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Absolutely Marvel & DC BATMAN Review
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In Batman's early years he went up Against Croc The Riddler and Catwoman Trying to gain an ancient artifact known As the eye of God this story is called Batman killing time and today I'm going To bring you the full story of it here At comic's story and we break down your Favorite comic books into digestible Bites I read them to you as an audio Drama and this allows you to know what You should be adding into your Collection today we're looking at Batman Killing time an out of continuity Graphic novel and it's one of my Favorites I hope you guys enjoy Rain falls from a darkened Gotham sky as The Killer Croc moves throughout the Crowd he's disguised in a really big Trench coat and hat he walks into the Bank with a security guard opening the Door for him really coming down now Isn't it the guard says with a smile his Eyes not leaving the massive monster it Was three days ago that Julian thawne Found himself at the Iceberg Lounge he Had paid for a private session with Their new dancer nippy unaware of the Cameras and the lounge's private rooms He had no choice but to make a deal with Oswald cobblepot it was thon's idea for Croc to hit him just hard enough to make It look real Croc finally reaches the Teller of the bank after waiting Patiently in line your money all of it

He growls and the teller looks confused Until Croc rips him out of his Booth Lifting him into the air over it he Growls again at the alarms begin to Sound Acro across town Selena Kyle is in A disguise giving tennis lessons to the Wife of Ronald Barrington one of the Owners of the bank and several others in Gotham at this exact time over at the Gcpd the newly appointed Police Commissioner James Gordon is alerted to The costumed villain Heist he rubs his Eyes in frustration I haven't been out Today haven't been home since yesterday Sounds like it's storming outside how Dark is it he asks the sergeant moments Later the bat signal is activated and The Dark Knight descends from the sky Over at Ronald barrington's home Selena Has finished her lesson and is enjoying Tea with Mrs Barrington commenting on The large security guards that watch Over them after a moment she notices the Time it excuses herself to the bathroom In Ronald barrington's office the Banker's secretary informs him that a Man from the central bank is there to Brief them on the heist that is ongoing The door opens reveals a green-suited Edward Enigma Mr Barrington you're about To get a call from your wife and I Highly encourage you to answer it Edward Tells him back over at the bank Thon Draws his pistol on Croc wanting to make

It look good as he shouts to the villain To give it up Croc Smiles whirling on Him hitting him much harder than was Planned killing him as thon's body slams Into the wall Brock continues to scream For the money but Batman has arrived Mr Barrington's wife shouts for his help From the phone telling him that Catwoman Has already defeated their guards it is Holding her captive and Edward Enigma Smiles taking the phone from a stunned Ronald Barrington hanging it up you Should move swiftly you just have to Control the animals Edward says with a smile Ronald leads Him down to the lower Vault of his Office where he brings Edward default Five no matter what threats you make of My family I certainly cannot open this And if you think you can just break the Lock well I don't know what you're doing And I doubt you do too Ronald tells him Edward nods as he looks at the massive Vault door leaning in looking at the Luck yes it's quite the riddle isn't it Days earlier we look back as to why Croc Is even involved you see he took the job To rob the bank thus creating a Distraction for the true Heist he did This out of a necessity he was hoping to Use the money to get surgery to look Normal So that his girlfriend will love him Again but right now Batman punches Croc

Hard knocking him down Meanwhile over in the vault Edward Smiles as he easily gets through the Door standing in the vault looking at The various safety deposit boxes he Ponders for a moment before easily Picking out the one that he needs Barrington look what we did no one Absolutely no one thought it could be Done and we solved it back up top Croc Roars as he punches Batman in the Stomach and across the face but Batman Moves with the hits ducking under Another blow and punching Croc hard Enough to knock loose some of his teeth Across town Enigma exits barrington's Office building and finds Selena waiting For him outside in the car It's out of the rain how'd it go she Asks as he holds out the small box for Her opening it Selena my dear we did it He says of the smile her eyes widening As she sees the hall holy crap Later and Croc's girlfriend Vera's Apartment there's a knock at the door And she opens it to find A well-dressed Man holding a bag you're not going to Spend it you're going to hide it when He's released from Arkham you're going To give it to him the help simply says He hands of the bag and leaves It doesn't take long for Vera to open it Up and look at the large pile of money Oh crocky you shouldn't have she says

