Devil Batman & Lazarus Planet – Full Story

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What of a demon a devil if you will was Possessing both Batman and Robin forcing Them to battle against each other and Possessing the entire bat family for an Entire epic battle of bat family vs bat Family today we're going to bring you The entire Batman vs Robin plus the Important bits out of Lazarus planet That tells the story of evil Damien and Then evil Batman I'll explain what Issues those are in about one second but You've found yourself at comicxtorium This is where I take comic books I turn Them into audio dramas we have two Series here complete stories feature two To three issues of a thing in the title Basically giving you bits and pieces of The story giving you episodes that you Can watch weekly but we also bring you Full stories where we find all of the Important bits and we turn them into one Giant video that's what today is a full Story video this video features Batman Vs Robin issues one through four then it Features Lazarus Planet Alpha Lazarus Planet Omega and then the finale Batman Vs Robin honestly I was a huge fan of This entire storyline and I hope you Guys are as well so we wanted to get it Together for you in a hurry anyway I'm Not going to waste any more of your time Let's get into the devil Batman Saga Lightning cracks Over Wayne Manor Illuminating someone walking up the

Drive inside Bruce Wayne looks around at All of the old photos memories swirling In his mind he has no idea what force Pulled him to his old home there's a Knock at the door and Bruce opens it his Eyes widening in shock at the sight of Alfred standing before him Master Bruce Is it really you Alfred asks Alfred Pushes inside as Bruce stares at him Whoever you are this is an unforgivably Poor taste Alfred pennyworth is dead Bruce says but Alfred turns on him Warning him about Bane and Thomas Wayne What they have planned Bruce looks at Alfred in shock knowing That this would have been Alfred's last In memories before he died he puts a Hand on his old friend his old father Figure questioning how he could have Possibly gotten here and be alive Alfred Doesn't know so the two head into the Kitchen to have some of Alfred's Favorite Tink the next hour Bruce is Questioning Alfred asking him things That only the real Alfred would know They both finally agree to head down Into the cave and give the man a full Medical exam Bruce watches as Alfred go Straight to the grandfather clock Putting in the time of his parents death And they head down it's at that moment That Bruce turns the power onto the bat Cave well well look what the bat drag Did Damien says from his spot on the

Giant Penny flanked by Tim Hunter and Jakeem thunder Bruce Whispers over his Shoulder to Alfred he hasn't seen you Yet hide He tells Alfred and Bruce doesn't Hesitate walking forward took you long Enough I thought you'd never come down Damien says with a smile as he stands he Turns to Hunter ordering him to attack But Bruce leaves out of the way as the Magical energy explodes around him Ripping through the cave as the Smoke Clears Damian turns to his friends he Got clear find him and bring him to me Damien snaps but a voice calls out of The shadows as Batman steps out of the Smoke I give the orders your Damien not you This is still my house he growls Throwing a batarang but Damian leaves Out of the way Batarang snare your go-to you insult me Hunter fires another blast but Batman Dodges it slipping into the Shadows the Young wizard steps forward looking for The bat but Batman is behind him Knocking him unconscious snapping the Screwdriver that he was using as a want He turns as he hears Damien's voice this Is a declaration of war father I've Grown exhausted waiting for you to leave Your mantle to his rightful owner me me Damien shouts Batman turns as Thunder Steps forward calling forth the genie

That does what he commands he brings the T-Rex to life riding atop it as it Roars And rushes at him but Batman leaves out Of the way of its stamping feat Damian Whatever's speaking through you stop This right now you're putting these boys Into danger Batman shouts leaping out of The way as several attacks come from the T-Rex throwing a smoke bomb into the air Knocking Thunder out Batman keeps moving But something grabs him from behind Throwing him to the ground he looks up In shock at several of the old Robin and Batman costumes have come back to life And have begun to attack him it's time To put you out of my misery detective I've grown to hate you as you hate me You left me on my own rejected me why Because I have Al ghoul blood running Through my veins Damien says as he leaps Down watching his father be beaten by His own suits is it because you blame me For Alfred's death Damien asks but he Turns as someone steps Out of the Shadows that isn't true there's no need For blame at all master Damian I beg you To come to your senses Alfred says Quietly Batman continues to fight using A torch to burn the costumes but Alfred Steps forward offering Damien a Robin moves towards him but blade Suddenly snapped out of his gloves I Don't know what to say other than I'm Not falling for it he moves into attack

But Batman is there knocking him away Damn it Damien he grabs Alfred pulling Him out of the mix and they move through The darkness of the cave with Robin Following him Tim Hunter at his side run All you like father I will find you Damien shouts into the shadows and they Keep moving with Tim firing magical Blasts at them Batman and Alfred finally Come to a cliff unable to continue Forward they turn seeing Damien and Tim Hunter there right behind them I thought We could get past our disagreements Father to find some way to be the son That you wanted but I found something From your own past that finally opened Up my eyes Damien says pulling out a gun And aiming in at Batman's chest my party Gift father closure your life ends as it Began I only wish that you were wearing Pearls Damien says and Batman moves to Protect Alpha as the gun goes off the Rounds ripping through Bruce's chest They both tumble off into the darkness With Damien staring into the pit below Them farewell father But Damien is unaware that Batman has Grasped a hidden ladder shortly after The batboat pulls away into the harbor With Bruce explaining to Alfred that he Had to upgrade the body armor and then He managed to see the long forgotten Ladder as they began to fall Bruce Explains to Alfred that they have to

Find somewhere to keep him safe while he Tries to figure out what's going on it Doesn't matter he's my family too Alfred Tells him refusing to be kept safe Bruce Stares at him for a moment before Embarrassing him in a hunk I miss you Old friend Bruce says gently meanwhile Damien has returned to the Tower of Fate Stamping his fingers and Tim and jakeem Fall to the ground I regret to inform You that the detective lives you failed Don't give me children next time then The voice nods offering Damian a magical Powerful item for him to use in his War Meanwhile over on the docks Batman has Taken stock of what items he has aware That he is underprepared for this fight Knowing that the bat family coms are Probably compromised but he does have One item that they can use a magical key That zatana gave him a long time ago This will allow him to travel to her House through any door and as we're Obviously facing a magical threat she's My go-to expert he tells Alfred as they Step through the door but the house is Empty he pushes through into her study Where he finds a ton of floating in the Air strangled by a noose hello Bruce she Whispers at a strange voice and he Begins to reach for her as she explains That she has been caught in Schrodinger's Noose I am both alive and Dead for now she Whispers The One

