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By | February 27, 2023

This is an ongoing series where I highlight solid comics that you might want to snag now. The rationale and data presented in this video is for your consideration.

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Reggie here and I want to welcome you to Another one of my videos recently I Released a video here on the channel in Which I highlighted a couple of books That I would absolutely not touch right Now and I explained over the course of That video my rationale behind why I Would not purchase those books but in This video we're going to talk about Three Awesome books that people may want To consider snagging and like the last Video I will explain my rationale and my Thought process behind why I think that These could be good books to pick up the Important thing here is that you should Never substitute my judgment for your Own you have to listen to what I'm Saying you have to evaluate it for Yourself and decide whether these are The types of books that you want in your Collection and I think potentially as You hear my logic and my methodology for These books you may be able to leverage That for your own situation as you look At books that you personally are Thinking about picking up with that said The very first book that I want to look At is this one right here Submariner Issue number one a book that I Personally love I am a huge fan of the Submariner and so I think that this is a Really great book for people to look at A lot of folks were priced out when it Came to this book because of uh Namor

Appearing in the Black Panther movie uh Because of what was happening in the Market overall there was a lot of people Coming into the market the prices were Crazy the economy is in a slightly Different place now and uh the movie is In the rear view mirror and as a result Generally speaking as you start to look At how this book is performing you can See that values are coming down Especially if you look at the one year Compared to the 30-day averages you can See that generally values are coming Down maybe with uh some exceptions one Of which we're going to talk about but Again prices generally are declining as You go from the one year to the 90 day Day to the 30-day average the very first Grade that I want to look at here is Actually the 9.2 this is a pretty high Grade for this book and and there have Been some sales within the last 30 days There are also 246 copies of this on the census so I Want to go ahead and take a look at this One ever so quickly and uh what you see Here just immediately just looking at The graph you can see a big fall off in The the value of this book and the Average in January of 2023 was around 1250 right uh one thousand two hundred Fifty dollars was basically the average That was seen in January and if you back Up you can see in November at the end of

2022 the book was 1500 you back up a Little bit more to September 2022 this 9.2 was going for twenty six hundred Dollars so there's definitely been a a Fall off in the value what was the high Water mark hard water Mark for this book Was around Three thousand dollars even in January Of 2022 so one year ago this book's Average price was three thousand dollars Compared to where it is right now at Twelve hundred dollars which again is Not it's not a terrible not a terrible Price for such a high grade the most Recent sale was uh I actually I will Tell you with this book I tried to look This one up this is one of those uh best Offers somebody offered it up for twelve Hundred dollars the book did not go for Twelve hundred dollars but I was not Able to find what the actual sale for This book happened to be uh there is the Potential that the average is a little Bit lower uh if this book didn't sell or If it sold for less than that twelve Hundred dollar Mark there that would not Necessarily be factored in here so I'm Going to keep my eye on that one but Again 1200 is is not a a bad price for a 9.2 of a really really awesome book so Let's back up here let me shrink this Down so I I can get my bearings there we Go we're going to back up a little bit I Want to look at another grade here let's

Look at the 8.5 ever so briefly you can See here that uh based upon the data the 90 day for this book was averaging Around 800 and it appears that it is uh Ticked up to around 850 at the 30 day average so let's let's Drill into this one and look at it and You can see again same type of thing Here uh with with the value of this one The high water mark for this book uh was Uh basically 1900 back in 2021 started To cool off and then uh dropped to a low In December of last year of 775 dollars On average and appears to have blipped Back up right blip back up to about Eight hundred and fifty dollars now What's really interesting is that I went And I looked at these last few sales Here because as you can see two of the Sales have the strike through right Which means that these were best offers It did not go for that price it went for Another price but we don't know what it Is if you just look here at go collect So I actually went to eBay I went to EBay and I used Tara Peak to figure out What these books actually sold for Because I want to see whether this blip Of 850 is an accurate thing so this last Book here that sold on February 13th Offered up for 825 this book actually Sold for 800 which is not bad at all the Sale before that we can see 850 there Was another sale here in early February

Uh where the book was offered up for Nine hundred dollars again as a best Offer this book actually sold for six Hundred and ninety dollars based upon my Research and so if you do the average of These last three sales the average price Is actually seven hundred and eighty Dollars so this a again this this data Is a little incomplete because of these Best offers not being represented here In the 30 day so again even even though A glance it looked like there was a blip Potentially there is not a blip when you Actually get the real data uh again the Most recent average price is seven Hundred and eighty dollars not eight Hundred and fifty dollars so again That's one of the great things about Having uh access to some of the data is That you have the ability to drill in And actually look at some of this but Again as you go down the list you can See that values generally are declining From the one year to the 90 day to the 30 day this is a fantastic book that was Released in 1968 I actually owned a Couple of copies of this raw and one Graded great book and if you have been Priced out of this book this could Potentially be a good time to snag this Book now so I want to look at an Additional book here a lot of people Will say hey you only look at expensive Books that's what they say uh and I

