Comic Book Dealers Call PETA! MARKET INDEX UPDATE – Is This The Floor?

In this video I give an update for our SILVER, BRONZE & COPPER AGE comic book index…January ended up being an UP month, a Big one! But the question was if it was a Dead Cat Bounce…well that seems to have been the case! Here is our update!

What do you guys think of the current market? Are worse months to come? Or are we at the Bottom?

Hope you all enjoy the video!

00:00 – Intro
01:37 – Comic Book Index
02:03 – Silver Age Update
03:53 – Bronze Age Update
05:17 – Copper Age Update
05:48 – Side By Side
07:46 – Key Takeaways
10:29 – Why was January Up?
11:12 – Trendlines
12:17 – Finals Thoughts
15:41 – Outro


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Foreign [Music] It's Friday today happy Friday Are you guys looking forward to your Weekend What do you think about doing Maybe you're gonna Take a trip to the park with the kids Maybe a stroll To the beach Maybe we're gonna go on a beautiful hike By a mountain Whatever you're thinking about doing I'm Sure it's gonna be fun But guess what before you get to go to That happy place You gotta sit through this video with Lines charts and graphs because we got Ourselves another comic book index Update oh God here we go boring video Well guess what You clicked in here you decided to enter This place you decided to watch this and Now we're going to sit through this Together no garage Market finds today Okay no flea market Halls no looking at Comic books we're going to do PowerPoint Presentations because you know why this Stuff is important because now that we Are at the other end of February here we Got our data for the comic book indexes For the month of February and we gotta Check in on what is going on in the Market was it a dead cat bounce that we

Got last month after we saw a soaring Silver age index have we found a floor Based on what we're seeing in the data Well in this video we're about to find Out before I get into it if you guys Could drop me a like or comment or Subscribe if you're enjoying the content Help support the channel doing those Things I'd appreciate it but let us get Into this video here today now I'm sure You all know what the comic book index Is but in case you don't let me break it Down for you I take the top 100 sold Books per age silver bronze and copper I Picked the grade that has the highest Volume of transaction actions in any Given month I picked the final sale of The month equaling The Market close for That particular book and I take all the Data from GPA data I add them all Together and we get what is called the Comic book index so let's check in now On what we saw for last month in January Kicking off this year of 2023 we saw a Huge spike in the Silver age sales Jumping up to a whopping 60 852 whatever was in the water around the Country everybody came to play in January I mean we were feeling it all Over the place in the Heritage auction Sales on eBay they had their New Year's Resolutions in place which apparently Was to buy a lot of comic books and we Saw the index shoot up to a higher Point

Than it had actually been in the last Six months but the question is where are We now in February was the market able To keep up that volume of sales well in The last video I felt like it was Probably going to be a dead cat bounce And sure enough here in February we see That that the index has reset back down To the volume of sales that it was Selling for in December and November of 2022 dropping all the way back down to 47 546. now it is important to point out That based on how these models are Calculated in our indexes here for the Silver age in particular there is always Going to be the potential to have Massive swings you have certain books in Here that have a pretty high price tag And if you see a lot of volume in any Given month that is going to boost the Value of the index and if we have a Couple missing sales which we did in This particular month that is going to Swing it one way or another and here we Are back at the forty seven thousand Five hundred forty six dollar range now As we start to dig into it I will show You guys that it isn't as bad as the Month to month looks I mean there were a Bunch of sales that were down in this Particular month but it really has a lot More to do with the non-sale factor Again like I already mentioned in

January for whatever reason the comic Book Market came in ready to play and There was a lot of transactions going on It feels like we lost a little bit of Steam going into February because the Volume wasn't as high as we were seeing In the January month but let's move Forward now to the Bronze Age index and This one is also really interesting to Talk about as we revisit what it was Doing in January last month now for the First time in about a 9 to 10 month Stretch the Bronze Age index was Actually up albeit by literally one Single dollar so not really an up month More of a push but that was a big deal For the Bronze Age because finally the Bleeding at least seemingly had stopped So now here we are in February and the Question is what did the Bronze Age do Well I am happy to actually report that The Bronze Age for the very first time In a year is actually up to 43 292 dollars I think this is the first Time that we can truly say that the Index has gone up in the last calendar Year and it is kind of cool to see that We actually are maybe starting to see The bottom for that Bronze Age index I Mean granted we could be going sideways For many many months I mean I think the Silver H index we're going to see highs And lows and things like that but for The most part over the aggregate it

