Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Shredder Saga – Full Story

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Today we're going to bring you a full Story of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Issue 1 through 50 the entire Shredder Saga but I want you to be aware of Something this is a series that we've Worked on over the course of about six Years here at the comic story and Channel meeting my microphone improves As we're going along with the style in Which we tell the story it's kind of an Interesting full story as you're going To see the evolution of the channel Along with the evolution of the turtles Throughout the video but if you're Wondering where you are this is the Comic story and channel where I take Some of your favorite comic books I turn Them into these audio dramas it allows You to keep up with what's going on in The world of comic books and you know What you want to do on that note let's Just get into the story because this One's a doozy and I hope you guys enjoy The Story begins in the stock gen Research facility and inside of this Facility is one important researcher who Just started working there recently April O'Neil Also inside are four young Turtles Each Of which will be named after Renaissance Painters once April gives them those Names Michelangelo Raphael Leonardo and Donatello there's also a rat named

Splinter that was experimented on with Drugs that would give him human-like Cognition Months would go by with April taking Care of the five animals and the Facility would continue its experiments Where they were bioengineering unique Well what she didn't know is that this Facility had a secondary objective only Known by its investors and its top Researchers General Krang donated a top Secret mutagen to this facility to try And turn it into a super soldier serum But it wasn't a secret as he thought Because on the very same night that April O'Neil came across the research a Group of masked ninjas broke into the Facility As one of them attempted to murder April The other ninjas put everything from the Lab into a bag because they didn't know What was needed and what wasn't So while Splinter looked on they grabbed The vials of Mutagen and the turtles and They placed them all into one bag He may have just been a rat but he was a Rat with the ability to think like a Human and he runs into the next room to Pull the fire alarm as the alarm sounded April took this opportunity to fight Back and run outside to the arriving Police but as she got to safety the Ninjas grabbed their back containing the Mutagen and the turtles and they fled

Out the nearby window but Splinter Wasn't about to just let them get away He leaped out the window and into the Fleeing Ninja's eyes infuriated by this The ninja dropped the bag and threw Splinter to the street down below with The bag spilled open the mutagen spilled All over the place and Splinter was Injured from the fall so a random cat Came over and picked up the turtle known As Raphael and began to carry him away But Splinter wasn't done protecting the Turtles and he chased the cat down Leaping into its face and biting its eye Out of its own head the cat dropped the Turtle and ran off into the night with The mutagen dripping from its mouth but Before splinter can find the missing Raphael he sees the ninjas coming down To get their stolen goods back so he Pushes Leonardo Donatello and Michelangelo into the bag and he begins To drag all three of them into the Sewers leaving Raphael to fend for Himself Deep down in the sewer splinter in the Turtles all mutated into half human half Animal hybrids while up in the streets All alone Raphael mutated by himself Alone in a trash pile And elsewhere a mangy stray cat mutated Into a half cat half human named old Hobbs one year passes and the three Turtles are battling it out with old

Homs in his gang you see over the last Year the Turtles and Splinter have been Training while old Hobbs has been Hunting them down he was hired by the Owner of the mutagen to bring in the Turtles and Splinter They have had countless battles and all Have been trying to stop old Hobbes Since the day that they were changed It's a fight that they always win and Old Hobbs crawls back to whatever alley He and his gang crawled up from but the Turtles and Splinter aren't on any Mission to stop hops or on any mission To stop any of the Ninjas just yet their Only mission is to find their missing Brother at every time he thinks of how He lost him that night tears well up and Splinter's eyes you see Raphael was Never recovered that night Anne has been Wandering the streets alone confused and Lonely for the last year Splinter is the only one who truly Remembers Raphael's even missing and the Rest of the turtles are getting tired of Looking for their mysterious fourth Brother that they don't even remember so While the turtles are in their warm Lair With their Pizza tea gadgets and Training Rafael is wandering the streets Just trying to survive Stay hidden He doesn't know anything about ninjas And he has no clue about old Hobbs and

He has no idea whose Splinter and the Other Turtles are He's just a big green guy wandering the Streets who happens to hear some trouble One night Who knows it made him run into that room To save the young boy that night maybe It was a sense of justice maybe it was a Subconscious fear of what happened to Him in the night of the Ninja attack Maybe Raph just doesn't like bullies Either way he kicked down the door and He proceeded to go into battle with this Man who was beating on his own son but While his brothers had been training for The last year to fight Raph only knows The basics of fist fighting and finds Himself overwhelmed by this man quickly That is until the man tries to drop an Elbow onto rath's back and discovers That there's a rather hard shell there Wrath then declares tag I'm it and he Begins to beat on the man and then throw Him out of his own home he turns to the Young man expecting the guy to run away From his freakish appearance but he's Shocked when the young man says thanks For the help I'm Casey Jones they then Fist bump and Casey tells Raph that it Wasn't a big deal his dad just gets Violent when he gets drunk but he does Want to repay him so he's going to take Him out to get some grub and they can Have a little fun along the way he then

Walks into his back room and he returns With a goalies mask and a baseball bat The two-head adults of the streets and They begin to beat up on muggers and Purse snatchers and Casey explains to Raph that the best feeling is helping Others even if they run away from a guy In a mask and a big green dude so they Make their way to the park where Casey Buys them both the best dogs in the city And then suddenly they're shoved by two Thugs who are out running the comps Casey slaps his mask back on and he says To ref you know what's more fun than hot Dogs knocking the crud out of two bit Criminals and the two of them run off Into the park to chase those guys down But as they jump into the park they Aren't confronted by the two thugs They're confronted by old homs in his Entire game don't tell me you forgot Your old friend Hobbs Hobbs says as Raph Begins to remember the rat who saved him And the cat who ran off that night Hobbs Tells the gang no guns because he wants Them to remember this beating and the Battle begins with Casey and Raph versus The entire gang Eventually both rap and Casey are Overwhelmed by the sheer numbers and Hobbs pulls out his own gun and he Places it up against raf's chin You got away before but it's not gonna Happen again

And then suddenly three Chinese stars Land in his forearm and there stands the Other three Turtles here to save their Long-lost brother they leap in defeating The entire gang and just as Hans thinks He's lost he jumps in to fight wrath Directly he has no intentions of losing Raphael again Rapid Hobbs roll around on the ground of Both swinging punches and trying to kill Each other eventually Raph gets the Upper hand and he begins beating Hobbs To death until Leonardo stops him Let It Go RAF gets to his feet and he Asks who are you guys and Donatello Tells him we're your brothers all four Turtles return home and Splinter is Overjoyed as he reaches out and he hugs Raps stating at last our circle is Complete and we can truly begin He that hands each of them a gift for Returning Raphael something to help them Stay unique and show off their Individual qualities They're individually colored bandanas Our story doesn't begin with the turtles Nor does it begin with any mutations it Begins with Hamato Yoshi a man that Lived in feudal Japan Yoshi is on the Run for members of the Foot Clan led by Oroko saki Yoshi and Saki were once Friends and allies in the foot but saki Chose to take control of the foot and Lead them down a power hungry path of

Dishonor domination and destruction when They were given the mission to Assassinate the castle Lord of The Village saki decided to take the entire Foot against the entire Village to send A proper message Yoshi then stood up Against this decision and Saki took this As an act of defiance an act of treason Punishable by Death Yoshi was hoping That he could go home and save his Family but by the time that he arrived The foot had already gotten there and Slaughtered his wife he arrived at home Just in time to scream and disbelief Devils what have you done before killing Each member of the foot he then held his Wife in his arms one final time as she Passed on her last wish being not to Fight against saki but to flee with Their four boys to safety and so they Left they spent many years in hiding Training and growing together as a Family but eventually orokosaki found Them and bound to each of them as the Tears welled up in the eyes of his sons Hamoto Yoshi prayed that he would be Reunited with them again one day and That someday he would get to face off Asaki again as Yoshi watched his boys Die he then looked sucky coldly in his Eyes and told him we will meet again and I will destroy you saki told him fool we Will never meet again and he murdered Yoshi that day

A few things have happened since our Last hurdle story such as the invention Of the mouse or robots by Stockman and Hobbs the mutated cat being pushed out Of his former team during a battle with The Mausers Hobbes has Splinter Kidnapped so that Krang and his men can Conduct experiments on him but just Before crane his men can arrive Splinter Is kidnapped from being kidnapped by Ninjas wearing swords and masks he was Taken by kirai of the Foot Clan and Brought to Master Shredder kirai Explains that the Foot Clan have existed For centuries hidden in the deepest dark They are assassins thieves Warriors Ninja Splinter doesn't even blink I know Who you are then do you know why you Were brought here a war is coming one That will begin with the filthy streets Of the city and then spread to engulf The entire world a war for power and Control a war that the Foot Clan has Planned for ages we want to enhance our Existing army with mutated soldiers of Remarkable abilities but before you have The opportunity to join us a test And kirai cuts the cord holding Splinter Captive before handing him a sword Meanwhile on the surface the turtles are Trying to figure out what they need to Do next they've lost their home to the Mousers they've lost their dad to ninjas And they have no food or any of their

Gear back with Splinter he easily drops The Foot Soldiers with his ninja skills But he shocks Shredder because the Fighting style that he is using is that Of the foot in the end he stands over The soldier ready to kill him kiray Informs him he is to kill the soldier or He will be killed himself back with the Turtles April has brought them to an old Shot that her family owns they can stay Here for a bit while they find Splinter And back with Splinter he turns the sir To kirai and Shredder I will not kill This man you defile the Foot Clan I will Not be a party to this disgrace Shredder's eyes go even wider Shredder removes his helmet revealing Saki from all of those years ago yes it Is I would ask how you were here and in This form but I did not rise from the Dead to waste time on the Inconsequential Kirai destroy him kirai fires her bow And arrow Splinter and he cuts the Arrows out of the air easily so Shredder Sends in the rest of the Foot Clan his Army of Ninjas Splinter is tired and old But he easily faces off with each of These ninjas he wishes to live to see His family again by all means necessary He refuses to surrender once he drops The last ninja he turns to Shredder Shall we continue So Shredder sends in olapex his mutated

Snow fox she's faster than he was Expecting so he plays on her emotions Reminding her of what she lost reminding Her that she had no choice to do what She did and remind her that she doesn't Have to work for Shredder this causes Her to lose focus and he prevails again And then he once again turns to Shredder So orokosaki do we settle this now Master the master meanwhile back on the Surface the turtles have teamed up with Casey Jones to drop a local gang and Learn that there are these ninjas called The foot roaming around and Casey's Friend Angel knows where they are the Ninja sound just like the ones that Kidnap Splinter so the turtles take off To go to their location time to stop Some foot back with Splinter shooter Removes his cape and Splinter and Shredder have their duel splinter can Tell the Sakai is toying with him he's Grown tired and the fatigue is setting In and both men know that it's only a Matter of time before sake can defeat Splinter and with that saki not splitter Down splinter can hear his body yelling At him to give in that he has nothing More to give into this fight but Splinter refuses to give in and he takes A bow staff off the ground he remembers His wife his young boys he remembers his Past life and is what he needed to get Back into this plate using the anger

From his wife being murdered Splinter Manages to get one up on Shredder and he Forces him to take at me enough Shredder Shouts as he breaks the Bose down and Slams Splinter to the ground a shredder Comes in for the kill Splinter asks for Forgiveness from his sons but that's When the turtles finally arrived they Come crashing through a window Leonardo Michelangelo Donatello Raphael and begin To battle it out with the rest of the Foot opeliks and Karai they begin to Drop them all at ease because nothing Can stop this family after Raphael drops A Pollux and Leonardo takes care of Karai Donatello walks over to help their Father up while Michelangelo takes up The foot trying to stop them but Shredder won't be so easily dispatched As Michelangelo jumps in a fight with Him you must all work together to fight Against Sockeye my sons Splinter manages To tell them Sockeye drops Michelangelo In a hurry and then Donatello finds Himself fighting Sockeye solo so Leonardo jumps in to defend his brother And Splinter relates the same message to Leonardo you must remember when I taught You you must fight him as a team leader Runs to his brothers we need to fight Him as a team and Shredder stands before Them so mute are you prepared to suffer My wrath once again and then Leonardo Thinks about it again what are you and

Then he sees the original Roku Sakai From their past lives you Leonardo runs His slicing across Shredder's chest then Michelangelo strikes him on the back and Donatello knocks his helmet off allowing Raphael to kick him into a wall the Turtles then grab their father and they Flee out of the warehouse to fight Another day Casey Jones thinks angel in Her gang for their help and tells them That he'll be around with his green Friends if he's ever needed again and Over with Stockman we find that he shot Hobbs for losing Splinter and then he Was kidnapped by crane it looks like Krang is done playing around and ready To launch his war and once they finally Get back to their new home the turtles Lay Splinter down on the couch and Everyone sits around worried about him And when he wakes up he sees his family And he smiles 14 months ago back at Stock gen Labs two scientists were Working on mutagen injections they Needed to perform more research after Their original experiments went so wrong Old Hobbs the cat and four turtles this New specimen was a snapping turtle and Boy was he mean but with a lower Intensity dose they were able to slowly Mutate him so that they could run at Various experiments on him nine months Ago this new turtle was beat on tortured And put through side control

Manipulation they wanted a weapon no They wanted a monster whose sole purpose Was to work for stock gen and hunt Turtles then two weeks ago he got free His name is slash last night Mikey went To the local pizza parlor he's friends With Woody one of the kids who works There and he gives Mikey a pizza every Night and of course Mikey is super Grateful as Mikey turns to leave Woody Goes back in sign and that's when slash Jumps out of a nearby dumpster ready to Hunt some turtles the next night Leonardo Donatello Raphael and Michelangelo are all standing on top of A rooftop looking at the pizza place Because it was wrecked by this mystery Monster the police are reporting a giant Lizard monster faster and that they are Authorized to use deadly force on Anything that even resembles this this Of course isn't good for Our Heroes they Already know that stock gen has been Developing a turtle tracker and now There's a monster on the loose since It's a giant lizard monster they can Only assume that it's the other turtle That April saw when she broke into stock Gen Labs looking for turtle trackers so It's decided that since there are now Turtle trackers and a monster looking For them they're gonna need a new base Of operations meanwhile at their current Base of operations Splinter Casey Jones

And April all go outside to see that the Turtle van has been cut up by giant Claws something is following Descent of The turtles the brothers continue Running for the city trying to figure Out what they're going to do next when They end up stopping some random muggers Of course they are random muggers and no Challenge for the turtles so they Quickly drop them but the man that they Saved then sees four lizard looking Monsters and calls them the slash Monsters that the news has dubbed our Creature and the man runs off RAF Comments how saving this guy was a great Idea Leo and the turtles all hightail it Out of there but someone else was nearby Our monster named slash and he could Smell them he could smell his targets The turtles Donatella leads the team to An old abandoned church because he Already has an idea of a place that's Out of the way that they can live now It's the basement of this church because In the basement is an old bomb shelter Stocked with food a generator and Sewer Tunnel access the guys all love it and They declare that their search is over But slash is right behind him and as he Hears them he repeats what they said Search over because his search for his Prey is also over the brothers keep Looking around commenting how this is Perfect and as they look around the