Punishing us is intent on making us Suffer she warns him telling him that The various members of the justice dark Have been caught in several curses Taking them out of the equation This Must Be Stopped something in the Ether is terribly wrong Bruce and it's Damien's doing but Batman doesn't Understand questioning how Damien could Have done all of this I don't know but You have to find out quickly because Death is not off the table for any of us Use the key it will take you to a Secluded Place New To You the place that Keeps all of the secrets there you may Learn exactly what Damien did Batman Nods putting the key into another lock And opening the door into a white room At the tower of Fate Damien throws aside The magical weapons around him If I'm going to topple Batman I require Greater resources you owe me that much How else but through me would mother's Soul have met the devil Neja Damien asks And he looks up at the demon flanked by His great grandmother in the middle of The Kentucky field Felix Faust stares at His hands stating that he did this to Them in the past to dominate to punish But why why is this happening again as He stares at his hands he sees the Miniature puppets of the Justice League On his fingertips But this time they're fighting back they

Pinch and Pull and choke their way Across his body but before he could be Lost Batman grabs him from behind Telling him to stop his magic is going Haywire you aren't the only one Focus Slowly Batman Begins to tighten his grip The small fingers beginning to shrink Down until there's nothing left but Before passing out Faust says the devil Batman let's go setting him down That was the last of the sedatives that Should take him out of play at least for Now as Batman stares Alfred looks off Asking what is that what is happening to The ground seconds later the ground Begins to crack and split as a house Begins to rise out of the opening Batman Says that maybe we don't have to go Towards the magic maybe the magical come To us Alfred looks at all of the Tombstones asking what is this where are We Batman tells him that he doesn't know Either but this is where zatana sent Them if we're going to have any chance Of stopping Damien's Rampage we need to Investigate the two of them walk up and A man is waiting for them who says but Batman Oh your presence on this whole golden Jewelry night tonight Batman looks Around what do you mean we The man says the house of course And he the caretaker his name is Abel as Batman and Alfred enter the dark into

at home Alfred says there isn't Much to speak of is there and Abel turns Back Don't let the house hear you it welcomes Company particularly people with Questions but proceed with caution Everyone who enters the House of Secrets Eventually learns something they do not Wish to know but before Batman can ask His first question Abel disappears and He and Alfred wander into a dark room as They step in they feel the ground Disappear and they begin to fall but Safely land as images begin to appear Around them as the images take shape They see that it was Damien in his fight Against the Lazarus a demon when he Fought on Lazarus Island that caused This but Batman can also see the woman Orchestrating it all but as to who Mother's soul is Batman doesn't know as Damian and his friends won over the Demon mother's Soul asks if they have Any idea what they've done you've killed Him you've ruined everything Damien tells her no railing and raving About genocide she is worse than her son Flatline asks son who is she then and Damien says that her name is not to Mother's Soul it's a rule Al ghoul soul Of the demon she is Raz al Ghul's mother But soon the apparitions fade away and Batman and Alfred leave the room to find A man with bloody hands awaiting them

Batman asks who is he and the man says That his name is Kane of course And Batman asks where's Abel Kane Responds that simmering little milk Toast why batty the tale as old as man No you're in my house and I'm taking Over as your tour guide the door opens Up and Kane asks what lies behind door Number two it's a mystery as they step In Batman and Alfred are seated to a Play where mother's Soul takes center Stage she holds the head of her defeated Demon stating that he was the embodiment Of Lazarus magic that this demon was Untouchable unbeatable and thus bitterly Disappointing she has been on this Island for a long long time and she Knows the Lazarus resin better than any Other it's properties it's history how It was refined from a Chinese elixir of Resurrection and immortality a millennia Ago from The Blood and Tears of a Grieving father Alfred Whispers asking Did you know the Lazarus pits Had An Origin And Batman responds to him I know now as Something Rises out of the pit mother Soul says that she witnessed this demon That yet lives be trapped imprisoned Beneath her very feet the blood Connection between the resin and the Demon may be powerful enough to force His release but someone will have to Wield the key Damien intent on exploring

The island he shall be the one to do This Batman stares at the demon There has to be more pieces to this Puzzle something about this place is Clouding my memories what am I missing But before you could think any longer The entire room begins to melt away Until he and Alfred suddenly find Themselves in the main hallway again I'm Tired of your games I'm sick to death of Playing defense We're gonna find out what mother Saul Did to my son if I have to burn this Place to the ground as Batman throws a Batarang it wraps around a woman and he Asks who is she Lilith Eve and the woman Says how dare you Eve's an absolute hag No my name is Cynthia how are you Bewitched I'm sure she laughs telling Him that his time here is running out And they are fast approaching the Witching hour but soon Cynthia begins to Transform into Talia al Ghul you're not Her are you certain reality is Shifting Before you is it not would you like to Know the final truth about your son's Sudden transformation come closer as Cynthia attacks Batman Catches Us Stating that Talia smells of Jasmine and A rose of Taif you do not Fine still my fun just watch and learn At that moment a trap door opens up as Batman and Alfred fall through it but as They look they see Damien holding the