With a smile that night Edward and Catwoman meet their benefactor Oswald Cobblepot and Gotham City Central Park But Edward isn't happy pointing out that Oswald has brought a weapon it's just a Normal umbrella it was raining Oswald Tells him as he holds up the item of Course and if that's the case before we Do our Exchange May I hold on to it Edward asks Oswald Relents handing Edward the umbrella The Riddler turns it on him hitting Oswald Again and again and again until the Blood begins to Splash everywhere from The beating Catwoman looks up in fear as She sees the bat signal in the sky There's the signal come on we gotta go Enigma she orders as she rushes off into The night and Edward nods turning away From the penguin's body give a man a Fish and he eats for a day give a man a Poisoned fish and he eats for a lifetime Edwards says as he walks off into the Night Meanwhile on top of the gcpd Gordon Informs Batman that Croc's Caper was a Distraction for the real Heist Jim the Volte accessed Was it vault 5. Batman asks and Jim Confirms this Batman disappears into the Night before he can ask more questions Time passes Selena and Edward Now find Themselves in a cabin at Lake Giordano 40 miles outside of Gotham Edward steps

Outside and hands Selena a drink that he Made she's anxious about what they did Do you know how Maddie's gonna be not Just that we took what we took which Would be enough but when he sees how he Played him Selena asks Edward Who's telling her a riddle what does it Take to get the bat to kill you at least I solved that riddle Selena says as she Drinks looking at the mountains in the Distance Over at Arkham Asylum Batman throws Croc Against the wall who else knew I need a List everyone that you've talked to Everywhere that you've gone in the past 30 days Back over in Arkham Batman steps out of The Croc cell to find a waiting Gordon Croc gives up an address which Gordon Tells him they will run down Gordon Turns back Batman has disappeared oh Come on it's a hallway what are you Hiding behind the trash can Gordon Whispers in frustration At the cabin Selena is more anxious Their buyer hasn't called or arrived With their money Edward comes in from The lake proud of himself for catching a Fish and Selena lashes out kicking him Pinning him to the wall with her foot What is it Enigma is there a phone call Is there even a buyer or are we just Waiting for Batman to solve one of your Puzzles if you left him some Gumdrop

Trail to follow I'll break your neck Before he breaks mine she growls at Edward but Edward holds up his hands I'm Not a fooled woman it was clean there Are no riddles he tells her At the cabin Selena keeps opening and Closing the Box The phone rings and Edward answers and Moments later he looks at her they're on Their way they have the money and little Over an hour you'll never have to rob a Jewelry store again Selena back over at Vera's apartment she doesn't seem upset With Batman merely pointing out that Batman has no proof that she did Anything wrong that if she goes to court They couldn't do anything to her Batman Stares at her from the Shadows oh I Suppose we could avoid all of that and I Could just tell you where the cash is From which is all you really want and I Suppose that you could leave with what I Earned with what I did not steal which Is all I really want doesn't that sound Nice and easy she asks as she sips her Drink Batman just stares at her Days ago Edward and Selena were waiting Outside of their benefactor's door Selena reached out with her finger Preparing to push the doorbell as Edward Looked at his watch telling her to wait For exactly noon now he says and she Pushes the doorbell Present day Edward and Selena wait for

The exchange they are both dressed in Their costumes with Riddler doing a Crossword puzzle and Selena tossing a Bottle into the air that she breaks with Her whip relax we're almost there he Tells her as he solves another riddle Back over in Gotham Batman has arrived At the Iceberg Lounge and he begins to Beat the bartender to get information He hasn't even asked a question yet I'm Aware of the Loyalty that the bird Demands of the pain that he gives out at Any hint of betrayal Batman says as he Throws the bartender against the wall so I thought that I'd give you a sample and Then a choice his pain or mine Batman Growls as he stalks forward at the cab And the doorbell finally rings and Edward stands with a smile there you go The buyer he says as he crosses the room Catwoman doesn't get up as the Riddler Reaches for the doorknob Edward opens The door but he finds A well-dressed Older man waiting for him his eyes Widening surprise Andy you are the Riddler demands but the man gives him a Short bow holding up a king I'm the help He says simply before firing the gun Into the riddle of their stomach Edward Stumbles back falling to the ground as The blood begins to pour out of his Wound is the girl here as well the help Asks as he steps inside Batman rushes Towards the cabin as The Gunshot Echoes

