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By | February 27, 2023

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Don't settle for less comic fam let's Talk about some comic books The most popular comic books of the week Hit the like And subscribe and Ryan hit Him with number 10. number 10 we're Talking Superman number one new this Week from writer Joshua Williamson and Artist Jamal Campbell the cover a is a Pretty wrap around cover however today We're talking about the foil variant Jamal Campbell on the cover and doing The Interiors you know I'm from Far Sector you know I'm from Naomi we have The good guys on the front and the bad Guys on the back 30 average sales High Raw sales hitting 54 now what Tom said At the beginning of the video was don't Settle for less than near Mid these Variants coming from lunar they are Actually doing their absolute best to Make them be as near me as possible when You're getting the one in 25 the one in Fifties or the one in 100 variants a lot Of times lunar will send them in their Own bag and board which is very Different from what we used to get from Diamond even though this is a one per Store we are able to return it and strip The cover if there is a damage to it so Don't settle for Less don't buy one that Is less than near me because your shop Even if they got a damaged copy which is Highly unlikely is going to be able to Get a replacement from lunar Superman's

Return from the war world Planet pick up Those Action Comics issues Superman won Brand new this week is written by Joshua Williamson Jamal Campbell this is a Dynamic duel they're going to kill it I Actually read this because I'm kind of Current on my Comics Superman I love Superman it's the first Superman number One we've had since Brian Michael Bendis Took over five years ago I really enjoy This book and I'm excited to see where It goes spoiler warnings because Ant-Man Quantum Mania has officially premiered And we're gonna talk a lot about it we Are we say this every week Tom mentions Download key collector it's really Important but it is actually really Really important you should probably do It this week because uh out of the Trending 20 books that we Source these 10 books from like 10 plus of we could Have done all 10 of these books on Kang Keys you need to know k key collector Comic is going to make it super Organized for you and easy to digest Know your can Keys use code tom101 Support the show and let's talk about a 567 percent increase in copies sold we Are talking about number nine on the List all new all different Avengers Number one from 2016 we're seeing five Dollar average sales for this book with A high CTC 9.8 of a hundred and five Dollars that we hit a few days ago all

Because of Iron Man's Model 52 armor we Have Tony Stark going full Transformer Yeah that doesn't last very long that Armor is neutralized by like the end of Issue one it's a cool thing to see it's A cool thing to watch happen but really This book is spiking because of King Enterprises what does that sound Like Kang weird What's with a Q though we saw the Kang Tower in the void Loki season one Episode five but that same episode we Saw so many other Easter eggs and then By episode six we got introduced to Kang So many books spiked well this one has Finally come full circle this character Who appears first in this issue Mr Griffin is the head of Kang Enterprises Who purchases Stark Tower from Tony Stark and that is what we see in Loki Episode 5 that Tom mentioned earlier Speculation that we're going to see Mr Griffin in coming shows Possible movie Appearances largely because it was Revealed that he was a variant of Kang And we know we're gonna get a backstory On many versions of Kang which is why We're seeing so many books Spike this Week since we're already diving deep Into spoiler country where else would we Be if we weren't talking about Avengers 267 268 and 269 all three of them are on The trending 20 but this time we are Talking about number eight on the list

Avengers number 2 69 we are seeing 30 Average sales and 140 dollars for a seat You see 9.8 there's a 420 increase in Copy sold after the first after credit Scene for quantumania where we got to See immortus and ramatud well we get the Retelling of the origin of King as Ramatut and we get to see Kang battle Immortus in this very issue this book is Really exciting to me it is clearly the One outshining the others a monster Increase because the immortus battle and That right there is happening on the Cover it's a major moment for characters That we are going to see more of whereas The Kang Dynasty's first appearance is In the issue prior although it's already Spiking that book spiked when we got the Announcement so that's gonna only Probably cool off until we get closer to The movie and then the issue prior to That issue 267 is the start of the Council of Kings which we saw Premiere This week and I think that right there Is all the steam it's gonna have long Term we get a little bit of a Kang Breather here right number seven this is Avengers 52 the first appearance of the Grim Reaper so we're getting a little Bit of Wonder Man spec out of nowhere Just to shake things up thankfully this Book came out in 1968 we're seeing 205 Average sales with the recent CTC 9.0 Sale hitting 288 just five weeks ago

However the book hit 399 this is easy Wonder Man spec because this is the Brother of Wonder Man we also saw kind Of an Easter egg in wand division was it That spiked this book originally however This is a great tough to secure and high Grade yellow cover and it's a black Panther key in fact he is the one that Saves everybody in this issue and Officially joins The Avengers yeah grim Reapers apparently I'd learned all about Him this week I've never heard of grim Reaper before but he's apparently got The Scythe that can put people into Comas and he puts three of The Avengers Into Comas and it's not until yeah black Panther joins the team and saves the day That he has stopped his threat is Stopped in this issue we are seeing a 333 increase in copy sold because Because we had news that the actor Demetrius gross has been cast to play a Role in this show and potentially it Could be Grim Reaper Ben Kingsley is Going to be in this show Yaya Abdul Matina's Wonder Man is gonna kill it I'm So psyched this is the most excited I've Been for a Disney Plus show since Moon Night this next book you will be able to Find in dollar bins all across the Country dude we'll be able to find this Book in dollarbins at your damn shop Of course we're talking about number six On the list Avengers annual number 21

