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By | February 19, 2023

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Let's talk about the hottest comic books In the world and why they're selling for So much money Another week Other list Education how you feeling I'm feeling Great and I heard somebody say you can't Take vacation if you don't have a real Job this is a real job man we work hard Welcome gem back by hitting the like Slap the Subscribe button and at the List at number 10. we have Jon Stewart's First appearance in Green Lantern 87. we Also have the second appearance of Guy Gardner and a focus on Green Lanterns For over half a year but James Gunn Saying that not only is he preserving The current plan he is changing at what They focus on not just Jon Stewart but Hal Jordan making fire guy Ryan feel all Sorts of positive ways that was a close Call there Ryan lanterns almost got ax But we're still getting the Green Lantern series with a more mature take Inspired by True Detective we have two Cgc 9.0 to talk about here the first one Sold for one thousand fifty six dollars Thirteen percent above his 12 month Average and then another sale for 1154.24 above its average the 5.0 broke Records this week with the sale set back In May for 500 to be outdone an increase Of four percent selling for 520 now to Give you some perspective this comic is

Notoriously difficult to secure in high Grade it's a white cover a thicker book Whose heights were reached back in November of last year for 14 500. most recent sale in February this Year 2023 8080. there are a total of 34 copies Graded on the census and that's one new 9.8 since we reported on this just November 3rd when it landed at number Nine on the trending ten there are 147 New slabs on the cgc census since that November 3rd show and a lot of them in High grades five more nine point twos Three more nine point fours and two more Nine point sixes since 2019 there have Been only six different opportunities to Buy a 9.8 graded copy and we have a new One added in the last couple months to Say that scarcity in high grade isn't Part of the equation when trying to Predict where this book will be long Term it's an understatement moving on to Number nine on the list we're recording This just days before the premiere of Ant-Man and wasp quantumania so this is The last minute Kang spec we're seeing Here and we have Avengers 10 on the list Now it's not the first appearance of King the Conqueror but the first Appearance of one of his variants Immortus this is also the debut of the Call to action Avengers Assemble and Comic books and since the finale of Loki

The introduction of Jonathan Majors Kang We know that there are multiple variants Of the probably biggest villain we're Gonna have in the next couple years so Members have been buying these keys Since then and with Ant-Man fast Approaching we're seeing another Resurgence of Kang Investments happening We've got a cgc 6.5 that sold for 459 Dollars two percent above its 12 month Average and a 7.5 that sold for 5.49 Three percent above its average we also Do have a record-breaking sale for Kang's first appearance in Avengers 8 a 0.5 at that it sold for 100 185 dollars Back in 2020 and is up 103 percent now Selling for 375. and that brings us to Number eight on the list with Marvel Premiere 47 the first appearance of Scott Lang as Ant-Man in costume but More importantly I suspect long term for This book the first appearance of Cassie Lang who will not only be in the Upcoming Ant-Man 3 movie but likely a Young Avengers long term in this comic Book although since the comic boom has Gone up and down it is still clearing Over a thousand dollars and Gem do you Think that this book is going to hit Much lower than that long term I would Be surprised to see it drop under a Thousand especially because they're Obviously setting up some type of Young Avengers story and the last GPA sale in

A 9.8 was twelve hundred dollars it was This month this year which is a far cry From the heights of the 2021 December Sale of 22.50 I don't see it going much Lower especially with having only 206 Copies on the senses I'll say one thing If it drops below 9 800 dollars the fomo Bug it's gonna start getting real so Real that it may land itself back on the Hot tent if it disappears post movie What do you think is gonna happen while We look at the numbers the 8.5 hit 170 That's up three percent the nine four Three twenty that's seven percent over Its recent 12 months and the 9-6 hit 505. that's nine percent over its recent Twelve month average things are looking Up for Cassie Lane but not so much for Our main man Lobo Omega Man 3 makes the List but down at number seven we just Read Omega Man 3 and hit the mic with Fire guy Ryan to discuss it make sure to Watch that short it's hilarious and we Have multiple grade points to discuss a 9.4 of the first appearance of Lobo hit 140 35 over its recent 12 months the 9.6 Hit 165. 15 over and the 9.8 clocked in A sale at 458 that is drastically close To the heights that this book has ever Reached and that's an increase of 37 but We keep telling the community to be Patient because the cgc C Census count Is blowing up by the week there have Been an increase of 40 copies added to