Throughout the night he throws up his Batarangs with the help merely moves his Head letting them fly past he glances Over his shoulder I see well then shall We But it was earlier that the penguin came Out of his coma one of his goons sits With him Oswald cobblepot motioned for a Pen and paper and Scrolls a simple Instruction Call for help Kill Them All Back at our current time though the help Hits the ground but flips over rolling On top of Batman slamming his Cane into Its throat Batman manages to get up and The two Take It Outside fighting where They have more room I see you've gotten Overseas for at least a little of your Training how marvelous that's a ducat The help says as he blocks Batman's kick The Batman counters throwing a backhand In which the help recognizes as being From Ted Grant to help Dodges and blocks Several moves recognizing their trainers In an instant before he leaps up and Kneeing Batman in the chin have you Tried this I learned it from the canary He says of the smile It was in the past that Bruce dueled With Ra's al ghoul their swords clashing At Roz's Castle I've left you a gift in Your cell something to take with you When you sneak out tonight and go back Home Roz tells him ignoring Bruce's

Promises that he isn't leaving what's The gift Bruce asks as he knocks Roz's Blade aside slashing again and Roz Easily blocks the blow it's nothing Except my most valued possession Something I killed many men to acquire And more to retain something for you to Carry with you always to remind you that Though you will leave though you think You can reject everything that I am you Are my legacy he will always remain My One True heir Roz tells him Back in the cab in the back door Suddenly kicked open and Catwoman Stumbles out supporting Edward I need Keep moving if we stop we're dead Edward Gasps at her his hand trying to slow the Bleeding from his gut but Selena knows That they can't escape by walking she Then looks up and sees the Batmobile Part in the shadows nearby if we have a Chance we need a ride moments later they Are roaring in the powerful car Selena Knows that they have to dump it she Knows that Batman can track it but Edward tells her to get as far away as Possible before they dump it who hired The help the buyer we get stabbed she Asks Edward but he shakes his head Gritting his teeth against the pain no The Gold This means the Penguins alive and Flapping

Later they dumped the car and managed to Steal a big rig Edward is still losing a Lot of blood and he leans his head Against the window I'm passing out now Sorry he whispers to her and Selena Grits her teeth continuing to drive into The night knowing what she must do back At the cabin Batman hits the ground and Doesn't move the help steps forward of Reaching into his jacket now you seem Very close to being very good but not Quite there but a few more years with The necessary mistakes and I think he Will do something quite special he says Pulling out a business card this is my Card no pressure at all but if you don't Feel like waiting all those years and You have a desire to learn a few Important things in a slightly more Efficient manner do not hesitate to call The help says before turning and walking Away Inside the cabin the help finds a blood Smear heading towards the back door he Looks up as a small man enters the cabin And who are you The man holds a briefcase I'm the buyer Who are you He asks in The Help smiles I'm the help He says before turning long ago a man Sneaked into a church where the supposed Eye of God sits on an altar in a Decorated box the man quietly took the Box and he left bringing it to his

Nearby Village where his sister was Being buried The man cries as he places the box with The eye of God within his sister's Coffin and he walks away Days later that man waits for his sister To rise from her grave and she doesn't Rise and he dies Waiting by her but back In the modern time Batman finally Awakens stumbling towards the cabin Where he finds the buyer is dead Tortured by the help as he steps out Into the night he finds the helps card Waiting for him Later penguin's guards lay dead outside Of his hospital room Oswald awakens to Find the help sitting at his bedside the Help informs him that he has returned The money that he was paid but tortured A man to learn what it was all about and If what I suspect is true if the rumors I have heard from the men who only Talked because I was cutting them well To possess this would be something I Would like he says as he reaches into His jacket and pulls out a knife so you Must tell me Oswald what was that little Man trying to buy with all of this money The help asks in Oswald stares at him in Fear as he leans closer but now we go Back in time again you see long ago the Workers were digging holes in a field Where a young girl was buried and her Brother died it's there that they find

