Bill Sienkiewicz Must Have Comics

Bill Sienkiewicz has had a legendary career and in this video we look at some of his must have comics.

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Bill syncavage is an accomplished artist Who first got his career started with DC But eventually moved over to Marvel and At this point is probably best known for The work that he did at Marvel which Includes titles like Moon Knight and Also New Mutants in this video we are Going to take a look at some of his Must-have comics from both Marvel and DC Stay tuned Reggie here and I want to welcome you to Another one of my videos as I mentioned In that intro we are going to take a Look at some work from Bill sinkevich And we are going to get things started Off with a project that he did for DC And this is the first solo title series For the character known as the question And this is issue number one and as you Look at this cover you know that this is A bills and cabbage cover no doubt about It he is known for those painted covers And that abstract type of style and this Is a great representation of his Approach to Art I think it’s a pretty Solid cover so I wanted to make sure That I I pulled that in to show folks That uh bill is known in a lot of ways For a lot of different titles but I Think that the work that he did on Elektra is one of those things that Readily jumps out at a lot of people Maybe because it you know in the 80s he Just captured people’s attention with

This different and unique style so I Wanted to include a couple of Representations of his run on Elektra And this is issue number one of the Eight part limited series that he did Technically this is for epic Comics Which is an imprint of Marvel but just a Fantastic cover featuring Elektra with a Very large gun no doubt about that That’s just a really great cover there’s No way I could have done a video of a Must-have comics for Bill and not Included something from Elektra in fact I wanted to double down on it I wanted To double down on it because I just I Just think this cover’s really cool and It’s a little bit more abstract than the Previous but just again a representation Of his creativity and this is this style This approach is something that we see That has evolved over time if you look At like his Doctor Doom cover it is Similar to this if you will but even More engaging Gene and and more abstract Than what we see right here with Issue Number Eight of Elektra but again just a Wonderful representation of bills and Kevin just artwork next we’re gonna We’re gonna go in a different direction I I think a lot of people know bill for His painted covers but his very first Cover in the industry and for Marvel Wasn’t anything like what we just looked At in the previous examples it was much

More traditional and does not look like Him at all this is Black Panther issue Number 14. There’s that that does not look like Bill’s Work and that’s part of the Reason why I wanted to Showcase it in This book because I don’t know that People are familiar with his more Traditional work and I don’t know how Long he did this I don’t know how Widespread it was but I just thought That this was a great cover to pull in To represent maybe his Evolution as an Artist from a more traditional approach To something that wasn’t as traditional But just again two great representations Of Bill’s Talent now we’re gonna go Maybe in a different direction maybe Maybe this is a blending of the two Maybe this is a little abstract a little More traditional uh but maybe even one Of the early examples of a negative Space comic cover and I know that those Have been incredibly popular over the Last couple of years this is Moon Knight Issue number 24. a wonderful red cover That has a little negative space maybe Over here in this dress Bill’s just a Talented dude this was a really cool Cover that I wanted to Showcase and I Could say the same about issue number 25 Which is like a different direction Right you have a bright red and now you Have just this black and white cover

Right here with a little bit of of red And yellow in the trade dress but I I Think I probably need to replace the bag On this one because it it does not do This book Justice right there but just a Really cool cover by Bill next up I Wanted to represent his run on a title That I think is is very much closely Linked with who he is that is his run on New Mutants and so I wanted to include This one this is issue uh number 18. This is the Cameo appearance of Warlock And also the First full appearance of Demon bear and just a really solid cover I I probably could have pulled out any Number of covers that he did for New Mutants but I thought that this one was Really cool so I wanted to make sure That I showcased this one all right this Next one is again like the Black Panther Book I don’t it doesn’t look like him uh and I had to like double check it to make Sure that this was accurate Um but he also did something for Star Trek Star Trek the Next Generation issue Number one yes it is a painted cover but It doesn’t necessarily look like him uh It’s a little maybe more mixed media Than anything because of the background Versus the Enterprise the Enterprise Looks painted whereas this uh you know I Don’t know one of the dashboards that They look at doesn’t appear to be

Painted so it’s a little bit of a mixed Contrast there but definitely a bill Sinkevich cover right there Star Trek Next Generation issue number one this Book is the first appearance of a lot of Really popular characters including Captain Picard Commander Riker data etc Etc and uh again going back to to uh Moon Knight again a title that is very Closely linked with uh bill I wanted to Include issue number one this is a cgc 9.6 with white pages that was pulled From the 100K collection again uh again Maybe not a true bill cover because it’s Not as abstracted it is a little more Traditional than maybe what we have come To expect from him but a cover that he Worked on uh for Marvel nevertheless When was this back in 1980 1980 right There so it was definitely still early On in his career and certainly early on In his stint for Marvel and the last Book that I’m going to show you is Um again maybe the the evolution this is Transformers issue number one and a Really fantastic cover by by Bill this Is a great book a wonderful Nostalgia Cover for me as somebody that grew up in The 80s and absolutely love Transformers I wanted to make sure that I included That cover in there so there you have it That is essentially my rundown of Must-have Comics associated with Bill Senkevich if I missed your favorite

Cover from him I definitely want to Encourage you to sound off down in the Comment section and if you haven’t yet Subscribed to the Channel I want to Invite you to do that as well while we Don’t have a bills and cabbage cover I Do want to encourage you to consider Picking up a copy of isolation issue Number two we have some amazingly Talented artists that have worked on the Interior Pages as well as the covers so If you haven’t yet picked up a copy of Isolation issue number two or one for That matter I want to encourage you to Head over to and make Your purchase and we thank you in Advance if you need to reach out to me Feel free to do so on Instagram at Reggie collects take care [Music] Foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music]

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