The census since this book landed on our List last week and out of those 40 11 of Those were 9.8 now we just reported on a 458 dollar sale but check this shortly After somebody snagged a 9.8 for 337 Shout out to Beta Ray Bill this right Here beautifully demonstrates the amount Of impact this agency has on the Collector's Market when a book spikes we Have to reconsider scarcity entirely Because in a short few weeks the cgc Will turn around these books and change The Census count hence why members are Still able to get 9.8 deals when other Members are paying 35 Plus the same week And even though the book is coming in at Number seven on the list far from its Former glory it's been on the list for More than 13 weeks which you would know If you watch these videos or check out Key collector app the best comic app in Existence utilize the code tom101 to Unlock a free 2 week subscription we Don't even cover all the data that is Found on the hot 10 every week get Yourself access to that list before we Even hit the mic keep up with us and at The list of number six Wolverine number One the first Wolverine solo comic book We know why Wolverine's on the list Hugh Jackman will be reprising his role in Deadpool 3. now we don't have any new News for Wolverine the only thing that's New is the fact that it moved up on the

List by two slots and there are an Increase of 46 total slabs on the census This book is experiencing the same thing That Omega Man 3 is experiencing an Increase of Supply is meeting the demand Making a prime time to buy the comic if You are up on the sales and know what to Spend on the book let's take a look at What members are buying an 8.5 hit 139 That's eight percent over its recent 12 Months the 94 hit 241 that's 16 over and The 96 hit 375 that's 27 over the 5.0 Had a record-breaking sale set in 2021 For 86 of 37 hitting 100 and eighteen Dollars now out of those 46 New entries To the census there are four more 9.8 Bringing that total to three thousand Six hundred and seventy four nine point Eight this book saw Heights of Thirteen Hundred and sixty five dollars in April Of 2021 and we've been saying if you can Snag this for under 700 you're doing a Good job and some members are doing that The last GPA sale 626 dollars this month Of this year and that brings us to New Mutants 98 one of the biggest sales to Happen this year of a collectible and It's because it's a variant kind of Somebody would even call it the first Variant the mark Jeweler ad under five Percent of the print run was blessed With this insert and some still have it Secured in the center of these books and The 9.8 are scarce and one came to

Market but similar to Wolverine we have Deadpool's first appearance making the List because of Deadpool 3 we will Likely see a Wolverine versus Deadpool Movie and we have a 9.6 that's selling Really well I mean it's 741 dollar sales 22 over its recent twelve month average The 9.8 sold for 1800 where it was Selling for 16.26 on average that's an Increase of 11 but gem do the honors Because we have a 9.8 Mark J that has Hit the market this last week and it's a Record-breaking sale the last time a 9.8 Sold was in 2021 where it sold for 9 850 Here we are 67 increase selling for 16 498. let's take a look at how scares Mark Jewelers are by comparing the Standard direct Market copy we'll throw News stands in there and of course any Public data we have of comics containing That Mark Jeweler ad when we review on GPA all of the sales data for Newman's 98 graded at a 9.4 shows a total direct Market copy sales of 2251. newsstand 140 sales and Mark Jewelers a total of 21. this is in history that GPA has Tracked publicly the 9.6 saw 4047 sales for the direct Edition 135 Newsstand and just eight for the mark Jewelers and that brings us to The Elusive 9.8 a total of 3 312 have sold Publicly newsstand copies 83 and Mark Jewelers

Five and one of them happened this past Week hot damn let's give it up for that 9.8 sale that one was a monster speaking Of monsters moving on to number four on The list we have The Last of Us American Dreams issue one the 8.0 hit 272 that's 35 over its race in 12 months the 94 340 12 over the nine six six forty thirty Nine percent over and 9.8 we saw a sale Of 1236 dollars that's an increase of eight Percent then we have the second printing Which is more scarce and broke records In two different grades the cgc 9.4 Selling for 90 back in 2021 up 122 Percent selling for 200 and then the 9.6 Which sold for just 173 in 2021 up 102 Percent now selling for 350. we have a New 9.8 record-breaking sale for the Variant edition selling in October for One thousand and two dollars at a nine Eight increase of 65 percent easy quick Math selling for 1 650 this past week There are 12 more copies on the census Since this book was on the hot 10 list At number three last week the video that I wasn't in and check this out one of Those is a 9.6 and the other 11 were all Nine eights so although this book is Clearly scarce because an increase of 12 Slabs when others on this very list Exceeded 30 plus well 11 new 9.8 means That there is probably more that are Coming to the marketplace not everybody