The remains of a coffin and some bones And they also find a small box the Workers are all executed as Raz al-ghul Recovers the eye of God Meanwhile Catwoman awaits him in a tiger Sanctuary 520 miles west of Gotham she Opens the box that her and The Riddler Stole and her eyes widen as she looks Into the eye of God later Batman stands Ready as the tigers are now surrounding Him one roaring leaping at him but he Dodges around it punching it in the face I'm fighting tigers he says to Alfred Over the radio ducking under another Flipping over its head promising to get The Tigers back into their cages and not Leave them roaming the countryside Later Edward is sitting at a diner Eating waffles as he sits with the buyer He tells her that the man she sent Missed him in Selena look Nuri you think I want this thing I got shot for this Thing you bring the cash I hand it over The deal is the deal and the deal stands He tells her but the government agent Shakes her head pointing out that her Man is dead and if Edward wants to live He's going to give her the eye right now Edward shakes his head telling her I Don't have the eye on me and I can't get It unless you get me the money no Complications no twists but she leans Across the table slapping him across the Face twice he glares at her not caring

Who she truly works for don't touch me Again he warns her but she slaps him a Third time Edward wipes blood from his Lip I'm going to kill you but Nuri nods Her head and everyone else in the diner Stands drawing weapons and pointing them At Edward I doubt it very much she says With a smile At the tiger sanctuary Batman has fallen To the ground as the tiger lands on top Of him its teeth bared but something Stabs it from behind and it slumps to The ground please excuse the Interruption Batman but it seems you Needed the help The help tells him as he wipes the blood From his sword King Batman gets to his Feet ask me the help says as he walks Around the room the help looks at Batman And explains that he knows Batman is Thinking about taking advantage of the Help's knowledge and advice to help Finish this and hunt down the culprits You have rightly concluded a scrap with Me here will do nothing to benefit you And I would wager that I know more about The ultimate players in this game than You do he says stopping and looking at Batman again So ask me Batman stares at him then he Turns around we'll take my bike He growls as he looks over his shoulder When this is over so are you The help Smiles ah yes the unearned

Confidence of Youth you wear it well sir I will no doubt regret when I tear it From your hide Meanwhile back at the diner Catwoman Comes out of the back room having snuck Into the kitchen through the vents she Leaves over the counter quickly Disarming nuri's agents her whip Cracking out But now we go back into the past again The help stands with Roz El ghoul Watching as a young Bruce Wayne Continues to train he is the heir Roz Informs him the help is intrigued I seem To remember you already giving away this Name Are there now two of us Might be confusing at parties that help Says but Roz shakes his head I once Thought you were there I was mistaken Back at the diner the fight is over and Edward hasn't moved he smiles at Nuri as Selena takes the seat next to him Nuri This is Selena Selena reaches out Slamming nuri's face onto the table Back at Gotham penguin meets a two-face Offering him a hefty sum of money to Join him in the hunt for the Riddler and Catwoman Two-Face flips his coin for an Answer a lot of us in this town a lot of Us would Gooch why me Two-Face asks and Oswald nods explaining That there are hundreds of goons in Gotham enough for a small army that's