Key that Mother's Soul was referring to As Damien gets closer to the tomb Batman Stares oh God I remember this was his Tomb damn you no Damien is holding up This key to unlock the sealed Stone Doors and as they explode open there Stands Neja I remember now years ago Superman and I stopped him by the skin Of our teeth and we buried him here Alfred asks who is he who did you bury Here the deadliest Magical Warrior who Ever lived thousands of years old Capable of enslaving the world he calls Himself devil Neja Neja leans forward Stating that he can sense the fear in Him the child of his Jailer the son of The Bat Man how perfect there could not Be a more fitting weapon to use against Batman no more appropriate tool of Revenge family is the Nexus of all Hatred Batman nails down stating that That's what happened Neja possessed Damien and Alfred says that there must Be some way to free the boy Damien looks Up and smiles not really and he blasts The two of them back into the house as Batman gets up he sees Damien Controlling the tour guides like puppets Stating that story time is over father Then again my whole life is a story About a lonely wounded boy so desperate For companionship that he invites other Children into his trauma Damien releases The puppets and begins to set house on

Fire every story has an ending father And the fire don't look at me you're the One who said that you wanted the house Ablaze so do us both a favor and just Lie down and die of course Batman does The exact opposite and he begins to race Out of the burning house but back with Damian mother's Soul asks if he left him To perish Damien says I left Batman in a burning Mansion it's Like trying to catch a rhinoceros with a Butterfly net I've achieved my goal I've Rattled his spirit I delivered my Message I know my father I know the next Move even though he's acutely aware that He's being baited into a trap it won't Stop him his greatest and more Exploitable confidence in his ability to Improvise under any circumstance mother Soul says that is an ability Unchallenged only because he has not yet Met the foe that can out-think him and As such she has a gift for him Damien Takes the clothing because you put it on And as he steps into the light he Reveals it to be a new Batman suit Damian looks at himself it's exquisite But does it come with accessories she Tells him absolutely what is Batman Without Robin's back with Batman he Stares at the burning house and Alfred Asks what now he tells him clearly this Is more than just Damien and him and

Neja has taken his son and that is his Fatal error he's made me angry I can't Call Superman because he could become Easily possessed so we're going to have To find Damien to save him ourselves Alfred says that he's at his side and Batman Begins to walk away thank you old Friend I'm always at my best when you're Keeping an eye on me of course Master Bruce that's what I'm here for the light Casts over Alfred and his shadow changes Into the form of Neja with neja's hold Over Damien remaining strong Batman Flies the Lazarus Island to confront his Son but Alfred poses a concerning Question he's quite happy that they Found transportation to reach Damien but How does he suppose that the boy is Unaware of the plane Batman says that Damien is well aware of all of his Resources and contingencies he would Have left the plane and only the plane On purpose Damien wants them to come to Lazarus Island and they can't count on Any family for backup Batwoman bat Signal to Batgirls Damien has done Something to leave them all offline Damien knows that they're coming but Through Alfred's eyes mother's Soul Watches telling her grandson that Batman Is in route Damian turns to her Thank you but my Robins will not go into Battle unarmed to Timothy Drake I give Him the cloak of kaligastro Jason Todd

The Trident of Poseidon Stephanie Brown The Coop stick of black bison and Dick Grayson the most powerful weapon the Sword of sin Battle Stations Everyone by Sunset father will be dead Back on the mainland of the island Batman lands and tells Alfred to be Prepared for anything if Damien wishes To engage him he'll try to wear him down Alfred asks how do you know because That's what I would do which is why You're staying here Alfred argues about Staying on the plane but Batman tells Him that this is not up for discussion I Cannot focus if I have to worry about Two people remember what happened when We were caught in the Riddler's Labyrinth Alfred can't have that happen Again as Batman leaves of the Jungle Alfred tells him I suppose not go save Your boy sir and be careful as Batman Enters the dense forest he climbs up a Tree to scout the foot Trail left on the Ground no doubt intended for him to Follow but as he holds his position he Suddenly struck and knocked off of the Branch a voice tells him keep your guard Up and it's Tim's voice but it's too Close to be hiding which means that Tim Is invisible Batman lands a punch but Tim appears cracking him with his staff I was your Robin for years and I was Damn good at it but the minute the Minute that Damien came you replaced me

Batman falls to the ground but as he Gets up he knows that Tim is possessed And he's laying bare his deepest buried Grievances he can't take them personally That many yells you grew you didn't need Me anymore you were fine on your own at Least that's what Batman tells himself And Tim isn't wrong could Batman have Done better by Tim it's startling how Heavily that question weighs on Bruce But first he needs to disrupt him as Brilliant a combatant as he is his Greatest skill is as a detective which Isn't helping him now with a quick flick Of his wrist Batman takes off his cloak Throwing it on Tim to reveal where he is Slamming him into the ground he ties him Up and rolls his shoulder already Feeling it wretched he has to stay Vigilant even if this is the first Trap Back in the lower caves of the island Neja asks a chained Pig creature where Is he and the being laughs after all That he's centuries and you've never Learned a small talk measure smacks him And mother's Soul asks who the creature Spits a mouthful of blood my name is Zubaji Pixie to my friends and yeah me And Neja go way back as he told you the Big secret yet about why he's doing all Of this he's not gearing to play Offensively he's playing defense Neja Hits him again demanding to know where Is he and pigsy says that he could have

Just asked because he cannot wait to see The look on his face but he tells him He's already here on Earth your son has Finally arrived and he cannot wait to Say hello back in the jungle Batman Comes to an opening but before he can Hardly set foot in it Vines reach out Wrapping themselves around him using a Small pocket laser Batman Cuts himself Free and Stephanie Brown the spoiler Tells him you might want to hang on to That I'm just getting started Batman Frees himself in a tree trunk Falls over It with Stephanie yelling dude never Took me seriously you always made me Feel like a mascot not a robin I was Clay in your hands you could have made Me into anything and you didn't even Bother there's truth in her statement Batman could have taken the time to Train her better but he didn't and Stephanie is now a Batgirl under Barbara's watch as the ground erupts From underneath him Batman is thrown off The ledge of a cliff but Stephanie's Attacks are weak she's less of an Obstacle than Tim was which would mean She's not alone down on the shoreline a Wave of water shoots up crashing into Batman he looks behind seeing Jason Wielding the Trident of Poseidon hey Don't worry I'll get him and then he Hits Batman with another wave slamming Him into the wall and down to the ground