From 1992. uh this is the first Appearance of Victor timely who uh Spoilers I guess if you're making it This far you don't care about Kang Spoilers but Victor timely made an Appearance in the second post-credits Scene in quantumania this last week this Right here appears to be the king that We're gonna get in Loki season two Because we see Owen Wilson and Loki in The audience I should probably call Mobius I digress because this book is Sung for 20 average sales and 400 for a Cgc 9.8 did we say that this book came Out in 1992 I think that this crazy high Price is happening because there are Only 20 copies graded on the cgc census You can not only find this book right Now you can get it graded and I suspect We're going to see that number shoot the Hell up so the 20 copies are 9.8 there's Only 28 total that are graded on the CDC Census right now but guys don't spend 400 or even the previous sale 285 on This book go buy it in a dollar bin and Spend 30 bucks to get it graded you Might get a really high dollar book an Increase of 733 percent is mighty but That's because they're so prevalent and The supply is high and they're Affordable a lot of people are focusing On Rama this week for obvious reasons And his uh his major keys are major Major Keys they're not really attainable

You got Fantastic Four issue 19 and then You have Fantastic Four annual number Two where he goes up and fights Dr Doom That's pretty much out of everybody's League but that does lead us to this Book here on the list number five giant Size Avengers issue number two from 1974. not only does it reprint Fantastic Four issue number 19. we have a rama Taught cover that you can get for under 200 actually if it's like mid grade even Less than a hundred we have 180 average Sales 9.6 is hitting eight hundred Dollars but that was set in December and I suspect that if members aren't Specking on this book you may be able to Get a deal on that so if you're a fan of Kang folding in on himself this is a Fantastic issue because in this issue we Have Rama Tut who is Kang trying to Recruit Hawkeye to go fight against Kang And ultimately this leads to Hawkeye Being recruited by The Avengers a 600 Increase in copy sold this week so we Have a ramatech key ROM attack cover Origin issue Hawkeye joining The Avengers and the death of The Swordsman All wrapped up nice for collectors and Bound by Glue I don't think it was glue It was no no because it's Square bound It's got the two weird vertical Staples And it's got the glue that wraps around It because it's a square band hit the Subscribe and now we're at the list at

Number four with Mike mini Yola Brilliance Richard Corbin art Cora Fisher The Witches we have Hellboy Getting another rendition another actor Likely this is clearly the best Superhero of all time so we are seeing An eight dollar average sale and there Is a cgc 9.6 that went for fifty dollars Don't get too excited if you start going On a deep dive on recent sales because There is one that was listed as a 9.2 But it very clearly looks like a listing Error the photos of a nine eight and Someone paid eighty dollars for a 9.2 on EBay the odds are it was actually an 80 Sale for a 9.8 it is just mislisted on GPA You gotta read Mineola stuff on like Oversized editions I recommend this one However it has like a felt cover not a Fan I do love oversized issues way more Than I should uh these Hellboy Dark Horse Library editions are the best way To read it they're actually pretty Affordable too this is a 50 MSRP but It's got this felt fabricy kind of cover That just absorbs all the cat hair yeah This is like covered in Butch hair read This book it's a fantastic story and We're being told this is going to focus On a younger version of Hellboy he's Known as the most prestigious and best Paranormal investigator in the world so I think we're going to see him at his

Prime all right so sometimes the books On this list are hot and cost a whole Lot more sometimes they are just popular Because of the new movie news we are Seeing massive popularity with this one 1900 increase in copies sold the comic Fam has spoken Mike mignola was Outspoken about not being that heavily Involved in the other Renditions of Hell Boys that hit the screen however it Sounds like he's part of the production Which is good news to all of us so yeah We did get news that director Brian Taylor is attached to make this new Hellboy movie he directed the first uh The only two crank movies starring Jason Statham he did Ghost Rider spirit of Vengeance the second coaster rider film As well as the TV series happy based off The grant Morrison comic mignola versus Fans have been anxiously awaiting the Video game hearing that the movie was Fast-tracked can't help but think that It's not a coincidence I don't know how I feel about this next one we're at Number three we're talking about Amazing Spider-Man issue number seven from the 2014 run this is the first appearance of Billy Braddock uh Spider UK as he has Known this is like a alternate universe Mishmash of Captain Britain and Spider-Man I have to know what you think In the comment section below comic fam Because I just don't see this happening

