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Calico (Sigma Comics):

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Hey free mind you crazy for this [Music] Soulful It’s like A responsibility to make us feel Something You know if you make people feel And people feel what we feeling Hey yo Reggie here and I want to welcome you to Another one of my live streams this is Comics today a show that we do on Wednesday to celebrate the best day of The week that being new comic book day And it is indeed a good day for a lot of Reasons one of my good friends Mikey Sutton it was announced today that a Comic that he has written has been Optioned and is being developed for a TV Show this is something that I’ve known For a couple of months now and it’s nice That the news is finally out there huge Congratulations are due to Mikey for Literally living the dream he had an Idea he turned it into a comic that Comic is being turned into a TV show With an actress that he patterned the Character after it doesn’t get any Better than that but as part of the show Uh we are going to talk about some news And some current events we’re going to Have some guests on that are going to Help us to make sense of some things That are happening in the world of

Comics and collectibles Mikey Sutton Will not be a guest tonight uh but I had To make sure that I acknowledged Um his his achievement that that is a Huge achievement uh and it has to be Acknowledged and uh I could not be Happier for him I will also be extremely Happy for uh three people out there Three people out there that have a Chance to win one of these cases for my Friends over at Gator guard they sent me Uh three of their acrylic cases around The holidays and things were crazy there Was travel there was birthdays there was All of this stuff and uh these have Literally been sitting in the corner for Quite some time they sent me three of These cases each one of them uh has a a Nice I don’t know if you yeah you could See that one there’s a venom venom a Logo that’s been engraved into the back Of that one and there is a soldier head Uh engraved into the back of that one And the other one is Spider-Man we’re Going to be giving these things away to Three lucky people that comment on this Video when it gets uh uploaded so once The live stream is over Comment on the video some type of Substantive comment you will be in the Running to win one of these great cases From gatorgar I will probably do the Giveaway uh next week probably next Wednesday but huge shout out to them

It’s an awesome acrylic case that allows You to display your raw Comics the Acrylic is UV protective and it comes With these really awesome aluminum uh Screws that go in each one of the Corners that allow you to to some degree Or another to coordinate uh the screw With the book that you happen to put in There and I only have red and black so Uh your your options for customization Will be somewhat limited uh but gatorgar Awesome company awesome product a huge Shout out to them for hooking me up and Being able to uh allow me to hook you up We will go to the chat here in a hot Second and if you made it to your LCS And you picked up some good books I want To know what those books are if you want To shout out your LCS do that if you Read a book today that uh you think Other people should read let us know What that book is we can put it on the Top of our reading stacks and if you Picked up a book that is not a new book You picked it up recently it’s not a new Book but it is a new to you book I want To know about that as well so that we Can celebrate your wins all right you Guys may notice a couple of things have Changed here in the room Um well not in the room but on the Channel here uh we have some new books In the background we’ve refreshed uh Some of the books that are back there

And then we also have a new uh look and Feel for uh the Channel that I am Continuing to pull through into the Various resources that we we have on Social media and also the little stuff Up there in that corner over there so Shout out to Dennis Kingpin comics for Hooking me up all right scrolling Through some of the comments here see What you guys are talking about that New Daughter of Blade book was great says Mass snow that’s what’s up it’s good to See you brother uh the Assassin the Assassin says the new Silver Surfer he Went ahead and picked that up that’s What’s up uh thank you Trevor definitely Appreciate some cool stuff back there Man I I pulled down a couple of things And then put up some new stuff uh so We’re gonna keep it going it is a tiny Logo it is pretty tiny you know the Challenge was when I brought people in To uh live streams with the last logo it Was a little too big that it ended up Covering people up so I had to remove it Uh Dennis decided to give me an itty Bitty one he decided to give me an itty Bitty logo this time and it is up and Out of the way which I think is is a Good thing uh there was another he did One I think I can’t remember if that was the One that I wanted him to enlarge uh here There’s another one oh no this is the

One I’m supposed to use this is the one I’m supposed to use I was using the Wrong one I want him to make that one Bigger this is the one that we’re Supposed to use Wednesday Comics today There you go that is the right logo uh This is what happens when your children Have three sporting events in one single Night I took the boy to soccer first and Then to football and made a mad scramble To get back for the show my wife took my Daughter to uh gymnastics I think she Had gymnastics today crazy it was a Crazy uh the Gargoyles facsimile uh was A great drop says the Assassin that’s What’s up uh Randy or snake how you Doing brother ASM 16 he picked up a cgc 4.0 and also ASM 12 4.5 arrived today he Only has 13 issues left in his run uh Randy that is huge man that that is huge Man you you are you are getting ever so Close to doing uh the in the Unfathomable that I did not say that Correctly but you know exactly what I Was talking about the the invalid you Know what I mean there are some words I Cannot pronounce and I should probably Stay away from it Scrolling through the comments here uh Let me see Seth how you doing brother it Is good to see you Steve says my LCS did Not have all my books so tomorrow I need To hit up the LCS oh we need to hit up The side LCS there we go good stuff

Scrolling through the rest of the Comments um you know he he hooked it up Man he did some cool stuff we we were we Had been I had had him brainstorming Ideas for uh a redesign like back in November December time frame and again Things got a little hectic around the Holidays and it wasn’t until like maybe Two weeks ago or so that I was like hey I need you to accelerate things with Those with that refresh and uh get me Something and he sent over some examples And we decided to go ahead and rock with It so Mr E how you doing picked up the New silver Surfer a dark web Venom also Picked up the Marvel Tales Peter Porker Spectacular issue number one spider ham That’s what’s up uh where is where is uh Tina and Milt I think they are both fans Of the spider ham that’s what’s up uh Scrolling through the dogs are doing Well man Um you know I have something going on With one of my eyes and that I have an Eye patch that I wear to uh get rid of The stye that’s on my eye and I walked Into my sun room the other day not my Son’s room the sun room and the dog had Eaten the patch they had torn the patch Up this morning we walked into the exact Same room they had uh they had destroyed A Um a uh extension cord so they’re doing Good but uh I may have to hurt one of

