mix of Truth and lies In the present she lies on her bed Stealing from the visions that fill her Mind Scanner gently the surface only Raven Orders Emma giving her her best threat Emma nods and looks into the woman's Mind Seeing that she is lost in her Visions Emma tells her that the council is Planning a meeting But there is no reason for her to be There You can stay with Irene Emma says Softly The Raven shakes her head she knows that If this was to be the end of her love Irene would have warned her my wife will Not leave me like this Raven says as the Two leave the room More images appear in Irene's mind of When she first met Raven There were possible Futures where she Never met the love of her life where she Was trapped in Loveless relationships But inside she found Raven which allowed Her to live the best life she could see She was a Nexus point that allowed for Everything else to happen but Irene also Knew something else

For the future to happen I had to die She had warned Raven of this warned her That it would happen this way and that She would leave her alone At the quiet Council Charles has Finished explaining the true history of Krakowa and Moira to Hope who Nots I Understand so why is it a secret why Don't we just tell everyone in krakowa We should do that she tells the group But Charles tells her that this is a Terrible idea come on Charles you knew What you were getting why did you give Me a cerebro helmet if you didn't want Me to get more involved hope asks but Charles looks at her with shock I did no Such thing he says simply counsel begins To murmur amongst themselves some are Looking at Raven but it is Sinister who Smiles I also had a strange visitor Magneto Came to me asking for the destiny DNA I Was entirely convinced it was him but Now that Hope Has revealed this shocking Truth and if the shape changer in Question wasn't me I wonder who it could Be he says with a smile as he takes Raven's form the real Raven gets to her Feet in a rush take my form again and I Will murder you She shouts in anger she stares at the Group angrily You know burning all this down was my Other option lying to a few of you to

Bring Destiny back is better than that She hisses Back with Destiny she continues to Thrash in her bed her Visions show the Council arguing about Raven's lies but Irene suddenly sits up her sightless Eyes staring at possible futures of a War with an eternal people of the Mutants overtaken by Sinister of magic Bringing the mutants to hell she sees The cosmos where Sinister is destroyed By an enormous Exodus in that moment Essex merely gloats promising Exodus That he has learned enough and we'll see Him again and then she sees Darkness as If essick's death triggered the end of The timeline but only Moira could do That Irene sits up as her Visions Solidify in her mind no moira's gift Could do that Nathaniel has cloned Moira She suddenly realizes The council continues to argue about Mystique's actions but they are Interrupted as Destiny walks into the Room war is coming in weeks we must Fight for our immortality we must be Ready she warns The council sat back down discussing the Issue it is Exodus who believes that the Mutant Prophet is correct Later Destiny and Raven return to their Home Destiny sits at her desk telling her Wife that she must write

She writes into the night her sightless Eyes Crying she turns to where her wife Lays in their bed she cries because in All the possible Futures that she saw Raven wasn't in any of them Emma awakens in her bed her Diamond Formed glistening in the soft light she Is taken to sleeping in her Diamond form Because it is when she is most protected She gets up and walks through her home Looking at the dress that she plans to Wear for the upcoming Gala later she Walks into the gala but now the world Has become aware of the mutant's Immortality an ambassador asks her for a Moment and discusses the mutants Resurrecting telling her that if they Were to offer it to Key members of world Organizations it would go a long way to Governments helping their people come to Terms with the fact that mutants can no Longer die Emma turns to him with anger Over 16 million dead she hisses Reminding him of all the mutants who Died on junosha while the world Government looked on but the Ambassador Is unfaced krakowa has made deals to Secure its future before this is just Another one he tells her Emma sighs for A moment I'll talk to the council she Says later Essex stands before the Council after hearing Emma's words Perhaps this is an opportunity if there Were world leaders are interested in