Place they happen across a giant Snapping turtle what is that Leonardo Shouts as they Shine the Light and slash His face he knocks the flashlight away Letting it hit the ground to illuminate The area and then he knocks Mikey away From the group then he Dodges Leo and Donatello's boat does nothing against Him Mikey gets back up and he looks Around and that's when he finds slash as He's dropped Raph and Donatello it has Leo by the throat Mikey jumps in Cracking slash over the head and he gets His brothers back up but slash isn't Even close to done as he charges Anthem Lee Leo jumps over getting a shot in at Slash's shell but that just makes slash Even matter as he knocks Raph away no Matter what they do it doesn't matter Slash is overpowering them meanwhile Over at stock gen something else is Brewing Krang is getting ready for a war In his home Dimension but that's a story For a future video because right now the Turtles are trying to figure out how to Stop slash and they have no idea so they Just keep dodging and arguing they're Debating if this thing is either from Shredder or from stock gen because both Of them want the turtles dead right now And if they run it won't matter because This thing will just follow them and Fight again and that's when Leo reminds Them they can't just run because if they

Do they're gonna let this thing back on The city to harm innocence they need to Find a way to stop it now so Leo tells The team to follow his lead and he jumps On the back of Slash getting a choke Hold on him while he's choking slash the Rest of the team begins to beat on him Again trying their best to stop him slow Him down confuse him anything and when They finally get him to the ground he Shouts out and throws them aside Knocking all of them out except Leo Slash then throws Leo across the room When he picks up Mikey prepared to kill Him but Leo grabs Slash's attention by Throwing a weapon into his face and he Tells him this has to stop and slash Tells him Turtle Hodge and Leo asks him What do you want kill Turtle Bane stop Please listen to me no one has to die we Don't want to hurt you really we're from Stock Gen 2 we're just like you and Slash hits Leo again yelling Please stop Leo calls out to him but That's what April and Casey arrive and Shout Leo slash jumps at him right at That moment and Leo turns around wait no Stop they roll across the ground and Once they stop Leo looks up to see that His sword is in Slash's shoulder right Between his shell Leo sadly says oh no Slash pulls the sword out and throws it Down while tearing off his black mask Then he jumps into the sewer to swim

Away and Leo picks up his mask I'm sorry The next day the turtles move into the New space and everyone wonders where Mikey and Leo are and RAF comments that Mikey is just too sensitive sometimes Splinter stops him do not speak that way Your your brother he is a kindly soul And he has been this way for two Lifetimes his empathy for others is a Virtue not a flaw he simply seeks out The goodness in others that is so innate In himself he only wishes to love and to Be loved Mikey went back to the piece of Parlor to find his friend Woody but Insteadi found a note on the pizza left Outside Mikester hey amigo don't think I Can deal with the stuff that follows you And your Bros I'll keep the pizzas Coming though Woody with tears in his Eyes he took the pizza back to his Brothers Splinter continues as for Leo Do not mistake his discipline for Callous Detachment whatever has become Of the creature that you battled I am Searching that Leonardo too wishes Things had ended differently he is not Cold-hearted but he is ninja his spirit Is strong and Leo is sitting at the Waterway that slash used to escape Looking at a sword and the mask of Slash Tied to it meanwhile slash isn't exactly Dead as he washes up on the shore of the City and the third foot of Hobbs kicks Him and tells him I got plans for you on

The planet neutrino the war is Raging on Rockets land in the city destroying Various emplacements and killing many of The soldiers it's an attack that has Gone on for 10 days and though all of The soldiers of this war have fought Krang and his men valiantly it appears That they are losing and the King knows This as he turns the commander dask and He tells him to retrieve Honeycutt they Need the scientist back now he is the Last remaining hope for the neutrino People meanwhile in New York City Donatello is setting up their new base Of operations while the others are Dealing with the Fallout of the recent Events Mikey is looking over the letter That his friend gave him telling him That it can't be around the turtles Anymore Raph is lifting to get rid of His anger and Leo is still meditating Over injuring a fellow turtle by the Name of Slash but Splinter calls a Family meeting which includes pizza for Everyone Mikey looks at Casey and he Asks if his friend was there in case he Tells him nah Mikey sorry pizza was Outside like always Splendor informs the Family that he has seen their friendship Strained recently and his sons have been Tested and he doesn't want to see Anything else bad happen to them he has Noticed that their enemies are building Alliances on Greed but the family here

Is stronger than any of their enemies And they need to prepare for what's Coming over at the edge of the war Krang Is informing Stockman that he doesn't Want to betray Crane and in order to not Do so he's going to need to complete the Techno drums soon Stockman tells him That he can't complete the Technodrome In the timeline that Krang is giving him But Krang tells him don't worry soon you Will have a robot capable of completing The tech note room and that it will Conquer as many worlds as I can starting With Earth over in the Foot Clan Compound shredder has a new plan that he Would like to put into motion he calls Over his daughter and asks her why she Has not brought him Leonardo yet he Demanded him weeks ago and she tells him That she is getting the necessary Elements to acquire Leonardo but she Wanted to get some more of that alien Ooze that they've been using to create More mutants back in New York City Though April goes to have a night out With one of the scientists at stock gen The facility that she's interning at and The guys behind all of these mutations While Casey Jones and the Turtles watch In the shadows after some small talk April begins to ask Chet about the real Reason she asked him to Coffee in the Park in the middle of the night she's Not blind she's seen all of stock gen's

Secret labs and such and she knows What's going on over there or at least She thinks she does Chet plays dumb as She goes on to explain that she's seen The ninjas The Missing Turtles and the Super smart rat and the green serum that He saw she's trying to get answers out Of him so that the Turtles and Splinter Can figure out a plan but everything That she just said takes Chet back a Little you shouldn't know about the Green serum April that's when she takes Her chance if we're hurting people Chet I need to know so that I can stop it and Chet tells her that the last thing he Wants to do is hurt people so just as He's getting ready to explain there's a Foom and soldiers from the neutrino War Appear in front of them Commander dask Sees Chet and he tells him Professor Honeycutt it's time to go home the Turtles and Casey have no idea who that Is but they don't trust it so they run In prepared to fight it out the soldiers Begin firing at the turtles and Casey Runs in grabbing April and getting her Out of there in a hurry Commander desk Grabs Honeycutt and he tells his Soldiers to teleport them out now and Then in another foom The Soldier's Honeycutt and the turtles are gone Leaving April and Casey guessing as to What just happened what just happened Was that the turtles were warped to the

Middle of the war on neutrino Commander Dask shouts out that command Central is Under attack and the turtles begin Dodging lasers as they come shooting in At them as the commander and his team Run inside of the building to save the King the turtles falling behind them and Then Raph grabs Commander down ask Putting aside to his throat asking where Are we Das calls him a asking if He wants to get everyone killed as even More lasers fly over their heads and Raph asks him weren't you trying to kill Us a few minutes ago what you attacked Us yeah after you showed up waving your Guns around and threatening April and Chet who is Chet we were set here for Honeycutt who the fugatoid the what now But before they can continue explaining More lasers go off around them when the Turtle's aside it's time to fight back Rap and Mikey jump in first and then Leonardo finishes them off stopping the Immediate threat dask looks at everyone And he tells them look I told you we're Not here to kill you now crang's thugs Will be here any minute so you can Either come with us or you can stay here Leo tells him fine but we want answers After this the group presses forward Dropping more of the guards until they Get to the room with the royalty and Dask shouts they have the princess Mikey Caesar begins to twirl his nunchucks and

He shouts let's do this charging right In there they run out into the open with Mikey taking point and he runs full Speed jumping up into the oncoming Lasers and he lands on their ship once Inside Mikey starts beating back Stone Soldiers and then he grabs the princess And he jumps off the ship but while he Did save her her mother and father were Taken the whole group goes back to the Command center now that crank's forces Have left with the king and the Queen And they explain everything to the Turtles finally this planet is neutrino And Krang has been trying to conquer it For a while now chat is actually Professor Honeycutt and the man stuck in A robot called a fucatoid cranks people Have continually fought in wars and They've ruined their own planet in their Expansion and now he has a new plan they Kidnapped Honeycutt and they threatened His family if he didn't help them figure Out how to save their planet and Honeycutt couldn't do it so their Planet Died and the Supreme Commander died Along with it Krang took the survivors And their oohs to Earth replace them all In stasis until he could remake their Planet in place of Earth but then the Resistance Fighters broke in and saved Honeycutt angering Crane and he invaded Their City during all of this professor Honeycutt's family was killed and he was

Fused with a fugatoid robot and once on Earth he took up the identity of Chet The scientists that April knows the Princess steps forward and tells Honeycutt and that's why they went for Him because they finished a weapon that Could end this war and they need him to Complete it so desk tells him that he's More worried about what crane is going To do with the king and the queen right On cue crane radios in telling everyone That he demands the fugatoid and Mikey Is grossed out about how pink and Squishy Krang is he explains that he's In the Royal Palace and if they don't Bring him the fucatoid he will kill both The king and the queen Professor Honeycutt sees no other option and he Decides that he's going to surrender Himself but everyone tells him that That's not going to happen the princess Tells Honeycutt that they need him to Complete the weapon so that they can win This war it's what her parents would Have wanted but Donatella tells everyone Hold on if Krang is going to invade Earth we want to help the princes agree Since they saved her life so Donnie goes To help Honeycutt with the weapon and Leo comes up with a plan to rescue the King and the queen ninja style so Everyone prepares with Donny helping Build the weapon and Leo Mikey RAF and The princess and her guards all get

Ready to assault the Royal Palace while This is going on Shredder's daughter is Getting ready to make her own plan work By breaking onto the island where cranks People are being kept she then cuts out One of the stasis pods stealing the Green ooze killing one of krang's Survivors Shredder we'll have Leonardo But we'll get to that next time on the Planet the battle begins with a full Frontal assault with tanks blowing up Everything so that they can provide a Distraction as the palace shakes crane Can't believe it they would dare face me An open battle rather than give up the Robots full of counter assault with Everyone charging into battle rap leads The charge because he's not really the Sneaky type he leaves that to Mikey and Leo who are sneaking into the palace Moving towards the throne room back on The battlefield Raph and dask beat the Tar out of various thugs even dropping a Tank with a rocket launcher while in the Throne room everyone is in direct combat With Krang and he morphs his arms into Guns opening fire on everyone Leo jumps In cutting off when it cranks arms Before getting punched into a wall by His other arm and Mikey jumps over the Laser fire Landing right in front of one Of the stone Thugs and beating on them While Leo backflips back into combat With Krang until crank throws Leo into

Mikey knocking them both down and then He readies his laser arm to finish them Off meanwhile back in the battlefield Rap and dask are happy that they bombed The tank only to see a giant robot there Instead my Mikey and Leo leap out of the Way of crank's shot just in time and With that opening the princess blows off The rest of the arm that Leo cut off Infuriating Krang you die you insulin's Brat and he shoots at her pissing off Mikey who jumps back in and gives it his All as he knocks Krang back until he's Thrown aside Leo calls it don't quit Mikey and they both jump back in Together and then the bodyguards open Fire on Krang back on the battlefield Rap and dusk make a run for it since It's a giant robot luckily Donny and Honeycutt finish the weapon and they've Launched it as it hovers overhead it Sends down a signal that deactivates all Of crang's Army's weapons giant robots Included while leaving the good guys Guns fully functional they all walk into The throne room where Krang still has Mikey pinned down and Honeycutt tells Him it's over but Krang laughs you Really think I'm in the same frequency As my soldiers either I get you Dr Rod Kill this one saying no other option Honeycutt gives himself up while the Turtles try to stop crying he kicks them Aside and he teleports out with

Honeycutt as he says goodbye to his Friends Mikey looks at the smoke whoa oh Crazy day and Raph puts his hand on Mikey's shoulder you ain't kidding bro The people of neutrino thank the turtles And Mikey even gets a kiss from The Princess before they teleport back into The sewers in front of April and Casey Splinter comes out Overjoyed that his Sons have returned while they may have Saved another world the battle is only Beginning as Shredder's plans are about To begin and crying is far from done the Turtles have finally returned home after Their battle in an alternate Dimension And they've gotten back to training with The training complete Leo tells the Group that it's time for dinner and Mikey stops them all uh guys behind them Is someone in a weird coat jumping and Yelling he jumps and he tells them ah Mutant tadpoles you fancy yourselves Ninja perhaps shall we find out what Skills you have tadpoles they start Battling against him only to be knocked Away and blocked he then takes Donatello's bow and he sniffs it in half Asking the turtles if they've heard of The Filipino art of Kali he then begins To beat up all four of them with the Broken pieces of Donatello's bow then Flipping the bow around he pretend it's A gun bang bang you are all dead such Dreadful students I pity the teacher

That trains you so poorly and would that Teacher the old decrepit rats hiding in The church then in a puff of smokey Vanishes the turtles all Panic he knows About splinter in the church they start Trying to chase this new enemy and a Note points them down to the streets Where the enemy is waiting he beats them All back and he jumps into the sewers And runs off away from them Leo tells His brothers they've got him now but the Enemy just starts to beat on them again Calling Leo predictable and then he Demonstrates the nerve strikes that he Has and he drops all of the turtles Again and then he runs off again the Turtles give Chase and they all end up In the graveyard outside of the church Where they lose sight of their Target And then he shows up again beating them Back again over and over this enemy Beats them and then he runs into the Church where the turtles follow and once He has another weapon Dani jumps back in As well once the enemy drops all of the Other Turtles only Dani remains and he Is furious you may have caught us off Guard I'll give you that but now we're In our home our dojo we shall see the Enemy says smiling my father gave me That bow staff that you broke Donnie Says as he clashes With the Enemy and he Told me something this staff is no Better or no worse than any other my son

What matters most is honor and the Skills of the one who wields it the rest Of the journals get back up and the Enemy stares them all down so you all Have courage after all our game ends now I am done playing with you the time has Come for me to call on your master Leo Tells him over our dead bodies and the Enemy removes his mask telling them I Can only respond with I am honored by Sons everyone is shocked to see that They were fighting Splinter this whole Time True Balance comes from not only Learning but unlearning you have each Mastered the fighting styles that I have Taught you but as our fights have shown Us our enemies will not always attack in Predictable ways so open your heart and Your minds as our real training begins Here tonight we must prepare ourselves Meanwhile over in Japan Shredder and his Daughter are digging up a grave and once They open it they find kitsuni he then Returns to the city where he stands over Informing Kitsune of the reason she was Revived their Rivals the Savant have a New leader and to prevent them from Taking what rightfully belongs to the Foot Clan it is now time to embrace Their Destiny Casey and RAF go to check On Casey's abusive father whether they Find themselves being jumped by the Foot Clan they are quickly overwhelmed and Casey is dropped seeing his friend fall