Henry Cavill rumors that we're going to See him as Spider-Man like do you think Of The words like agility when you see this Man do you think of uh flexibility you Know he's Superman this is Sony Spider-Man seems like a stretch he's a Very solid tough muscular dude I don't I Don't really think like a a web a web Shooter is gonna like support him Swinging around I can't I just can't Visualize it Tom's not wrong here he Does make sense as a standalone Captain Britain character that guy's supposed to Be like a big tough bodybuilder muscle Dude but yeah Spider-Man is always like A younger more slender agile flipping Around the city so I don't personally See it I'm also not really attack uh That that excited about all these Sony Spider-Man villain Standalone movies They seem to be working on well the Information this week is definitely Moving the needle we are seeing a 10 Average sale and 150 for cgc 9.8 that is A 1220 increase in copies sold we do Have to keep in mind that this version Of Spider-Man is from the exact same Earth as Jake Gyllenhaal's mysterial Earth 833 so however you want to look at It there are some breadcrumbs to follow But this still seems like a lot of a Stretch especially for a movie universe That people aren't that hot on I don't

Know what you guys are talking about I Know the community is excited for the Madame Web movie they're anxiously Awaiting for Hypno Hustler I mean Comment just get Hellboy just go again Yes Where's all you El muerto fans at you Know I don't think this is gonna work I'm calling it now Support the show damn it give me an Excuse to send you Comics every month we Got a Darkwing Duck Johnny Desjardins Variant I don't know how we got it Approved it's not Disney Art on a Disney Book and we made it happen we have them Going out one per box in the March Mystery mail call virgins going out at Random and that's not the only thing I Have up my sleeves but I'm keeping in a Mystery but if you follow me on Instagram I'll give you a peek link the Description down below join the Community and support the show number Two on the list hell to pay number one We are seeing a ten dollar average sale And a high 9.8 for 65 this is really Cool but this is fast option news this Book came out in November and Realistically you can probably still Find them on the wall or even the recent Back issue bins at your local comic Shops we have news this week that Seth MacFarlane the creator of Family Guy is Tied to adapt the shrouded college for

TV a gigantic 54 400 percent increase in Copies sold because I don't think a lot Of people have this on their poll list As recently as this book came out go Hunting but probably don't spend the 9.8 Costs right now better to send it in to Get ready yourself I think that that Number is going to shoot up really quick And drive the price down because Although the demand may be high I think Supply will catch up yeah Tom's right Right now there's only 14 graded copies Of this book total on the CDC census 12 Of them nine eights and we got two and a Nine six the hell to pay is the first in A series of seven interconnected graphic Novels and comic series that the the Whole universe of that is called the Shrouded College which is what the uh The show is going to be titled it's Written by Charles soul with art by Will Sliny and we've seen a lot of Charles Soul action recently he just wrote an 8 Billion Genies is about to finish up Actually that also got options like Within a month of that book debuting so A lot of quick options on these Charles Soul projects I have not read this book I pass on it in the in the catalog Because it's got magic and I'm a pretty That's an easy enough cancel word for me I don't like magic stuff it's letter 44 His two yep and that's also optioned as Well I mean pretty much everything

Child's Soul was attached to is getting Some love and interest for good reason Don't forget about Undiscovered Country Too he writes that with Scott Snyder That is also optioned we're here every Seven days for the comic fam and we're Gonna chat about the trending comic of The week the number one book the most Popular book in the marketplace and it's Vault of spiders issue number one all Because of a Funko Pop we just got a Release of the Funko Pop lineup for Across the spider-verse all the Different spider characters that are Going to be coming out as Funko Pops I'm Not a big collector of those myself but I can't lie some of these look pretty Cool I was especially drawn to the Spider-Man 2099 one we got a cool look At Spider-Man India but uh most Importantly to me this medieval vulture Looks looks really interesting it's a Brand new character as far as I can tell The Funko Pop that's moving the needle On this book features the character Spider bite fights in VR in Earth two Two one nine one of course everyone's Favorite alternative at Earth this Character is only in a couple of comics So no one was expecting it seeing 15 Average sales but a high 9.8 at 199 Dollars is put in some spec money down Some collectors are taking some risks Because this book is recent came out in

2018. yeah this came out during the Spider-geden event which featured a Bajillion different spider totems and This issue is kind of an anthology with A bunch of different spider totems Introduced in here for the first time Including spider bite but you've also Got Webb a Slinger who's like a a Gunslinger style old west Spider-Man too So we are barreling quickly towards the June 2nd release date of the new Spider-verse movie so when we're seeing A 1200 increase in copy sold of these Raw copies it makes a lot of sense Currently there are only 60 copies Graded on the CDC census and with just About three months to go that is enough Time to get your books out and back I Have a strong suspicion we're going to See a lot of nine eights coming before The movie One member was able to wait One day in snag a 9.8 for 50 dollars Less than the all-time high that was set One day prior hit the like slap the Subscribe Button as always keep Responsible enough Said this is Willow I don't know if You've ever met my dog she's very small Doesn't like cameras too much however She just got a bath and she's cold we Wanted to let you know that we're giving Away a marble Spotlight 5 today like This video came out a little late if You're watching this on Monday if you're

Watching this after Monday hey I gave Away a Marvel Spotlight 5. but if you're Watching this before our stream today at Five o'clock you can come join us we're Doing a cgc sudden death stream we got a Lot of deals that are gonna happen if You spend ten dollars or more you get a Ten dollar credit and one lucky person Who's there is gonna get a first Appearance of Ghost Rider like the first Print Johnny Blaze so come on by Link in The description come join us and we have Other videos we made you can enjoy those Too have a great week

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