Devil Batman, Lazarus Planet Rise Of The Gods

By | February 28, 2023

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Lazarus planet is finally continuing the Main storyline so what happened in it King Fireball has arrived at the Hall of Justice the heroes try to fight against Him but they're quickly overwhelmed Luckily there's two Supermen and two Green Lanterns that arrive but as the Fight Continues the powers are magically Shifted and it's revealed that king of Fire Bull is still too powerful for Our Heroes while a Neja possessed Batman is Able to slow King Fireball down from a Distance it's black Alice that Sacrifices herself to return magic to Some of the most powerful heroes in the DC Universe those magic users arrive at Weakening King Fireball allowing the Specter to finally imprison him Afterwards the magical Reigns begin to Abate and the heroes return to their Homes and Damien hugs his seemingly Healed father though he doesn't realize That Batman is still possessed everyone Then Mourns over the sacrifice of black Alice though it is revealed she somehow Managed to survive

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