Best Back Issue Comic Book Store in Los Angeles? Swagglehaus visits Spero’s Heroes (Chatsworth, CA)

By | February 25, 2023

In this video I’m trying out the newest comic hunting craze in the comic book collecting community, “Five Dollar Flips.” With a budget of $5 I give myself 5 minutes to buy the BEST book I can find at whatever LCS I visit. This time around I visiting five different LCS’s in the southern California area. Hopefully this can be a series that I continue on the channel any time I visit different LCS’s across the country. Let me know how you guys think I did. Obviously with a 5 minute timer it makes hunting pretty hard, but that’s kind of the fun part – you’re forced to buy/talk about a book that I might not normally pay attention to.

Hope you guys enjoy the video!

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Are in Chatsworth California what is in Chatsworth California not a whole lot to Be honest but luckily we are at Spiros Heroes this is one of those stores that Makes the five dollar flip segment very Very difficult you guys know what it is By now five dollars five minutes best Book that I can pull there are a few Books that stood out to me you know There's a first appearance of Dark Star First appearance of Brothers Grimm but There was one book in particular I felt Like was worthy of my five dollars of Course the book I picked up was Avengers Sorry I always say Avengers Adventures Of Superman number 500 you guys know This book The Rebirth of Superman now I Don't know how you guys feel but a Rebirth is basically as good as the First appearance right technically he Died in Death of Superman that was his Official death so that one doesn't count Anymore this is the true Superman I Think I could probably you know sell This for six dollars on eBay with the Five minutes I had this was the best Book I can pull what do you guys want From me sparrows Heroes 4 out of 5 stars

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