RAF shouts out Casey but then he has Overwhelmed himself when they throw him Into the back of their van inside we see Kiray Shredder's daughter and she Informs him that they are about to drown Him Raph breaks out of his bindings Jumping at them and then he takes his Size and using his shell he backs out The back door breaking it open and Falling into the river the Foot Clan Informed kiray that rap is gone and she Tells them yes all is going according to Plan Raph quickly gets into the lair Where he informs the family that they Got Casey Splinter tells him to calm Down they need to know what happened but Raph tells him no time we gotta go save Casey everyone gets wrapped to explain And then he tells everyone let's go Right now Leo tells him to calm down Running in head first is not the answer And they argue until Splinter separates Them and tells them both to calm down Then they drive to the docks to scope Out the situation and that's where they See curay and alopex Raph argues that They need to get down there and Leo Argues that they should figure out a Plan of attack and that's when Shredder Himself shows up Leo says damn and Splinter agrees damn indeed meanwhile Out on the streets Angel ramps on April's window asking what the turtles Are doing here they're friends with

Casey right she's actually an old friend Of Casey's and she knows about the Turtle so April gives up the information That Casey is in trouble Angel tells April to wait here and she begins to Walk towards the docks while over at the Docks Shredder looks at Casey and then Turns around I know you are out there Hamato Yoshi why do you hide and then he Leans over picking up Casey and stabs Him in the gut your comrade is severely Wounded Raph leaps over the rooftop but He finds himself quickly surrounded by The Foot Clan while pushing them back he Shouts that bastard stabbed Casey I'm Gonna kill him but while they are busy Mikey and Donnie swim up from the water And they climb onto the dock next to Shredder himself they start fighting it Out with him and Leo sees that they Might be in trouble so he runs over only To be jumped by alopex while all of this Is going on Angel sneaks in and helps Casey Jones back up and as she drags him Off Donnie Mikey and her all begin to Escape while Splinter grabs Raph telling Him quill your anger as Leo begins to Follow his family Karai hits him with a Tranq dart dropping him when the rest of The family makes it to the van that's When they realize that Leo's not with Him he didn't get out they have another Problem Casey is going to die if they Don't get him to the hospital with no

Other options they drive to the hospital And while this is going on Leo is being Carried off to the foot Clan's Headquarters while Casey is in surgery Leo ends up in a form of that of his own Katsune walks over to the unconscious Turtle to use her Magics to do surgery On Leo's mind she wants to uncover his Eyes she wants to rewrite his history She wants to show him true ultimate Salvation she then shows him that in the Beginning there was an evil rat the one That was torturing Leo would training Meant to break him down until Shredder Saved him Leo ran from the evil wrath And it dropped him off of a building Where Shredder once again saved him over And over this happens as Shredder tells Leo to open up his true potential until Eventually Shredder shows Leo the truth That he wants him to see that Shredder Is actually his Sensei and the rat is The enemy while this is happening Splinter and the rest of the turtles Agree to meet with Oldham a villain of Theirs because he has information on Shredder and has changed his mind he's Willing to help them out it should be Mutants versus Humans so as they say the Enemy of my enemy is my friend Leo wakes Up next to katsune asking for his master And she presents him with his mask the Old mask of Slash old Hobbes bring Splinter in the turtles to what he

Claims to be the foot Clan's base none Of the turtles trust Hans but Mikey is Busy talking to old hobb's friend slash Slash is growling at Mikey but Mikey Tells him chillax don't be so grumpy and Have a candy bar slash eats the candy Bar and likes it candy then he tells Slash that Hobb said the slash is Staying behind but after all of this I'm Gonna buy you a pizza buddy he then Walks over to his brothers turns out Slash isn't so bad after all he didn't Try to eat me or anything Hobbs leaves The Turtles and Splinter down to the Back door where he breaks the lock off And he walks them inside he then slams The door shut locking them inside the Lights come on and there stands Shredder His daughter and alopex welcome Yoshi to The beginning and the end Splinter wants To know where Leo is but Shredder Explains to him that as they stand here His ninja are pushing their hold on the City further he will rule this city and That Leo is no more Splinter is stunned This Hear me now devil if I cannot have my Son I will have your head he shouts as He jumps in clashing with a sword the Sword of Leo he is now wearing a black Mask and Foot Clan armor he then kicks Splinter in the face taking out his blue Mask and cutting it in two before Throwing it at Splinter I am not your

Son anymore Raph shouts oh hell no as The turtles run in but Leo counters each And every one of them dropping them with Extremes then the Foot Clan arrives Surrounding them until slash breaks Through the wall he runs in slamming Everyone around asking Mikey for more Candy the turtles and slash then run out Of the room and escape and while the Other Turtles are arguing with hubs he Explains that he delivered for everyone He saved the turtles and made good with The Foot Clan Everyone likes him right But the true problems are only beginning A splinter is holding the mask of his Son Leo As Time passed the foot Clan's Operation continued when night Karai Oversees a shipment getting ready to go Out when she suddenly attacked by Savant Karai begins to fight back telling Everyone that they will not let them Pass but a Foot Clan soldier tells her That they are soon to be outnumbered Slowly Karai and the last soldiers begin To back up as the leader of the Savage Group starts to surround her telling her That her men were right their number is Greater little girl little girl Karai Asks and tells him that he will soon Regret those words the leader Smiles at Her oh who will I then he hears a voice Above him telling yes he will above him Stands a Leo and a group of Foot Clan Soldiers and Leo tells them to destroy

The Foot Clan starts to overwhelm the Savant and they begin to kill them off And that's when Karai raises her sword To kill the leader but Leo stops her Telling her that they need him alive to Deliver a message Leo leans in and tells Him pay very close attention the foot Will no longer tolerate Disobedience not From you or anyone else so go tell your Leaders that if they disobey Master Shredder they will face an all-out War Elsewhere in the city Raph questioned Some criminals that did some work Telling them not to play stupid with him The criminal tries to state that he Doesn't know what's going on and then The criminal's partner jumps in to try And attack wrath and raft his turns to Kick him down the first criminal stands At breaking up board over wraps back and He turns back grabbing that man by the Throat asking him didn't I just warn you While being stupid Brad says he Remembers seeing him and his buddy Making deals with a foot and a savant so It's time for them to talk the man tells Him that they are just small fish they Don't know anything worth knowing but he Can tell him about the guys who are Heavy duty players much bigger fish for Raph to go after they might have some Information that he's looking for Whatever's been going on in this city is Huge and it goes all the way to the top

Back in the alley with a foot cleaner Getting ready for their shipment Victor The leader of the savat finished Clearing out the last Foot Clan member When marcelio a member of one of the Families pulls up marcelio tells him That the families are calling a meeting Right now and he needs to come with them Later in the office members of the Families gather around a table where Thentonio head of the families tells Victor he said that once he took over The Savant he would be making some big Changes but they didn't think that the Savant would be in a worse off standing With his aggressive methods he has now Crossed the line with the Foot Clan Starting an all-out War marcelio steps In telling him yeah your old boss would Have found a way to hang handle shredder Like a businessman Victor tells him well Yes but I'm not Febreze and then he Throws a knife into marcelio's neck Telling everyone that it's not business As usual anymore the time for them to Decide if they are the predators or the Prey is now over at Shredder's Headquarter Leo and Karai report that They have successfully engaged the Savant and they've delivered their Ultimatum Karai begins to voice her Displeasure about being used as bait she Would be better served with a higher Purpose in her opinion but Shredder

Stops her asking why not speak to him About that when it is Leo who utilized Her in that manner she looks at Leo what He tells her it made tactical sense Karai begins to shout about how she will Not be treated as a common foot soldier And Shredder tells her that she will be Whatever he decides is best for the Foot Clan Karai begins to storm off and Leo Asks if he may go then as he turns back From looking at Karai leaving he sees Something when he looks at Shredder and Katsuni Shredder tells him that he may Go and as he leaves a foot soldier Appears stating that there has been an Urgent delivery from Victor of the Savant Shredder opens up the Box in both He and katsune looked down he says that If he seems their foe has made their Decision and inside of the box is a Severed foot soldier hand with a note Attached to it stating war on the other Side of the city splinter visits Hub in His home explaining the situation with Leo he will stomp it but his family does Not possess the resources necessary to Confront the Foot Clan Splinter Continues to look at all the guns on the Racks and he says that maybe Hobbes can Provide some help Hobbes last stating That he knew he had the smarts enough to Figure out a mutant Army was a good idea But if you want my help Splinter there's Going to be something that you have to

Do for me first because now you're Messing with the big guns back with Raph Raph follows up in the leads the Criminals gave him to two crooked cops But as he holds his side of one's neck Telling the man that he'll tell him with A Foot Clan is hiding he's quickly Pulled away the cop looks back to see What happened and he sees a figure in The shadow telling him that they should Totally run dudes in the alley Where Wrath was pulled off to Johnny tells rap That he's getting out of control and RAF Begins to shout that he will show him Out of control and then Mikey steps in Pushing him back telling him to knock it Off he's sick of everyone fighting like A bunch of babies and rap is being the Biggest one he and Donnie spent the Whole day cleaning up his messes all Over town and Raph just tears through Things RAF turns around sulking telling Everyone he knows it's just this whole Thing is his fault if he didn't let Casey get taken by Shredder in the Beginning none of this would have Happened Donnie tells rap to sometimes Bad things just happen that's life and Right now it's time for them to be the Team that Leo made them into as the only Way that they're going to save Leo Raph Realizes that Donny's right and the Three of them begin to head back home Elsewhere Shredder begins to look down

Onto the Savant headquarters preparing To attack Shredder says that he and Leo Will lead the attack while Karai and Alopex will follow up with a secondary Strike a shredder and Leo walk off Alopec tells Karai that this is all Wrong she should be the one leading the Attack with shredder not Leo Karai says That it's never wise to overestimate One's importance they serve the Foot Clan but a wise Warrior always has an Alternative plan already the next day The remaining Brothers all go out Searching for information and help Raph Recruits Angel to join them while Mikey Visits Woody for some information Woody Delivers pizzas and tells Mikey that he He might not be much help but there is One place that he delivered Pizza to and He overheard some Foot Clan guys Mentioning something about a war Brewing But he didn't stick around to figure What was going on Donnie and April go to See Donny's friend Herald and adventure Of sorts once Harold lets the man Donnie Explains that his family has run into Some trouble with some really bad guys And they're here to try and see if maybe They could possibly get a tech Advantage He knew that Harold was upgrading his Anti-gram gauntlets and other things and He just thoughts but Harold finishes his Sentence telling him he thought that he Would help them out right even though

Their personal problems have less than Zero to do with him how of truce April Begins to think about how she thinks It's a badani stops her and tells her to Just let it go Harold says that he's Been working on some upgrades to some Things but he hasn't tested them out yet So if he did let them borrow them he Wouldn't be responsible if somebody got Blown up by them it would be their own Damn fault not his you hear me Donnie Tells him loud and clear later the Foot Clan begin to fly towards the savat Headquarters and wants to get close Enough Leo and Shredder jump in crashing Through the Windows once they engage Leo Calls Karai telling her that they have Infiltrated the base and to wait for him To order the next attack Karai says that She understands but once the radio goes Silent she orders her group to move in During this time Splinter and Hobbes Sneak up to the stock gen building and Hobbes explains that this is what he Needed him to do Hobbes wants a muted Army so he's going to need mutagen so Who better to take it than the little Lab rat who used to have the run of the Place right Splinter grabs Hobbs and Tells him that he is only doing this to Rescue Leo and Hobbes better not forget That fact Splinter makes his way to the Lambs and Hobbs asks slash if he's ready And slash tells him yes back at the

Savat headquarters Leo chases Victor Into a corner and Victor says that only Death will decide this war Leo reaches Into his belt and he throws smoke bombs Out telling him to count on it Victor Pulls out some guns but Leo uses the Smoke to run around and disarm Victor as The Smoke Clears then Victor's holding a Knife as Leo readies his claws the two Of them begin to fight and struggle Deflecting each other's attacks until Leo counters and punches Victor in the Face knocking him down Leo then gets on Top of him holding his claws up before He can finish Victor Shredder tells him To stay his hat we have one Leo asks and Why let Victor live and Shredder tells Him that the battle is won but not the War Victor notices that one of the guns Is next to him and he fires it at Leo Shredder rushes in cutting off Victor's Hand and he tells the soldiers to Bandage Victor up they can't have him Dying here back at stock John Splinter Begins to leave the facility with the Mutagen when a guard Stomps him winter Turns back throws the mutagen up quickly Disarms the man knocking him out with His own gun before safely catching the Container he then looks at the man and He tells him to forgive him once outside Split her hands over the mutagen and he Tells Hobbes that he has done what has Been promised so you had better deliver

On moderate quests when I call upon you I splintered leaves Hans asks if it's Finished and slash tells him he then Flicks his cigar telling slash so they Are done and he presses a button back at The building the alarms on the bombs That slash that up begin to go off and As Hobbs begins to drive off slash Watches as the building explodes and Another part of the city Mikey rides With Woody delivering pizza to some of The places that Woody heard the Foot Clan talk about Mikey heads up knocks Him on a door and the man that answered The door asks what he wants they didn't Order any pizza and what exactly are you Supposed to be anyway Mikey looks at Himself and he says oh this is just a Costume you know for a Mikey's Turtle Pizza where you get a shell of a deal The man tells him that it doesn't matter Pizza is pizza they don't have time to Stop for food before the Bigfoot meeting Tonight he then pulls out a gun pointing At a Mikey telling him that it seems That pizza will be it on the house and Mikey tells him how about the face and He slams it into the man's face before He can hit Mikey he then throws the man Onto the table with the other guys and He States so you're all going to a big Meeting huh how is it that I can get one Of those invites over at the church Donnie tries to show rap how to use the

Anti-graft gun but he's having a hard Time even turning it on Johnny tells rap It's really simple how can he be messing This up even April figured it out but Before long Mikey steps in telling Everyone that he knows when Leo's going To be he totally knows he was out Helping Woody fake pizza deliveries when They found out about some big giant Foot Clan meeting coming up tonight so after Some convincing he got the Foot Clan to Tell him where and when and all of the Important people will be there like Shredder Karai Apple X and before Mikey Can finish his sentence Splinter steps In telling them Leonardo his sons are to Be commended for banding together and Having their hard work paying off so now It is time to call on their allies to Bring Leonardo home elsewhere Leo is Sleeping and dreaming and in his dream He sees Shredder with him and his Brother's all tied up men stand behind His brothers and Shredder tells him to Watch as his brothers are executed by The clan that he chose to dishonor with His treachery Leo tells him that he Didn't betray them this isn't right Something's changed Shredder tells the Men now and Leo watches as his brothers Are slain he could do nothing about it But as he cries he hears a voice he Looks up to see the woman that he calls Mother and she tells him to hear her and