He walks right over to Bruce we're all Disposable to you aren't we I died and Came back and you still ignored me why Didn't you look for me Batman throws an Explosive pellet to gain some distance But Jason absorbs them in the water Getting closer how could you not spend Every waking minute trying to save me Once Jason is close enough to strike With the Trident Batman gets up punching Him in the stomach telling himself that He doesn't have to answer why didn't he Make Jason a priority maybe he was Afraid of what he'd find afraid of what He'd have to own up to a ward that he'd Let turn into Joe Chill Batman wrestles The Trident from Jason's hands hitting Him on the side of the head and then Rides the water back up to the cave with Stephanie where he makes quick work of Her he groans already feeling himself in Pain but with three of the robins down Only one Remains the first one hand to Hand the toughest of them all back in The cave Damien walks up the pigsy I Know you yeah we met you are much nicer Then and now magically you're his puppet But I do have a question Damien tells Him I don't care are you sure you're Kind of sensitive to this stuff deep Down there's a part of you pushing Against neja's control or else you Wouldn't be standing here after a few Moments pass Damien finally asks what is

The question pigsy simply asks what do You get out of all of this Damien goes On explaining that Mother's Soul's goal Is to do what Roz wanted to do but Better pigsy just turns it on him again Right but what about you Damien tries to Think but as he speaks he begins to Stutter yeah that's what I thought kid Damien listen I've known Neja since we Were both young he used to be a hero did He not but all of this Lazarus juice That he used to make himself Immortal And pump up his magic is corruptive Corrosive Damien says that he Understands This corruption can it be reversed at That moment the fiery green hand of Ninja grabs Damien from behind it is not Corruption it is Clarity using that fire Neja Burns pigsy's face to melt his Mouth shut But back over topside the sun begins to Set as Batman reaches a cave getting out Of the brush Alfred runs out thank God Master Dickies Nightwing sits a perched A rock And Batman tells him I see him quite the Dramatic entrance you know me forever The showman Bruce with no supplies left Batman pulls off the utility belt as his Only weapon to fight with Nightwing asks Him do you remember that I was in the Circus right people used to come by the Thousands to see the flying Graces their

Applause was electric the rush was Unbelievable then you came and you took It all away you hid Dick Grayson behind A mask Batman thinks for a moment Nightwing has never said anything like That before should he have realized it And Nightwing yells I could still show Off as long as nobody knew that it was Me Robin lived so that Dick Grayson Could die they both began to struggle as Batman thinks back to what Damien said It was similar that he could have given Any of these kids an ordinary normal Life free of danger instead oh God what Kind of monster am I I don't deserve to Win here who am I to fight to punish Them simply for wait that sword that's Azrael's sword of sin and manifest guilt And doubts it in the opponent's mind and Magnifies it for them it's been working On me since I arrived well played Nightwing swings again hitting Batman's Arm telling him I'm under orders from Damien that he gets the killing blow but I have seniority Nightwing swings again This time cutting into Batman's chest And Alfred yells out be careful he's out Of defenses Batman looks back grabbing Alfred by the arm and as Nightwing Swings again he shoves Alfred in the way As a shield as the sword plunges into Alfred's stomach there's a moment that Nightwing takes brief control of his Mind just long enough for Batman to

Knock him out Alfred Falls over and he Bleeds green you knew That you were a spy I knew within three Minutes and you just kept confirming it Was the small things about how you spoke Like when we had to tea the real Alfred Despises oolong tea and when I mentioned The Riddler's Labyrinth you didn't deny It but there never was a Riddler's Labyrinth you knew enough about Alfred's Life to answer all of my questions but Not enough to contradict me when you Thought I was telling the truth I played A longest and not alert your master but Now what I want is for you to tell your Master that I'm coming give him a Message but I'm not leaving without but The wounds of the day catch up to Batman As he falls to his knees the demon with An Alfred's body escapes laughing and Flies away throughout the mountains and Batman looks back at Alfred taking off His mask exhausted And Alfred speaks Batman looks at him It's impossible that voice is softer Than before more gentle more authentic No this is just another trick tell your Master but Alfred chimes in no master Bruce it's me in a sense to properly Replicate me Niger required the tiniest Echo of my actual Soul The faintest Whisper he had to crack the door to the Afterlife to seize it and now it's Fading the sword oh god I've killed but

Alfred pauses him again no you did not I Am nothing more than a shadow this was Never a way to get me back but I refused To go until you accept something Bruce Damian imagines that I blame him for my Death I do not He of course blames himself and I will Not allow that you were half a world Away not even you could have possibly Prevented it this is unnecessary remorse I can find no peace while watching you Carry an unearned burden Batman stops him but an Alfred Interrupts him again do you really wish For me to be disquieted for all eternity Don't cheat me out of agency or I will Be quite prosperous measure exploited a Wound in you I'm asking you to close it so that you Can find strength and healing You'll need it to save Master Damian Batman holds Alfred close I I miss you Alfred and Alfred begins to Fade we will meet again my dear boy your Parents they send their love Alfred's Body begins to fade into nothing and Batman takes a deep breath pulling up The cowl and beginning to bandage Himself Once ready he stands up beginning to Walk into the mountain cave as Neja Enters the final stages of obtaining the Power from the Lazarus pits there's only

Two things that are on mother Soul's Mind that could stop this Batman and The Mention Of neja's own son King fire Bull Mother Soul says that she saw the look On his face when there was a mention of His son and Neja says fearful for him For the violence that must be done to Him should he be foolish enough to Confront him meanwhile Batman is quietly Sneaking into the caves that lead to the Lazarus Pit when he sees the pile of Exhausted magic users just discarded After having been drained of their Powers all but one black Alice black Alice more so siphon's magic into what Is quite obviously Dr Fate's helmet as Batman moves closer to the helmet it is Positively crackling with power and a Familiar voice asks if this is his idea Of a sneak attack because his footsteps Carry Batman looks up to see Damien who Can see that he has as intense as he has Ever been he has never wanted it to come To this but all he can do is engage him Batman looks at the things that Damien Is carrying asking you come after it Unarmed with weapons is that what I Taught you cowardice Damien throws the Weapons to his side charging in but Batman already knows Damien is well Versed between many fighting techniques From his training with the League of Assassins Paired with the skills that he taught