Them I may have to hurt one of them but They keep destroying stuff in my house Uh Planet Arizona Comics how you doing Uh what is that out of the work office And on my way to the L says that’s What’s up get I think that maybe that Was early out of work early maybe Um good stuff brother have a uh I hope You I hope you were able to pick up your Books I hope they have what it is that You are looking for uh taking the kids To sports and activities a full-time job My wife looked at me this morning she Said how busy do you want the kids to be This summer I said Super busy so that they are not here no They will be in so many camps uh it will Make their head span no doubt about that All right I’m scrolling through some of The comments here Uh my favorite memories are coaching and Watching my son play baseball that’s What’s up uh scrolling through you gotta Love the side LCS you gotta love that Right scrolling through uh Uh There there are some words there are Some words that you will see me uh Either struggle with or I will I will Dance around that word so as to not Utter that word I will not utter that Word I remember as a kid I could not say Ask I cannot say ask age to come out Acts and my father would say no you

Cannot ask me anything uh and and that Got to be very annoying and so I learned How to to properly pronounce ask uh and Breakfast breakfast was another word That I struggled with breakfast was how It came out and uh that did not go over Well with my parents at all so uh had to Step my game up uh the flower there’s a Lot of uh there’s a lot of Recommendations coming from the Assassin He says the flash uh one minute War Special is a good book that people Should be checking out thank you brother I definitely appreciate that scrolling Through scrolling through I knew that I knew that would get your Attention you know when I started Reading last night uh I started reading Was it the authority I started reading The authority as a result of uh James Gunn’s announcement and it’s not Terrible it is not terrible uh I didn’t Know what to expect I think I’m on like Issue three or something like that I am I am sort of enjoying it so uh scarecrow Picked up junkyard Joe issue number four And the Sandman facsimile that’s what’s Up good stuff uh scrolling Securely through some of the comments uh My wife found out I had a side LCS that Was an intense conversation I was about To get my wife to go to the yeah I am not going to touch those comments Scrolling through scrolling through

Jason how you doing brother he said he Picked up Berserker Issue Number Eight Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 99 both Signed by Mr Kevin Eastman uh said he Was in Hollywood last week signing there You go that’s what’s up good stuff man Team uh what is that team crispy bacon My my son loves some bacon he does love Some bacon I made some this morning for Him uh scrolling through I did the patch Belong to your evil twin you know I did An interview earlier this week with Somebody uh on a podcast this guy Amir Who has actually been on the channel did An interview with him for his podcast And he said how is it that you managed To crank out so much content and uh you Know I jokingly said cloney cloning is The way to get it all done you know uh Scrolling through some of the comments Here seeing what else you guys are Talking about uh yeah so there’s there’s New method here brother we’re not going To use a wet rag we are not going to use Wet rag we are elevated we are an Elevated people I went from a wet rack To a sock with rice and it sprinkled With water warmed in the microwave and We elevated from that to a double eye Patch uh then we we’ve migrated to the Single eye patch that allows me to steal C out of one eye while doing what I need To do for the other my sister-in-law was My eye doctor at one point so my my wife

Talks to my sister-in-law and they both Talk to my actual eye doctor anytime I Have eye problems HIPAA does not exist As far as my health is concerned in this Family because they they they talk about My health as if it were just an open uh An open thing they just they just let it Rip with my eye so uh the eye is getting Better thankfully I had to go to the eye Doctor earlier this week she made me go The eye doctor looked at me and she said You’re doing all the right things I then Called my wife and I said the doctor Told me I’m doing all the right stuff I Told her that before I left that was not Good enough I still had to go to the Doctor and um yeah if you follow me on Instagram you probably saw the post I Put it up and I was like I hate this Place Hahaha Scrolling down through the comments here What else you guys may be talking about Uh what is it James Gunn fomo Resurrection no doubt I started to put Up something the other day man when when So I did I did a short I did a reel on Instagram and I alluded to the fact that There was going to be an announcement Before James Gunn’s official Announcement the day before I did a post Talking about the congressman that Threatened to haul uh James Gunn into Congress to reveal the plan right I did

That in anticipation of all of the news Actually coming out and I started to Also put up another reel talking about That the fomo was about to descend upon Us and as soon as the the James Gunn Announcement came out every single Instagram or YouTuber uh you know uh Channel focused on Comics started to put Out all of the information about every Publication every movie every this every That uh the floodgates opened up the Floodgates opened up on the fomo and and I have a feeling a lot of money has been Spent over like the last 24 or so hours So uh definitely an interesting time no Doubt about it scrolling down through Some of the comments here Uh I may be all caught up I’m pretty sure I’m pretty sure she Already spoke to a doctor I am pretty Sure what’s funny is I took a coffee cup To the today to the uh eye doctor I was Drinking coffee in there and I left my Coffee cup uh because I make an Impression when I go to the doctor they They sent me a text and they were like You you forgot your coffee cup at the Doctor’s office how would you like to Handle it I said Give It Away throw it Away I’m not coming back for as long as I can make it uh but yeah uh you man I’m Man I’m not man get out of here Seth You’re not about to have me jacking up My I only have one good eye sir only

Have one good eye we are not gonna jack Up the one good eye that I have uh Booster Gold I read some of that Recently thanks to to Tina and thanks to Um to wane to Wayne my Canadian brother Uh I read some Booster Gold and I’ll be Honest with you I rather enjoyed it I Rather enjoyed the booster goal let me Show you guys a couple of books that I Decided to pick up uh these came just Today in fact uh from my comic shop I Picked up four issue number 30 and I Also picked up Amazing Spider-Man issue Number 18 I think the last few issues of Amazing Spider-Man have all had this Greenish cover I have not read the story Uh but at some point I actually will get Caught up those are the only two books That showed up here because I do not Have an else yes all right with that Said I do want to take some time To uh to get things started for with my First guest here Um I’ve had this person on the channel Once before and I wanted to bring them Back to talk about some things that I Saw at the end of last year that kind of Went into effect this year and I’m Actually uh specifically talking about Uh Sigma comics and if you guys remember I had uh the the publisher the founder On the show a while ago to talk about His comic Here Comes Calico and I think It was maybe Issue four or five or