Feels like we might be going sideways I Think similarly here with bronze we're Going to be going sideways for quite a Time but with these indexes the thing I Am most interested in is the floor Values will we be resetting to those 2019 and 2018 prices that is really the Big question because that I think Affects what we comic book collectors And comic book buyers should be thinking About as we decide to make purchases in The next six months or so but before I Continue to break that down let's jump Forward to the Copper H index another Index like the Bronze Age one that had Been on the decline for many months in a Row last month we actually were able to Bounce a little bit up to the 29 297 Range and what did we do in February Well once again we were actually able to At least hold the floor technically Speaking we did go up to 29 482 but it's a pretty negligible Difference overall which to me kind of Indicates a strong support floor of Where we currently are in the market now Here you see the three indexes side by Side obviously a big kind of dramatic Swing with the silver H but I kind of Think January was an anomaly month and Then I kind of think February might be a Similar anomaly month as well I think For the most part the Silver age the Bronze Age and the copper H are going to

Continue to go sideways for quite a Little bit of time at least until we Start to get some interest rate cuts Into the markets that can actually Elevate some of these more you know Speculative things like comic books now Again it's going to take a little bit of Time for us to ever get to that point I Mean we're talking about maybe not until Next year or so but I do think that you Know generally speaking as I've done in Some of the other videos where I analyze The interest rates and their correlation With comic book values it does seem to Be the case that the floor values of the Key books are able to generally support Themselves at that floor level at least When facing you know these General macro Economic headwinds do you guys see that Little Sam right there hold on let me do A wardrobe change that is much better I Am now shining when my torpedo Comics T-shirt which actually happens to be From the store that is the sponsor of This video torpedo Comics now for those Who don't know torpedo Comics is one of The best comic book stores in the Country they are based out of Las Vegas Nevada but have locations in the Southern California area as well in fact They even opened a store recently in the Glendale California area that I cannot Wait to visit but in case you guys can't Make it down to the California area they

Have their website you Can buy mystery boxes here raw comic Books graded comic books and even Trading cards if you're into that sort Of thing but if you're one of the Bears Out there who thinks all comic books are Going to zero you still have options as Well if you go up to the search function And type in shirt you can find lots of Different swag that you can get your Hands on like the torpedo comic book Shirt that I am wearing in this video Why worry about macro headwinds when you Can get this t-shirt rock that skull Helmet and be protected just like this Guy and the best part about is that if you use my Promo code swagelhaus which you'll see In the description you'll be able to Save 10 off on your order what's not to Love about that I want to say thank you To torpedo comics for sponsoring this Video and let's get back into the index All right let's zoom in a little bit and Break it down month by month starting With January for the Silver age we were At 60 852 and here in February now we're Down to forty seven thousand five Hundred and forty six that is a decrease Of 22 again that seems dramatic but I Have a feeling that the January month Was an anomaly in its own right because That was actually a month that was up 21 So a mini correction was bound to happen

At least in terms of the month to month Here I suspect that in the next few Months we're going to see numbers more Around this 47 000 range Bronze Age January was at forty one thousand nine Hundred and forty here in February we Are now at forty three thousand two Hundred ninety two an increase of three Percent so for the very first time we Get to actually have increase on this Slide for the Bronze Age and then February 2023 for the copper age is 29 482 which effectively is a Month-to-month push now let's check in Here on the big key takeaways because This is the thing I think is really Important to break down for the Silver Age books now 18 of the Silver age books Were down on this month and only nine Percent were actually up I think that Has a lot again to do with the fact that Everyone came out the gate in January so Strong that it was going to be hard for Us to feel gains on top of the gains That were already made in that month and That's kind of why you're seeing this Discrepancy of 18 and 9 being the down And the up and the true big difference For this month for the Silver age was The 29 non-sale Factor we missed a lot Of sales this month at 29 which is a lot Higher than it was last month at 20 Which of course did have an effect on The values and as we get into the fear

And greed index I think we'll be able to Explain why that was the case now bronze Book values were a little more Consistent here 18 down which is similar To the Silver age but 15 up which is a Little bit more than we saw for the Silver age and only 10 percent non-sale Which is why I think bronze is starting To find a very very consistent floor for Itself at least until we find you know More you know cataclysmic events that Might take all these markets down at Some point in the near future now month By month graph you know one of the big Questions I had been wondering is are we Going to see 2023 ever have any Crossing Patterns with the yellow line that is The 2020 price index and where we are Here in February as you can see with the Cyan dot is basically almost in line to Where we were in December of 2020. the Comic book boom of 2021 is effectively Over any gains that we had in the last Two years have since been evaporated but Where we are today is still hovering Above that of 2020 certainly above that Of 2019 and certainly above that of 2018 And again outside of any cataclysmic Things that happen in the macro Market I Don't necessarily see us falling any Further but I'm a little more optimistic Than some others now of course we have To talk about the fear and greed index Now last month in January the fear and