See her this is no place for him Shredder turns his blade to Leo telling Him that it's time and with one fluid Motion Shredder swings Leo then wakes up Screaming Karai appears telling him that She heard his cry maybe his new duties Haunt him she came to check on him to See if he was in any danger and Leo Tells her he bets and he begins to get Ready asking if everything is ready for The Meetup she tells him of course over In the hospital Casey gets a message From April telling him that she'll be by Soon she's helping the Turtles out with Something but before he can answer her Angel calls him out she tells Casey that She found his mask as Casey looks at it He tells angel that his dad came by and Tried to give him a new mask but Something was different he was all Dressed up stating that he was clean now Bunch of bull like that angel tells him Yeah actually that's not he stopped Drinking and he started calling himself Hunt again in fact he actually came back Over to take the dragons from her and he Was going to go to the Foot Clan meeting Casey jumps out of bed and starts to get Dressed stating that he got a message From April about Leo and that something About this meeting doesn't sit right He's got a bad feeling especially if his Dad is involved outside an abandoned Theater the turtles and the rest of them

Begin to suit up to begin their assault But inside Shredder welcomes everyone Introducing himself as the leader of the Foot Clan and now the master of them all Shredder has been calling all of the Criminal groups here tonight to tell Them that they will now be serving under His Rule and to show what happens to Those who oppose him he shows Victor Head of the savat sitting next to him Shutter raises his sword and while Leo Watches he starts to see the image of His mother telling him to wait and see How this place is not a place for him Outside of the theater the crew gets Ready and Splinter says that there's now No more time for waiting and Hobbs fires A rocket into a nearby car Hobbs then Throws in a smoke grenade and everyone Begins to charge in Donnie lifts a car And throws it into the side of the Theater and the Turtles start to make Their way in inside Johnny because the Fight was Shredder and he uses the Anti-grab glove to toss Shredder away Leo then appears and begins to attack Donnie throws him away but as Leo begins To get back up RAF tackles him back to The ground Leo pushes Ralph away Shouting this is wrong this is all wrong Splinter calls out to everyone to Retreat and take Leo with them but soon Karai appears firing an arrow into Donny's Gauntlet destroying it as she

Tells him that tonight drove along to The Foot Clan and then behind them Bebop And Rocksteady say yeah well she said Bebop and Rocksteady being taking down The Turtles and Shredder as Karai who Are they she tells them that those Hybrids are her making they will serve The Foot Clan loyally and willingly as They look at Leo beginning to break from Kitsuni's spell Bebop and Rock City Continue beating down on the turtles Joking with them about how easy this is But Karai tells them to stop playing Around and finish them off already April Then appears in the cloaking device that Harold made and Donnie asks what she's Doing there she tells them beta testing Some of Herald's New Gear works great Huh Shredder them begins to pick up Leo Telling him to look around he needs to Fight and strike without Mercy Leo However asks where is she where is Mother Shredder smacks him down telling Him to rise and become the warrior that You are meant to be behind Shredder Though Splinter tells him that he does Not ever touch his sons Twitter jumps in Front of Leo and then he and Shredder Begin to fight it out Leo gets up Calling out to Shredder but rap trips Him telling him that Huff could go Through him first Leo gets back up Stating that he will die now and he Lunges at Ralph rap tells him come on he

Knows that this isn't him he knows that He secretly named his swords Musashi and Kamazumi he knows he doesn't like Playing video games with Mikey because He always loses he knows that this isn't Him because he wouldn't easily knock his Sword out of his hand wrath and drops His eye telling him that he knows that He can't fight him anymore he knows that He's feeling lost and alone but we're Your family bro Leah looks up and he Sees the image of mother telling him That this is no place for him the Struggle between Splinter and Shredder Soon ends as Shredder Kicks Down on Splinter's leg and punches it again Shredder then holds him up by his head Telling him we're Awards Clan Brothers I Was the leader until you betrayed me the Foot Clan was your family before Tang Shin and his Abominations that he calls Children a shredder holds his claws to Splinter's neck a lopeex jumps on him Shouting at him how dare you speak that Name Shredder knows nothing about family Only how to kill and destroy alopecia Then continues to Claw at Shredder until She is hit in the chest by an arrow from Korai Leo looks at a wrath telling him That he thought they all died and soon The rest of the brothers gather around And Mikey says hi there Big Brother April Collins out stating that she Doesn't have much juice left in the

Gauntless they need to go now and get Out of here Mikey then begins to help Splinter up when slash comes bursting Through the wall creating a way for them To escape outside everyone begins to Pile into hobb's truck and split your Tail them to remove them from this place Hop tells him to hang on he's got one More thing to do so he pops the pin off Of a grenade and tosses it out the Window stating there we go later after Getting away everyone regroups to make Sure that no injuries were that bad and A splinter reaches out to Leo to tell Him that he's happy he's here Leo pushes Him off telling him not to touch him as Everyone gets into the van Leo walks off And takes off the Black Bandana and he Walks over to slash he hands back that And the claw to slash and soon the group Leaves to go into hiding from Shredder After the battle within the city with Leo's mind now clear as to what he was Doing with Splinter injured with Shredder looking for them they all begin To head towards the old old Neil Farm as They arrive the turtles get out Stretching their limbs from their prior Battle and they leave Splinter and Leo Sleeping within the van as April shows Them inside this is where you'll be Staying she tells them sliding the doors Open to reveal the relatively clean barn With him at least it ain't underground

Raph notes looking around at April hopes That they'll be comfortable but she Doesn't think that her parents will Understand her showing up with four Turtles in a giant rant don't worry April this works great thanks Donnie Tells her with a smile working together April and Donnie begin to pull down all Of the camping gear that the brothers Are going to need until they go back Outside to get the rest of their stuff Out of the van along with Leo and Splinter I hope that just being here Helps Leo get better he's still messed Up one second he remembers us and then The next second is brainwashing his back And he's our worst enemy Mikey knows to Donnie who explains that Leo's behavior Is consistent with brainwashing Shredder Seriously got into his head somehow We're gonna have to keep an eye on him And watch for relapses stuff like that Donnie explains reaching into the van And the two brothers help master Splinter out supporting his broken leg From when Shredder stomped on it RAF Goes in next gently trying to wake up Leo but Leo wakes in a rage lashing out At his brother whoa whoa chill bro it's Me RAF remember RAF tells him pushing Leo back and Leo seems confused trying To to get his bearings and he finally Seems to remember wrath but pushes past Him wanting to get out of the van wrath

Watches as his brother pushes out into The surrounding woods but suddenly is Surprised as he sees a furry ninja Stalking the tree line oh hell no he Shouts throwing his sigh into the tree Above the Ninja's head RAF pulls free His second sigh leaping at the creature Tackling her to the ground stinking mutt Are you trying to Ambush us he snarls His side inches from the fox's face no You're wrong I don't want to fight she Pleads when suddenly Leo leaps in Kicking a wrath off the ninja he stands Over his brother blocking the turtle's Way to aoplex back off she said she Doesn't want to fight he snarls and the Others rush back outside shocked at what They see while Leo's defending alloplex Pointing out that she is hurt yeah well A lot of us are hurting right now but Only one of us is a Foot Clan scum Unless Raph growls angrily and Leo leans In unless what I don't know bro you tell Me you're the one still protecting Shredder's flea back and Leo leaps at His brother in Anger tackling wrath to The ground Mikey and Donny rushing over Pulling their brothers off of each other They all begin to yell at each other Before they are stopped by a harsh call From Master Splinter enough he snaps Raph tries to argue but is silenced by Their father do as I say and Stand Down Alopex is obviously alone and

Outnumbered Miss O'Neill graciously Invited us to this place in order to Provide us with a much needed Sanctuary I will not have you offending our host And dishonoring ourselves by continuing The conflict that we are attempting to Leave behind he tells him in the Brothers agree with eloplex continuing To stand behind them Splinter turns to The fox telling her that he too is Curious as to why she followed them he Will give her a chance to explain since She intervened during his battle with a Roku saki she nods telling them that Even though they hate her they know what Happened after she attacked the shredder But I wasn't able to kill him so I knew I had to escape he explains and she saw The turtles leaving and decided to Follow knowing that she was dead to the Foot she decided that if the Foot wanted Her dead they would have to follow her First I don't care if you think I'm Lying I really don't want to fight not Anymore she tells them adani asks her Why she attacked the shredder in the First place why did she betray the Foot Clan and defended the turtles in the end Aloflex explains that he killed her Family but wrath doesn't believe her She's telling the truth I know she is Leo snaps at him and once again Splinter Yells at them stop save your commands Yoshi you're not my master anymore the

Group watches as Leo says those words And disappears into the forest finally Splinter turns to ayloplex telling her That he is honor bound to her since she Saved his life and will honor a truce Between them doesn't matter I don't need Your honor or your help she says turning And also walking into the woods April And Casey turn to each other finally Having to leave to go say hi to her Parents but as they're getting into the Van Donnie apologizes for the drama Between everyone April tells them not to Worry about it in case he tells Raph That he and April are dating now I'm not Saying much about it though I don't want It to go too fast yeah nothing says Going slow Casey like meeting her Parents They leave the Turtles behind driving Back to April's parents house as April And Casey begin their usual greetings of Meeting her parents April's mother is Glad that they called and came Especially when they heard about what Happened to stock gen April is shocked As her mother explains that stock gen The company is gone completely gone Meanwhile in the dark Leonardo stands by A small Lake images of his time with the Foot flashing before his eyes facing off Against a raft training was Shredder yet He also hears his mother's voice my Child when you have found what you have

Lost you will also find the answer to Your questions he hears her say and Leo Falls to his knees besides the water Calling out to her mother Where are you I need you please I'm so Confused meanwhile over in the barn RAF Sits in the dark unable to sleep Mikey Is out cold while Donnie continues to Read and unknown to them Leo sits by the Water in the dark with aloflex hiding in The shadows watching him as she is Watching Raph is selling behind her his Sigh at her throat let's go mutt don't Make a sound he hisses at her marching Her away from Leo finally pushing her a Little hunting before bed but the fox Turns back to him sadness in her eyes I Wasn't hunting then what seems every Time I see you you're sneaking around Raph tells it reminding her that she Might have fooled everyone else but not Him believe what you want turtle she Hisses beginning to walk away but he Grabs her by the arm telling her that She can't leave until she tells him what She was doing out there she snaps at him But finally explains that she wanted to Thank Leo for defending her you want me To buy that she explains that she Doesn't care if he buys it I know what It's like having Shredder in your head Twisting every thought every emotion I Know how Leonardo is feeling and I was Making sure that he was all right that

He wouldn't hurt himself She explains and she tells him that she And Leonardo are alone but finally she Walks away as RAF lets her back at the Barn Donnie is also feeling sadness for Being away from what he loves helping Set Splinter's leg he begins to talk About how he still needs to figure out How to defeat the Technodrome and Kang But he doesn't have the proper equipment Or the paperwork and Splinter doesn't Seem to be listening so finally Donnie Walks away Back with Leo he's wandering through the Forest just confused trying to figure Out what he's going to do until finally There's a bright light in his face my Child sees your struggles you have found Me mother States looking at her child And Leo begins to cry falling to his Knees why do You Weep my beautiful son She tells him leaning down walking Together she points out the areas of This bright and safe land have you found What you've lost I think so I don't know There are those who took me and saved me But I don't recognize them I mean I know They're my brothers my father but they Seem like strangers like ghosts he tells Her yet they are real and all love you Deeply you would not be here now if not For them you have found what you have Lost and you only need to proceed slowly Now and not allow yourself to be

Overwhelmed she points ahead as a path Opens up before them and tells Leo that The New Path awaits for him to take the First step someone is calling his name And mother tells him that she is needed Elsewhere she drifts away Leonards I'm Ready suddenly he sits back up from his Dream with Donnie shaking him and Leo Smiles at his brother meanwhile back at The O'Neill house April's mother Finishes telling them about the top Secret projects involving ooze that her Father worked on at Stockton they go on Discussing the ooze and the experiments And animals that her father did in April Explains that she knew a little bit About it promising no more secrets Between her and her parents and then she Looks back at Casey realizing that there Are four giant turtles and a rat in the Local Barn back over in the woods Dany Pulls Leo to his feet asking why he was Mumbling about their mother and ghosts Do you still dream about her yeah it's Totally crazy huh six months ago Probably but now not so much Dani admits Telling Leo that everything that they've Been through he's starting to believe That there is more to Destiny and Faith Than he thought sometimes I feel like We're all caught up in some Cosmic Momentum you just gotta hang in there And know that we got your back Thanks Donnie Leo Smiles Donnie thinks

For a moment and then offers to let Leo Come back and help him with the Technodrome give Leo a purpose the whole Thing is just so big and complicated I'm Trying not to let it overwhelm me but Afraid I can't do it and Leo looks at His brother You're gonna do it Don trust me you Might not see the entire path you're Supposed to follow yet but if you take The first step you'll start to see where You need to go clearer meanwhile over in The Barn's Master Splinter is seeing a Strong light in his dreams and before Him is Shen his loving wife he turns Away from her asking her to look away I I am ashamed for you to see me this way A rat a broken monster his eyes saddened As she wraps her arms around him don't Be so foolish husband you know as I do That true essence of individual lies Within the Splinter is sad believing That he has failed as a husband and as a Father that he allowed Leonardo to be Taken by the foot controlled against his Will but she reminds him that their Children are where they need to be You are not a failure Yoshi you never Were she tells him pulling him in close But he suffers so and there is hatred in His eyes Hatred For me my husband that is only confusion Our son has been under a dark and

Sinister spell but you must remember Yoshi there is another force that is Always far stronger than Darkness love She tells him before drifting away into The light his paw stroking the cheek Where her hand was resting back over With Mikey he finishes his letter Explaining everything that has happened To him and his family but he has a plan To bring everyone back together despite All of their problems he brings the Sticks out into the woods starting a Fire beginning to roast some hot dogs The smell wafts outward catching the Nose of each of his brothers and father And slowly they all gather around the Fire and Mikey Smiles handing out hot Dogs and sticks wrath looks over at Leo Putting his hand on his shoulder finally Coming together Raph stands up he walks Into the woods with his hot dog and he Offers it to halopex Who hides in the shadows the fox takes The offering walking into the firelight With the brothers and as the family gets A moment of rest they don't see the Large bird overhead as a foot assassin States I have found the prey Good stand by for reinforcements The next day wrath is practicing Tai Chi Out in the forest as alopex calls to him From the woods stating that she never Thought of him as a Tai Chi type what Not enough Blood and Guts for you Foot

Clan types but she turns away sadness in Her eyes telling him that she wasn't in It for the killing I just wanted to belong to something to Feel important she explains that after She was mutated she was a mess and felt Like a freak but it changed when Shredder took her in and she felt like She had family again but it was all a Lie I already had a family and Shredder Killed them like it kills everything he Decides is useless to his big schemes Useless and unimportant Raph nods at her Telling her that once he felt lost but He eventually found his place and Believes that she will too yeah you do Have a good thing here Raphael she Smiles call me wrath he tells her an Alopec Just Smiles at him maybe I should Call you boring instead Tai Chi really RAF smiles back launching into an attack Sweeping at the fox's leg she leaves Over him back onto her feet and the two Begin to trade blows in a friendly Sparring match down by the lake Leo is Staring at his Katana in his hand his Memories flashes a fighting Raphael and He stands moving through a few Kata with The sword but memories of Shredder Appeared he drops his hands Splinter Arrives apologizing for interrupting the Training but Leo tells him that he Simply needed a break and Splinter looks At his son seeing the conflict Within

