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Batman has been consumed by the literal Devil measure Batman vs Robin saw the Devil Ninja consuming the soul of Damian Wayne and Batman needing to go to battle With him in the final hours the Lazarus Pit exploded creating a rain cloud of Lazarus resin across the planet this Changed and altered many many Superheroes but in the final battles Batman allowed himself to be consumed by The devil measure to give the heroes Enough power to fight against devil Measure's son no one realized that Batman was being controlled by devil Neja though and was still technically Dead from the previous adventure with The Lazarus Planet situation resolved Damien and Batman went back to the Wayne Manor what Damien doesn't realize is the Devil measure is still there and still Wants to take control this is Batman vs Robin 5 which is technically the Aftermath to Lazarus planet and today You're at the comic story and channel Where I create audio dramas about your Favorite comic books for you to enjoy And to know what to buy at the local Comic book store now let's go get into Today's issue After the events of Lazarus Planet the Heroes of the world have gone back to Their homes but Robin has been captured The demon Neja is inhabiting the body of Batman and brought Damien back to the

Bat cave Robin awakens to find himself Hanging upside down at Batman standing Before him Neja I said Batman in a team To capture you I gather it didn't go as Planned Robin asks seemingly unafraid Neja Smiles demanding to know where is King Fire Bull I still wish to Humble my son Robin doesn't reveal the fact that he Doesn't actually know asking Neja to Release him so that he can show him he Walks over to the computer and puts on a Set of earphones if I can still monitor The computers I can show you a map he Explains but that's when Robin hits the Emergency alarm button blasting 150 Decibels into the cave which throws it Neja to the ground Robin rushes over to His motorcycle quickly roaring out of The cave he looks behind him as the Batmobile explodes out of the ground as Neja quickly gives Chase missiles launch Into the air and Robin is barely able to Maneuver around them suddenly His Radio Crackles to life Damien are you there can you hear me Talia asks quickly telling Damien that Batman has been possessed Damien steers Around another blast I know I have to Find a way to escape Damien tells her But Talia tells him that neja's life Energy is the only thing keeping Batman Still alive if you remove it he's going To die she explains Robin looks up as

The monkey Prince suddenly appears on The handles of the motorcycle almost Veering out of control hi Monkey Princess with a smile where did you come From can you go back there Robin asks Him but monkey Prince explains that he Is here to help he reaches down pulling Out a bit of the fur from his arm Blowing on it suddenly two monkey Princes are leaping at the pursuing Batmobile distracting it the Batmobile Swarms Out of Control crashing into a Tree giving Robin some room to maneuver And finally breathe All right I admit that was a solid Flex Can you make some Superman next time he Asks as the pairs sneak off into the Woods as they're fleeing monkey Prince Explains that the longer that Neja stays In Batman's body the stronger his magic Will become he finally whirls around Grabbing a hold of Robin look I I don't Know any other way to say this but I'm Sorry in order to save the world you're Gonna have to kill your dad are you Prepared for that Robin stares at him For a moment I have no other option he Says quietly but Robin has a plan he Sends monkey Prince on a mission heading To Gotham where he gathers the bat Family Atop The gcpd he calls to Neja With the bat signal a portal opens up And Batman steps out You just summoned me bat welp but the

Bat family is waiting Nightwing rushes And drawing blood as he smashes Batman Across the face with his escrima sticks The bat girls are next the three of them Whirling and kicking Red Hood opens fire While Tim Drake attacks from the side But even the Gathering of skill within The family isn't enough Batman finally Throws them all clear get away from me Monkey Prince then arrives and Robin Puts the second part of his plan into Action monkey Prince begins to pull out More fur creating dozens of clones of Damien leaping into the fight Neja is Surrounded and brought down as the Robins attack him again and again but The Clones quickly disappear and Robin Is left alone punching Neja in the face Bringing him down trying to choke him Out as Batman Begins to rise the magic Users arrive bringing the Mortal body of Neja with them Satana enchantress and pigsy all use Their magic to hold devil measure to the Ground binding him tell me this is gonna Work Robin shouts to them but pigsy Informs him that it will That Zatanna and enchantress will be Powerful enough to put neja's soul back Into his body then do it look at him He's already Robin shouts and enchantress looks at Him are you certain Robin Batman cannot Are you a fully aware of what you are

Asking us to do robin nods yes one Billion life in exchange for millions Billions So the two magic uses work their magic And the soul of Neja is ripped out of Batman's body and put back where it Belongs Robin stands over the Fallen body of his Father with monkey Prince putting an arm Around to console him but Robin brushes Him off save it enchantress now transfer All of my life energy into my father Everyone is shocked by Damien's words The world needs Batman not me But enchantress shakes her head Damien It's not enough pigsy steps forward Explaining that neja's magic has damaged Batman's body too much that it is little More than a shell that one soul is not Enough to heal him so Robin looks around At the entire bat family in shock can You take pieces some from all of us he Motions to the rest of them knowing that They would all give a piece of their Soul to heal Batman to heal their father But satana shakes her head I'm so sorry I gladly would give myself for this man But a handful of fragments Aren't Enough Either do you know how many people would Give a part of themselves in order for Batman to live though she asks and Robin Looks at the ground for a moment I hope so Robin sends out a message to All the people in Gotham City to

Everyone that believed in Batman and to Those who think that he is just a myth To those that he has protected Individually and to those that never Knew that they were saved he asks the People of Gotham the people that Batman Has dedicated his life to to give up a Small piece of their soul so that Batman May live again the people give it gladly Raising their hands and chanting that Everyone is it Batman everyone is Batman Lightning cracks through the sky as the Magic works and Batman rises once more He sits up in shock With Robin quickly rushing to his side It's all right father He's safe now he tells him Hugging his father It's over He says softly and so Batman and Robin Are once again together protecting Gotham protecting the world As the dynamic duo And that concludes the Lazarus Planet Storyline in the Batman vs Robin's Storyline honestly I liked the Batman vs Robin element in this entire thing I Liked the idea of the devil measure Coming back and taking control of Batman Taking control of Robin I thought this Whole storyline was a lot of fun I'll Link all the parts to it down below so You can follow all of it if you really Want to but if you want to get more

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