Him Damien is a fighting force to be Reckoned with but while Damien continues To get in his hits Neja and mother's Soul watch from afar as Dr Fate's helmet Reaches its limits of power Batman tries To formulate a plan to remove it but Damien takes the opportunity to strike Just as he was distracted breaking his Arm mother Soul says that as compelling As that battle can be she strongly Suggests that they focus their attention On the helmet before it overloads with Power Damien continues to beat Batman Down but then suddenly stops when he Sees Batman not even fighting back he Leans down grabbing him by the neck wait You knew this was a death trap but Batman never enters a trap without a Plan What is your plan what is it old man the Mistake that Damien made was assuming That this was Batman's first Recon Through the caves when it was in fact His second just as Neja gets ready to Put on the Dr Fate helmet Batman calls Out to Talia because on Batman's first Run through on the cave he found Talia Held captive and he freed her and told Her to wait for his signal when he Needed her the most Talia kicks the helmet out of neja's Hands it falls to the ground bouncing When there is suddenly a flash of light As everyone looks over again they see

Batman floating there with Dr Fate's Helmet overflowing with power the first Thing he commands of Neja is to release His hold on Damien and the others Restoring the power to those that lost It as Damien regains his senses he Shouts for his father to forgive him but Batman looks down to his son I already have now go help Talia while Taking down Seoul Batman looks around Seeing Through The Eyes of the sorcerers In how they see the world it is so Vastly different Neja yells out to him Congratulations for your unearned Acquisition for all the good it will do You the two begin their mental combat as Batman grabs Neja from behind shouting Why bother stopping me the people of This planet are weak links bent on Destroying themselves we could remove Their chaos Inspire them give them a Purpose With Honor Neja then pulls Batman into the magical realm asking What is your purpose if not to be a Follower Batman doesn't even hesitate Right here right now is to be a father That my son needs meanwhile Talia and Damien are courted by an endless pit Telling mother's soul to surrender Talia Looks to her son she won't she's an Al Ghoul that she is oblivious to the truth She conscripted you to find the demon of The Lazarus Island not once but twice Unaware that it was a wasted effort for

The demon of Lazarus island is her the Demons must be consigned to the deepest Pits of hell Mother's Soul laughs at her you won't Murder me not with the boy around why Would you think that he would allow that Talia pushes mother so off the ledge but Damien reaches down to grabbing her by The arm telling her to hold on with a Smirk mother Soul flicks her wrist to Shake off Damien's grip falling into the Darkness as mother Soul Fades from view Talia tells Damian that she forbids him To mourn her but Damien says that he is Not a monster he will feel how he feels Back with Batman the Battle of magic Continues with each side claiming one Hit after the other But with one of those hits Neja lunges For the helmet and as Batman struggles To keep the helmet it explodes in a Bright to Green Flash The Broken Pieces Clatter as they fall to the ground and Into the pit and without its power Batman falls to the ground as well Neja stands over him asking how how dare You a model imprisoning me cheating Cheating me defying me It's over as Neja reaches down he is Struck behind by Damien wielding one of The magical items he presented to him Batman yells for his son to get back but Neja turns his focus on Damien such as The punishment of disloyalty a blast

Leaves his fingers and Batman throws Himself in the way to save his son Talia Rushes over to check on Batman and Damian asks if he's Talia checks his Pulse he's gone Sorry son ninja laughs this pain is Enough And Damien shouts at the monster he Won't pay dearly for this just then There's an explosion of rock as king of Fireball bursts in through a wall Continuing Damien's sentence there will Be so much more king of Fireball attacks Neja pigsy and Alice run up with Pixie Grabbing Damien we have to hurry there's Still a chance that all is not lost the Lazarus pits are fast becoming Exponentially more volatile they won't Resurrect Batman they'd boil him instead But there is still Lazarus Magic Available to us through neja's own veins Black Alice places her hands on Batman's Chest siphoning out the magic from ineja Himself putting it into Batman as Neja Falls to his knees losing his powers Damien looks at Batman it's not working And suddenly Batman sits up gasping for Air Talia checks on him and pigsy says That they won't have time to see if Batman is actually okay they need to get Out of here Neja then begins his own Escape with king of Fireball yelling no I will not be denied my Vengeance not Even if the whole world has to suffer

King of Fireball Rockets out of the cave And it damages it enough to start a Collapse dozens of stones fall into the Lazarus Pit causing it to violently Explode taking out the entire Island as A Lazarus volcano begins to erupt across The world The plane barrels through the storm as Damian Wayne is at the controls black Alice sits next to him and Talia al Ghul In the back cradling a wounded Batman I'm going to fix this Robin tells them And Batman struggles to look at his son The Lazarus volcano what's the aftermath He asks but his radio Beeps in Supergirl's voice comes over the Justice League Line attention this is Supergirl With a planetary alert anyone not Already engaged is to report to the Hall Of Justice immediately supercharged Weather conditions created by a magical Ring are blanketing the Earth Lightning Crashes outside of the plane And the engines suddenly stop great Robin Whispers as he struggles at the Controls but the plane is dropping out Of the sky at an increasing rate Everyone brace for impact he shouts out And the plane goes down slamming into The Hall of Justice Supergirl and Power Girl are there to Stop it enemy attack power girl asks as They slow the plane x-ray vision says no Supergirl tells her with the shake of