Turns to the waters he informs Leo that Oroko saki tried to make Leo into his Sword and the deemed him a failure when He wouldn't kill in reality you proved Sakai's lust was fully his own and never Yours it was not you who failed my son It was the shredder Splinter explains And Leo stands before his master and Father they continue to talk a splinter Explains that it was through Shen his Wife that he was able to overcome his Own lack of purpose and his anger she Was an uncannily wise and convincing Woman your mother She still is he tells his son and Splinter tells him that he knows his son Is lost but out of respect for his Mother he will not allow him to give up And he holds at his hand offering Leo The blue mask that he once wore but back Over with April and Casey April is still Debating what to do about the loss of Stock gen and she reveals to Casey that She has a vial of the Ooze that this Ooze can heal wounds and it can be used Like a healing potion that it can fix Master Splinter's leg or Casey's stab Would Casey pulls over seeing what April Is getting at and he tells her that his Wounds are healing just fine and that Donnie is helping Master Splinter he Knows that she wants to give the Ooze to Her father and tells her that that's the Right decision to make but she looks at

Him wondering how she would even be able To give it to him she's tired of keeping Secrets from her parents but doesn't Feel like the Turtles and Splinter are Her secrets to tell Casey simply tells Her that whatever she decides he's with Her and back over in the barn the Brothers are eating lunch with Master Splinter and alopecs when they discuss Whether it's good that stock gen is gone And Splinter confesses that he Infiltrated stock gen before their Assault on the foot he admits that he Helped old Hobb because he needed Hobb In the battle with shredder and begins To disagree with Splinter's actions but They are suddenly interrupted as the Roof implodes above them a bird of prey Lands flanked by four assassins Massacre Them she orders who's the crazy bird Mikey asks is he ref and Donnie leap Into action Raph moving to attack the Bird but she leaps into the air letting Him fall harmlessly to the floor rafter And seeing Mikey and Dani fighting the Assassins but he also sees alopex Sneaking out of the open door anger Filling him up I knew it he Roars as the Others fight off the Assassins Splinter Explains that they are foot Master Assassins killers of the highest order But while this is going on Raph launches Himself at halopex tackling her at the Door it was you I knew it you're still

With them but she tries to defend Herself as Mikey is fighting against Other assassins asking where the bird Went but the bird stands with her Assassins ready to attack while Splinter Donny and Mikey prepare themselves the Creature growls at them you are beaten Rodent There's No Escape are you Prepared for the slaughter and Leonardo Arrives standing ready with his mask in Twin katanas that's funny bird I was Gonna ask you the same thing back away Now the bird Smiles introducing herself As Koya an assassin and Predator Master Shredder sends his regards prey your Master bird not mine Leo sonar's leaping Into attack whoa looks like Leo's back Mikey shouts with a smile as they all Lock into combat the brothers all leap In kicking and striking the Assassins With their weapons Master Splinter Continuing to fight knocking aside Another assassin while Leo and Splinter Have a moment where Splinter tells him That it's good to have him back Koya is There bearing down on them her wings Slashing out cutting Leo's shoulder but Leo responds by launching throwing stars Which stab into the creature's shoulder Meanwhile Donnie and Mikey are kicking The crap out of Assassins not so tough Without surprise on their side Donnie Notes both their eyes widening though as One of the Assassins holds up a grenade

Crap Mikey yells as they both leap away Outside Raph stands over alopex I knew I Couldn't trust you damn foot mutt he Shouts but the fox pushes him away Trying to escape he grabs her accusing Her of calling the foot assassins to Them but the barn then explodes from the Grenade throwing them both into the Woods everyone is okay as Donnie calls Out to Mikey and they see the Assassins But Raph struggles to his feet smoke Swirling all around him and from behind One of the Assassins rears up its sharp Claws reaching for the dazed Turtle but Alopex is there kicking the foot away I Told you I wasn't foot anymore Raphael I Thought they were here to kill me you Were wrong she tells them walking off Into the woods with her head down back Over at the O'Neill household April Tells her parents everything and they All turn at the sound of the explosion From the barn looking out the window the Smoke curls upwards into the sky marking The destruction April's mother puts on Her jacket marching outside with April And Casey to the van to check on the Disturbance over there Mikey and Don are Continuing to fight with another Assassin pulling out another grenade but He's knocked to the ground as Raph Psy Hits him in the back of the head they Team up working together to take out the Assassins one by one nice DreamWork guys

Donny knows as he stands over the Assassin we ain't done yet keep an eye On those Chowder Heads I want a piece of The stinking bird the bird assassin Meanwhile knocks and Leo and Splinter Aside promising to strangle them on Their own entrail he then stands there Ready to deliver the final blow when Wrath leaps at him that moment is when The van is pulling up outside and wrath And Koya come exploding out of the wall Locked in combat you are strong reptile Even the strong have their weaknesses Koya snarls knocking rap aside launching Herself at April and her mother but That's when Mikey Cries Out Yeehaw as he Rams the motorcycle into Koya midair and They both crash to the ground with Mikey Rolling free man that was I do it again maybe later Mikey Leo Tells his brother as they step up to the Down to Koya his sword ready we got Business to take care of first do Reptile whoever you really are Koya Spits staring up at the glinting metal Kill me everyone stops watching Leo Moments pass Breeze blowing storing the Leaves into the air but Leo sheaths his Weapon taking a knee before the creature No bird I won't kill you but you can Still die if that's what you want he Tells her pulling free one of his Stars Blood beginning to pour from the wound Your bleeding won't stop without medical

Care you have maybe an hour leave or die Your choice April's mother looks at them My dreaming please someone tell me I'm Dreaming as she sees giant turtles a Giant bird a giant rat Casey helps okay You're dreaming and April tells him Casey stop you're not helping Koya Stands ordering her assassins to vanish And they move into the Shadows of the Woods as she warns the turtles that she Will find them again Splinter moves Forward telling his sons that they need To leave warning April that this place Is no longer safe for any of them April The rat's talking to you Beth Whispers Looking at her daughter but April Explains that this is what she was Talking about at Stockton and the Mutations wait they're mutants Beth ass Standing before Splinter and his sons Yes Mrs O'Neill my name is Splinter and These are my sons he tells her Apologizing to her for the destruction And the danger that they have Twitter Everyone loads up into the van and they All agree that this isn't safe anymore The brothers look at Splinter asking Where they're going to go and Splinter Tells them we will return to New York to Rectify past mistakes we have been on The run from a Roku Sakai for two Lifetimes and still he pursues us Understand my sons as of this moment we Are through running they pull out onto

The road and head towards New York but It's at that moment that they don't see Alopecs hiding amongst the trees back Was April's parents April's mother mixes The Ooze into her Father John's coffee Beth hands John the coffee allowing him To take a big Sip and suddenly he feels Amazing instantly healed he stands up From his wheelchair looking shocked Pulling his wife into a big hug and he Asks her where she got this miracle Coffee and she tells him that April gave It to her he asks where is my daughter And Beth tells him she's with friends New York City the getaway driver drums His hands on the steering wheel looking Back at the door to the bank willing his Friends to come out he turns in shock as The sound of gunfire erupts what's with All the damn shooting about Sweeney the Driver shouts as his friends get into The car idiot read a cop caught the hero Bug sweetie shouts as the car screeches Away but caltrops are dropped on the Road popping the tires sending the Criminals careening into a wall they Stumble out guns at the ready but the Unseen assailants keep attacking Knocking each of the robbers out one by One until they are all down nice work Guys they should stay in la la land Until the police get here Leonardo tells His brothers from the Shadows looking Down at their handiwork we stopped those

Dudes like real crime Fighters Mikey Laughs and Donnie tells him that it Isn't about not being crime Fighters Donny's right it's about honing our Skills Quick strikes silence discipline We're Rusty and we need to be in top Form if we're gonna face the foot Leo Tells him and Mikey agrees just letting His brothers know that it was cool they Leap off into the night hoping to get Back into the swing of things before Shredder knows that they are back in the City earlier an armored car was attacked By a giant Rhino Rocksteady destroys the Armored car while Bebop rips the guards Free while the mutants take care of the Guards the dragon gang members begin to Steal the cash out of the back of the Truck and their leader hun Smiles while He watches Han now stands before Shredder those bags of money at his feet As it reports what happened on their job It's all there if you want to count it He finishes but Shredder waves his hand That will not be necessary Han you've Already proven your word is trustworthy Shredder tells the gang leader motioning To Karai telling hun that he will be Leaving the city for business and that She is in control of the foot her Commands are my command he tells hun Before ordering the others to leave so That he may speak with the gang leader Alone he then stands before Han telling

The man that he has proven his Worthiness the time has come for us to Speak at length about your son Shredder Tells him back over at their secret Hideout Casey Jones turns off the TV Telling April that he needs to leave and Check in on Angel and find out the Situation with the purple dragons April Nod's concern on her face asking Casey If they can talk soon about what comes Next school jobs and money As she begins to go into talking about College Casey kind of pauses for a Moment before telling her that he needs To leave we'll talk about it when I get Back I promise he tells her as he leans In for a kiss and Donnie and Leo come Down the ladder with Casey saying hello As he quickly leaves The Hideout that Man was in a hurry Leo comments quietly And then they turn to April who tells Leo that Master Splinter is waiting for Him downstairs after his brother leaves Dani helps April begin to pack up some Of the destroyed Tech that is lying Around and he asks her what's wrong Pointing out that she seems stressed she Sighs confessing that she's been trying To talk to Casey about going back to School but she's beginning to realize That that might not be what Casey wants Donny nods explained that it does hurt When you can see something bad coming And nobody wants to listen and she knows

Exactly what Donatello is talking about The Techno Jerome huh so what's the plan How are you gonna stomp it Donny na is Looking at the box and mostly destroyed Tech well Professor Honeycutt sent us The schematics for a functional Teleporter that's a game changer when Dealing with crane I'm going to need Help from everyone but it doesn't seem Like anyone wants to listen now but I Know I'll get through to everyone Eventually just like you'll get through To Casey he'll make the right choices You'll see Donnie tells her and April Nods just hoping that Casey doesn't let His old life drag him down back over With Hun he opens up the door to Sakara Bry ignoring the regulars who try to Have a chat with him give me a club soda Neat he orders leaning over the counter Speaking to Brooklyn the bartender I'm Looking for my boy and that girl of Yours he tells him but Brooklyn tells Him that he hasn't seen Casey since Han Put him in the hospital an angel hasn't Been around all day Brooklyn starts to Get mad yelling at hun you leave my Angel the hell out of it she's got Nothing to do with you and your stinking Little gang anymore now get the hell out Of my bar before I call the cops and Have him toss you out Brooklyn orders Him and hun Smiles standing up making to Leave but Brooklyn throws one more

Insult at him you know I saw you in some Low places but I never thought I'd see The day you'd be working for a low life The one who gutted your own boy Brooklyn Spits with images of Han standing before Shredder as the man explains what Happened to his son Phil Hun's mind Shredder explains that it was time to Bring Casey into the foot but if the boy Katie's to stand his Shredder's way There is nothing that he can do if you Cannot do this there is little time left For your son anger fills hunt as he Whirls grabbing Brooklyn by the neck Slamming him across the shells behind The bar the regulars begin to move in But hun orders them to back off no you Back off hon my dad's got nothing to do With this this is between you and me Angel shout stepping out of the back Room with a club in her hand hun Smiles Throwing Brooklyn across the room Slamming him through a table the Regulars kid and Fergie try to help but Kid is thrown into a mirror behind the Bar with Fergie being dropped in one Punch Angel steps between them trying to Stop hun from doing more damage but the Man has a crazed look in his eyes Telling him that he'll only stop if she Tells him where Casey Jones is then I Guess you're gonna have to find out the Hard way because I ain't telling you Nothing about your son I do that that

And you'll just hurt him again you might Have turned your back on him hun but I Never will she tells him readying her Weapon you got it all wrong I don't want To hurt Casey I want to talk to him hun Tells her well I'm right here old man Why don't you just step outside we can Talk Casey calls from the door staring His father down back over at The Hideout Leo comes downstairs finding his father Meditating he greets Splinter who asks Leo to join him how was your training Tonight he asks as Leo sits across from Him and Leo explains how things went to Telling Splinter that he sent Raphael And Mikey on the task that splinter Asked them and you what are you doing my Son Splinter asks him well I'm adjusting But I'm glad to be back Leo tells his Father which brings a smile to his face A splinter opens his eyes a good time Has come for us to consider our next Moves we haven't long before Shredder Discovers our return and we have much to Discuss he tells Leo outside of the bar Hun explains to Casey what he's doing How he's now good with shredder in the Foot what he wants is real simple you Quit the mutants and you join the foot Join me and Shredder forgets about being Ticked off at you Casey pushes his dad's Hand aside join the foot how stupid do You think I am but hun reaches for his Son explaining that it isn't about being

Smart or stupid it's about keeping his Head you do what Shredder wants you to Live you don't do it you die there isn't Nothing those green freaks can do to Stop it from happening he explains in Case he turns from his father telling Him that there is no way that he is Joining Shredder he reaches for Casey's Arm ordering him to not walk away from Him in case he pulls away telling his Father that he doesn't want to be that Guy anymore actual sadness seems to play Over Hun's face this ain't what I won I Was fighting like this I'm better now Clear enough to realize that asking you To join is too much you're your own man Now I get it hunt tells him but he Explains that Casey has to stop being so Stubborn and he offers him cash telling Him to get out of the city he'll tell Shredder that he's dead maybe it'll be Enough to save your life Maybe I can finally do right by you he Explains but Casey stops not sure Telling him that he has his friends and Hun explains that they ain't where Squad If he's dead Casey looks at his father Asking if he would flee with him no kid That ain't happening hun tells him Letting him know that this is who he's Supposed to be I ain't going nowhere Casey nodds telling his father then Neither is he before this is over we'll Find out who's the real man I promise

You that but let's be honest what kind Of a man chooses a scumbag like Shredder Over his son I'll be seeing you Dad he Tells him as he walks away Outside Hunt is leaning against the Alley wall he stares down at a picture Of his son and him crumpling it up and Tossing it to the ground walking away Into the night elsewhere April gets off The phone with her parents as Dany Continues to load boxes into the van Heads up April someone's coming he warns His footsteps are approaching and they Peek around to the van to find Casey and Angel walking towards them oh hey Casey April greets and Casey jumps pulling out A baseball bat from his back prepared to Swing it's angel that stops him and AC Combs apologized in April sorry I'm just I'm a little edgy I guess he tells her And she tries to talk to Casey but he Doesn't seem to be in the mood to share So Angel begins to rummage through the Boxes noticing some of the tech that Harold made for them Donnie explains That they were going to head over to Harold's Place and April offered to let Them come Angel shrugs admitting that They don't have anywhere else to go nah You guys go ahead I could use some air Casey tells them heading off into the Park April looks concerned as her Boyfriend walks away but Angel offers to Fill her in on the drive to Harold's as

