Don’t Buy These Comics

By | February 23, 2023

In this video, I run down a couple of comics that I would absolutely not purchase right now. There are so many amazing comics that can be purchased but these are not them–in my opinion. 🙂

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Reggie here and I want to welcome you to Another one of my videos in this video We are going to take a look at a couple Of comics that I would absolutely not Touch I would not touch these books at All at least not right now now this does Not mean that these are not great Comics It just means that now potentially isn't The time to snag these books so let's go Ahead and take a look at a couple of Examples and I certainly would encourage You if you disagree or agree comment Down in the comment section let me know What your thoughts are but let's go Ahead and take a look at the very first Book that I would absolutely not touch Alright so the first book that I would Not touch is this one right here the Last of us American Dreams issue number One and this it honestly is a really Cool book it is a cool book that is Based upon a a video game and that is Part of the reason why the comic is Popular the other part of it of course Is the hit TV show that's on HBO Max That a lot of people are absolutely Enjoying myself included and so because Of the game because of the the TV show Because the fact that this thing has Been green lit for a second season this Is part of the reason why I would not Touch this book right now and Potentially the time to have purchased This book would have been a few years

Ago uh but let's go ahead and take a Look at this this Dark Horse book and Let's see what the numbers say one of The very first things that I will Highlight here for you is that there are Not a lot of copies of this book on the Census there are only 295 total graded copies out there and I Have a massive collection of a hundred Thousand Comics I don't even have this Book at all don't have it in inventory I Have no clue how many were actually Printed uh but again only less than 300 Have actually been great it across blue Label and yellow label and I also see Some qualified is there as well there's Two qualify but let's go ahead and drill Down into the data and I want to I want To go ahead and look at the 9.8 because Again for me I think the 9.8 is the is The sweet spot if you will for modern Comics so what we are seeing here right Now you can see it look look at the Trend line the trend line for this book Back in August of 2020 just goes up it Goes up to 2021 uh at a at a price of 13.50 of kind of plateaus for a little Bit but then it climbs back up it climbs As high as 16.50 in January of this year Again the the game was out there for a While it is the TV show that has Accelerated what is happening with this Particular comic and in January this Book was selling for sixteen hundred

Dollars which is a lot of money and it Actually has has uh dropped off just a Little bit in terms of its average price But it's still in my mind relatively Expensive and I think that there are Several reasons for why that is the case And we've already hit on some of it Including the very small Census count Which which could change we could see That number of book graded copies Actually tick up now that the you know This thing has come to the mainstream People are paying closer attention we Could see some additional copies Actually flow into cgc for grading how Many who knows I honestly don't know how High it could go but you can see uh in The data here that the one year average The the 90 day and the 30 day are all Relatively flat all relatively flat as To what's happening with this book you Can see the high end this book is gone For as much as two thousand dollars Because the middle column is averages on The right hand side it's the high and on The left hand side it's the low the book Has been relatively stable for a long Period of time but as you look at some Of the individual sales you can see Somebody was trying to get you know sell This book for for two thousand dollars There was one that they tried to sell For 17 uh but as you go back through the Data at one point back in January this

Book indeed did sell for two thousand Dollars again oh it looks like somebody Actually has multiple copies multiple Copies of this book at a 9.8 somebody Was definitely planning that so that Person had three copies uh four copies And I wonder how they sold off I wonder If we see some of those individual sales Up here uh as they got that two thousand Dollars whether they offered a couple More to try to see what would happen With it but again this is a book that Right now I would absolutely not touch Again it doesn't mean that it's not a Good book I just don't think that now is The time to pick it up because everyone Is paying attention to it and and it's Our nature to to go out and try to buy The book that that is the hot book that Everybody is talking about I I honestly Would resist those Temptations If if I Were you all right so let's go ahead and Take a look at another book this this Again is a is a really awesome book that Has seen its values uh increase and this Is one one again that I would not pick Up it is the Omega men issue number Three the first appearance of Lobo now The reason why I would not pick this Book up is because Jason Momoa is Rumored to be playing Lobo and I feel Like that's the reason why we see uh the Value of this book where it is right now I think Lobo is a great character but I

Think that it is the Jason Momoa Comments and and him alluding to the Fact that he is going to be at Lobo that Is actually keeping the the price or the Value of this book a little bit higher This book was released in 1983. so let's go ahead and take a look At this and what we see here is that There are a healthy number of copies of This book graded out there I mean 8 500 Copies that's a lot in comparison to What we just saw with the Dark Horse Book in less than 300 copies uh there's 8 500 total copies out there of which 8 000 of them are blue label and you can See hear a healthy number of that Census Count is actually the the 9.8 there are More 9.8 on the census than there are 9.6s and certainly more than than 9.4 uh But let's go ahead and click on this Book and we can we can drill into this Data a little bit more here I want to Take that off you can see that this book Started to climb back in 2020 like so Many other books but then it fell off it Fell off in October of 2022 and then you Can see the book Spike back up to as Much as 400 in January and I want to say This is around the time that Jason Momoa Started making some of his comments About you know he's going to be Aquaman Forever but there's other things that He's been speaking with Dave uh with um With DC about that being Lobo and and I