Don't know if that's true or not uh but I decided to look at this book because Uh about maybe about a less than a year Ago this book was extremely hot Darth Vader issue number one this book was Extremely hot the book was released in Uh 2015. uh this is the first ongoing Darth Vader solo series it is also the First appearance of the black Chrysanthemum I think that's how you say That and I and I think that that is what Drove up the value of this one when the Black chrysanthe and appeared in the Boba Fett the book of Boba Fett uh TV Show that this one took off like crazy I Think there's also another Cameo Appearance in here uh but again for me With a modern book The Sweet Spot is the The 9.8 so we can see here that there Are roughly uh 777 not roughly actually 777 uh copies of this book on the census That have a grade of a 9.8 you can see Its fair market value is 100 and you can See here the value has takedown from 135 To 88 and then back up to 95. uh but as We drill into this one you can see What's happening I I do I do enjoy the Graphs I enjoy the graphs here because It paints a a wonderful visual picture Of maybe where this book was at 322 in February of 2022 to where it is now a Year later at 98 again if you can resist The fomo and and hold your water I keep Your powder dry you have the potential

To pick up some really cool books and if You are a Darth Vader fan of black Chrysanthen fan this is a great book to Pick up now at this price 98 on average Is not a bad price at all who knows Whether black chrysanthen is going to Show up elsewhere we don't know that but Again if you are a fan of this character This could be a a great time to to snag This book now all right the other thing I will say to you as we get ready to go To uh the next book here is that I may Highlight certain grades in certain Books in the video but again I think That some of what I talk about some of The methodology some of the way that I'm Looking at and using the data I think is Applicable to other situations in other Books so I I would say you know if I'm Highlighting a book maybe the grade that I'm highlighting isn't one that you want To go after but if you look down the List there could be a grade that is in Your price range and if you are a fan of That book again look at that grade that Could be a great book for you to pick up Uh despite the grade that I highlight in The video so speaking of really cool Books I I think that this is a cool book And also a cool character uh this is Marvel Spotlight issue number five the First appearance of Ghost Rider first Appearance of Johnny Blaze again just a Really awesome book I do not own this

One but Um it's it's a good one there's no doubt About that this book uh came out in 1972 So let's go ahead and uh let me zoom in On this one a little bit and uh we're Gonna take a look at a a couple of Grades of this one uh cgc blue labels We're gonna look at a couple of labels First we're gonna look at the 8.5 there Are 357 copies of this book on the Census you can see what the FMV is Around thirty six hundred dollars you Can see the the one year uh average for This book was was roughly 47.50 uh dropped down to 37.40 and then now sits at around thirty Three hundred dollars at the 30-day Average and so when we drill in on this One again graphically you can see how This is actually playing out this book Had a massive run a massive run up in June of 21 to around sixty five hundred Dollars and it it stayed pretty high for A little while there and has dropped off Again to around 34 72 3472 is the Average price that has been paid for This book in uh no 33.85 sorry about That 33.85 is the February average price For this book again if you're a fan of Ghost Writer if you believe that there Is potential for this character to Eventually make his way into the MCU uh If you've been priced out of this book And it's a book that you just want to

Add to your collection uh now is not the Not not a bad time to pick it up I mean Look at this somebody was trying to sell This book for fifty three hundred Dollars back in uh December of last year And uh I wonder how much that one sold For I may have to go uh take a look at That one but again 8.5 decent Respectable grade of this book but maybe Out of the price range for folks right I Get that so let's go ahead and look at a Lower grade here we're going to glance At the 5.5 let's get that there are 345 Copies of this book on the census that Is way too big and you can see uh Roughly 1400 dollars is uh the the 30-day average for the 5.5 so let's take A look at this one and see what's Happening and graphically again you can See that this book did have a run-up but Appears to just be sputtering along it Appears to be sputtering along down here Uh as of late sitting February at Fourteen hundred dollars it reached a Low of Thirteen twenty uh 12 35 again It's just kind of sputtering along here And a lot of and you know you may have To ask yourself the question to hear of You know is there the potential for this Book to go lower or has this book hit Its floor has this book reached the Point at which there is that that Balance between the supply and the Demand uh in this particular book and it

Will not drop any further uh the the Challenge of course is that we won't Know that until we have data in the rear View that we can actually look at to see How this book is performing but if you Rewind to what is that March 21 this Book was going for 12.50 uh 1250 and Where are we now 13. so again not not Not terrible versus where it had been Historically if you go back a couple of Years so not not a terrible book and Again who knows whether this book will Go lower or whether it's going to Continue to sputter along uh with some Some uh some ups and downs here and I Did not go to see what the final price With for this one was I probably should Have done that uh we'll see whether I Can do that in the edit try to look at That uh let's look at one additional Grade here let's look at the 3.0 there Are 124 copies of the 3.0 out there this Book has gone for 900 uh which is not Not that far off from the 5.5 but again Graphically you can see how this book is Performing again 907 dollars right there In January is what it's going for it was Slightly higher than that in September In October sorry and as we back up to January 2022 this book was gone for Fifteen hundred dollars fifteen hundred Dollars in January 2022 fast forward one Year Nine hundred and seventy dollars and

Again a Ghostwriter is a great great Character there is no doubt about that But look at these last couple of sales Last couple of sales in the 700s uh I'm Pretty sure that that one didn't go for 600 so I'm gonna just assume that it Went somewhere in the 700s that is not Terrible the last 30 days probably is Being propped up by this one at eleven Hundred dollars Um assuming that they factor that into That but um because otherwise that would Be much lower so I'm assuming they Pulled in these last couple of sales Right there but again a great book a Great grade uh one that you may want to Consider picking up if you are a fan of Ghost Rider so there you have it that is The the three books that I've chosen to Highlight for this video that I think Are great books for people to consider With that we are going to wrap this up If you need to reach out to me feel free To do so on Instagram and if you have Not yet subscribed to the channel I Definitely want to encourage you to do That take care [Music] Ha [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] Foreign


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