Is equipped to just throw over a Thousand dollars down on a comic book Especially when it may be at its height There may be some optimal times to grab This book coming soon and that brings us To number three on the list with one of The most surprising announcements to Some members we have Booster Gold number One debuting in 1986 his first Appearance and the James Gunn effect is Real people believe that he can make an Obscure character popular and I for one Think that Booster Gold could be one of Them the series slated to come out on HBO Max and it's dubbed the loser from The future we have three High performing Sales to report on a 9.2 selling for 160 Dollars a hundred percent above its 12 Month average then a 9.4 selling for 150 40 above its 12 months and a 9.8 selling For 798 103 above its 12 month average Now although there have been no new Slabs added to the census since this Book landed at number one on the hot 10 Last week I suspect that's going to Change rapidly so keep in mind this book Was selling for under 400 all year long And now it's up near double you may want To be a little patient but don't forget About Booster Gold the book is volatile Indeed shortly after that 798 dollar Sale on February 4th it sold twice for 500 again for 700 and then the most Recent sale for 452. we're saying spec

Carefully comic fam at the list at Number two let's take a look at how Damien performing in the marketplace Batman 655 from 2006 the first Cameo appearance Of A child of Batman and Talia al Ghul Which is great spec by the way because Now we know that the focus of James gun As it pertains to Gotham the first hint The tease we have is a different take on The dynamic duo yes the first time we're Gonna get Damien Wayne on screen and the First time we're going to see Bruce with His son in live action we have a cgc 8.0 That last sold for just 35 dollars in 2021 up now 189 percent selling for 101 And a 9.2 which sold for 88 back in 2021 Up 82 percent now selling for 160. then We have a 9.8 hitting 483 which is an Increase of 132 percent when you compare Over the last 12 months we also have a Newsstand that sold for the first time a 9.4 brought in a 374 dollar sale then we Have a 1 in 10 variant a 9.8 that sold For 700 that's an increase of 19 and While we're here we might as well talk About Batman 650 D6 which is Damian Wayne's first full appearance a 9.8 sold For 401 and that is the second highest Amount over the height that was reached Last week when it sold for 420 for the First time in comic history hit the like Slap the Subscribe button we're here

Every seven days for the comic Familia And hit the link in the description join The March mystery mail call one per box Virgins going out at random we have Dark Wing duck a fantastic epic cover done by Johnny Desjardins support the show and Gem hit him with the number one hottest Book in Cosmos you know what be Swamp Thing number one from 1972 the first Appearance and origin of the second Swamp Thing Alec Holland I like seeing This book change positions from last Week to this week because Booster Gold Was far ahead of Swamp Thing but I think We all are well aware of the fandom Behind this Bernie wrightson DC fanfare Favorite a 7.0 broke records this week Signed for 300 that's an increase of 12 Percent where it lasts sold for a height Of only 269 in 2021. the 9.0 in July hit 565. it's up 14 with a new Record-breaking sale of 644 dollars and The record Breakers didn't stop there The 9.2 in May sold for 6.90 it's up one Percent it's hit 700 for the first time In comic history hot damn and besides Record Breakers we've got some strong Performers as well a cgc 3.5 sold for 102 just one percent above his 12-month Average the 6.5 sold for 237 36 percent Above its average the 7.5 sold for 288 That's 21 above an 8.0 sulfur 340 22 Above and then an 8.5 selling for 425 31 Above its average this is one of the few

Books on the list that although has Reached Heights that were greater than What they're are currently selling for Is so close to the heights that it's Worth notating I mean take a look at This 9.4 that sold this past month it Sold for 801 dollars the heights were Reached back in October 2022 for only Two hundred dollars more where it went For a thousand dollars the 9.6 January Last month sold for a thousand dollars Where its heights were reached in 2021 Of 1800. and considering the last GPA Sale and record high for a 9.2 was just 800 it's clear that that 9.4 sale was a Steal let us know what you think about Swamp things spec in the comments Section below and as always geek Responsibly and statement refresh enough Said comic fam Jade hope gemman's Daughter just killed it on Deja Thor's Number one this variant is available for FOC still currently so reach out to your Nearest LCS and support the next gen of Comic creators didn't leave even leave Me anything to say it was all great he Said it all himself so go do what I says Like I do and uh continue to geek Responsibly we have other videos for you To check out you can do all that kind of Stuff too that too have a great week bye

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