Letting me clone them and giving me an Opportunity to meddle with their genes We should embrace it who wouldn't want To kill switch and all the world leaders He asks but Charles holds up his hand And asks Essex to stop Charles leans Forward as news arrives in his mind a Man just died he tried to inject himself With mutant growth hormone it took his Own life thought that if he died a Mutant he'd come back Oh the poor fools Charles Whispers But the council seems unfaced can we be Blamed for the stupidity of humanity Exodus finally asks But Emma stops the discussion telling The group that they have more important Issues to discuss I have some memories From Scott and I'd like to present them She says showing everyone the images of Scott when he confronted Dr stasis who Turned out to be Nathaniel Essex Everyone is shocked by the image of Sinister's smiling face but with a Clover on his forehead instead of a Diamond he claims to be Nathaniel Essex The real Nathaniel Essex not the Clone That we have here she says Sinister Looks around in surprise I don't I don't Understand I just he begins to Rattle The council moved quickly but Sinister Is already out of his seat using a gene Bomb of Nightcrawler's powers to Teleport but Exodus is up quickly

Spotting Sinister outside where he is Using multiple Man's powers to try and Disappear into a crowd Sinister arrives at his secret gate but Finds Destiny waiting for him hello Nathaniel don't you want to know what's Going on you can't run from this don't Be a coward she tells him but Sinister Fires at her before rushing into his Portal he arrives quickly shocked by What he has learned this is new how Could I have missed this he wonders but He picks up a pistol and prepares to Execute moira's clone knowing that he Can start over But he pauses thinking about Irene Standing next to his portal she knew I'd Be there she could have stopped me She knows something but what does she Suspect it if she does she'd suspect my Fail safes so does she think that Playing to my pride would stop me he Says practically babbling to himself he Finally turns away from the Clone in Frustration Infuriating woman he shouts he looks to His Jean closet knowing that he can Destroy everything and start time over Again if he fails with this in mind he Steps back through the portal his hands In the air hello Darlings I'm back and Quite contrite I'm very sorry I panicked I'm looking forward to helping you all Get to the bottom of this he says

Kneeling before the members of The Quiet Council I will clear my name he promises Them Exodus steps forward kill him we Can always bring him back when we make Up our minds he says raven moves to Shoot sinister before Destiny suggests The pit but a ray of light suddenly Fills the air and Sinister disappears in A puff of smoke Please say he's dead we're overdue for a Stroke of luck Emma says with a sigh but Destiny shakes her head I don't think so He's been kidnapped she says as she Looks up into the sky 1943 Raven slips from the Shadows taking On the form of a blonde bombshell the Two Soldiers look up in Surprise as she Approaches gentlemen I appear to be a Little lost she says with a smile they Are too stunned to speak so she moves in And knocks them out quickly with an Uppercut and a kick she smiles at them Again as she shifts once more to take on Their form moving through the army base She finally finds what she is looking For people building strange stasis pots Hello Raven please tell me you didn't Kill the poor Soldier Irene says as she Comes up behind her lover Raven returns to her normal form shocked To see Irene there But as Destiny leads her through the Building she explains that while Nathaniel Essex is an evil man he is

Necessary to the future of mutant kind Irene leads Raven top side promising her That Nathaniel will eventually get What's coming to him a powerful annoying Bald psychic thrashes him while quoting German philosophy Irene explains Raven's Sighs and shakes her head that does Sound annoying but I'll bet it doesn't Finish Sinister for good he does like to Cheat death she says Raven reaches out and hugs Irene before Disappearing into the desert Did he manage to come back after the First time she wonders London 1895. At 2 21 B Baker Street Raven has taken On the identity of a brilliant private Detective with Irene acting as her Assistant The two of them are looking into the Saucy Jack murders and their Investigation has led them to the Middlebury house where they meet Nathaniel Essex who is a supposed Survivor of the latest attack he greets Them at the door and invites them inside Though he asks them to get to the point Quickly I fear time is somewhat pressing He explains Irene nods and steps forward I'm aware of your work Dr Essex and your Essex factors she tells him she informs Him that his work will only end in Madness and asks that he turn away from It Nathaniel merely looks at her for a

