Up 880% But I FORBID You To Buy These Comic Books

By | February 26, 2023

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How's it going David from comic book Investments so we're going to look at Five keys that are heating up and one of These books on here oh man it has gone Up more than I've ever seen I think on This show it's crazy how much it's gone Up 880 Yes you heard that right in a Couple months it went up 880 and it's Wow and there's five books on here that Have gone up a ton but I forbid you to Buy them at these prices for bid you you Are not allowed so if you decide you're Like hey that's good book I think it's Going to go up more don't buy it do not Buy these books at all I want you to Stay away from these books eventually They'll go right back down to where they Normally are and yeah and you can just Get them for cheap if you really want Them Um so yes I forbid you to buy them at These prices all these books on here are Pretty much going to be modern books so If you guys like moderns here you go get A bunch of moderns uh but yeah crazy Prices so let's get right into it first We got super girl woman of Tomorrow There's not much data on this but a 9 8 Back in January sold for 65 dollars now Selling for 200 that is up 208 so this Is popping off because obviously uh James Gunn was like Hey I'm gonna do uh Supergirl TV show movie something I don't know

Whatever he's gonna do something so this Book as you can see in the graph just Went straight up Um but if you look before this book was Case cost and what do I mean by case Cost case cost is base what did it cost To case book you're basically spending You know 25 to get a modern graded then You have to ship there ship back Entrance all that stuff Um so it's going to run you almost 50 Bucks just to do all that stuff And so this book was selling for 65 not Too long ago and before that was selling For less than that like thirty dollars Uh I think at one point it sold for like 19 bucks last year Yeah so this book is not going to be Really worth anything Um It's gonna drop like a stone so there's Been multiple ones uh 200 was recent one But they had a couple for 170. it's yeah Do not buy this book at this price Because it will drop all the way back Down to case costs around it's probably Gonna land around like 30 to 50 60 bucks Somewhere around there uh Maybe if they ever come out with this Whatever they're gonna do who knows Um Because they might have a plan now and By the time they get to it it doesn't Happen because this is years away that

They're predicting I mean remember they Made that Batgirl movie that and they Never released so they do this stuff all The time uh the MCU is pushing back all Their DC plus stuff except a couple of Them So this stuff happens uh you never know What's going to happen with this it may Never get made and even if it did get Made and you're like oh it's going to be Huge it's going to be blah blah this Book is not the one that's going to get Affected the book that you want to get Is Action Comics 252 first appearance of Supergirl uh that's the one you also Have Superman 123 which was a Supergirl Tryout which predates Action Comics uh 252 but it's not Um the Supergirl that we know it's more Of like this a one-off type thing but Nonetheless I think that's how it goes anyways Nonetheless Don't buy at this price I forbid you Next we got Spider-Man the last year's Number one We got a 9-6 selling for seventy dollars You sell for twenty dollars that's up 71 And nine days of 67 from 90 just a few Months ago now selling for 150. this is Going up because Say this wrong to nine Uh God be I don't know I think that's How I would say anyways

Um yeah this has to do with like the Clone and Ben Reilly and all that stuff Um she's a new villain Yeah I mean I mean 150 is not like it's not like Insane price that you're paying and the 67 is up a little bit and these are Going to be those like one-off things Where it's like you know someone puts it Up a 9-8 for 150. um I think this would Be a flash on the pan but I'd like if You went back not too long ago it was Selling for you know Of basically like 90 100 75 dollars Things like that so having to jump up to 150 is just someone who's like you know I want that book Um paying a premium for it I would Suggest well it's kind of hard because This is in that price range where it's Kind of iffy because you could easily Find this book right you can find a raw Book of this for next to nothing five Bucks ten dollars or something and then You have to hope that you get a nine Eight right you look at the pictures on EBay Looks like a nine eight the guy says the 99 you get it in looks pretty good Sunday now you get an iPhone So but nonetheless I think this book Will go down uh back down to basically Under a hundred dollars so I forbid you To buy this book

Next we've got the realm of King son of Hulk number one Not much data so a 9 8 is up 880 from Ten dollars the last sale yes if you Look at that graph was 2018 and then one Sold for 98 dollars look This is the first appearance uh John Gente gen Torah And she is the Rebellion leader in the new Ant-Man Movie if you haven't seen it who cares If she's not like a standout character She's gonna get all this own stuff and Whatever it's probably a one and done You'll never see her again just a side Character Um I'm assuming literally no one buys This book you got a sale in 2015 and Then one in 2018 and then one now and Both those sales previously for next to Nothing like ten dollars and twelve Dollars it's you can find this book for Like five to ten dollars on eBay right Now raw if you want this book just buy It like that if you're looking for a 9A I don't I mean I'm not sure why you'd want a Nine eight unless you want to have a Nine eight in case and put it in your Wall then it's probably best I guess Find and buy a nine eight but this book Is just not valuable it's not going to Go up anytime soon I forbid you To buy it at this price