Her head Robin and the others struggle From the crash and the young hero faces Those that have gathered around him Attention everyone we are at war with an Ancient evil that goes by the name of King fire Bull he is responsible for the Green storms but there is a way to stop Him As murmurs begin to go through the crowd As they realize they're listening to a Child Batman looks up listen to my son Robin quickly fills them in on the Events that led here warning them that The storm will play Havoc with magic and Science based Powers but they need to Separate into two teams with one team Heading to the Tower of Fate to retrieve The magical artifacts that Neja drained And bring them to Black Alice so that She can reverse what happened the second Team will go searching for Neja himself So that they can force him to Aid them In the battle against his son King Fireball I'll manage any later Rivals Monkey Prince stays with me It doesn't take long for the heroes to Arrive at the tower of Fate power girl Zatana Mary Marvel can't seem to get Through the magical defenses so Cyborg And Blue Beetle give it a try but when They hit the Tower with their alien Tech There's a massive explosion that throws Them away that wasn't the tower where Did that come from cyborg gasps

A voice calls out behind him and that's When he sees the massive minotaur-like Creature lightning flashing behind the Monster as it speaks from me I was sent To guard the tower I'll take pride in my Work zatara looks up in shock the Silverhorn king wanted King Fireballs Two lackeys this is bad she tells Power Girl massive wolves jump past the silver King as he orders them to attack Our Heroes run the balloon from Loom he Bellows as the heroes meet with the Magical monsters meanwhile the second Team has arrived at the Himalayas it's There that they meet the golden horned King humble servant of the king of Fireball he has sent me to retrieve the Coward Neja he says from his perch and Supergirl steps forward motioning Batman And Talia away Blue Devil and I have This you two go she says but even though Her powers have been altered by the Magical rain she rushes forward with Blue Devil keeping the Golden Horn busy Long enough for Supergirl to throw a Massive Boulder at him as they push Forward to the temple Batman and Talia Discover that Neja is fighting against Swamp Thing and poison ivy inside how Did they beat us to him Talia says in Surprise but as the rest of the heroes Are fighting against the silver horns Wolves Mary Marvel punches him once more In the face your efforts are

Embarrassing child the rain is harder Than you he says of the laugh but Power Girl suddenly swoops in grabbing the Silver horn by the head flying him up Into the air as they leave the wolves Are growing weaker and zatana is able to Contain them meanwhile Supergirl Continues to fight but the golden Horn's Power of fear begins to overtake her Blue Devil shouts to her reminding her That Supergirl never submits to fear and She looks up with anger in her eyes You're right she says slamming her hands Together performing a super clap that Topples the mountain around them that'll Hold him for a bit at least she says Grabbing Blue Devil and flying them to Safety inside of the temple Talia rushes To poison ivy demanding to know what she Is doing there you people have forgotten That I have a PhD in Botanical studies One Swamp Thing and I did determined That the Lazarus of resin was falling Out of the sky we came here to learn More about how it was affecting his Realm the green but Neja has already had Enough ripping clear of swamp things Attacks enough the devil measure cowers Before no one Victory can still be mine He shouts but Supergirl appears blasting Him with heat and vision weakened Swamp Thing and Ivy managed to restrain Neja And allow the others to blast him until He finally Falls at the tower of Fate

The storm is ripping through the area With magical lightning crashing against The ground threatening to kill everybody Mary looks up back at the tower everyone Fall back from the tower way way back She shouts speaking the magic word Shazam and her lightning fall from the Sky cracking the Tower of Fate open After everyone comes back Blue Beetle Looks at the tower in Surprise I thought we were here for tridents and Stuff what's with the sleepover he asks As everyone looks up to see the magic Users of the universe stepping out of The tower's ruins the magic users Collect their weapons and prepare for The fight with zatana looking at her Group and smiling I think we got it finally Fighting Chance back over at nej's Temple he has Fallen the heroes gather around him and Supergirl can hear a faint heartbeat Within she's not sure if they can use Neja's magic to heal Batman to finally Revive him fully from the dead but She looks up to see black smoke curling Around The Dark Knight and he begins to Take on a monstrous appearance No need I'm feeling better than ever he Growls at her meanwhile over at the Hall Of Justice Damian looks up from his Computer as the wall suddenly caves Inward who's there he shouts King Fireball Smiles at him as he steps out

Of the smoke and the rumble You know my name call me King fire Bull We can now go to one of the one shots Assault on Krypton to discover some of The new powers hitting some of your Favorite superheroes Earlier dreamer was going about her day When she was suddenly hit with a vision Of Robin crashing his plane into the Hall of Justice everything was bathed in Gold and she sees her vision is Reflected in the helmet of Fate when she Comes to she leaps through Bruce's Dreams and pops out of the Hall of Justice Robin the future I can't she gasps as The images flood through her mind but Damien helps her to her feet asking what Is she talking about Gone dark she tells him and she quickly Explains what she saw telling him that It was reflected in the golden helmet Damien and Supergirl Phil dreamer in on What happened with Neja and they Explained that they are outmashed when It comes to King Fireball not with the Helmet we aren't we get the helmet we Restore the future where is it dreamer Asks Batman struggles up from his bed Explaining that Khalid is the current Dr Fate or he was until Neja undoubtedly Bested it for it dreamer nods do you Think he'll know where we can find it She asks and Batman believes that Khalid

Might know where the helmet is but he Points out that Khalid isn't responding To their summons to the Hall of Justice But dreamer believes that she might be Able to track him through his dreams and Figure out his location she quickly Drops into the dream world appearing in A hospital next to dream calendar watch Where you're going nurse he says to her As he pushes past but he doesn't know Her and doesn't realize he's in a dream Listen to me your Khalid Dr Fate you Wear the helmet of Fate it was taken From you and I need you to show me where It is it's time to wake up the Khalid Shrugs her off continuing on in his Dream that's when her voice calls out to Her it's no use let him go the voice Tells her letting her know that he is Buried deep within his own subconscious Trapped by Neja his connection to the Helmet defeat remains buried even deeper In his mind than himself for now it Sleeps lying dormant until it's found Within the helmet also resides a Fragment of myself Khalid cannot guide You to what you seek but I can Dreamer keeps walking until she finds an Exit door that glows she opens it Revealing a long staircase going Downward and the voice continues to talk To her letting her know that fate flows Through her she finally arrives at the Helmet of Fate The Voice thanks her as