Something like that he has recently Signed a deal with diamond with diamond Distribution that captured my attention And what’s really cool about Sigma Comics is that they’re really focused on Fighting animal abuse so they’re putting Out Comics that talk about you know Superhero stuff talks about animals Right but they take proceeds from the Sale of the comic to actually give to Charitable organizations that are Helping to take care of of animals right Animals animals that have been abandoned Whatever it happens to be and and I dig That I dig that but when they signed This deal with diamond uh it captured my Attention and so I wanted to have the Founder come back onto the show to talk With me a little bit about this deal how It came about uh what his expectations Are and and and really how it all Unfolds it because it just it captured My attention so I want to welcome to the Show right now HH German how are you Doing brother Doing very well great to see you Reggie How are you it is good to see you as Well man so at the end of last year I Saw this press release come out and uh It it caught my attention I immediately Bookmarked it and I was like I’m gonna Reach out to him I’m gonna reach out to Him because I want to talk about this Um the deal was signed in December but

Essentially just went into effect in January of 2023 is that correct That is correct uh it’s a brand new deal And uh you know we’re we’re doing uh We’re doing Diamond it’s two years in Two years in wait wait what do you mean Two years in what do you mean two years In which we started the company we Really wanted to take time To uh personally engage the product a Lot of times companies like to go you Know as soon as they they hit they want To go right to Diamond and I I thought That it was a better thing especially Since as you eloquently presented there Our product is is a very personal Product you know we we have a very Charitable mission in charge and that is To fight animal abuse as you mentioned Through comics so we really wanted to Get the product into the hands of the Consumer directly and and really have That experience and make sure we we Worked out any kinks uh and and Obviously gauge the demand so that we Knew that if in fact we were going to Engage a very prominent uh distributor Such as Diamond of course that we were Gonna you know hit the ground running And with experience behind us that makes Perfect sense and I misunderstood when You said two years in you’re talking About two years of the company being Sure assistant right

Um that that is is quite the feat but But how how did this happen right I mean In in the press release I think you you Made a statement there and you just made A statement here about wanting to Connect with the audience and and this Was like part of a plan right you wanted To start small I think you said like Play small ball before you step up talk A little bit more about like how this Was part of the plan how you evolve from Connecting with the audience to actually Approaching Diamond to say hey I want You to distribute my comic well you know This is the wonderful thing about living In today today’s Information Age you Know I’m in my 40s and I you know when I Was in my 20s and I was a kid I didn’t Really have access to uh the kind of the Kind of social media and internet stuff That we have you know today yeah or or At least not at the the level we have Today with respect to getting this kind Of information so as I mentioned we Wanted to uh get the product directly Into the hand so we you know we started With our own website and then as we Started to get traction there we slowly Got leveraged into social media Facebook And then um as we started getting Inquiries from people saying hey you Know when are you guys coming to you Know uh Dallas or when are you guys Coming to Arizona we we started um

Heeding that that information and said You know I think it’s we’re starting to Get an interest you know uh spread Across the country and of course then we Went into our touring which we’re still In the middle of now And uh at that point When when you go to these events reiji With you know 100 pounds of comics you Know they only let you with a hundred Pounds on the plane right so I we we try To prank on as much as much as we can to The brim okay so when we arrive in your City we’re gonna have a hundred pounds Of complex minimum okay and don’t ask me How the rest you know how the rest gets There but at minimum you could you could Expect a 100 pound bomb that we’re you Know setting off in every city we go to Every weekend and in one of those cities We cross paths with the diamond Representative and they saw with their Own eyes see a lot of times Reggie you Know you know you know it because you’ve Been dealing with in comics and loving Comics for a very long time and you know You’ve seen Um you know the flyby nights okay people Who want to go right to Diamond and Start selling and then they get upset That well it didn’t work out we decided The opposite we’re gonna you know uh Take it to the streets and have them Come to us so when a diamond

Representative uh came up to our booth And said hey It’s you know Sunday just started you Know these events are Friday typically Friday to Sunday yeah okay so the way it Works for us typically you know we’re Pretty much sold out uh by Sunday a lot Of times and it wasn’t noon that we had Already sold out so the dot the diamond Rep said hey I wanted to try out I’ve Heard you guys were here I heard you Know on Facebook about your you saw your Ad and uh now I can’t even buy your Comments She should have showed up earlier Exactly so yeah that’s fantastic man I Mean again it’s it’s you you definitely Had a plan and you’ve executed the plan Now what’s funny is is I was at I think it was San Diego Comic-Con San Diego Comic-Con or New York Comic-Con Okay and I’m walking to the con And I see Uh a poster for you And I was like where is this dude it was Just like on the way to the car and I Was like that’s a gorilla marketing Stuff I loved it I didn’t see you at all But I saw your sign and I and I almost Took a photo of it to send to you to be Like bro I see you doing your thing Right and it was after it was after I Had you on the show The First Time right And to your point it’s about building

That grassroot awareness having that Connection with the audience and and More importantly I think uh and you Correct me if I’m wrong but being able To execute upon the opportunity when it Presents itself precisely precisely and You know you’re again you’re someone who Uh you know has the background Understands Comics not only Comics but Also a business and technology and uh You know you have that Acumen and Wherewithal to understand that you know You have to be ready and and ready with Something that that works that fits the Need that has demand and then this is Where you you can attract wonderful Situations like this so you know we’re Gonna And again you know just to leverage what You’re saying here yeah uh to expand Upon it too Um it’s it for us it’s not enough and I If there are any creators in the Audience uh definitely these words it’s Not enough for you to Simply hand your Product over to Diamond and then expect That you’re going to start making sales No sir or ma’am you are or they you have To engage those you know shops now that Now that now that uh diamond is carrying The product yeah you have to now Um pull it through yeah absolutely you Have to educate and Enlighten all of These uh comic book shops and you know

As well uh Reggie these aren’t the most You know kind of shop owners are very Stodgy they know what they like they They know what they want so in Appreciation of this and you know it Could very well be true but you always Have to Um understand that there’s still Products out there that people may not Know about that they might like so it’s Up to you now now that Diamond’s doing This their work and getting the product On those shelves now it’s up to you to Contact these shops and say hey this is Why you should buy you know here comes Calico XYZ and this is why a lot of uh You know small Publishers fail because They’re not willing to go that second Third fourth and fifth step but they Also probably think that once it gets Into to previews or with diamond that Their work is done it’s gonna sell Itself I think that that’s partly where The grind begins you know what I’m Saying because when you look at the Diamond paperwork it says what is your Marketing plan what is your advertising Plan how are you going to drive Awareness what is your social media Presence right they want to know that Because they’re not gonna push the Product for you you have to kind of do Some work but but to that point of work One of the things that I I know about