Why you're not my first stop nor my last Oswald says A little bit later into the night the Help comes out of the diner informing Him that while the diner seems like Everything is fine it's obvious that Something happened earlier and whomever That I'm meeting with is probably the One who covered everything up someone With quite ample resources probably Government related he explains and he Leans against Batman's blank it's an Interesting Journey we walked lightly Between the Sovereign and the Insane In Search of what would you call it The help asks glancing at Batman who Narrows his eyes mine Later the battle which could easily be Called a war is joined colorfully Dressed Gotham Goods fought against a Gathering of government agents guns that Were firing explosions exploding and Comically themed Gotham weapons doing Their thing also the Joker was possibly There there was a clown who fired a Tommy gun into the crowd while laughing Maniacally killing 33 government agents And 26 goons but his identity is Unsubstantiated but how did we get there Earlier Riddler and Catwoman had broken Into a family's home and tied them up Using their telephone to speak to agent Nuri and set up that meeting at moldov Park let's say tomorrow morning at the

Gazebo in the middle just to cat me and You And the money Riddler tells her at her Office Nuri loads her pistol ordering as Many agents as she can but she stops to Make one last call to president of the United States I'm calling because I need A bomb she tells him at the Iceberg Lounge the goons of Gotham have been Gathered with cobblepot telling them That the buses are waiting outside to Take them all to maldoff park once there You will find three targets The Riddler Catwoman and the buyer you will kill Them all and you will take my treasure And you will be handsomely rewarded Penguin tells them all after the meeting One of two faces goon sends a text Message that reaches Batman The Dark Knight looks up to the helm Just got an update from a source the Meeting is set for tomorrow night Penguin is bringing an army But long ago in the Deep past A priestess of Athena met with the General of the Spartan Army the Peloponnesian War is Over And as an Offering of surrender the Priestess Offers the general a decorated box Inside that box is the eye of Athena who Holds the eye holds the world the Priestess says as she bows to the Sparta But back at our current day as Batman on The help drive through the night trying

To reach maldoth Park the help asks Batman why he kept the ice safe You seem to be a man of great resources Mr Batman did you not want to keep it Closer at hand he asks but Batman Doesn't respond as they continue to Drive at the park Catwoman is worried About the meeting believing that there's No way that Nuri will pay them you worry Too much all the time with you You'll see they'll pay Edward tells her Money is easy they'll take the easy not Everyone is smart enough to appreciate a Challenge he continues and he looks up To see Nuri approaching them unaware and Right now he's in a sniper's crosshairs She waves at him nearby the buses begin To pull up also nearby the help in Batman Screech to a stop with the help Beginning to hear the approaching Helicopters military flying low why Would penguin the help begins but Batman Is already running it's not the penguin He yells back at the Gazebo Nuri is Beginning to hand over the bag of money But her agents are informing her of the Buses and the arrival of Batman he's Running in your direction the agent's Warned Nuri shifts her gaze and The Riddler follows it his eyes widening as He sees the approaching Batman the Catwoman is already moving she kicks Riddler in the face knocking him down Turning back to Nuri and holding up the

Box I have it when Batman gets me he's Going to take it from me and you'll Never get it you take it now give me the Money and let me run claim it for the Government he's a good boy he won't take It from you Catwoman says Batman leaps Into the air his cape flapping as he Draws close you give him the Riddler as A consolation prize Catwoman says his Fear begins to fill nuri's eyes she Draws her gun and she orders her snipers To take out Batman I want everyone in The field you'll stop all of these Costumed crazies I'm losing it she Shouts into the radio and she raises her Pistol aiming it at Catwoman but Batman Has made it slamming into her dragging Her to the ground the agent rushed the Gazebo they meet with the goons gunfire And explosions fill the park Catwoman Leaps onto the grass running away but She's tripped by the helps Kane the Box Goes flying out of her hand and as she Flips through the air Landing in a Crouch she hisses at the help Batman Meanwhile helps agent Nuri from the Ground slamming her into the Gazebo only Batman you can't win called your truce End this he growls but she refuses Ordering them to drop the bomb what Batman gasps in Surprise and she grits Her teeth at him you're Batman we're the United States of America no one holds The world in the palm of their hands but

