“Two Superboys?” Adventures Of The Super Sons – Complete Story

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The Story n these stories from issues #1-6 of their new maxiseries, Robin and Superboy stand face to face with Rex Luthor, Joker Jr. and other psychos pulled right from your nightmares in an interstellar adventure featuring the Gang. The Gang has already robbed Superboy of his powers, and now they’re ready to reveal their grand plan!

The super suns are now lost in space and Time in The Adventures of the super Suns When we last left off in the adventures Of the super Suns Jon was split into two Red and blue while Damien was battling Joker Jr and Rex Luther but these aren't The true Children of the villains of Earth these are aliens who idolize the Villains of Earth and wanted to mimic Them their battle took them out into Space where Jon and Damian were able to Break free and meet up with space cabbie Who asked if they wanted to ride a home This is comic story we take comic books And turn them into audio dramas for you To enjoy the point of all of this is to Allow you to know what's going on in the World of comics and add things to your Collection at your local comic book Store or your digital retailer we make Two main types of videos complete Stories that are two to three issues of An arc containing whatever I put into The title in full stories that are the Entire Arc normally 6 to 50 issues and a Collection of our shorter videos today We're going to be looking at Adventures Of the super Suns four five and six Continuing the story of another one of The summer vacation Adventures of John And Damien red quickly picks up blue Asking is that a taxi John jumps on Telling him to shut up and get into the Space taxi or we're all dead Rex asks

How is Joker Jr alive and space cabbie Begins to state that they must be Friends of the clown kid so where are You guys headed Damien tells him to just Drive you fool the taxi takes off and Ice Princess asks what is the plan now Rex Luther jumps back down into the Wreckage stating that there's no need to Spend days chasing around children who Have no idea how to get home while Capturing Robin and Superboy was a happy Side effect of the alien villain's trip To the Earth Let's remember what we're all really Here for the hypercube later 18 million Miles away the space taxi keeps jumping In and out of hyperdrive while Damien Tries to keep control of the wheel Yelling at JJ which is Joker Jr telling Him that he will tear him apart While Blue is busy vomiting all over the place Joker Jr yells I saved you I didn't have To do that and red pushes Damien back Telling him to calm down one half of him Is already throwing up they gotta get Their bearings and not act like maniacs Damien takes a deep breath looking at Joker Jr you know what would have been Great for you to have showed up before My friend was split into two John stop Fighting with yourself Damien grabs red And begins to smack his head into blue Stating can't you just like absorb each Other or something blue begins to yell

Oh that's not how this works Debian Rather than shoves Damien off telling Him even though we are two halves I can Feel everything that you're doing to Blue and right now blue is sacrificing Himself by taking all of the pain for The two of us alone What a hero Damien scuffs oh my God Kent You're such a goody two shoes you're Inspiring yourself space cavity begins To wipe the vomit off I would really Love to get you guys some medical help But we're way off the map I might be Able to triangulate where we're going as Long as you don't suddenly blue begins To groan in pain and as he does he kicks The back of space cabbage chair sending Him jumping in and out of hyperdrive Nearly running into Lobo and Guy Gardner The Green Lantern but the constant Jumping sends the taxi off course Crashing it into a planet with space Kevin yelling do you see what you did You blew a neutron rod on the engine I Knew I should have never picked you two Up as everyone gets out space cabby Looks under the hood telling them okay That's just great I could see the Theoretical particle leak from here Damien holds up red and blue asking how Long is this going to take his friend is Are sick space Gabby says that he's Going to get to work it'll take as long As it takes it's not rocket science

Clown boy here is gonna help me since You're the reason why we're even in this Mess to begin with Joker Jr you three Can head over to that house over on the Hill and see if you can find a Communicator so that I can call dispatch And if we're lucky we might have some Kind of a machine that'll put your Friends back together Damien looks up That doesn't sound like a good idea Maybe I should go alone but blue tells Him that there's no way that him and red Are going to let Damian go alone we Gotta protect each other red decides to Chime in blue is right we're in this Together it's what Heroes do Damien so Red gives a thumbs up and blue gives him One back you're such an inspiration Damien scoffs as they begin to walk Towards the abandoned looking building But as they walk Damien says okay so it Was red Kryptonite right that's some Kind of fake version your father's Secret League file says that stuff like This wears off eventually your dad dealt With this sort of thing before maybe But if it's artificial red K who knows What the rules are well we have to get You guys back together there's no way The universe can deal with two John Kentz as the three of them reach the top They look down to trying and wave to JJ And space cabbie says that they made it But with their backs turned they don't