You is that you’ve leveraged Kickstarter Quite successfully over the you know Whatever period of time let’s just say Two years and you can correct me for Wrong but over the two-year period to Drive that connection to the audience to Drive uh that buy-in right with with Them supporting what you’ve been doing Do you intend to continue using Kickstarter moving forward or have you Move beyond that now that you’ve moved To this phase with diamond doing Distribution Yeah we’re going to still keep Leveraging uh uh Kickstarter okay Because there we still see a lot of Benefit in new uh individuals who are Still continuing to learn about here Comes Calico so we’re really what we’re Using Kickstarter force not only help Funding but also the notoriety of the Comic book some people you know we only Get a couple hundred uh people who uh do The you know typically back the uh the Campaign hopefully more this time but Um what it does is these are almost Always like newer people who are coming In learning about the thing and listen Why why turn that faucet off if we can Keep going in fact we should look to Other ones like Indiegogo at the same Time and doing other things so we’re Going to keep doing it because we do see It as a you know a very effective way to

Keep the brain going there you go and I Again I wasn’t quite sure how those Pieces were going to fit together so I Wanted to ask that question Um it appears that based upon the press Release that came out that you’re going To to basically be reissuing here comes Calico issue number one starting in March because it will be in previews can You talk a little bit about that like How was the decision made to to Re-release issue number one versus Picking up where where things had left Off I want to understand that a little Bit sure well I want to shout you out to The audience right now because you’ve Got great questions and you’re really Giving the audience some really good Insight this is a great interviewer Folks so not only this man not only is This man great with his Comics but he’s Really insightful he’s doing you guys a Great service and listen please continue To tune in and make sure you like hit The like button for this gentleman And Subscribe to the channel if you haven’t This is a really great Channel that’s Why we love brother absolutely so with Respect to starting from from scratch if You will it was a very serious decision We all sat down and said listen we’re Already on issue six here yeah what are We going to do with this relationship so The answer is the collective answer was

That um Basically uh no one’s still no one Really knows about us you know the Underground is you know just we’re sort Of started getting we’re just sort of Starting to get our feet wet yeah with Respect to that underground and we’re Really starting to get that traction but The mainstream you know comic book scene Does not know about us at all so it’s Definitely a situation now where Let’s start from scratch let’s let’s Issue them you know we already have a Six month you know uh product there yeah So yeah we’re never going to be late Yeah so they’re going to be happy You know we’ll be there a week early With our Comics yeah and uh you know by The time this gives us time to get you Know seven and eight out and then listen Uh a good solid you know eight nine Months of hard work and and you know This guy doing the marking that lady Doing boom boom boom all of us getting Together and getting it done listen we We’re gonna have a nice out of steam Going into 2024 and uh and listen and Not only that Uh well I’ll let you get to the Kickstarter because That’s what I was thinking in the back Of my mind I’m like okay you’re gonna Start from issue number one you already Have great inventory right to be able to

Release on time because one of the Problems with Indies is the Inconsistency of the release because of The you know the whatever it is the cash Flow challenges uh the the printing Challenges that you faced production Challenges right you already have Inventory that you can release while You’re working on those additional Issues it makes perfect sense right part Of it is like to ask the question to see How right or wrong I am and I don’t mind Being wrong you know what I’m saying Um but but to the point of of Kickstarter right you’re continuing to Leverage it moving forward yeah and so I Do believe you have a new Kickstarter That is that is going to be coming out Um and then I I think people will also Potentially want to support you so I Want to ask like one final question About how can people best support you Moving forward slash what do you have on The horizon and that people should be Aware of well we have quite a bit and Thanks again Reggie um we’re doing the The kickstarter precisely to further Augment the relationship with diamond Because with diamond now many many more People all across the country in the World are going to learn about here Comes Calico so while we’re working with The shop owners and stores letting them Know about that and then have Diamond do

Its work uh we are also we’re not just Going to leave the people who have Supported us you know all throughout Issue six waiting until you know issue Uh seven comes out you know later this Year in in tandem with the the schedule For Diamond no no no we actually haven’t Been working on A manga series so due to popular demand We’ve had uh I countless people come to Our booth hey you know it’s typically The younger people but um it’s just Overwhelming they want to see the Calico In a manga series because it’s it’s much More they want much more detail it Allows you manga allows you to build a Much deeper richer world and how we’re Going to do it is it’s going to be the Here Comes Calico uh series by volume Series issued in a manga format however Not only do they get uh issues one and Two in each volume so let’s say we’re Going to have a four manga volumes Because of course it’s an eight issue Series so two to each uh manga Tonka Bond which has about 200 pages but You’re also going to get two additional Stories completely new Into the tankaban when Hector Gill the Calicos was quite a bit younger in two Different phases of his life and um it’s Going to be fantastic the art is Incredible there’s new stuff in there uh It’s so rich much more detail than just

The regular comic books and in this Capacity Reggie we’re able to serve in An emerging marketing comics in the the States which is manga and at the same Time cultivate and be ready in a mass Notoriety for the the regular Western Count so we’re really playing both Angles in a very prudent and efficient Way So you have a plan that’s what I just Heard and I love it that that is all Right man so so the second part of that Question is how can people best support You so talk a little bit about the Kickstarter uh and and should people be Going to the LCS come marching me like Hey I want to get here comes Calico Issue number one put me on the list put Me on the rule well for the former Absolutely head over to Sigma And the first thing you’re going to want To do is sign up to be notified become a A subscriber because that’s how you’ll Know what we’ve got going on and you’ll Be copied on all the issues the emails That we’ve got going out and you’ll know Right away as soon as we have any Kickstarters going off So get on and sign up on Sigma uh you’ll learn about the new Kickstarter that’s up there right now That that will launch on Valentine’s Day Uh this month not too far away yeah a Couple weeks and in terms of uh the

