Why Do Collectors Always Hesitate? Something Is Killing & Steven Yeun PUMP the Comic Market

By | February 24, 2023

In this video I talk about the recent announcement for NETFLIX adapting Something Is Killing The Children by the showrunners of DARK. What did this mean for the Comic Book? Well of course it meant tons of sales! SIKTC is back! But with that said, it just makes me think, why do we as comic book collectors always wait for the last last second to buy the books we want? You know what I mean? This is beyond FOMO, I think it has more to do with conviction. I give a little pep talk in todays video. On top of that I talk about some of the other news with Steven Yeun and the Amadeus Cho Book that has been moving

Hope you guys enjoy the video!

00:00 – Intro
02:01 – Netflix Announcement
03:04 – SIKTC
09:57 – Steven Yeun as Amadeus Cho?
13:45 – Outro

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Foreign [Music] Welcome back to another video with swag Horse I got some stains on my shirt okay I was Doing my hair It was the water that went through it as You can see my my hair is very dark Right now And a couple droplets fell on my shirt So I'm just going to point it out to you Guys right now because I don't feel like Changing my shirt okay so we're gonna Have to watch this video with swaggle House having stains on the shirt okay Just deal with it all right deal with it I'm not doing a wardrobe change at this Point because in this video we got to Get right into it we got to talk about The recent news something is killing the Children the show that was heavily Anticipated to be the most explosive Most dynamic show to ever come onto any Streaming service thus the comic book Was going to be the most valuable comic Book ever Finally got some news finally got some News some re-upping of their deal for Showrunners on Netflix and that caused a Little bit of stirring in the market and On top of that we get other casting news About Steven you win come into the MCU In a lot of the spec Market is jumping On certain books and so in this video we

Gotta talk about this stuff we got to Talk about what's been moving in the Market but later on in the video I want To just discuss this idea of why do we Always wait you know why do we always Wait To buy the comic books that we want What are we waiting for you know if it's Out there if it's something you want Comic collectors comic buyers comic Speculators comic book investors Whatever you want to call it at some Point if you believe in a book if you Think it's going to the Moon if it's Your favorite character if it's your Favorite story if it's your favorite Series if it's your favorite whatever You're just gonna have to buy it and not Wait for the moment When everybody is looking to buy it Because as we find out time and time Again there is no such thing as a dead Spec you just gotta wait a little bit Longer for it to pop back up again but Before I get into the video if you guys Can drop me a like comment subscribe you Guys know the drill by now let's get Into the video here today now first Thing we got to do is talk about this Deadline article the news about Something is killing the children you Guys can see right here deadline says Netflix re-ups overall deal with dark Creators Duo board James tinian comic

Series something is killing children With boom studios Okay that that is like The worst written headline I've ever Read it Netflix re-ups overall deal with Dark creators Duo board James TV and Comic series something's killing each Other with boom Studios no offense to Andreas Wiseman maybe they're a great Writer or whatever but like it feels Like they were like what are the top Seos that we can just cram to a title Just so we get you know the most amount Of clicks on this article anyway so we Go into the article here five years After Netflix Inked their first overall European deal with series creators for Dark uh Baron Bo odar and jonte frize Sorry if I got those names wrong the Studios re-up the with the duo in a Splashy eight figure packed we can Reveal so the article then goes on to Explain you know what the plot of Something is killing the children is Published by boom Studios etc etc but You guys know with drill by now Something is killing the children one of The hottest comic books in the market Circa 2019 and this is the first issue Of that titled series that apparently Now is going to be having a Netflix show And this is what I think is really Interesting about this book you know for A long time time this was one of the Most heavily specked on Modern comic