She reaches out for it and with that Dreamer breaks the surface of the Lazarus Pit the real helmet of fate Clutched in her hands as she is Screaming out meanwhile over in Metropolis's garment district a looter Has broken into a store and stolen a Jacket as he walks out he finds Superboy Jonathan Kent waiting for You want to go ahead and put that back John asks as he floats above But it looks so good on me the looter Says with a smile when suddenly the Magical Lazarus storm rips through the Planet the rain instantly affecting John And he falls out of the sky ha you all Right you don't look the looter says as Jon hits the ground and then as he Reaches out to him electrical energy Suddenly begins to swirl around John Kent the looter steps back his eyes Blazing as fire swirls from his hands Later Jon sits up on the looter's couch Look who's up you exploded that happened A lot the looter asks John is shocked as The looter explains that a mysterious Volcano has erupted and is causing a Rain that is affecting everyone it's all Over the news you're gonna love the Powers that I ended up with the looter Says of the smile holding up the trash Bin you should take off your wet Cape You're um still sparkling John knows That his new powers are dangerous but

People are still in need of his help I Can help you with the city the looter Says explaining that his name is Ash and Joining John in the though he's not very Good at flying and constantly running Through things the two of them stop Several robbers and looters don't even Think about looting Jon reminds him and Ash Smiles as he takes looted sunglasses Off of a different looter is it really Stealing if I take it off the looter ash Asks him and John just folds his arms Across his chest yes they continue to Help but Jon's powers are still affected And he suddenly drops out of the sky Luckily Ash manages to catch him I know You only let me tag along so you didn't Have a superpowered thief on the loose While you saved the city but I hope I Made myself useful he says as he helps Jon to his feet Ax suddenly stumbles again though what's Going on with you John asks him I think What powers they had were temporary Looks like my Joyride is really over Ash knows that he's about to be arrested For what he did but Jon offers to put in A good word for him because he helped The city just sweet boy scout maybe when I get out he can take me flying Ash Tells him later Jonah returns to Ash's Apartment to retrieve his cape but he's Shocked to find that it is gone and only A note from Ash remains on the nearby

Television the news reports of a Fire-based prisoner that managed to Escape from County lockup the storm Continues to rage outside but King fire Bull has arrived at the Hall of Justice He reaches out a massive hand grabbing Black Alice by the throat your world's Magic has run amok it has gathered Itself in a Hellstorm that has enveloped Your entire planet but I know it can be Reclaimed this sorcerer I'm told she can Return it to where it belongs What I have decided is it belongs to me Robin and monkey Prince open the attack But their blows do nothing to the mighty Beast at the ruins of the Tower of Fate Zatana has gathered the de-powered magic Users of the universe we're all spency How do we fix it Alice Scott asks barely Controlling the energy swirls around Zatana as she explains that they need Black Alice to return the magical powers To the appropriate users Zatanna casts a Spell to pull black Alice to them the King fireable holds on tight you think You can escape me you are sorely Mistaken he rumbles holding Alice tight As the spell is now threatening to rip Her apart Robin tries to warn zatana Over the comms but the storm is blocking Their Electronics the monkey Prince Leaps forward kicking at King fireable Stunning him long enough to get black Alice clear King Fireball then turns to

Attack them but is knocked To The Ground By a blast of heat vision Robin Smiles As he looks up at the Gathering of Heroes now here to stop King Fireball Sorry we're late Metropolis needed us Superman says as he Flies forward grabbing the Demon King he Tosses King Fireball away allowing The Flash Wonder Girl and the Green Lanterns To Pelt him Well well King Fireball says as he Lashes out with magical energy knocking The heroes away monkey Prince and Alice Watch She tells him that she is needed and Wishes to Aid in the fight She then disappears in a swirl of Magical energy leaving our heroes to Battle the magical villain She appears in the ruins of the Tower of Fate she warns zatana about what is Happening at the Hall of Justice over at The hall the heroes continued their Battle but King fireable refuses to go Down Alice begins to rise into the air As she gathers the destroyed of magical Energy around her Tana shouts but Alice looks at her Doesn't stop You don't say Corrigan you're up first Get ready Alice shouts the fight at the Hall continues but everyone's powers are Suddenly being scrambled by the magical Storm Barry suddenly has super strength

As Superman falls to the ground Jon Jones telepathy clouds his mind Damien Leaps forward blasting at the king Fireball with heat vision I could get Used to this he he shouts and at the Tower ruins Jim Corrigan is once again Fused the power of the Specter at last Free free to wreak vengeance upon evil The spirit shouts Damien stumbles back From the computer trying to warn Batman's team but he is unaware that Batman is actually possessed by the Devil measure and has defeated his own Team the Fight Continues on but King Fireball defeats some of the most Powerful Heroes one by one dropping them To the ground he's Smiles as he stands Over the bodies of the fallen heroes I expected more but I understand I too Was human once human and therefore Pitiful at the tower Alice gives the Last of her energy to return the magic To the world to stop the storm It disappears in a blast of light in the Mountain Temple the Neja Batman can Sense the return of magic and he reaches Out to his son King fireable speaking to Him interrupting his attempts to control The heroes no more my son you have sown The seeds of your own destruction I had Hoped to absorb Earth's magic myself but That was a Fool's goal no energy this Formidable can never be controlled not By you not by anyone but it can be

Directed and that's when he begins to Focus his energy into King Fireball Damien watches in shock as king of Fireball seemingly is arguing with Himself before he is struck by a massive Magical lightning bolt The energy dissipates revealing a Smoking king Fireball is that your best You expect me to submit from that King Fireball asks but the glowing light Fills the room and King fireable looks Up to see a gathering of the magical Heroes prepared to battle against him The magical Heroes step forward and they Hit him with everything that they've got Magical energy slamming into the Demonic Warrior no it will not end like this King fireable shouts But the Specter steps forward one of the Most powerful beings in the entire Universe enough the terror you wish to Command will be reflected upon you so Says the Specter using his powers he Traps King Fireball in a small sphere of Magical energy we will find a proper Resting place for you and your evil Specter says before disappearing The Heroes all begin to rise back up but The Specter and the demon are gone I Don't see black Alice satana why don't I See black Alice Damien asks Z and she Lowers her eyes I'm sorry black Alice is gone She sacrificed herself to bring magic