Moment I'm not sure what intrigues me More that a blind woman claims to read Or a woman claims to have sufficient Mind to read me he says but Raven now in The form of Sherlock Holmes steps around The subject and asks Essex about the Attack I was walking I was attacked from behind The brute was Disturbed I survived I can Be of no further help to the great Detective he says simply the two thank Essex for his time and step out into the Night Do you want a clue Irene asks Raven she Changes back absolutely not Raven says Sharply That night she walks through the city Having now taken on the disguise of a Damsel in distress but a scream pierces The night air Raven transforms at once Into an armed assassin and rushes Forward rounding the corner into an Alleyway where she raises her weapon but Her eyes widen in shock as she sees a Muscular Essex smashing a man's head Against the wall why hello you look Interesting I bet your blood would look Super all smashed upon the wall yes he Says with an evil smile Raven aims her Rifle and fires blowing off half of Essex's head I still live he says with a Laugh as he leaps up and begins to scale The wall his fingers digging into the Stone Raven follows him quickly and

Hunts the Beast to the Millbury house Where I Irene Waits outside I don't need You I found him all by myself Raven Snaps Irene Smiles I know well done but I am curious she says inside the two Women find Essex changing back this is Beyond your understanding ladies he Tells them as he crawls away but Raven Reveals her shape-shifting to him your Essex men he gasps in Surprise the trio Retired to essex's study where he Explains that an ancient Egyptian gave Him great power but he couldn't control The gift and it turned him into the Monster that they met with what he did To me I may not outlive this Century Nathanael explains it tells them that he Must for one day man will fight against Each other and eventually the Clockwork Minds that man is creating but it is Only by science taming the supernatural Can they hope to fight against their Future Clockwork beings he steps forward And draws a diamond onto the chalkboard Before them I have to plan for the long Game despite my current predicament the Monster in me Will Be Tamed and I will See the 20th century and the next and The next and the next He says raven is simply confused why are You telling us this she asks him Essex Turns back to her a crazed look in his Eyes One day there will be a war between

People like us and people who are not People we must be on the same side he Says But Irene steps forward and knocks him Out I will never be on the same side as Men like you she snaps the pair deliver Essex to the authorities who leave him In a mental institution in the darkness Of his cell Nathanael promises that he Will live he sees the future sees black And red But his eyes suddenly go wide you're a Ghost he begins to whisper The next day Irene and Raven discovered That Nathaniel died in the night Irene Goes to the Millbury house where she Begins to look through essex's research She searches the basement where she Discovers four tanks that have been Broken open and on the top of them are Four symbols a diamond a clover a heart And a spade Krakowa the quiet Council continues Their meeting discussing the news from Arako and the prospect of allowing human Resurrection for the purpose of allies Around the globe but the meeting is Interrupted as Sinister walks through The door Glad you could join us Sinister you can Read the minutes to catch up Emma says As Sinister stocks Pastor Destiny looks Up from her chair at that moment Exodus she says the holy mutant looks at

Her Nathanael is about to kill hope she Says as she leans back Sinister looks at Her in Anger still trying to get his Pistol out you spoil sport he shouts Before Exodus uses his power to blow up Sinister's head Everyone is shocked and kitty looks up From the bloody mess What's going on she asks It was earlier that Sinister decided That enough was enough he had already Reached the first stage of his plan Putting Hope on the council but he Didn't want to have to go through Judgment Day again so he created two More Moira clones and tried to reach Stage two with his save point reached he Picked up his pistol and prepared Himself But okay Destiny will interfere well one Way to sidestep that he says to himself After he returns to the save point he Tried blowing up the council but Destiny Saw this and Kurt managed to teleport Everyone away and exodus blew up Sinister's head he tries to kill Destiny Before Hope but she sees this and Raven Attacks him hope takes Exodus his gift And blows up sinister's head he tries Using a Mech but hope and storm blow him Up he tries using a sniper rifle but Exodus finds him quickly he tries using His psychic trap which kills Xavier but Emma becomes a diamond and punches