Books that has come out in recent years I mean I think everybody was on the Series everybody was talking about this Thing and not even due to the fact that A lot of people felt like this was going To be an amazing uh you know adaptation Into some streaming service I mean People legitimately like the story People legitimately fell in love with The comic book itself and I think that That is actually a really refreshing Thing especially in today's market where A lot of these you know Number One Issues that come out with these Indie Publishers boom image Aftershock uh you Know whatever the case is a lot of People just think like oh like this Would be a great Netflix show this would Be a great Amazon series you know this Could be the next the boys that's what Everybody thinks uh and it's really rare That people are like oh it's just Legitimately a good comic series I mean Even after this book does its run with Whatever we see you know with Netflix Here if it let's say it you know gets Actually adapted we see it on Netflix it Runs seven seasons is the greatest show Ever this is still going to be a Fantastic comic book simply due to the Comic book being fantastic but like a Lot of hot comic books do this thing got Way ahead of itself in the market I mean When it initially came out in 2019

Obviously started off you know at a 50 59 41 49 price tag but when we got to Like mid 2020 to late 2020 this is when This thing really started to pick up Steam I mean I feel like this book was One of the first you know books to Really start to pop off during covid Lockdowns when things went crazy and Then of course in 2021 you know at the Height this thing was selling 9.8 grade At the 1200 range well ever since then Like a lot of books we've been on the Decline down down down Red Knights going Down all the way to where we were at the 539 dollar price point you know just Recently in November and then of course With this recent announcement here on February 23 of 2023 we have five sales Back to back to back hitting that eight Hundred dollar Mark for the high of that Particular day which is 225 dollars Above what the book was selling for just Two days prior to that and this is just For the first issue as you guys can see There are so many prints of this book There are so many different issues I can Just scroll down for days and days and Days on eBay you can see how many sold Listings there are for this book I mean Pages and pages of it ever since Yesterday and it really like you know Ties back to kind of what I wanted to Really discuss with the topic of this Video and that's this idea of there you

See on February 21st you know this book That sells for 575 dollars and then just Two days later after this announcement The book jumps up by 225 dollars I mean It is absolutely crazy that a book can Jump 225 dollars in 2023 in this current Market at this current moment in time And that really to me is the thing that We gotta you know talk about we gotta Remind ourselves we gotta tell ourselves As comic book collectors and this isn't Even fomo aside I think that this has More to do with like conviction you know If you're somebody out there who Believes in a book who believes in a Character who believes in a first parent Who believes in whatever you gotta just Take the punch you got to buy that book You know there's no reason to suspect That something is killing the children Wasn't you know gonna have progress in It being a series that would eventually Have been adapted into some streaming Service now granted I don't necessarily Think that the streaming service should Have all that much to do with the fact That this book is now more valuable than It was a week ago but you know pop Culture is a thing and you know if the Brand of something is killing the Children can expand beyond that of the Comic book market and into other Mainstream pop culture then of course of Course the value of the Collectibles

That are associated with it are going to Go up as well and that's one of the Reasons why you know people are now sort Of jumping onto this thing but you know To me it's really about the conviction It less about the fomo more about the if You're out there and you think you have This book or you know you have this Character or you're thinking to yourself Hey I am the biggest Modoc fan Modoc is the guy Modoc is the character That's my guy you know you should have Been stacking those Modoc books maybe You did well maybe you did poorly I Don't know the market is totally Topsy-turvy right now we don't really Know although you know in these last Couple months the market has been really Really hot actually I mean not setting Ultimate record prices but like we've Been seeing you know we've been seeing The floors really start to stabilize now Of course a lot of you guys are thinking Well the Market's going to crash again And yeah that might be the case if the Market crashes you know for some Cataclysmic event then of course the Market's gonna crash but generally Speaking it feels like most of the People who are still in comic books Right now Are buying comic books and most of the People who you know were thinking about It in terms of like just doing quick

Flips and getting free you know chicken Tendies those people are gone those People are totally gone and one of the Things I think is interesting about this Is if you look at you know all of the Sold books for something is killing the Children if I go over here to something Is killing the children newly listed Items You don't see that many this is all of The something is killing the children Newly listed items and you got about you Know 10 12 overall which is really not That much considering how many books Were actually sold after this Announcement and if we're talking about First print you know cgc 9.8 first print We have one copy right there and then we Have another one right here that is Going to be on a seven day auction Currently at sixty four dollars so I'm Sure that that's going to finish pretty High this one right here is obviously Listed at a thousand dollars I mean it's A best offer maybe they'll take 900 but To me I feel like we're starting to see Something kind of different here where You're not seeing that many new listed Items For these books that people are looking To flip because oftentimes what you see In these markets is as soon as there is An announcement and someone gets fomo