Back to the world but zatana is unaware That black Alice didn't die And she's elsewhere in the world Searching for peace after the heroes Have left going to their separate homes And their separate cities Damien is left alone he looks up as his Father Batman approaches seemingly Healed of his Lazarus sickness father Did you find Neja are you healed what Happened to the others that were with You Damien asks says he hugs his father Batman Smiles as his eyes begin to glow And Damien is unaware don't worry Everyone is accounted for or will be Soon the shadow of Neja casts upon the Wall behind Batman after the events of Lazarus Planet the heroes of the world Have gone back to their homes but Robin Has been captured the demon Neja is Inhabiting the body of Batman and Brought Damien back to the bat cave Robin awakens to find himself hanging Upside down at Batman standing before Him Neja I said Batman in a team to Capture you I gather it didn't go as Planned Robin asks seemingly unafraid Neja Smiles demanding to know where is King Fire Bull I still wish to Humble my son Robin doesn't reveal the fact that he Doesn't actually know asking Neja to Release him so that he can show him he

Walks over to the computer and puts on a Set of earphones if I can still monitor The computers I can show you a map he Explains but that's when Robin hits the Emergency alarm button blasting 150 Decibels into the cave which throws it Neja to the ground Robin rushes over to His motorcycle quickly roaring out of The cave he looks behind him as the Batmobile explodes out of the ground as Neja quickly gives Chase missiles launch Into the air and Robin is barely able to Maneuver around them suddenly His Radio Crackles to life Damien are you there can you hear me Talia asks quickly telling Damien that Batman has been possessed Damien steers Around another blast I know I have to Find a way to escape Damien tells her But Talia tells him that neja's life Energy is the only thing keeping Batman Still alive if you remove it he's going To die she explains Robin looks up as The monkey Prince suddenly appears on The handles of the motorcycle almost Veering out of control hi Monkey Princess with a smile where did you come From can you go back there Robin asks Him but monkey Prince explains that he Is here to help he reaches down pulling Out a bit of the fur from his arm Blowing on it suddenly two monkey Princes are leaping at the pursuing Batmobile distracting it the Batmobile

Swarms Out of Control crashing into a Tree giving Robin some room to maneuver And finally breathe All right I admit that was a solid Flex Can you make some Superman next time he Asks as the pairs sneak off into the Woods as they're fleeing monkey Prince Explains that the longer that Neja stays In Batman's body the stronger his magic Will become he finally whirls around Grabbing a hold of Robin look I I don't Know any other way to say this but I'm Sorry in order to save the world you're Gonna have to kill your dad are you Prepared for that Robin stares at him For a moment I have no other option he Says quietly but Robin has a plan he Sends monkey prints on a mission heading To Gotham where he gathers the bat Family Atop The gcpd he calls to Neja With the bat signal a portal opens up And Batman steps out You just summoned me bat welp but the Bat family is waiting Nightwing rushes And drawing blood as he smashes Batman Across the face with his a scrimus Sticks the bat girls are next the three Of them whirling and kicking Red Hood Opens fire while Tim Drake attacks from The side but even the Gathering of skill Within the family isn't enough Batman Finally throws them all clear get away From me monkey Prince then arrives and Robin puts the second part of his plan

Into action monkey Prince begins to pull Out more fur creating dozens of clones Of Damien leaping into the fight Neja is Surrounded and brought down as the Robins attack him again and again but The Clones quickly disappear and Robin Is left alone punching Neja in the face Bringing him down trying to choke him Out as Batman Begins to rise the magic Users arrive bringing the Mortal body of Neja with them Satana enchantress and pigsy all use Their magic to hold devil measure to the Ground binding him tell me this is gonna Work Robin shouts to them but pigsy Informs him that it will That Zatanna and enchantress will be Powerful enough to put neja's soul back Into his body then do it look at him He's already Cobbin shouts and enchantress looks at Him are you certain Robin Batman cannot Are you a fully aware of what you are Asking us to do robin nods yes one Billion life in exchange for millions Billions So the two magic users work their magic And the soul of Neja is ripped out of Batman's body and put back where it Belongs Robin stands over the Fallen body of his Father with monkey Prince putting an arm Around to console him but Robin brushes Him off save it enchantress now transfer

All of my life energy into my father Everyone is shocked by Damien's words The world needs Batman not me But enchantress shakes her head Damien It's not enough pigsy steps forward Explaining that neja's magic has damaged Batman's body too much that it is little More than a shell that one soul is not Enough to heal him so Robin looks around At the entire bat family in shock can You take pieces some from all of us he Motions to the rest of them knowing that They would all give a piece of their Soul to heal Batman to heal their father But satana shakes her head I'm so sorry I gladly would give myself for this man But a handful of fragments Aren't Enough Either do you know how many people would Give a part of themselves in order for Batman to live though she asks and Robin Looks at the ground for a moment I hope so Robin sends out a message to All the people in Gotham City to Everyone that believed in Batman and to Those who think that he is just a myth To those that he has protected Individually and to those that never Knew that they were saved he asks the People of Gotham the people that Batman Has dedicated his life to to give up a Small piece of their soul so that Batman May live again the people give it gladly Raising their hands and chanting that Everyone is it Batman everyone is Batman

Lightning cracks through the sky as the Magic works And Batman rises once more He sits up in shock With Robin quickly rushing to his side It's all right father Safe now he tells him Hugging his father It's over He says softly and so Batman and Robin Are once again together protecting Gotham protecting the world As the dynamic duo hope you guys enjoyed Today's video we do these full stories Every Monday when we have enough videos To put together but we do a Friday Saturday Sunday Monday release of comic Books DC Marvel and other things like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or the Power Rangers so if you want to be a Part of this community this family of Comic book viewers then make sure you Hit like subscribe and turn on that Notification Bell otherwise I hope you At least liked today's video because You're still watching anyway thank you So much for continued support and I'll See you next time right here

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