They begin to drive off Dani explains to Angel in April the Herald's not exactly A people person and when they arrive Harold freaks out because Donnie Shouldn't be bringing his preschool Playmates here Harold begins to try and Get rid of Donny but Donnie tells him That he has some notes that he'd like Harold to look at and he can guarantee That once Harold looks at these notes of The Technodrome he won't be in such a Hurry to get rid of them Donnie slams a Notebook down in front of Harold who Can't help but look at it and then Donnie leans in telling him that the Notes contain the schematics or a Teleportation device Donna begins to Tell him the only important thing right Now is figuring out a way to stop the Technodrome the apocalypse machine that He was telling Harold about and that This teleportation device might help Them when Harold asks Donnie why he Brought the schematics to him Donnie Sheepishly tells him that they need his Help building this device they begin to Go back and forth with Harold debating If he should even help them because last Time he helped them they destroyed his Devices but they explained that things Like his anti-grav gloves helped them Get Leo back into the Turtles back into The family but event eventually Angel Lifts up a tarp and underneath it they

Find a robotic looking Turtle Donnie Wants to know what the hell it is and Harold awkwardly explains that he felt The turtles had the most functional Design for this unit's purpose April Wants to know what that purpose is and Harold tells them security he explains That after Donnie saved him he realized That Donny's skills combined with his Armored shell were extremely adaptable So keeping those specs in mind he Developed a security unit and it's still In the early stages and needs extensive Beta testing but it's coming along Nicely he pulls out a remote from his Pocket as Donnie April and Angel all Agree that it looks creepy an angel asks What is the turtle bot called Harold Admits that he hasn't given it a name Yet so Angel decides that its name will Be Metalhead Harold continues to point Out how she wouldn't understand the Machine and Angel bets that it wouldn't Work even with his remote control Harold Wants to prove her wrong flicking a Metal head on with a flick of a button The robot comes to life its eyes glowing As it stands up and it stops towards Angel grabbing a stool for her please Allow me Metalhead offers placing the Stool out an angel isn't overly Impressed leaning forward as she points To the top of the robot's head is it Supposed to be smoking Harold admits

That the motherboard tends to overheat And tries to shut the robot down but Metalhead reaches out snatching the Remote from Harold's hands snapping it In half it reaches out grabbing the Inventor by the shirt pulling him down While its arms begin to wind up Harold Look out Donnie yells jumping and Pulling the man clear as Metalhead Lashes out with his fist and breaks the Concrete where Harold just stood he then Turns to scanning April April O'Neal Intern it notes as April backs up but Suddenly its eyes go from Blue to red as It Stomps towards her eliminate Angel Smashes it in the head with the stool Knocking its laser beams aside saving April but Donnie grabs April helping her Hide under a table while they deal with The robot how did it know my name April Asks turning to Harold I may have Programmed every employee list for from The stock gen database into its memory What Up uh to protect my genius from Stockman Of course he tells her an angel Dodges As Metalhead fires another laser blast At her Donnie leaping in trying to help But his staff cracks on it hitting the Robot's Head Metal Head turns throwing Donnie aside with his anti-grab arms he Then turns his other arm transforming Into a machine gun that opens fire Donnie and April Elite clear as they are

Showered with the bullets I'm gonna kill You you Harold Donnie shout taking cover But the arm then transforms into a Flamethrower roasting the boxes that Donnie is hiding behind April calls out For her friend bringing the robot's Attention to them it transforms into a Car roaring towards April and Harold Quickly they jump out of the way forcing Metalhead to go skidding into a stack of Boxes Angel then orders Johnny to get The others to safety pulling out her Escrima sticks she jumps in front of the Exosuits glass case smacking the sticks Getting metalheads attention his arm Rotates again firing another laser that Shatters behind her another laser Harold Seriously Donnie asks from cover as Donnie prepares to jump out and help Angel with the fight but they both look To see that she is now wearing the exo Suit she flexes smashing a table using The anti-grab gauntlets the table flips Across the room but Metalhead turns it Aside as he smashes it with his fist he Turns his machine gun arm on her but Angel Dodges away allowing the bullets To shatter the lab behind them where are You preschool Metalhead asks scanning For his Target behind you Angel Smiles Turning off the camouflage she tosses a Grenade at Metalhead slowing him down Long enough for her to leap over another Laser smacking him hard against the wall

The robot struggles to get up again and Finally deactivates the others come over To her patting her on the back I knew You were tough but that ruled you Handled that Tech like a natural Donnie Tells her with a smile and Harold agrees Turning to her what did you say your Name was again he asks an angel Smiles Striking a pose in the suit me I'm Nobody elsewhere in the city Lindsay Steps out of her apartment explaining to Her mother that she just emailed out her Resume and no one has contacted her back Yet she tries to get into her car but Drops her keys in a rain puddle she Reaches down for them a voice calls out To her from the Shadows hello Lindsay Good news your job hunt is over old Hobb Tells her and the Monstrous slash is Standing behind him Elsewhere Casey is standing over the Gravestone of his mother memories Flooding through his mind of her telling Him that he is her hero as she stares at His college hockey scholarship you're Going to be the first to go to college And I couldn't be more proud of you Casey looks down at a gravestone sadness In his voice Sorry Mom I'm so sorry He whispers oh boohoo Cry Me a River a Voice calls out from behind him in case He turns to see his father standing There flanked by the other members of

The purple dragons how did you find me Casey asks wasn't hard this is where you Always go and you want to feel sorry for Yourself he smiles meanwhile Raph and Mikey pulled themselves through the Window of old hobb's apartment building Let's make this quick I don't want to be In this dump any longer than we have to RAF tells his brother for the Gazillionth time Mikey knocks in the Door letting hob and slash know that They brought gifts the door explodes Outward showering the brothers in Splinters of wood And happiness He tells his giant friend an old hob Walks out inspecting the damage that Slash has done to their door Slash Anyone meanwhile Mikey is holding out The boxes and slash takes a sniff Pizza He whispers RAF pushes past the old cat Stepping into the dark apartment what's Wrong furball got something to hide near That you don't want us to see RAF snaps But stop short as he steps inside Because before him Lindsay is tied to a Chair while a mutated pigeon is standing There with a pistol in his hands why I'm Pretty a pigeon greets them come on Slash we got some serious scarfing to do Mikey says stepping into the apartment Behind RAF but he stops short when he Sees the pigeon holding the gun to

Lindsay play why paint the pigeon greets Slash leans down putting his hand on Mikey's shoulder look new friends he Whispers with a smile hun meanwhile Looks at his son pointing out that it's Convenient that he's in a graveyard Guess you're done playing the nice guy Huh Casey asks and hun Smiles shaking His head and telling his son that was no Act I made you a fair offer and you Passed now you're as dead to me as your Mom hun tells his son and Casey nods Pulling out his hockey stick from his Bag and pulling on his mask come on kid You can't seriously think you could take Us Han asks but Casey just pulls the Mask down telling his father you're a Coward that'll do anything to make good With shredder so hon we gonna do this or Not Casey asks in hun nods ordering his Men to attack batter up Casey shouts Swinging his hockey stick breaking it Over the face of the first guy to jump In he twists slashing the broken stick Across the head of the next goon before A punch cracks him in the jaw knocking His mask away another Thug kicks him Hard sending the youth sprawling but Casey struggles to his feet spitting out The blood you whims ain't ready to give Up yet that's cool because neither am I He shots pulling out two baseball bats And jumping back into the fight as the Purple dragon surround him back at old

Hobb's apartment Mikey puts the pizza Down as wrath pulls out his size who's The lady and Who's the bird with the gun Hi lime paint Pete introduces himself Oldah pulls the pistol from Pete's hand Worried that he's going to blow his own Head off he then stands in front of them Telling them that Lindsay Baker is a Scientist with stock Jen the imbecile Feathers his Pete pigeon Pete hi why Party Pete begins to introduce himself Again but Hobb interrupts zip is stupid They figured that out already Wrath begins to get angry demanding to Know what Hobb was thinking by Kidnapping a stock gen scientist the Future Hobb explains telling them that He knows that they're here to talk about Building a mutant Army he tells them That he took the mutagen that splinter Provided him with and tried Experimenting thus he created pigeon Pete takes a real scientist to make it Work someone who has plenty of Experience poking and prodding animals Someone like Lindsay here he tells them And he tells them that he didn't kidnap Her this was a job interview I was just About to get to the salary when YouTube Barged in so that's why you tied her up Then huh Raph asks pointing with his Sigh I just wanted her undivided Attention that's all no biggie Hobb Explains and refuts the woman free

Asking if she's okay yeah just just give Me a minute to get my bearings she gaffs Pulling the tape from her mouth and Hobb Looks at her telling her to use the time To decide on his offer just remember This could be very good for you or very Bad depending on what you decide he'd Growls and Mikey steps in telling him Would you do what is wrong Hobb Disagrees believing that they need an Army to help protect the mutants against The likes of Shredder and Stockman we All know that armies are for hurting and Killing Mikey argues but Hobb believes That an army could help protect mutants Like slash pizza good slash declares With a smile maybe the kidnapping was a Little extreme I'll admit it but our Guest isn't innocent far from it Hobbs Tells them reaching into a drawer Pulling out a syringe of blood I know That this will snap her out of her poor Me act real quick a little piece of Splinter that our ex-boss had me hunt Down not long ago Hobbs says showing her The vile my God you actually got some Lindsay Whispers taking the syringe Staring at the contents over in the Cemetery though one of the gang members Holds up a bleeding Casey yelling for His brother to hit him with a crowbar Stop it I'll take it from here hun Orders walking across the cold grass Lifting Casey up telling the young man

That none of this was necessary hun back his fist preparing to end the Fight when suddenly a taser Dart sails Out stabbing into his meaty arm jolts Begin to leap through Hun's body forcing Him to drop Casey as he spasms nobody Deactivates her cloak revealing herself Amongst the gang members she turns using The anti-grab gloves to throw the other Gang members into a tomb knocking them Out come on Casey we got a boogie Angel Tells him reaching down to help him back To his feet but hun struggles to his Feet yelling in a rage Harold begins to Talk to Angel over her radio that suit Is not ready for battle testing get out Of there nobody you are dead honest is Crossing the ground between them but Angel opens up with her laser cutting Through the tombs the gravestone tumbles Towards hunt so he turns shattering it With his immense fist but he turns back Both Casey and Angel are gone back over At hobb's apartment Lindsay is Questioning where he managed to get Splinter's blood and he tells her that He held on to it for quite a while but He wants her to use it on pigeon Pete to Fix his mutation she explains that the Only mutant that this will work on is Slash since he is the one who was Created in a controlled environment no I Ain't letting you stick that into slash You humans already messed him up enough

A more saved We'll just start fresh and find Something else for you to do your Voodoo Testing on finally amidst the arguing Slash reaches out grabbing the syringe Staring at it as Hobbs tries to talk him Out of it but slash isn't listening Slash hero like Mikey the big Turtle Says slash hell Mikey he yells as he Stabs himself into the arm with the Syringe of Splinter's blunt everyone Stares in shock AS Slash begins to Scream in pain roaring lashing out Punching the wall you're going down Raphael's leaping at slash pulling out His side rips him off first slamming him Into the ground Hobb demands to know What's wrong with him and how to stop Slash's Rampage but Lindsay doesn't know They always used tasers before Hobbes Grabs the taser rifle trying to get to Slash to stop him before he kills wrath Suddenly Slash slows becoming more clear Mikey What happened My head it feels so strange he asks his Words making perfect sense Everyone stares at the big turtle Shocked I feel different there was all Of this terrible pain but now everything Is clear Slash tells him looking around the room It's all right everyone I'm okay now you Can lower your gun huh I won't hurt

Anyone hob looks at Lindsay telling her That she got the proof of the blood it Works yeah but where do we go from here Ralph asks looking at Mikey next to the Giant turtle meanwhile over in their Secret lair Leo and Master Splinter Continue to meditate unknown to them Beady eyes watching from the Shadows Splinter opens his eyes just assigned it We will strike first against the foot With all available resources at our Disposal and the Technodrome Leo asks We'll be our next priority but sakai's Destruction must come to an end do you Agree Splinter asks his son Leo both agrees And disagrees he knows that Shredder is A threat but agrees with Dani that crane Won't wait for them to defeat the foot Before activating the Technodrome Splinter size getting to his feet Come Leonardo I would like to stretch my Sore muscles the rat says to his son and They walk down the tunnels into the Shadows Leo holding onto his flashlight Leading the way when suddenly the light Goes out and Splinter and Leonardo are Plunged Into Darkness my son I cannot Move are you there Leonardo Splinter Calls out you waste your breath rat your Child will not answer who is speaking I've gone my many names I have forgotten All of them you may call me the Rat King The voice says as the light returns

Revealing a pale man sitting on a broken Throne surrounded by rats welcome home He smiles and the Rat King stands Inspecting the two creatures I've never seen anything quite to like You and I've seen much in my time the Rat King explains that there are smaller Versions of Splinter that he and his son Are now in the Rat King's care in my Thrall one might say holding up a rat And dropping it into his mouth the king Walks over to Leo leaning down to Inspect the turtle this child reeks of My sister's handiwork he says of the Smile and the king turns back to Splinter explaining that they are in his Home a thin place a place between the Worlds neither here nor there why have You brought us here A bunch of Demands And the King sits back in his throne Smiling for that answer a history lesson Is an altar the king explains that he Comes from a distant past where mankind Was in its infancy his family Mighty Beings competed to rule the world a World sadly lost to memory but the king Like his Brethren continued on remaining Hidden from the world Used his powers sparingly but always in Anticipation of the great game to come When my family and I would again compete For the throne of the world a world once More ready for the extraordinary Splinter still trapped glares of the

King what does this have to do with us He asks and the King leans back waving His hand as if the question is pointless Oh nothing everything that will be for Those like me your Masters to decide in Time the world is our chessboard every Chessboard requires pawns and the pawns Can be saved or sacrificed Tonight my Pawn it is my whim to find Out how strong you are The rats all begin to crawl around them And in a matter of moments both Leo and Splinter disappear amongst the writhing Beasts As Splinter opens up his eyes he sees Standing before him Leonardo in his Foot Clan outfit what have you done to him Plunger demands turning back to the Rat King who continues to speak in Rhymes And riddles the king speaks of Splitter's failure to protect his sons And Leo draws his sword he's right you Failed to protect us over and over again Talk talk that's all you do that's all You're good for nothing but empty words And false promises and I'm sick at tired Of it Leo his is swinging his weapon Bringing it to splitter's throat Stop my son I am not your enemy Splinter Whispers holding his hands up and Leo Moves into strike but Splinter Dodges to The side moving towards his son putting His hand on the Warrior's shoulder my Failure to destroy a Roku sake is to