See the door to the home opening and Several pairs of hands reaching for them And grabbing at them a short while later Space Gabby says that this should get Things up and running he can at least Get him and his buddies where they need To go Can you still see your friends JJ says fortunately no and then kicks Space cabbie into the trunk slamming it Shut I did my good deed the earthlings Are still breathing if they want to save The universe from Rex Luther they're on Their own JJ sits in the taxi cabs Driver's seat and jumps off world but Back up at the abandoned building Damien Turns on his light asking if they're Still there John says that he's there And as the light shines on him Damien Says that this was a mistake can you Guys get back up uh I can and I think I'm back together what where's the other Superboy John gets up checking himself I Don't know but I'm all back together in One piece I guess it wore off either That or it had something to do with Whatever it grabbed us but if you're Back together use that supervision to Find us a way out of here John As John activates his supervision the Lights turn on and a voice yells out no One leaves the house of secret Mysteries Jon begins to use his heat vision on the Reaching hands guys the house is talking

Of course it is I wouldn't expect any Less the two began to dodge the shadow Hands until they make their way deeper Into the house and then all of the hands Retreat and they hear voices out of the Other room Damien asks who is it and the Voice gets louder and one asks Jonathan Are you all right and the other responds I'm fine Damien hey looks like we have a Couple of visitors Down at the foot of the stairs two older Versions of John and Damien stand there Older Damien looking at them and who are You supposed to be Uh I did not see this coming the younger Damien says as both pairs stare at each Other young John says man Kitty gold Sucks huh and young Damian asks are you Really that gullible there is no way That this is our future selves Never Say Never Damien watch he flies Over to his older self asking him what's Your favorite and before he could finish The older John agrees with them stating Double double chocolate chocolate in a Cup with chocolate sprinkles on the Bottom and the top Damian it's really me Got it so old you eats like you're a 10 Year old of course he guessed right and John yells out because he is 10. John Polk's old John's round belly stating That the real mystery is how this Happened an old John tells him that the Truth is that his mom's cooking catches

Up with them after a few years both Young and old Damian yell out give it a Rest and old John says man it's like Looking into an angry mirror Both John's go back and forth about Their favorite things with old Damien Asking how they even got here the Younger version explains we walked in After the house attacked us do you Remember that because you're from the Future and old the Damian says he Doesn't know we were just always here Waiting for a door just then a door Materializes in the two run forward and The younger and the older versions begin To declare where they're going as they Step through they enter a white space of Nothingness and the door slam shut Behind them outside old John asks if He's sure that he doesn't want to know About his first kiss and young John Yells out ew no way And old John tells him that it begins With an L suddenly there's a crash next To them as both young and old damians Slam into the ground with younger Jon Asking how did you get up there you and Man Wonder ran through those doors and You came falling out of the roof Damien Looks up See there's no damage to the ceiling and The doors are also now gone they go Through a Bizarre Adventure in which They discover that nothing is real but

Real at the same time flinging Themselves out of the house they begin To see the future that their older Selves have led they see that they had Full families in full lines and they Realized that this was a chance for them To call their own shots to not live in The shadows of their fathers but knowing That none of this is truly real younger John and Damien reject this future Waking up on an operating table an Alien Named Kane size self-awareness is such a Tricky proposition but the Wonder Machine does thrive on it making Impossible possible requiring a Sentience that feels want in need that's You by the way you're the Wonder machine The Beating Heart of the center of this Planet pulling dreams out of the air and Making them come just so nearly true I Am quite fortunate that both of you had Landed here that I was finally able to Find permanent residents to give me Sustenance and I can do away with my Artificial caretakers figments of Someone's imagination John on count Damian Wayne I will now make your dreams Come true forever inside of the machine The older versions of Jon and Damien Look at themselves and John says that He's sorry but the Wonder machine only Gives them their hearts desire Damien Realizes that they're trapped in a dream State and the older version of Janna and

Damien only exist because they were Dreamed up and there's nothing that they Can do about it so the two team up Because they realize that the only way Out of this is to shatter the fake Reality and they burst through back into Normal reality with Damian stating you Never thought that your own Creations Would turn on you did you another alien LaBelle asks what's going on and Kane Asks isn't it obvious they've inspired Themselves now they're going to destroy Everything that the machine has built Old John begins to tear the machine down There's a whole lot of living ahead of You and as the younger versions begin to Wake up John asks what's going on the Older versions tell them there's no time For questions they need to go on in a Hall butt back to the surface leave this Make-believe reality this perfect world Damien tries to save the older versions But since they're just figments of their Imagination that were created through This Wonder machine They've realized they can't be saved the Older versions continue to battle Against the two aliens as Young Jon Grabs young Damien and they burst out of The roof of the house just in time to Avoid being caught in the blast as the House with the Wonder machine and the Dream reality implodes upon itself and As the two return to the crater they sit