Through his skull he tried transforming Into a giant monster and managed to kill Half the council but both Destiny and Hope managed to survive The last time he enters the council Chamber claiming to be ready to clear His name from The Clover Mr Sinister he Offers them a psychic imprint that will Clear his name the psychics begin to Look at it but it is a batch of cloned Xavier brains turned into a psychic bomb And immediately shuts them all down the Pulse tears apart the psychics except For Exodus and Hope Sinister unleashes his next attack Cloned Scott Summer's eyes with wings They fly around and blast everyone with A laugh of Glee Sinister rushes forward And uses Gambit's genes to implode the Inside of Exodus now Exodus is dead so You're not copying his gift anymore hope So are you still indestructible Sinister Asks as he turns to hope he raises a Pistol and fires it at her blowing her Up Sinister laughs at finally completing His task before teleporting away in the Smoke and destruction Afterwards the rest of the council Regrouped shocked by the events Bringing hope back will be difficult but They have contingencies in place to do It what the damn hell was that man Thinking Shaw asks as he looks around

Kitty begins to gather everyone around Her promising to bring Sinister to Justice I can find him Destiny tells her Kitty nods with determination good let's Go dig this bastard out of whatever hole He's hiding in and then throw him in Hours she says In his secret lab Sinister rushes to the Computer and orders it to speed up the Second clone of moira's growth cycle I Need a save point and I need to be out Of here he shouts he turns away as the Computer works wishing he had done more But knowing he can work with what he has I can handle it I have to I am not going Back to bloody Judgment Day He says at The quiet Council other mutants have Begun to gather the Dead with cable Picking up hope and carrying her to the People of krakowa but the fail safes Work and hope is brought back from the Dead What happened hope asks as she stands Turning to see her dead body Sinister sink informs her the rest of The quiet counsel is resurrected Question does sinister still breathe the Same air as actual mutants Exodus asks For now the council is leading the X-Men To him Charles explains Emma stance oh Good if we hurry we can get a little Revenge it is such an ugly reputation But sometimes it just hits the spot she Says angrily the X-Men arrive at

Sinister's secret lab but Sinister let's Lose his chimeras on them the first is An iboy Cyclops hybrid the creature Lashes out with numerous optic blasts X-Men to counsel things have escalated Requesting support Cyclops shouts a Portal opens and the remaining members Of The Quiet Council appear at last Shah says with a smile The mutant launches into the battle but Is met by hybrid clones of Wolverine as The battle rages Gene reaches out to Find sinister's mind I have him Kurt she Shouts sharing the location with him Kurt banffs away but is shocked to find A brain in a jar decoy brain he shouts The battle continues to rage onward and Sinister's Escape shuttle is finally Powered it rips through the ground but The resurrected members of The Quiet Council have arrived hope and exodus Take each other's hands and reach out Using their combined powers to rip Sinister's ship in half it plummets to The ground in a ball of Fire Sinister survives and pulls himself Clear of the rubble Emma stalks forward And kicks Sinister in the face knocking Him to the ground well Nathaniel I don't Think you need Irene's gifts to guess What happens next Charles tells him Sinister is returned to krakowa where he Stands trial for his actions against the Council shockingly he is found guilty

And imprisoned beneath the soil of the Living Island In the pit Charles stares at the spot Where Sinister stood moments ago this is A wake-up call we must be better in the Future we cannot act like we have a Useful monster is still a monster Sinister is gone let us make a better Kinder krakowa he says with nods the Council members turn and leave the Chamber Destiny pauses for a moment Before reaching out for Raven's hand My love we must leave immediately she Wants Later in his Chambers Charles watches the sunset before Turning back to his room He looks at the mirror there And quietly reaches up to remove the Cerebro helmet He smiles as he reveals The Sinister diamond on his forehead And that brings us to the conclusion of The immortal X-Men that leads into the X-Men event sins of sinister which is Currently going on right now don't worry I will be reading that story for you When it does eventually conclude but if You want to read it before then go to Your local comic shop or check out Online to buy yourself the copies of Sins of sinister if you guys enjoyed This video please be sure to give it a Like leave a comment down below

Subscribe to the channel and be sure to Click that Bell icon to get Notifications when new videos go live Thank you guys so much for listening and Watching and I will see you next time

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