Blame for all that has passed and for All that is to come but I will act now I Promise I will destroy all of our Enemies before they destroy us My son So sorry the Rat King looks on though I'll find your melodrama grading I Admire your single-minded desire to Protect your children rat a very useful Trait indeed so the father's move is Finished time for the sun's turn the Rat King smiles and Leo opens up his eyes Shocked to discover a massive Splinter Sitting before him muelling brat Always so weak always so afraid Splinter hisses and Leo backs away Drawing one of his weapons Whatever you are I know you're not my Father and I will defend myself Leo Tells the vision of Splinter who attacks And Leo Dodges to the side slashing his Father across the arm that was just a Warning quit pretending to be my father It won't work I know who you are I know What you are and I know what you're Trying to do to me you think you can Mess with my head but you're wrong Because this time I know exactly who my Enemy is Leo Roars running forward he Leaves over the vision of Splinter Slashing his sword down on the Rat King But he stops midair mere inches from the Strange creature fascinating my sister Exploited your doubts now that doubt is

Gone not to be used against you again You've turned that weakness into a Strength suddenly Leo and Splinter are Once again in their meditation chamber Leo is shocked to discover that splinter Has a cut across his arm he's trying to Brainwash me father and he did not Splinter confirms indeed you are like no Creatures I have encountered before a Rat who is a man and a father and a Turtle who is a child becomes a man more Knights than Pawn the game of the world Has just begun in my opponents have Already made their first moves rest Assured my turn will come and when it Does perhaps I will lead with my knight The Rat King tells them with a smile in A moment you will not remember me but Know this I will not forget you he says Of the final smile before shrinking into The darkness Leo and Splinter look at Where the strange man stood and finally Leo looks down at the sword in his hand Father you were saying he asks and Leo Turns shocked to find a cut across Splinter's arm are you okay maybe you Should sit down please I'm fine my son I Feel no weakness Splinter tells him in Leo's eyes widen that's it father I know how to beat Shredder meanwhile a Helicopter lands atop a ship in the Middle of the ocean Shredder steps out Flanked by his ninjas Shredder I presume A voice calls and the warlord stops

Before the speaker Indeed General Krang Somewhere in the Atlantic aboard the Luxury yacht of Krang Shredder stands Before the extra dimensional being the Alien questioning why Shredder would ask For a meeting but motioning him to the Bridge I carious what What should we offer me Krang asks as They both have a seat but Shredder Shakes his head instead offering the Foot as a means of protection on burnout Island the place where Krang has been Building the the Technodrome crying Pauses as he looks at the Ninja Master Then breaks out laughing You would actually call a meeting on my Ship take up my valuable time just to Talk about my property praying asks Offering the chance for Shredder to Explain himself before he is killed and Shoulder nuts telling Kring how he has Become aware of the new technologies That he is creating in the Technodrome And how he has already used the Ooze to Create fascinating hybrids Krang Explains that his ooze is closely Guarded and that he has already set Plans into motion that will allow him to Become the sole ruler of the planet you Actually believe that you can rule this World you must realize this planet will Never accept an alien as its leader no Matter what your grand plan of Conquest

May be Shredder tells him offering Himself in the Foot Clan as allies we Will offer humanity and Leadership that They will respect and understand and we Can provide protection your people will Require in this new world he says but Krang finally stands Self on your little delusion Shredder Where my patience reaches its end I Standing up he lashes out quickly Punching a hole through Shredder's chest The clan Leader's eyes widen in shock Before he falls to the table the rest of His soldiers raising their weapons Asking what to do with the Foot Clan Ninjas Enjoying their departed leader Krang Says as he waves his hand pulling Shredder's helmet off one of the Ninjas Speak and Krang looks in shock at Shredder's voice No need General Shredder says holding up A Detonator the helmet begins to beep And Shredder as one of the Ninjas turns Running to the bridge as it explodes Behind him his decoy now dead he leaves Onto the deck ordering his men to ready The helicopter but crying steps out of The smoke of the bridge firing a missile From his wrist Cannon the helicopter Explodes showering Shredder with debris That tears through his uniform he stands Up drawing his sword as he turns back to Krang and his soldiers I you are things

Would say you should never bring a knife To a gunfight Krang calls out to his Soldiers as they raise their weapons but Shredder Smiles really General you of All people should know every good Tactician retains options in a battle Prepare to beat mine bludgeoned Koya Come to me he says with a smile and from The ocean leaves a massive mutated shark From the sky is a mutated Hawk plummet Into the soldiers of Krang and the Mutants tear through krang's forces Krang orders his men to fight back Turning once more to Shredder come General it appears that we have business Yet Shredder says with a smile as Emotions crang forward A dead man the alien snarls and the two Villains leap at each other colliding in Battle bludgeon and Koya continue to cut Through the alien soldiers as the two Leaders are fighting it out crying Knocking Shredder away launching a Barrage of missiles at him that the Ninja manages to avoid Shredder moving Forward ducking underneath another punch And jamming his sword into the joint on Krang's Armor he twists away drawing his Secondary sword as Krang Roars in Anger Rushing at him bludgeon continues to Attack but turns as he realizes the boat Is sinking he motions to Koya pointing To where Krang and Shredder are fighting Shredder Ducks another attack slicing

Through krang's leg bringing him down Moving to make a killing strike as the General prepares to shoot his Cannon Again but he is suddenly scooped up by Koya and taken into the air I'm sorry Master but this battle is through Koya Tells him and Below them Belgian is Already leaped back into the waters Below with krang's ship quickly sinking As the rest of the soldiers move to rest Rescue him You crank Bellows into the sky the two Mutants quickly escaping with their Master I hope I didn't harm you when I Pulled you from the battle Koya calls Out but Shredder shakes his head Explaining jakoya that she did what was Necessary does this mean that we are at War with General crying Master bludgeon Asks as he pokes his head of the waters Shredder nods in truth we always were Shredder says as they fly back towards Land meanwhile back in New York the Turtles returned to their secret lair After a night of exercises and drills With Master Splinter but as they click On the lights to their den they're Shocked to discover slash is waiting for Them hey guys the big snapping turtle Says not scared of the brothers or their Weapons the brothers aren't happy with Donnie asking how slash managed to get In without tripping their security oh I Came in through the Waterway below I

Disabled the alarms as I worked my way Inside he says with a shrug as he stands And Donnie rushes to his computer Shocked to discover that slash is Telling them the truth is it just me or Is smart slash scarier than dumb slash Donny Whispers to Leo and slash greets Mikey his friend before turning back to Master Splinter Hobb sent me to invite You to our home splitter there's Something important that he wants you to See the others don't believe slash Wondering if he's trying to lead Splinter into a trap but their father Waves off their concerns explaining that He made a promise to hop thanks for the Message slash please let hob know we'll Be there soon we've got some things to Discuss as a family first Leo tells them And slash nods with Mikey helping him Out meanwhile across the city Angel Elbows a goon in the face avoiding his Gunfire in her nobody Exo Suit little Busy Harold she says in the comms as Harold continues to complain about the Turtles call signs not names how many Times do I have to tell you he shouts to Her and she sighs that she Ducks under Another attack using her suit's Grappling hook to snag a bat out of one Of the goons hands oh yeah I forgot In a way and uses the suit's laser Cannon to slam the last into a garbage Dumpster sweet dreams she says with a

Smile she turns to walk away but another Of the goons begins to get back up Raising his pistol but something flies From the shadow slamming into the goons Face and dropping him Harold gets on the Comms again asking if she's okay I'm Good but who the hell was that Catch anything she asks Harold isn't isn't sure and tells her That she needs to return to the base so That he can check on the nobody's suit She moves off into the night confused Unaware that elopec is currently Watching her from the rooftops back over In the turtle's base the brothers are Discussing what they should do about Hobb with Splinter explaining to him That he promised to help hob with his Mutant Army for his assistance in Rescuing Leonardo from the Foot Clan and It worked so why the hell are we still Wasting time with hop Donatello asks but Splinter explains that Shredder is still A threat and the Technodrome isn't Donnie asks once again mentioning the Threat of Krang the interdimensional Alien Leo agrees with them but signs of Splinter on dealing with shredder First Look I hate the cat's guts but having Extra Firepower on her side I can't Really argue against that RAF says Siding with the others and Donnie is Shocked that the others aren't more Worried about the Technodrome

Pushing Splinter's hand aside when he Tries to comfort his son I can't believe What I'm hearing and he moves towards The ladder to LEAP out of the lair he Tells the others to go ahead and play in New York with hobb's mutant armor while He goes to try to stop the Earth from Being terraformed of course the family Isn't happy But Splinter tells them that they must Leave soon to go and meet hop so a short Time later the group meets hob in an Alleyway and he's accompanied by slash And Dr Lindsay show us what you dragged Us over here for Hub Raph snaps at the Cat look around don't you see Turtle he Asks and they glance around the alleyway Not seeing anything freaking hairball is Lost at this time Raph snorts but Hobbs Continues and suddenly the dumpster next To them shifts and falls over with a Massive hermit crab revealing himself Out of the Shadows steps a Gekko holding A skateboard and the two of them look at The turtles as they are introduced as Herman the hermit crab and mondo Gekko What's up Mondo says as he flashes the Peace sign fascinating Splinter says as The admires Herman with Mikey geeking Out of Armando's skateboard Hobbes nods The doctor Lindsay explaining to the Others that they went through some pet Stores and got themselves some new Soldiers great you got us a walking

Talking trash can at a skateboarding Stoner lizard you run on a pigeons hub RAF snorts with Leo suddenly dropping Down into the alleyway and Herman reacts A massive minigun coming out of the Shell of his dumpster with Mondo moving At lightning speed to come behind Leo And pull out his skateboard gun you were Saying Turtle Hobbs says of the sneer And he moves over ordering his soldiers To stand down with Leo looking very Confused as he puts away the swords Splinter turns back to the cat so your Mutant Army is finally coming together Until now I doubted your commitment to This endeavor Splinter says got to admit hob this is All a step up from that idiot pigeon Where is the bird brain anyway Dr Lindsay looks around and they explain That they sent Pete the pigeon to get Them more specimens But Elsewhere in the city Pete the pigeon is Looking up at two mutants that he's Talking to trying to convince them to Join the Army explaining that they have An entire Army of mutants and these Turtles are prepared to join the two big Mutants that he's talking to turn to Each other Yo what the heck where do we sign up E-bop says of the smile as he turns to Rocksteady the next morning Mikey is

Making breakfast while Raph sits in the Corner lifting weights how do you guys Like your eggs Mikey says as he juggles I don't know why you waste your time Asking Mikey it always ends up scrambled With burnt toast Mikey is surprised that Raph would say that but he turns back as The toast pops burnt and he drops the Eggs to the floor scrambled it Mikey Says sheepishly with Leo coming in Asking if anyone has seen Donny nah he Left as soon as he woke up I think he Said he was gonna go see Harold Splinter Enters the kitchen telling his sons that They can't wait for Donatello and they Must continue with the task of defeating Shredder I've set up another meeting With old Hub tonight for that very Purpose meanwhile over at Harold's Angel Is looking over last night's footage Shocked that whoever helped her didn't Even appear on the camera the bell rings And donius let in he greets the others And is shocked when they are working on The exosuit and not Herald's teleporter Anger Phil's Dany as he sees another Group not concerned about Krang and the Terraforming of Earth you can guys do Realize that Crane's got some of the Best Minds in two Dimensions working Around the clock to finish the Technodrome but instead of working on The teleporter the one thing that we can Use to stop crying you're wasting your

Time watching stupid videos and Tinkering with helmets and robots what The hell are you thinking Donnie shout Out to them and Harold gets angry but Finally turns and Stomps to the Teleporter Angel tries to defend Harold Explaining to Donny that Harold's been Busting his ass on everything trying to Fix all of it Dani realizes that he Snapped and he tries to make amends of Herald but doesn't really go over well So he leaves him to work on Metalhead so Later that night angel walks out of her Dad's bar calling out to him to have a Good night but coming out of the Shadows Is alopex you I thought you were gonna Stay in Northampton alopecs Angel says Prepared to fight in the mutant Fox nods I did I'm back now she says simply with Angel lowering her weapon to something Dawns at her wait a second that was you Last night wasn't it helping against Those goons yeah and now I need some Help from you she says explaining that She thinks the turtles are headed into Trouble I think Bebop and Rocksteady are Planning an ambush against the turtles They're going to need help and there's No way I can do it alone she says an Angel interrupts her explaining that the Turtles are family and that she's in the Two shake hands beginning their Preparations elsewhere the Turtles and Splinter meet up with old Hobb again

Hobbes wants to know what's going on and Splinter explains that they need to Discuss how they're going to handle Shredder that is time to push this Army Against them but at that moment they Hear somebody coming around the corner Pete the pigeon hi everyone I brought Friends he says with pure joy and Happiness as Bebop and Rocksteady follow Him around the corner looks like we're Crashing the right Fiesta Rock Bebop Says with a laugh you gotta be kidding Me wrath grumbles and the turtles pull Out their weapons as Hobbes moves Forward trying to shout at Pete but Before the fight can even begin the old Cat pulls out a pistol firing into the Air look at you idiots we got a whole Damn world against us and all you Bunch Can do is bang our heads against each Other mutants fighting mutants how Freaking pathetic is that he turns to Bebop and Rocksteady asking them why They would want to be in Shredder's Army Why be lackeys when they could just join The mutant Army it just makes sense that You enjoy in the biggest baddest gang in All of New York he says with Leo coming Up behind him hob I don't think this is Such a good idea he whispers to him and The cat waves him off hold on Turtle Give us a chance to talk this out Bebop And Rocksteady turn to talk to each Other liking the idea of joining the

Mutant Army they're actually considering Going against Shredder Hobbes looks at Them that's right fellas look at you Ready to smack down every last piece a Human trash that is polluting the world He says with a smile but Rocksteady Looks at him with surprise wait a second We're half human Hobbes looks at them in Shock human you're half human he draws His weapon fast aiming the pistol and Firing it into the Rhino's head turning And then shooting Bebop in the gut what The hell are you prejudiced or something Bebop snaps no I'm a mutant Hobbs snarls Turning back to his soldiers boys put These mutts down he orders them in the Mutants all shout as they charge in into Battle with Bebop and Rocksteady meeting Them Rocksteady tries to hit slash with A sledgehammer but the massive snapping Turtle turns aside the weapon with his Claw Herman and Hobb are firing at Bebop Before Mondo leaps onto his back firing Into his face but Rocksteady is there Swinging his hammer knocking Mondo Gekko Away Herman rolls over the dumpster Providing the others with cover take Cover he shouts to the comrades and Above them nobody in Ayla pecks are Looking down on the fight this is where The trouble is Angel notes uh-huh we Should probably help the fox nods and The turtles stand nearby curious if they Are supposed to jump in yes my sons old

Hobb has helped us in the past we are Honor about to do the same the rat says As they all step forward with the group Of Heroes surrounding the Foot Clan Mutants back over at Harold's the old Genius turns to Donnie asking him if He's planning on going and helping his Family but Donnie doesn't even look up From his work on Metalhead no I have More important things to do he's says Simply back at the fight Rocksteady Slams his hammer down forcing Mikey and Leo to jump back rash steps in front of Bebop blocking his chainsaw with his Sign but Rocksteady moves forward using His horn to toss a car at Michelangelo Slash is there though using his body to Block the blow stumbling to the ground Hey big guy are you What Mikey asks as he moves to his Downed friend slash Hey Hobbs shouts at Herman and the crab Nods Roger that a rocket launcher pops Out of the side of his dumpster and Begins to open fire the explosions slam Into Bebop and Rocksteady tossing the Pair into a nearby building quick while They're down Leo shouts and he leaps in With his blades slashing into the arm of The already recovering Rocksteady what Do you mean down he asks as he kicks out Knocking Leonardo away we were just Resting he jokes and Bebop gets up Grabbing a brick and throwing at a

