From $2,800 To $44,000 In 2 Years

By | February 19, 2023

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How's it going David from comic book Investments so in this video we're going To look at five keys that are heating up This is where I take data actual sales Data and see if there's any Trends going On if it's going up why is it going up We'll continue to go up so yes I'm going To take real sales data I'm going to Show you graphs and figures and things Like that and numbers a lot of that kind Of stuff data and we'll see what's going On so let's look at the first one and The first one Man It just keeps on going higher and higher It did not get affected by everything Else that's been dipping lately not at All this one keeps breaking records and It's it's crazy but it used to be worth Not too long ago and yeah so let's get Right into it first one is Ultimate Fallout 4 and this is the variant Edition A 9-4 is up 42 percent from about 5 5 800 now selling about 8 250 and nine six Is up 27 from 8 000 to 10 000 and a nine Eight is up thirteen percent from thirty Eight thousand now it's one just sold For 43 200 that is a record price and if You look at that graph you can see that It was so like low not too long ago I Think it was like two years ago this Thing was selling for nine it was Something for like 2 800 first out of

The gate it was selling for like 150. For 98. And that was back in 2011. Man that returned but yeah even if you Went back two years ago like a little Over two years ago Um like two and a half it was selling For twenty eight hundred dollars for a Nine eight now it's selling for forty Three thousand it just keeps on going up And up you know most if you look at the Ultimate Fallout 4 the regular edition You know I went up comic boom started Going down you know typical stuff and I Think a 98 selling for like 1800 it was Selling for like 3200 Um at its peak on like average But yeah man don't know what to say this Is crazy that's why I was uh you know I'm hedging my bets and taking you know That 9-8 of invincible Iron Man number Nine variant edition now I know it's Never going to hit the levels of this no No but if it could do a fraction of this That'd be great Next we got flash point number one A nine four is up to 18 from 72.85.96 is up 166 from 64 to 170 and The 98 is up 134 from 122 to 285. so yes This is going up because Flashpoint the Movie is coming out now it's not called Flash points it's called The Flash the Movie I don't know but basically it's Flashpoint

Um the resetting the DC EU Um yeah I mean this book I mean the animated movie was amazing I Loved I watched that anime movie back to Back watched as soon as I was done and Watch re-watched it again I love that Movie that's probably one of the best DC Animated movies I can think of off top Of my head I know a lot of people are Going to say Batman uh the mass Phantom Uh Phantasm or whatever uh no I don't think so I think Flashpoint is Much better Um I also liked What was that Justice League Doom I think it was called that was a good One too Anyways Um yeah so Flashpoint now This was they used this to start up the DC New 52 I think it was called in like 2011 2012. Um so they kind of rebranded everything With the with this kind of like what They're doing in the movies I mean I don't ever expect this movie This book to be worth like a ton even if They make this Flashpoint movie it's Like a storyline thing there's some Significance because it makes the DC New 52 all that stuff but I mean I don't know it'll never be super Expensive I'll just put it that way

All right goon number one and eight five Is up 64 from 350 to 575 and 9 4 is up Five percent for 595 to 625 and 980 is Up four percent from 1800 to 1875. Um this is not a record price but it's Been trending up for the last like nine Months it had one big sale uh last year At its peak but overall it's been Training up I don't even know if it's Still how real it is because it was like Double the price of everything else Um nonetheless someone asked me to put This on listen so I did remember if you Guys want me to check out a book just Put it in the comments below and you Know sometimes I'll look at it and There's no discernible going up or going Down so I can't put in either of those Videos of going down or going up so but If you want me to check something out Put in the comments I can't promise I'm Gonna get to every single one but I'll Get to as many as I can but here is good Number one and uh yes I have seen the Animated trailer that did which was Basically a trailer to get the movie Made kind of like how they did with um The Matrix if I can remember correctly They filmed that like first telephone Trinity scene and that's for like a Million bucks or something and then That's how they got you know people to Invest in it Flash 123 a 2-0 is up 19 from 400 475 65

Is a 30 from 1620 to 2100 and 75 is up Eight percent from 3 100 to 33.60 This is the first time they mention an Alternate universe as an earth two Um because before that I don't remember what they said about The golden age heroes I think they existed a long time ago or Something even though it wouldn't have Been that long ago this flash was from Like the late 50s and the Golden Age one Was Also from the early 50s so I think they Just never really talked about it and Then they introduced this and then That's when they introduced hey we exist But we're from a different Earth and That introduced the Multiverse which was Not a thing in comics let alone Marvel Or DC until this book so this is very Significant it'll always be a good book To buy regardless because that was the First time it kicked off The Multiverse which is a huge thing in Both Marvel and DC right now so Regardless this book has been trending Up since 2003 since the cgc's come out and yeah So it's a good book All right last on this list is Brayden Bull 54th first appearance of the Teen Titans A four or five is up 34 for 305 to 409 a Five five is up six percent from 368 to

390 and a 6-0 is up six percent from 435 To 460. Um yeah this is not like a record price Or anything like that but it is trending Up this is the first time that they put All the Teen Sidekicks into their own Thing because they didn't really know What to do with them sidekick was very Popular in the golden age because most Of the times Kid read comic books and They're like oh I can see myself I can't Obviously be a 35 year old man like Bruce Wayne but I can be that's where All the sidekicks work super young They're like 8 to 12 sometimes is Because they're supposed to emulate kids So then they put them in their own thing The Teen Titans We all know what happened basically They went into their own series and kind Of floundered for a while they canceled It Then uh George Perez and Marv Wolfman uh Brought it back and that was a huge huge Huge hit so that is it Have a good weekend

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