Stores you know March uh that’s going to Be the March previews catalog so people Are already starting to you know uh Access that and get their feels on for The product and you know as these people Do that more people are learning about The product and they’re going to go Right back to that website learn more if They’re not satisfied and uh their Curiosity isn’t quelled with that uh Blurb that we get in in previous there We go and I do have a link in the Description of this video so people can Certainly click on that HH I want to Thank you brother for coming on again I Was super excited for you when I saw This uh back in December and I’m glad That we were able to connect and have You come on to to share with us you know What you’ve been working on because none Of this happens overnight right like This is work let’s be completely honest About that this is not accidental and I Appreciate the Insight that you’ve Provided into how you’ve approached this So fingers crossed that people support The kickstarter and um and all the other Things that you you have going on any Parting thoughts from you before we uh We move on yeah I I want to bring you And the audience you know into the sort Of man on the street perspective that we Take when we do this every weekend we’re At these different shows you know Reggie

When I you know the biggest thing we do Now is is the trade you know the Conventions okay and this is what has Allowed us to create all these Relationships the way I see it when I Whenever I get on these planes every Weekend It’s like going to it’s like fight Weekend it’s the same way you remember I Used to uh Right I’m a former boxer and I take it’s The same thing I pack my bags you do Your prayers you get on that plane and You don’t know what’s coming out of that You know when you’re heading into that Building it’s like you’re going into the The back of the building of the Arena You know when those doors open and You’re heading in there and you’re Setting up it’s like you know wrapping Your hands yeah so that’s the way I Approach that’s the way we approach Sigma Comics approach uh comics and Manga we’re here to do battle and we Love Comics we love animals and uh you Know we know it’s going to be a tough Ride so that’s why we’re we we tighten Up those shoelaces really well you know What that means in the street But you’re doing it brother you’re doing It brother I couldn’t be more proud of You again we’re going to have to have You come back on so that you can Continue to share with us the things

That you are doing and being successful At so again HH thank you for coming on Brother we’ll talk to you soon thank you Man enjoy and listen great success for The show thank you very much take care All right cool so again super cool stuff Man I saw this press release I was Searching the net I saw the press Release I immediately bookmarked and I Was like I’ve got to connect with this Guy so we can talk about this because This is huge we talked about Mikey Sutton earlier coming out with the comic That comic being option now being turned Into a TV show now we have another guy That has been able to create something Really awesome for a great cause and he Is elevating this game by being able to Distribute it through Diamond uh again Just just some amazing stuff that has to Be celebrated I said it before I’ll say It again this is the Golden Age of Indie Comics I I will say there’s a lot of Really good stuff that is coming out and None of this stuff happened without a Whole lot of work but speaking of that Works be and I forgot to put up the Image I had a whole image for HH of his Comic that I completely forgot to put up I got so wrapped up in in having the Conversation forgot to show this this Cover is dope this cover right here is Dope it is really really well done and So I wanted to make sure that I showed

That I will also tell you I’ve put my Money where my mouth is I’ve actually Picked up those Comics uh and I’ve I’ve Given those Comics away to other people To help spread the word so I have put my Money where my mouth is and will Continue to do so uh because it is all For really good cause but in this Spirit Of of Indie stuff and this Spirit of People making magic happen I have an Announcement of my own we are coming out With issue three of isolation we have Been working very very hard trying to Make this magic happen the magic is Getting made issue three of isolation is Going to be coming out and I could not Be more excited about that and what I Will tell you is that we are going to do Things slightly differently this time we Are going to do our own little Kickstarter effort to make this magic Happen we are not going to go through Kickstarter instead we are going to be Offering up Kickstarter like packages on it is available right Now if you go to you Go to the shop you go to new releases or New items you will see a page set up With all types of different packages That are available you’ll also be able To see a couple of actual images from Issue number three because it is in the Works and there’s various packages that Are available you can get just a regular

Cover a you can get a combination of A And B you can get a and b signed A and B Unsigned you can get an ash can and Cover a you can get a mystery box that Is basically going to be a bunch of Really cool stuff that we are going to Put in there but there is a way for you To support issue number three of Isolation in a host of different ways There is also a digital option as well We have already right now issue one Available digitally for free but with Issue three we are also going to have a Digital uh Early Access option as well So I definitely want to encourage people After the show to head over to Reggie or in another browser Window however it works for you uh but If you head over there to the shop there Is the kickstarter page that you guys Can check out but to that point to that Point I wanted to invite The Man Behind The magic onto the show to spend a Little bit of time talking with me about Issue number three my buddy Doug it is Good to see you brother how are things I’m doing great Reggie Doug do you see The method to my madness I I watched it Unfold it was masterful Um Doug it is good to see you as always Issue number three of isolation is Coming out we made a big change for Issue three made a big change creatively Do you want to talk about the big change

That was made from issue one two into Three and why we did it Sure yeah the the biggest change is that The uh lead artist on the interior of The comic has changed Um from Delia who is still on the art Team and doing the cover art for issue Three uh but we’ve added a a new artist To the team Chase Cowan and uh he’s Incredible has done some amazing work Um and I’m excited for people to see it Uh Chase is fantastic and what people Don’t know is that chase was actually Working on another project for me I had A a secret comic book project that I was Working on that I I terminated at one Point but Chase uh was actually doing Some work for us on another project and Now we’ve pulled them over to this one Um in your mind Doug as you think about The difference between Um Chase and Delia what are some of the Substantive differences that you see Between the two and first let me say Both are incredibly talented incredibly Talented both are also from the cupboard School but but as a a an artist yourself What are some of the big differences That you see and or that the audience Will notice when they pick up issue Three Um I think that uh Chase’s style uh is More of a traditional comic style than Delia’s

Um it is he does use uh gray scales in It because it’s a black and white comic Um but it is a you know pencil and ink On paper rather than Um Delia’s more painted Um style so so that’s different I think They both have Uh amazing strengths and their styles Are very different I feel like Chase’s Style uh has a real kind of kinetic Energy to it that I think works really Well with issue three yeah Really well yeah No I would I was also going to say Um And I might be anticipating another Question but Um When we started isolation and Delia uh Joined that team and is still a part of That team one of the things that we knew And talked about with Delia early on was That Um her we knew that if things went well Enough for isolation to continue at some Point we would need to bring another Artist into the fold and on the team Because Delia’s style is beautiful Um and because it’s literally a painting For each page it takes much longer and When you’re launching a comic and doing Early issues you you have that time if You continue and you’re building an Audience uh there’s times when you need

