GSX: Better Investment Than Hulk 180 #shorts

I think an argument could be made for Giant Sized X-Men to be better investment than the cameo appearance of Wolverine in Hulk 180.

Check out the full comparison of Hulk 180 vs 181 here:

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Now earlier in the video I may mention That 180 might be the third best Investment book I actually think an Argument could be made for a giant size X-Men issue number one to actually be The second best investment book when it Comes to Wolverine and part of the Reason why I say that is because giant Size X-Men has a lot going for it this Book yes is the third appearance of Wolverine but it's also the first Appearance of the new X-Men team it is The first appearance of storm night Crawler Colossus and also Thunderbird And again that that has some value there So you can get 180 With a cameo of Wolverine or you can get Giant size X-Men number one with a lot Of first appearances of arguably one of The most popular teams out there that Hasn't yet appeared in the MCU

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