For a book thinking I I have to buy this Book There are two other people out there who Think to themselves after an Announcement oh thank God I can finally Sell this book you know and that's when All the newly listed items hit the Market and for these last few months We've been seeing tons and tons of newly Listed items flooding the market after Whatever DC spec James Gunn discussion MCU spec whatever whatever And now It feels like the sold listings are a Lot more in terms of volume than that of The newly listed items which I think is Really interesting Additionally the Other news we got to talk about which You know kind of has a similar story Similar flavor here is that it was Announced that Stephen Yuen has been Recently cast to be a part of the Thunderbolts movie now for a while the Speculation has been that you know one Of the key characters I don't think this Is spoilers to say this has been a rumor Going out there that the century is Going to be one of the surprise Characters to show up in this movie so Some people are thinking that Steven Yuen might be playing the century but The comic book Market actually has Different ideas the comic book Market is Looking to Amazing Fantasy 15 first

Appearance of Amadeus Cho of course Steven Yuen is Asian Amadeus Cho is the Asian Hulk and this is the book that has Really been flying in the market if we Go to the sold listings we can see one Two three four five six six books just Like that pop pop after this Announcement selling for this Buck a Couple 9.8 set the 680 range which is Definitely you know a lot higher than Some of the more recent sales where we Had a 680 right here and then we had a 605 I guess we had a 705 in January now Granted it is pure speculation right now Maybe people haven't caught up to it but If you go to the newly listed items only One only one newly listed Amazing Fantasy 15 for first Amadeus Cho Has been put up on eBay and again I Think that this is a really interesting Trend that we're seeing out here in the Comic book Market where you know we get These kind of you know news Announcements and certainly there are a Lot of sales there's a lot of fomo out There but we're not seeing a ton of Newly listed items hit the market as Well so now we're kind of in this you Know curious position I mean it is Possible as we follow our indexes that The market continued can continue to go Down in value but at the same time If there's enough holders out there if There's enough collectors that are

Bullying in this stuff and not that many New listings are coming out maybe we're At a floor now granted like I've said in Some of the other videos I don't Necessarily think we're going to be Hitting you know record high prices for Amadeus show I don't think that there's Enough money in the market right now in The macro market for Book prices to be Elevated in any sort of way but what we Are seeing is some form of stability out There in the supply and demand equation Of the comic book Market Which is why it kind of goes back to This idea right now of having that Conviction You know at a certain point if you Believe in this a certain character a Certain book a certain series whatever The case is You're gonna have to buy it now granted You do need to wait in order to get the Best version of the best price for that Book that you're looking for I mean you Know don't just go and buy you know that One thousand dollar somebody's killing The children there's gonna be a live Auction where you can focus on that and Maybe get a slightly better deal you Know that's that's really the way you Should be playing it but this idea of Like oh let me wait until it's Officially confirmed that this character Is you know in you know whatever

Whatever movie coming up or this series Is going to be optioned I mean I I don't Know if that's the best way to play it Because as soon as that happens the Market gets all wonky right like there's Fomo in there there's hype there's Speculation the values like you know go Up and down so it's impossible to tell At that moment in time what the real Fair market value of the book is going To be I guess what I'm saying to you Guys is you know I think now is a really Good time you know it's a really good Time it's a perfect time actually Perfect time to be picking up those Books that the market doesn't have eyes On What's that character you're thinking About right now you know what I mean Like what's that character you're Thinking about right now Bishop I bet there's somebody out there that Was thinking Bishop I read your mind man But you know there's books like that Where you can be like I'm all in on Bishop right now Now's as good as time as any to buy that Bishop book why wait why wait anyways That's all I got for this video some of These killing the children Stephen you Win coming to the MCU who do you guys Think Stephen you want is playing you Think it's Amadeus Cho you think he's

Gonna be the century curious choice for The century I don't know about that one But you never know maybe he did Something great in his audition anyways That's all I got for this video drop me A like comment subscribe if you're Enjoying the content go pick up that Book

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