To get it out quicker and the only way To do that is to bring in a partner to Work on it who can help to keep that Production Pace going which is why she Has an artist assistant that would help Her but generally speaking her time Because it’s three days per page Essentially when she starts an Individual page is a much longer process Than pencil and paper which is maybe a Day day and a half so you can almost cut Your time by 50 roughly just by Switching from one artist who has an Amazing style to another artist who has A different amazing style so that was Part of the reason why we made the pivot Uh and and if things continue maybe We’ll we’re divot you know pivot back to Delia maybe there’ll be a combination of Delia and Chase working on an issue Together to see those Blended Styles I Think that uh the sky is the limit for Potentially what we can do but the big Thing here is that if people really want To see issue three four Etc et cetera that’s supporting the Kickstarter through Is absolutely the way to go Doug talk a Little bit about issue three from a Story perspective what can people expect From the story So without without giving too much away And I’m also aware that there are people In the chat um who have not read issue

Number two yet so I’ll be a little cryptic Um This issue uh is is a little more Violent Than the first two because we’re It’s a lot more violent okay As isolation as we’ve said all along is A mystery series and it’s about murder In this secretive community and that Starts to ramp up now Um without giving anything away for People who haven’t read issue number two Uh the murders in issue two Um were a bit more emotional and intense And because of that it would it was very Intentionally Done in a way that is Um more respectful of what it was Depicting so for people who haven’t read Yes tragic it really was and and Um Issue number three gets more you know Down and dirty Um in the mud uh some good old-fashioned Gore It’s it’s if it wasn’t black and White there’d be a lot of red and there Is no way that we would ever pass Whatever that seal was back in the day Right oh no no this would not be Approved by the comic code oh my sweet Christmas I mean so here’s the thing People this is what I want people to Realize the issue is essentially done

The issue is essentially done we’ve Already made the investment the issue is Essentially done we are talking about Getting issue three out to you much Quicker than any issue thus far because It is virtually done And it is violent I will tell you that It is violent and it is really really Good you did a fantastic job but Doug go Ahead you have something you want to add There Um the only other thing I wanted to add In addition to it being violent Um was that issue number three uh delves Uh quite a bit more into the background Of Mandy who’s kind of our main Almost like the Not really a narrator but sort of we’re We’re being told the story of isolation And it’s three periods of murder Through The Eyes of this person who’s been Discovered you know in in London in 1992 Um and you start to learn more about her Background and how she learned about Isolation in this issue Yeah and one of the big things that we Focused on with all of the issues and we Had this conversation before we even Started is that there has to be Something that happens in every single Issue right there has to be something of Importance no filler right and I think Is each issue has had something and I Think it’s been building up issue three

In my mind is a very explosive issue and I think that the spreads that that chase Put together are are really really well Done Um I I think that his style lends itself Beautifully to the horror genre and I Think about issue one and issue two and Some of the Elegance of what was being Depicted in those issues deal your style Work perfectly for those right like the Elephants and the circus scene in issue One in that Mosaic floor just we have Seen the ability I think of finding the Right artist to bring your words to life In in the best way possible and I think That people that support issue 3 will Absolutely enjoy it you might shed a Tear with issue two uh issue three will Probably have your heart racing let’s Just put it that way because it is it is Really good so I have a little surprise For you though yeah I have a little Surprise for you I don’t I don’t think That you’ve seen this so I’m going to Share it with you right now this is the Cover this is the cover for issue three Of isolation and uh I think it is just Stunning it is it is very much in line With what we’ve done with all of the Other covers in the sense that we have The oranges blues and some Reds pulls in There we have a reflection of some sort Either in an ax or an i and now in this Case of of a knife uh Doug do you want

To add something do you want to react to What you were seeing here I think for The first time right in all of its Glory Yes uh this is the first time I’ve seen It complete with the trade dress it Looks incredible I think Delia’s art Really Um pops with that black Deep black background Um I think it it just it looks awesome Um it’s she’s a brilliant artist uh it Looks great with the logo that Um Adam Shermer designed and uh the the Blood On on the cover is a small taste of What’s to come inside so and to Someone’s point they were like uh black White and red if this thing continues Down a very good path there are already Thoughts about doing a color deluxe Version of this thing again much like You heard from H.H German there was a Plan right but we are trying to build There and we will be able to get there With your support I’ve already seen Several orders come in already uh so Definitely thanks to to each and every Person that has uh already picked up Something uh but the cover I think is Incredibly incredibly well done and and I alluded to this earlier there will be Two cover options we’re gonna get a Little smaller with the number of covers We’re going to release the number of

Issues uh their individual copies that We will have will get a little bit Smaller we need to get a little bit Smarter especially with the economy Being where it is and so we will have Two cover options one of them is what You are seeing right now cover a the Other option will be cover B which is This cover version with the matte finish And the pearlized look the same way that We’ve done for the premium cover for Issue one and issue two we are going to Keep that going uh let me let me Acknowledge this before it gets away From me uh so glad you are putting this Out tonight I just ordered from Kickstarter isolations about there we go Thank you brother I appreciate the Super Chat and the acknowledgment of uh of Doug Delia and Chase’s and the rest of The team’s hard work to bring this to Life uh but this cover is is is gorgeous It really is uh Doug you’re actually Getting this uh and you’ll be holding This we’ll have to decide who gets to Keep it but I think I gave Delia the Direction I think it’s you this time to You so uh but no this cover is gorgeous And uh I think Delia did a fantastic job And I don’t know if people can see it so I’m gonna make this a little bit larger So that folks can actually see the trade Dress and what you see there is uh we Have issue three and we have have a date

Of March that’s what we are working Towards so the goal is to get as much Support as we possibly can for the month Of February leading into March and then To get this issue out in March to be Determined exactly what date because we Still need to Have conversations with the printer uh But the book is done it’s been proof Rent it has been laid out the only thing We are missing right now are ads and Sending the file off to the printer Um so that that’s pretty much it Doug Get in there I I have a favor to ask While you’re zoomed in yeah and you Scroll up so people can see the detail In the knife oh yeah because that might Be hard for people to see on the screen And it’s pretty cool yeah there we go It’s dope there we go you guys sent you Guys sent me the preliminary sketches And I was like yeah okay I dig it and And this is a little bit of a homage to What cover Uh I’m gonna forget the number Um Oh the Hulk 340 there’s a a pretty Famous everybody most people know uh Wolverine with the Hulk’s reflection in The blade It wasn’t really intended that way but As we You know Came Upon This with the Reflection and the you know the the the