Down and Damien asks if they should try To hang on to as much of what happened As they can if only to feel better about Their future and that they shouldn't Forget the most important lesson John Asks what is that and Damien pokes his Stomach telling him you better start Watching what you eat John last stating that they got a bigger Problem than his middle-aged waistline Like how the heck are they gonna get off This rock Damien Falls in his back Yeah I don't know but how about we Figure that one out tomorrow As the night falls Damien takes to the Shadows to Scout and as he lands on a Branch John shouts Robin would you Please stop hunting the fruit I after Throwing a batarang into a piece of Fruit that John is holding Damien says That he needs to stay vigilant which Means constant training John says that He's gets it but he's very scared and They need to find themselves dinner on The strange planet John tosses the broken fruit to Damien Who asks how they can be so sure that They can eat this and what if he can Track some sort of Alien Parasite at That moment a small monkey-like animal Jumps out of the bushes snatching Damien's fruit yelling Hookah Hookah Jon Chases after him telling him come on There might be more so John follows the

Creature and Damien follows Jon and they Reach a clearing in the woods and find a Large monster ready to eat the small Creature John yells that they need to But Damien tells him I know save the day Just like we practice John leaps in punching the monster as Damien swings in and grabbing the Creature the monster turns back hitting Jon and Damien tells him to use his Super yelling or something really I Don't have that power it's a predator Scare him how back Jon turns over on his Back yelling John Paul George Ringo life Came in like a wrecking ball I can't be Darn it Shazam the monster stares for a Moment and then Whispers as it runs off Oh crap that worked I'm gonna have to Try that more often he then looks over And sees Damien holding the small Creature look I made a friend well we Should probably Camp here for the night I'll go make the fire And as the two begin to fall asleep they Quickly wake up as a voice tells them That they have five seconds before this Mangy diseased Beast is killed Damien Jumps to his feet and Jon holds him back As a Rex Luther holds hookah unless you Want to trade the two of you for one Whatever this is Rex tosses the two Power dampening neck pieces you might be Wondering how I found you there was a Big energy Spike from the planet's core

That you'd have to be blind to not see Now put these on as John and Damian put Their collars on John says that he'd Better keep his promise and Rex says to Relax the dampeners will not only Scramble superboy's Powers but they'll Also immobilize their central nervous Systems so they'll have their complete Attention and they can hear everything That's coming next they're a little Escapade with Joker Jr has caused him to Push back his timeline but as with many Things he is a master of improvisation Once he delivers their bodies to their Namesakes they will start to take the Gang seriously and together they will Rise up and take down the heroes in a Bloody and brutal Showdown with the Heroes dismembered and the villains United he will strike and prove that he Is a much better at this than they ever Hoped to be so the bad news is that You're going to die the good news is That you won't have to live to see your Future neither of you will see this Monkey dog thingy again either But just before Rex Luther could Vaporize hookah he's blasted in the back With a man wearing a bat belt a ripped Up Superman cape and a thank Guardian Chest armor walks up good girl Good hunting now which one of these Little punks blew up my Wonder machine Because you're gonna have to answer to

Tommy tomorrow and I'm one ticked off Planeteer unable to talk Damien and Jon Begin to pull off their collars and Tommy walks over stating that he hid the Wonder machine on the outskirts of this Sector for a reason now the beings that He stole it from are going to be coming Here knowing that it's missing and it'll Take them three ticks to figure out who Did it he was trying to save the whole Damned Universe over here he picks up Jon and Damien and tells hookah to bring The hairless one onto the ship he knows Just where to drop these delinquents off As they get onto Tommy tomorrow's ship He opens up the hatch tossing Rex into The hold with JJ and he asks yeah you Guys know each other right Chrome domed Ditch just painted Smiley friend just as He landed saw the whole thing Damien Continues to struggle and try to speak But Tommy just tells him ah attitude Despair you're definitely from Earth Later in Tommy's ship Tommy says that He'll take off the vocal restrainers now And hopefully they'll have a good enough Story John explains everything that just Happened from their adventure of being Kidnapped by the Junior League of Villains how they ended up on the planet With the space cabbie how they worked With the Wonder machine and then their Older versions defeated the aliens And Tommy says all right that's a nice

Story and I'm a bit of a writer myself But I know fantasy when I hear it no way To children from Earth of all the Dungles managed to destroy one of the Most powerful weapons in the universe in A day good news is you're gonna have Plenty of time to come up with new Stories This is Tommy tomorrow Helix go Twilight 1952. the voice over the comms says copy That Double T what did you bring us this Time Tommy tells them two kids tarot one Genetically powered Ultra class the Other is wound tight and sharp the voice Says excellent They'll be right at home on Tarkin Galatos Tommy explains that it's a whole Planet that's a prison for criminals who Think they can go around murdering People YouTube kids are gonna love it And that is the conclusion to Super Sons Four five and six now five is a lot more Going on honestly I found it a little Confusing to translate for you guys in This video what exactly was happening But I tried to boil it down to let you Know that they were basically stuck in Their perfect world where they aged and Got to be friends forever and then those Versions came out and freed them so that They could then go off and figure out What's going on but the story's not over Yet we have six more issues of Adventures of super sons and if you want

To see more of this like subscribe and Hit that notification Bell I'll be back With it next Monday for you guys to Enjoy thank you so much for continue to Support I'll see you next time right Here

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