Greet index was actually showing extreme Greed you can see right there in January People were willing to spend money People came into 2023 looking to buy Anything and everything this was in the Stock market this was in the crypto Market this was all also in the Collectible Market as well now here in February I think people took a little Bit of their foot off the gas because We're back to the neutral down at 55 you Can see here in February people are a Little bit you know more cautious a Little bit more unsure not extremely Greedy not extremely fearful because I Think people are starting to realize That maybe we're not going to fall into A deep depression but at the same time It's going to take a little while for us To go to some kind of bull market once Again now the last little thing I wanted To kind of point out is the comic book Index trend lines now I didn't include The copper H for this one because again I haven't really been able to pinpoint You know what the proper year-over-year Returns for the copper age have been but I do think it is really interesting to Take a look at where the bronze and Silver age indexes have been at least in Terms of the trend line and as we can See the Bronze Age is really the one That is you know we're starting to feel That lift once again at the bottom

Average of the trend line and I think That that is really interesting even With all the economic conditions we were Feeling we are still within that comic Book trend line that we've seen year Over a year for these values for these Prices and we seem to be holding pretty Well now for the Silver age you'll see That the sixty thousand dollar January Was well above the trend line so there Was going to be a pullback and a Correction from that at some point and Now where we are with it we're kind of Smack dab in the middle once again now Granted this isn't necessarily drawn to Perfect scale but this does give you Kind of a generality of where we are With the trend line and the values of Each index now we kind of have to wrap The video like we always do where we Talk about the bear and the bull case Where are we going from here what is Going on in the macro comic book Market Well of course there's going to be two Sides to every coin with this situation There's going to be the bear case There's going to be the bull case the Bears would say that you know we still Have a lot more to fall for comic books You know we're totally going to go to Zero everything is going to lose all of Its value all of its money but you know As far as how I model this and as far as How I'm you know doing these breakdowns

For the indexes again we're talking About the top 100 most desired books in Each you know age silver copper bronze Etc so these are the key books that People always want and at least in terms Of what I'm seeing with this data at Least in terms of what I'm feeling and The research that I've been doing it Does seem like you know maybe we're not Going to see you know record prices Maybe we're not going to see months like January you know repeat themselves but Generally speaking I feel like we're Probably not going to be testing you Know the 2019-2018 prices unless of Course there is some cataclysmic event Like the housing crisis of 2008 which Forces people to liquidate their comic Books but I have a feeling that all the People that you know overextended over Bought their books you know that had to Liquidate that had to close up their Online stores are kind of already out of It right now and what we're feeling Right now with the people who are buying You know sweeping the floor so to speak With the Heritage auctions week after Week are the ones that are in the still For the you know next five to ten to Maybe even 15 years so I do feel like The general floors are going to be able To hold at least four of those top 100 Books now there are going to be Instances and there are going to be

Cases of spec books that were of these Markets you know even in silver even in Bronze that absolutely shot up and are Literally going to go to zero dollars Where nobody wants them but if we're Talking about the ones that are the top 100 where people have consistently shown Year after year that people want to own These books I think that they're still Going to be you know values that are Sticky for comic book buyers and comic Book sellers now the last little thing I'll talk about is something I'll repeat In one of the other videos I talked About you know last week where I was Talking about interest rates it does Really feel like there is a correlation Between what is going on with the Interest rates you know how much money How much liquidity is there in the Market at any given time and what the Comic book values are it does feel like You know when the money printers are on The comic book values definitely start To go up and when the money printers are Turned off you know there might be some Corrections for comic book values but Also the keys do tend to hold a pretty Consistent floor they rarely dip below You know whatever the last boom cycle Was so I think that that might be where We are right now where as the interest Rates continue to get Rays continue to Go up I do think that you know any gains

Are going to be erased from what we saw In 2021 and 2022 but I do think that They're generally speaking going to be Able to hold the floors in the aggregate On the average of course there's going To be one-off books that you know Totally get sold for pennies on the Dollar here and there there's going to Be one-off books that totally go to the Moon uh for whatever reason because Somebody just wanted it then there and Now and bought it off of eBay you know That those things are going to happen But generally speaking I feel like these Books are going to be able to maintain Their floor values at least until we get To you know maybe some future year 2024 2025 when the interest rates start to Get cut and we get more money into the System and that is going to have a Correlation to what is going on where we Start to you know get Avengers Kang Dynasty where we start to get James Gunn Superman and there's going to be a lot Of money in the market there's going to Be a lot of hype once again and these Things might very well go to the Moon Anyways that's all I got for this video That was the update for the indexes of February let me know what you guys think Do you guys think we're fine finally Starting to find our floor do you guys Think that we're going to go to zero in The coming months do you guys think that

You know now is the time to buy that We're going to start going to the Moon You know as soon as uh this summer let Me know what you guys think of course Comic books are also very seasonal we do See spikes in the comic book market Around that April and May time and we Are quickly approaching Guardians of the Galaxy 3 that might generate a lot of Hype out there in the market let me know What you guys think Kickstarter live Next week be sure to check that out in The description and I'll see you all in The next video

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