Do believe the the high water yeah that That book in January was basically close To its high water mark back in 2021 that High water mark was 405 dollars and like I said in uh January this book was 400 You can see here on the the average the One year to the 30 day it has actually Been somewhat stable but the high water Mark again gets up a little bit higher Here you can see 563 dollars at the one Year 563 at the 90 day has dropped in the 30 Day to around four hundred dollars uh But again this is this is not a book That I would pick up right now now if I Could find this book or the last book Raw out in the wild for a good price Potentially I would but the question Will be with with this book specifically Could we see the value of this book Declined before it goes up and I say That because Jason Momoa has a movie Coming out he has Aquaman 2 that is Going to be released that movie is not Coming out until December 2023. fingers Crossed they've moved the date multiple Times but potentially this movie will Not be released until the end of this Year in my mind I do not see them Announcing Jason Momoa as Lobo until After that movie comes out and and is in Theaters for a period of time right Because if they were to announce him him Being Lobo potentially that would create

A lame duck situation for the Aquaman Movie a movie that has the potential to Make a lot of money and so in in that Time period between now and the movie Leaving theaters the Aquaman movie Leaving theaters you could see a decline In value a lot of excitement now Potentially will Wayne and that might be The time to actually pick up Omega Man issue number three the first Appearance of Lobo so that that is my Logic behind uh not buying this book Right now uh the potential time to snag It could be in several months the last Book that I want to highlight is this One right here booster goals issue Number one this book was released in 1986 this is the first appearance of Booster Gold a character that I have uh Had the pleasure of reading over the Last couple of months uh I think part of It is because of James Gunn making the Announcement of of Booster Gold coming Out quirky character but also because of Subscribers of this channel that are Fans of Booster Gold that have inspired Me to read some of his comic this is not A bad character this is not a bad book But I don't think now is the time to Pick up this book because of the Excitement of Booster Gold actually uh Being made into I think it's a movie I Think being made into a movie so when we Dig into this you can see that there are

Not a ton of copies of this book out There on the census at least right there Are there are basically uh a total of 1800 1900 total graded copies out there Now potentially this number will Increase again this book was released in 1986 the print runs in 1986 were not Exactly small but because the value of This book and the interest in this book Wasn't High prior to to James Gunn's Announcement uh that might be the reason Why we are seeing a small Census count Here in this Census count could increase In the in the weeks and months ahead so Let's go ahead and drill into the 9.8 Here and I want to look at this data Ever so quickly I'm going to toggle that Off you can see see the curve right you You could see it right uh it it goes up The the most recent price for this book Was basically five hundred and ten Dollars that was the most recent average Price uh that that is a little lower Than its high water mark back in July of 2021 at 563 dollars but again this is Definitely an elevated price in December This book at a 9.8 was selling for 252. 250 52 dollars on average in December is what this book was selling For and has climbed to 509 dollars as of February again this book is being pushed Up by the announcement by James Gunn not Necessarily a bad thing but it's Something to be aware of and you can see

Here on this side the high water mark 699 here it is this this actually Happened uh in in February happened in February somebody bought this book for Seven hundred dollars that is a person That probably snagged this one because Of fomo fomo got this person at 6.99 you Can back up here you can see in early uh February there's another book somebody Offered up for 7.25 it did not sell for That much 750 did not go for that much We'd have to go to Tara Peak on eBay to Figure out how much uh those sold for uh But yeah somebody potentially caught a Brick here right because you can see Just a day later the book went for 452 Dollars and a few days before that it Was 280 so I don't know why anybody Would pay 6.99 but they did they did Maybe they were a late blooming uh Booster Golds fan and that's why that Happened but again Booster Gold's a Great character I think James Gunn Potentially will have a lot of fun with This character because he is very quirky And James Gunn seems to really like Those type of characters great book but Now potentially is not time to snag this Book I just wanted to share a couple of Books with you all that that I would Avoid right now I think that there is a Really long list of books that I would Also avoid but there's also an equally Long list of books that are are really

Great uh that are really perfect right Now for picking up and potentially I'll Be releasing a video here on the channel Snag these books now to identify a Couple of those books that you may want To consider picking up with that said I Am going to wrap this video up I want to Thank you all for taking the time to Watch if you enjoyed this video I want To encourage you to hit thumbs up leave A comment behind and if you haven't Subscribed to the channel I definitely Want to encourage you to do that and if You need to reach out to me for whatever Reason feel free to do so on Instagram At Reggie collects take care [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music]

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