Next we got Avengers annual 21. A 9 8 is up a hundred percent from 160 To 320. look at that graph just straight Up at the end This is spoiler alert for uh Ant-Man 3. But at the very end like the second Credit scene or whatever it's called End credit scene there is a new king and They go to like I don't know it's like Either the late 1800s early 1900s and There's the I think his name is Victor Timely or something like that timely is Actually a throwback to when Marvel Comics used to be called timely comics And I guess he's gonna be the new king Villain I'm not really sure there's lots Of Kings but anyways this is the first Appearance of this okay And yeah 320 for a nine eight no please don't buy It at that price that is way too much Um it's not really worth much you could Probably find this book no problem if You really want to get a Kang anything Now I'm talking strictly like this is Investment I think if you bought this For 320 It's gonna be hard to get your money Back at any reasonable time soon but Um if you were trying to buy for an Investment purposes you just go with Avengers eight you got Avengers eight You also got fantastic 419 that's kind

Of like an iteration of King you also Got Fantastic Four annual two Um and then I think was it Avengers 23 That's a good one of these big big uh Big on the cover but yeah Avengers age That's going to be your go-to Um but yeah this book Don't buy it at this price this is way Too much if you look it's just gone Straight up I mean the thing is with This book and all the other books is They'll see people see this price and They'll go digging through there it's Like oh I have a bunch because it's not Like this book is rare or any of these Other books that I showed you are rare And then people are just going to start Putting on the market because they're Like oh this one's sold for a couple Hundreds three four five hundred dollars So they're gonna start sending them cgc They'll get a backflow the market and Then the ones that have them raw are Already graded they'll put them on um EBay or wherever all that kind of stuff And is this gonna drop right back down So way too much uh if you really want it You don't care about the money you just Want to have it then that's fine but From the comic book investment Channel No no I forbid you to buy this Last on the list is spectacular Spider-Man 24. a 9-4 is up 150 from a hundred

Dollars not too long ago to 250. a 9 6 Is up 608 percent from 66 to 467 and a 98 is up 261 from 180 just a few months Ago now selling for 6.50 look at that Graph just straight up now these numbers 261 and 608 would be like amazing Numbers but this happened to be on this List of a bunch of other ones that all Have amazing numbers so you know Obviously 880 is the peak of this week But this one 608 from yeah literally 66 Dollars now this book is I've gotten Many runs of spectacular Spider-Man Um and this book was a nothing book well It wasn't until Donald Glover is now Gonna have like a cameo small small role As the Hypno Hustler that's why this Book is going up but Here's the thing this book is not hard To find so why is someone spending 650 For a nine eight because now all of a Sudden like I said previously there's Gonna be a bunch of people coming out With their nine eights there was I Believe I looked on the census and There's like Like a little bit under 30 like 27 28 or Something that are nine eight now you Might be thinking oh that's a small Number only 28 and 98 well that's pretty Rare no the reason why is because most Before that it was selling for like 100 180 dollars most people just like I'm Not gonna send my book in to get it

Graded it's not really worth it you know So they just don't so there's actually a Lot more 9 8 there's a difference There's not very many people holding on To their Action Comics number one you Know like I want to keep it raw and I'm Not going to get it graded most of those Have been graded so the ones you see on The census is usually probably all the Ones that exist in the world but Something like this you might be like oh Only has like 27 and a 9 8 and only like A handful in the nine six that's because Most people aren't sending in their Copies because they don't care it's not Really worth it so Just because you look at the census and You think it's a small number it's Really much bigger than that so this is Very common I've like I said I've gotten Multiple runs of this this book is never Ever when I thumb through like should I Send blah blah I never picked this book Up so only recently that and you can see The massive Spike up by 600 percent that You know it makes it viable now all These people are gonna look for their Copies I'm sure people out there have Copies of their own and they're like hmm I should probably sell this right now And the Market's hot which I would Suggest these books on here sell them All within like a couple months they're All going to go down so once again I

Forbid you to buy this book at that Price you can just go on eBay you can Find this raw for next to nothing and I Mean it'll be a little heat right now But give it a little bit and all these Books will drop way way way down that'll Be it have a great weekend

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