Guttural scream Um it it just reminded all of us of Hulk 340 and I think it’s it’s it’s a cool But unique Um not copycat cookie cutter homage yeah But it but it’s there when you say it You’re like oh I can I can see that Right but it’s not so in your face this Is an homage right it is in the spirit Of as I like to say at work right it’s In the spirit of things it’s not holding Three knives over his shoulder no he’s Not doing that but again uh you you and Delia collaborated to make this magic Happen and I wanted to kind of surprise You with this I thought it would be a Cool thing for you to see awesome Surprise I was working with uh with Scott earlier today on getting it Together I was like Scott can you get This ready for tonight so I can surprise Doug and everybody else with this thing So again just something really cool Um Doug thank you for everything I’m not Going to ask you to shout out your Social media because everybody already Knows where you are right so no need to Do that but I want to thank you again For your continued collaboration I did An interview earlier this week as I as I Mentioned with Amir and your name came Up several times we were talking about Isolation and we were talking about uh The guide to Smart comic collecting and

What I explained to him is that it is Impossible for me to do all of this this Gets done because of the team that Exists right you and and the the artists That work on this but then also people Like Chris bigger and uh and uh Mark and Tina and Trav all the blue wrenches Matt Woods all of these people that support What we are trying to do I am thankful For for them and I’m thankful for you And with that I’ll take any parting Thoughts that you might have I just want to say I appreciate you my Friend the journey has been fun I hope That the support is there for issue two And three so we can get to four because There’s a lot more good stuff to come More blood and guts is what he’s saying And you and you’ve already sent me Issue Four script I have not read it uh I need Three to be successful before I can in In you know in um entertain Issue four But but there is work that has already Been done Doug it is always good to see You I’ll talk to you later on Instagram Take care take care brother all right Good stuff uh it is always a good time To talk with him if you guys are are Tuning in a little late we’ve covered Off on a lot of things already uh one Thing that I will mention is after this Web live stream concludes if you leave Up a substantive comment based upon Something that was actually discussed

Over the course of this live stream you Might win one of three Gator guard cases My friends over at gatorgard have hooked Me up with these awesome cases and we Are going to be uh giving them away I’m Gonna randomly be picking names uh from Uh the comments that are posted so I Definitely want to encourage you guys to Do that I also want to encourage you to Check out this is one of my Favorite websites sites for raw comic Book values they are a supporter of the Channel they do a lot for me every Single month I’m very appreciative of Them and this is a great resource if you Were trying to figure out how much your Comics are worth if you’re trying to Find a way to organize your collection Which is a huge thing is a great resource For people all right so earlier this Week there were all kinds of crazy crazy Announcements that were being made by James Gunn Peter Safran and everybody Attached to DC Studios and uh there There has just been a flood of coverage A flood of additional articles and Commentary that have come out and I Wanted to have somebody come on to to Talk with me ever so briefly about what Is happening at DC so I wanted to invite My buddy Chuck on Chuck how are you Doing brother I’m doing great how are

You doing Chuck I have zero complaints I Have zero complaints Chuck I’m having a Good day that’s awesome so Chuck you saw All of the news I’m sure you consumed a Lot of it What do you think what are your high Level thoughts about what it is that James Gunn and Peter Safran and others Said yesterday about what is coming from DC Studios well I’m happy that given us A reason to be excited about DC Comics And the chat about DC Comics is positive And it’s not oh my God how bad is this Going to bomb this week which seems to Be the standard conversation about DC Material or what’s getting canceled this Week so now we can actually talk about Comics yeah and we can talk about Properties and that’s great Have you I’m sorry I cut you off please So were you surprised with the Announcements that he was readily Pointing out specific runs from writers That he was looking to to tap into I Personally was surprised by that were You surprised or did that make perfect Sense to you I think from James Gunn That makes a lot of sense but I think It’s really good for him to tie that in For Branding purposes so people can look Around and go well we got a new Supergirl well who wants to see Supergirl well we’re doing this super Girl now I haven’t read one of tomorrow

And apparently you look at the twitters There’s Some controversy about it I don’t know What that is but At least we have something we can point To and say we’re doing this Supergirl as Opposed to Helen Slater’s Supergirl or The Matrix Supergirl or you know Somebody else or something they made up Right some amalgamation of different Things I think that that’s pretty cool I Went to go read The Authority last night And I didn’t know what the authority was I think I’ve seen some of it in the 100K Collection I was like I’ve seen that I’m Gonna go read that so in my mind I I was Surprised that he did it but it was Actually well done when you reflect upon Why he did it because now you Potentially have people going to read Those those back issues that are like Okay now I’m excited it’s not going to Be some made up stuff some amalgamation It’s based in the actual Source material I thought that was well done yeah and I Think you know it’s it’s a very James Gunn selection when you look at that Right you’ve got the traditional you’ve Got the slightly quirky and then you Have the oh my God who’s ever heard of These people and but that’s a very That’s very James Gunn though I mean if You look at what he did with guardians The Galaxy and then with you know his

Suicide Squad mashup of the traditional Characters and then you know arm fall Off guy and all these other weird people And then The Peacemaker well maybe it’s Not surprising that we’ve got a Superman And we’ve got a Damien and we’ve got a Swamp Thing and we’ve got a Booster Gold You know all mixed in there it’s an Eclectic type of thing you know what I’m Saying and I know Wayne was probably Excited about Booster Gold and Tina was Excited about Swamp Thing what are you Most excited about as you heard that Roll out is there one or two things that You’re most excited about and what are They well I am very excited about the Creature Commandos because I’ve been Trying to find their first appearance For a while they’re just offbeat and Weird enough and I trust gun with it Even though he’s got himself a different Lineup and it was interesting going to The LCS today because we got a new guy Behind behind the desk and he looked at Me said do you know what the Creature Commandos are I’ve had 10 people come in Asking about this fomo in effect and I Said you have Google and you know So you know but seriously though that Really interests me a lot and quite Honestly I’m excited about Booster Gold Too because I like Booster Gold and I Really love the second series he had and They can stick with that tone maybe