Us she snaps Batman releases her looking Up firing a grappling hook into the air Launching away meanwhile over in the Grass the Box hits the ground and tips The lid opens up in a small ball begins To roll downhill gunfire erupts all Around it as it rolls pushing down the Grass cregating a path And it finally stops at one man's feet He reaches down Picks it up as the war continues around Him the clock King Smiles as he looks Down at it holding the world in his hand Everything is perfectly timed We cut back to the past Selena has just Rang the doorbell of the buyer the door Opens to reveal the clock We are on time Edward Smiles at him We're going to hold the world then we're Going to sell it for so much when else Would we be it was months later that the Clock King sat on the wall in Athens he Looked up into the night sky and smiled As he sees bats flying through the air Before the meeting Edward Enigma called The clock King and told him the time and The place in the meeting I understand The clock King says before hanging up The phone at the meeting Nuri orders her Snipers to take out Batman but the clock King stands behind the sniper firing a Pistol killing the sniper he removed all Possible problems for Batman overhead Batman had pulled himself onto the

Helicopter knocking the soldier that was About to drop the bomb he grabbed the Controls bringing the helicopter higher Before leaping out with the soldier Allowing the bomb to detonate harmlessly High above everyone but down below the Clock King has the eye of the world he Walks through the park casually taking Batman's motorcycle driving away Into The Night Back at the Gazebo Edward Enigma Struggled to his feet Nuri was there Shouting over her radio she doesn't see Enigma pick up her gun and aim and he Fires Batman drops it back down into the War zone below pulling out the sleeping Pellets that he keeps in his belt Dropping them on an army of guns and Government agents below Catwoman leaped Into the air dodging the help's attack Lashing out kicking him hard in the face And after the battle had ended Batman Walked through the smoke having saved Those that he was able But it was not enough for him Eight months pass Vera walks into a pawn Shop she is drawn to a small round ball That looks like an eye and asks the Price the owner looks at her it's old I Paid a good price for it so the price is Set maybe it's something maybe it's junk You never know she doesn't look at him Her eyes transfixed on the eye who cares About the price I got plenty of money

And I'd like it it's pretty and I'll Take it but two months after the meeting At the Gazebo in the war in Athens clock King is checking his watch And he closes that as Batman approaches From behind days before that Edward Confronted Catwoman on a rooftop in Morocco demanding to know why she Betrayed him oh like you weren't gonna Stab me every time I turned around it Was the way it had to go Catwoman told Him and Edward smiled motioning over his Shoulder Selena darling he's here Batman Growls behind her it's done for both of You anger Phil Selena as she launches Herself at Riddler I'm going to tear Your tongue out of your mouth she hisses But months later Batman sits down with The clock It wasn't their plan they couldn't have Done this no I knew it was you right From the beginning just like you must Have known we'd both end up right here Clocking 137 people died for what you could hold The eye of God hold the world for a damn Month is that what all of this was is That the game we played The clock King shakes his head no I Never held the world he says We then cut briefly to the Past To where this all began The eye of Athena the prize given to the Spartans it was never the eye of the god

You see back when this all started the Eye of Athena was swamped out with a Piece of stone a simple eye held in a Simple stoned mask everyone thought that They held something important in their Hands something worth a fortune Something that may have been magical They all thought they held the eye of Athena the eye of God they thought they Held the world in the palm of their Hands and all of this For a simple piece of stone that was Swapped out long ago back with Batman And the clock King clock King looks out Into the night I owe you no explanations And I offer none the eye was yours it Was theirs that it was mine now it is Lost 137 are dead and I Surrender what More is there to know clock King says Batman pauses for a moment before Lashing out elbowing the clock King in The face knocking him down The chase is over In one final time Jump we go one month Earlier the clock King is sitting on a Plane The stewardess is pouring him a cup of Coffee asking if he'd like cream or Sugar he explains that he just wants his Coffee black she then sees him playing With a simple small Stone eye And she asks what is it he simply tells Her that it's nothing Just something to help me pass the time

And there you go during the last two Years there was a lot of one-off Batman Stories that could be in continuity also Could not be in continuity and basically That's where a lot of them sit and They're kind of fun we're gonna be Covering Batman Fortress next so if you Want to stick around make sure you like Subscribe and hit that notification Bell And we'll be able to bring you these Videos on a regular basis I hope you Enjoyed

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