Throw in some rip Hunter along with it And that’s an opportunity again where You could mine some more of the DC Universe the DC history and you can Bring in some of this other IP that you Might not necessarily think about and Start creating a cohesive Universe Because the one thing that worries me Here is I don’t see anything really Cohesive and you know we know the DC Universe free crisis really wasn’t Cohesive there was Gotham City there was Metropolis there was a sort of JLA crowd And then there was everybody else that Was kind of in their own segments and And crisis tried to fuse everyone Together and well that’s a different Conversation Um so here it seems like we’re kind of Going back almost to sort of a Pre-crisis where you’ve got your Lanterns and you got your Amazons and You got your Gotham or maybe you’ve got Two gothams depending on how we’re Looking at that you know yeah we got our Sort of pseudo JLA and we got a horror You know but if any of these really take Off then He’s got a big sandbox to play in yeah Because the Creature Commandos take off Then you can do a Checkmate or you can Do uh Sergeant Rock if you decide to put Them in World War II or you could do you Know your DC dark or your JLA dark or

You know something like that so so what I’m hearing you say is that with what he Set up this eclectic group of different Things and I don’t know what creature I Don’t even know what you said I can’t Remember it I don’t that one went over My head but with what he set up I hear You saying that if he starts to have Some success he has a lot of room to run In that direction and really build that Thing out Um is that what I’m hearing from you Yeah that’s exactly what you’re hearing Now I also think that’s going to be Weakness too because when they’re not All connected you’re gonna have people Who are going to go well why am I gonna Look at Swamp Thing this is some stupid Guy in a rubber suit or you know why am I going to see you know an Amazon Paradise Lost thing that doesn’t have Gail godowen and I mean there goes Joe Right there you he’s on he’s already Checked out of it so you know Um but I mean you know why am I going to Go see lanterns when my only memory of The lanterns was you know that Ryan Reynolds first attempt to do a superhero Movie I mean you know so that is part of The problem there but if he can pull it Off it’ll be amazing what I thought was Cool was when he was talking about the Lanterns I mean he he picked two awesome Lanterns and they were like it’s going

To be True Detective style I was like Now that’s intriguing like that’s Different and and it was always this Question of how are they going to do the Lanterns it’s going to be space cop or Is going to be Earth base we heard Earth-based True Detective style a cap There are some things that capture my Attention you know well and you know Jason Momo has been aiming to be Lobo Right he’s been begging to be Lobo while Lobo’s not announced on there I could see Lobo showing up in lanterns It’s going to happen In these wrecking shop that’s right all Of a sudden then you got Jason Momoa Showing up as Lobo And that just blows the entire project Up and all of a sudden it becomes a Must-see thing as opposed to maybe we’ll See yeah yeah so let me ask you this This question and this may be the last Question that we’ll talk about there’s a Lot of people that have uh expressed Some pushback uh overwhelmingly I think That feedback has been positive but some People have been concerned about to Batman In in this thing right the elseworlds Batman uh with Matt Reeves and then the One that’s going to be in here and then Some uh characters and actors being Brought over and continue like like Waller and some of the folks from

Peacemaker that will be continued what Are your thoughts there are you Concerned about that or is this just People need to get over it I you know I Can understand why they why they’re People concerned about it with Continuity and everything but you know Let’s face it who’s really paying Attention outside of the obsessive Marvel people who’s paying attention Tomorrow to movie continuity on the DC Side I mean this would be our what fifth Batman sixth cat man in my lifetime I Quit I quit counting at some point Because there seems to be a new one Every week we’ve had you know multiple Robins over the times all the people Hyperventilating about Damian Wayne you Know clearly are forgetting that we’ve Had you know a couple different versions Of Robin Um so I I don’t think I think that’s as Much people having sour grapes that They’re not on the end with James Gunn And their contract you know didn’t get Extended for their favorite actor Because they’re not they don’t have the Most favorite Nation status with him Unlike Viola Davis who she’s Viola Davis Yeah I shouldn’t she’d have to be a Friend of James Gunn she’s available Davis yeah and a lot of us would you Know sign up to watch her read an old Phone book I mean because that would be

Entertaining you know much less true Scenery as Amanda Waller yeah yeah so All right good good perspective there I I definitely appreciate your Insight and We may have to have you come come back To have a longer conversation about this I mean we have a long lead time brother Between now and when we actually will See something right a couple of we’re Going to have a couple of pre things That’ll happen before Superman forever Drops I think in like 2025 or something Like that so we have a long time to kind Of noodle some of this stuff but um Chuck I appreciate as always your Level-headed thoughts about some of this Stuff uh and certainly just your your Insight uh I don’t know about your Choice for what you’re excited about I’ll be honest I question that but You’re a quirky guy so you know at least It’s on brand right Um Chuck where can people get a hold of You brother should they choose to follow You on the social medias well I’m at Chuck Kinsey on Instagram and uh I do Have a uh YouTube channel with uh it’s Terrific Comics so we’ll see you there Chuck it is always good to see you Brother thank you for everything I’ll Talk to you soon take care all right so With that we are going to wrap this show Up we try to normally keep it to about An hour I’m about five minutes over got

Wrapped up in the conversation with my Man Chuck it happens I get excited I Want to thank you guys for tuning in and Again huge shout out to everyone that Has opted to support isolation issue Number three thus far I’ve seen multiple Orders come in over to the right I Definitely want to encourage the rest of You in here to head over to the website go to the shop you Can see the packages that are available To you low cost all the way up to a Little more expensive we have a little Something to fit everybody’s budget uh Even if you don’t support if you think About it I appreciate that as well but Your support is definitely appreciated If you need to reach out to me feel free To do so on Instagram at Reggie collects Take care my body ate itself until I Found this passion they got fat while we Start but it’s powering fasting until I Turn to ashes I remain stowaway through My rap heroics I painted 10 000 poems Then I drink the potion The Poetry Emotion I started choking it was potent My bro Chopper downloaded knowledge Hungry I was embarrassed can ask my Parents for money when I had a full Tummy so I asked for wisdom better than Crypto sweeter than honey I don’t take It for granted I don’t wear cakes and Masks

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