Splinter Raph leaps forward knocking Splinter out of the way at the last Second with Rocksteady getting ready to Use his hammer again but Mikey leaves up Grabbing the hammer hurry that got his Hammer he shouts and the Rhino swings Him around tossing the turtle into Leonardo Raphael then moves over to his Brothers making sure that they're okay And Rocksteady Chuckles as he Stomps Down watch the others beep up I'll take Care of this last green dweeb before he Runs away he laughs and wrath doesn't Run turning to the massive Rhino raising Aside who's running he asks but halopex Is there leaping on to Roxanne his head Slashing at him with her claws Rabies he shouts out and Bebop rushes to His friend's Aid raising his chainsaw Over his head but a blast from Angel's Cannon takes out the weapon hey halopex RAF I got this porker she says that she Launches her grappling hook the hook Slipping in to bebop's nose and she Begins to drag him forward grabbing him By the throat and using her taser Gauntlets please stop don't you know I'm Ticklish Bebop says it'll laugh reaching Out grabbing her by the arm and throwing Her into the air Angel sails through the Air but manages to land easily on a Nearby rooftop damn it she snaps Rocksteady has both wrath and Halo packs In his grasp now turning and throwing

Both mutants into the air slamming them Into the rooftop pigeon coop causing Them to fall to the ground both tangled Up within the chicken wire and close to One another so uh this is uh yeah Awkward Ayla Peck says with an embarrassed smile But back over with the battle Herman Continues to battle with the massive Mutants trying to rip apart his dumpster Hobb moves in to join with the fight but Splinter orders Mondo to stay back as he Looks up at a nearby electrical Transformer and the puddles around Bebop And Rocksteady I think a more indirect Approach is required for these two we Must draw attention to you he says to The gecko and mondo nods got it dude you Know you got a serious sneak streak in Your gramps back over on the roof shop Wrath and Halo packs are trying to get Themselves free of the chicken wire While taking the moment to talk about How Raph is sorry if you screwed things Up with her in Northampton you didn't Screw things up you just made a mistake She tells him we'll worry about this Later though right now we have to figure Out how to get out of this wire at that Moment a friendly voice says hi hi Pete Says as he appears over them scaring Both RAF and alopecs I'm Pete and I'm Hiding with my pals here you guys are Wearing my old house needs some help he

Says with a big smile down below though Hobbit slammed into the wall and stunt With Rocksteady lifting him up preparing To deliver the killing blow do not do it Splinter calls out with both Bebop and Rocksteady turning surprised to see the Old rat facing them alone Splinter moves Fast slamming his staff into Rocksteady's throat dropping him to the Ground moving like lightning he leaves Up cracking Bebop across the face palm To bebop's nose kick the rocksteady's Throat the massive mutants are staggered Surprised by the violence of Splinter's Attacks distracted they don't see Mondo Gekko leaping onto the Transformer over Their heads Rocksteady moves grabbing Herman's dumpster lifting it into the Air and throwing it at Splinter but the Rat easily Dodges it dropping into his Combat stance in a puddle yo yo ain't so Fast must have broken his hip Rock Steady last but what they aren't aware Is they are now also standing in the Puddle Mondo leaps down with a cut Electrical wire cowabunga He shout dropping the wire into the Puddle and skateboarding away the shock From the electrical wire hits the Massive mutants dropping them to the Ground charred the group of Heroes then Gather together making sure that Everyone is okay after the fight we did It we actually took him down Hobb says

With Glee as he shakes Splinter's hand Dream on cat gut Bebop calls in both Hobb and Splinter turn in Surprise are You freaking kidding me the cat Whispers And the two mutants begin to climb to Their feet prepared to continue the Fight but Hobb looks over his shoulder At Herman Herman Bring the Noise he Orders in the crab nods firing Everything he has from the dumpster The Barrage of missiles the heavy rounds They pound into the building around Bebop and Rocksteady and when the guns Go quiet the two are surprised you Stupid Lobster Miss Rocksteady Chuckles and Herman smiles Negative this crab never misses he says And the building begins to fall around Them tumbling down on Bebop and Rocksteady literally burying them Everyone begins to congratulate each Other with Pete apologizing to Hobb for Bringing the mutants to them believing That he was recruiting for their army It's all good bird brain right idea Crappy execution Cobb says as he Pats The pigeon and with everyone together They all head off into the city but it Doesn't take long for Bebop and Rocksteady to pull themselves free of The building hey remember that idea you Had about not telling Karai anything if This plan didn't work out Rocksteady Asks as he throws an arm around Bebop

Best damn idea you ever had And they both chuckle at the fight that They just had heading off into the city Meanwhile the base of the Foot Clan Shredder and his minions prepare for an Attack as Metal Head stands before them And Donatello's voice comes out of the Robot what is it that you seek Shredder Asks I need your help Donnie tells him Explaining that he needs the foot Clan's Help to defeat Craig And what do you know of General crane Shredder demands Donnie's size as he Pilots the metal head from Harold's lab Enough to know at the fate of the world Depends on the Foot Clan the Techno Drone begins to rumble energy coursing Through it as the test begins the weapon On the top opens up in a powerful laser Blast fires into the beach while inside Of the control center Krang watches as The energy beam fires beautiful So beautiful he whispers at the base of The Foot Clan of Roku sake moves through His Gardens speaking with Donatella who Is talking to him through the metal head Robot if what you say is true then we Have very little time to act the Ninja Master informs him and Metalhead moves Forward but Shredder's Elite guards stop Him with a Clank of their weapons Shredder Smiles informing Dani that he Still doesn't trust him but once again Donatello explains I don't think of it

Betraying my family I'm trying to save The world he says in Shredder nods as he Leans down to inspect the flowers indeed Though I wonder what Hamato Yoshi would Say if he were to discover that you were Collaborating with his sworn enemy he Ponders and Dani explains once more than Needs to stop crying and in order to do That he's going to need Shredder's Army He tells Shredder the plan how we can Get the Foot Clan onto burn now island With the teleporter which will allow Them to stop crying quietly but he has a Spy inside of krang's forces that will Help them do that and do you trust your Spy Shredder asks yes with the fate of The entire world Tawny explains him with These final words Metalhead transforms Into Mobile mode and drives away I'll be In touch soon to hammer out the final Details Donnie says as he leaves he Stands up from the controls in Harold's Lab as his friend calls him over if You're done screwing around my robot I'd Like to run a final test on your Teleporter the scientist snaps meanwhile At Hobbs Warehouse the mutant Army is Preparing for an attack with Leo Ordering them into two assault squads Move out Herman shouts in the first Squad moves forward with Mondo pushing Up and blowing the lock off the door With his skateboard gun slash runs Forward slamming through the door

Allowing the turtles in in the second Squad to push up Arrows fly through the Air but slash protects his team with the Thick shell the second Squad moves Through the next door with the turtles Quickly dodging through another set of Traps a hidden machine gun opening fire On them but Leo orders Mikey to throw Down some smoke the turtles charge Through the swirling smoke taking out The machine guns with their weapons now That's what I'm talking about Hobbes Shouts proud of the work that the teams Have been doing yes the Improvement that We have seen recently is quite Impressive Splinter agrees and Hobb Checks his gear aware that the foot Won't be using rubber bullets or blunt Arrows but he believes that they are Ready for the assault and Leo asks to Speak with splinter in a private family Meeting first wait I thought we were all Family now Hobb asks but RAF looks over His shoulder not flea biter we're all Just mutants here family is a whole Different kind of thing he tells him Meanwhile over at April O'Neill's Family's antique store April and Casey Are talking with April being proud of Casey for helping her family around the Shop he waves her off explaining that He's been enjoying the work and that He's glad that they have taken him in But April has to get to class telling

Casey that she has seen Dr Miller around Campus the one that sided with the foot Against them and used the magic book she Thinks that he might know something and Plans to confront him so after a quick Goodbye kiss she heads at the door Casey Smiles as he watches her go looking Around the shop seeing as he has more Work to do all right Jones the Maintenance stuff is done for the day he Says to himself as he reaches beneath The counter pulling out a mask and a bag Of sports weapons time for a little site Security meanwhile back at the lab Donny Pops back through the portal with Harold Looking at him in shock so scientist Finally asks I brought you a souvenir And it's raining in Paris we did it Harold Donnie says handing Harold a Statue of the Eiffel Tower and taking Off his soaking hand Harold tries to Hide his happiness pointing out that They need to make Minor Adjustments but That's when Donnie heads out the door he Can't help but smile and poke at the Eiffel Tower Meanwhile Back At The Foot Clan headquarters Shredder is sitting Upon his throne commanding his soldiers To prepare for the attack ordering the Main assault to be led by himself Bludgeoned and kuyo while Karai stands Back and guards The Fortress as for Bebop and Rocksteady I have a special Mission for them to attend to he says

Before dismissing everyone and as the Others file out of the room Karai steps Up to her grandfather questioning Whether it is wise to Ally themselves With the turtles his sudden willingness To work with you does not ring true to Me she says in Shredder nods as it Should not granddaughter I believe that We are simply the enemy of the turtles At the moment but he explodes explains That he is merely using this to his own Advantage as well meanwhile back at burn Now Island Honeycutt is speaking with Stockman and the two of them are Scheming about how they can stop crying With stock been more interested in Saving himself while he isn't sure if he Can fully trust Stockman Honeycutt Admits that he has no choice and must Explain to him the plan you must promise Me your utmost cooperation and Confidentiality our very existence Depends on it Honeycutt says in Stockman Knots and my very existence is of the Utmost importance to me you have my word He says as he reaches out shaking the Robot's hand down on the beach Krang now Slides across the shore able to breathe Freely without the aid of his armor he's Giddy speaking to his father explaining That he has now created a new Ultra Minion so beautiful he whispers as his Armor lifts him into the air and He Commands the command center we will go

Live tomorrow he shouts with happiness Back at Hobbs Warehouse the mutant Army Is preparing for their attack on Shredder but the turtle stepped forward Explaining that they won't be going with Them not going what the hell are you Talking about turtles hob snaps you Heard of furball we get other things we Gotta handle Raph snaps back and Splinter steps in explaining that Hobb Has no need to worry that splinter will Fulfill his agreement and go with the Assault team but as my sons have already Said their mission is somewhere else This day he says and the brothers step Aside with Splinter telling him how They're worried about him going alone With hops it's as wise to be concerned We have many dangers yet in front of us But we have all prepared diligently for This and your brother's plan is not only Brilliant but Noble as well Splinter Says putting his paw on Leo thank you Father and the brothers bow to their Master and father before walking out of The room Hobbes steps up to Splinter Unhappy with this turn of events you Realize this little romp's gonna be a Hell of a lot harder without their help He hisses you would be correct old hop If it were true that my sons are no Longer helping us Splinter says sagely Back at burn now Island Krang is already Celebrating the success of the

Technodrome and what it will do to Earth The fact that it will terraform the Entire planet and kill all living beings But Stockman interrupts him with Honeycutt by his side we need to have a Word with you well fugatoid he's Listening tell him stock Mattel's Emotioning Honeycut forward and the Robots damaged for a moment before Revealing his secret to crank I have Intelligence state in the shredder in The Foot Clan are preparing to attack Today what did you say crying shouts Anger welling up within him as he grabs Honeycutt by the throat and you know how He snaps but HoneyCuts won't tell him Merely stating that he has spies on the Outside but Stockman steps forward Reminding crang that they can't activate The Technodrome without fugatoid and my Expertise will be useless a shredder Isn't stopped Honeycut stammers and Krang releases the robot turn into Captain trag and ordering him to prepare His troops for the assault but that's When Stockman steps up in forming Krang That Shredder isn't the only issue and Honeycut turns to him in Surprise Surprised that Stockman has betrayed him So quickly Stockman merely smiles and Informs Krang that the muted Turtles are Also going to be with shredder during That assault Shredder and those damned Turtles together how convenient how does

The Earth saying go two birds one sound Crying says his tentacle swing as he Ponders the future and he turns to his Guards ordering them to imprison Stockman and Honeycutt until the Battle Is Over meanwhile The Three Brothers Have arrived at herod's lab greeting Donnie and learning that Harold is in a Safe location piloting metal head so That he can help I was starting to worry That you guys weren't gonna make it Donnie tells them asking how things went With Splinter and hob Hobb definitely Wasn't happy but he'll live Leo tells Him and Donnie steps up to the Teleporter controls explaining to his Brothers that he can't go with him he Needs to stay behind and run the Operation after everything you did to Make this happen Leo asks and the others Try to argue but Harold interrupts them And explains that it is time for them to Leave the teleporter is activated and The Three Brothers move towards it but Donnie stops them uh just one thing I Want you all to know I really love you Guys he says and they all not asked you Bro Leo says as they all disappear and Dani watches the spot where they were Why didn't you tell them Harold asks but Donnie shakes his head we've got enough To worry about Harold he says quietly But that's when there's a knock at the Lab door and Metal Head opens it up

Revealing Shredder and his foot soldiers Children moves through the lab admiring The work stopping in front of the screen With Harold questioning who is he just Someone who's gonna help me get you to Burn now Island are you ready Donnie Asks as he steps up to the controls and Shredder nods I am and as per our Agreement I'm leaving behind some of my Party to ensure that there will be no Treachery on your part while we are away He says motioning to Bebop in a rock Steady that's right dweeb we got us a Special Mission Rock Steady Chuckles and Donnie Activates the portal allowing Shredder's Forces to step through as Shredder moves To join them he looks back at Donny Remember Donatello betrayal is death he Warns and disappears Bebop laughs but meanwhile earlier Splinter meets in private with his sons With Leo explaining the real plan to his Father that Donatello has set up the Whole thing so that while Hab and his Army are assaulting the defenseless Foot Clan base Shredder in his army will be Attacking burn now island with Krang Meaning them and hopefully defeating Each other meanwhile Dani will teleport The turtles in earlier and allow them to Take out the Technodrome while everyone Is distracted this is unexpected Splinter says surprised by the plan I

Have no words why didn't you tell me About this sooner he asks and the Brothers looked sheepishly as they Explain that splinter has been so Focused on this war with shredder that They didn't want to include him and risk Everything you need not apologize I have Been mistaken about many things while my Children my students have proceeded with Four thoughts and careful planning he Says admitting his personal feelings for Orokusaki has blinded him there is Wisdom and maturity in your planned Leonardo I am truly impressed he says But now we go back to the current day Was Shredder amassing his forces on Burn Now Island but a blast comes out of the Shadows dropping one of his guards Welcome to burn now Island crane says of The smile his army behind him Them he shouts to his troops but attack Shredder shouts as he raises his sword And the two armies Rush at each other Meeting in battle fought with blades and Guns amidst the chaos Krang orders his Two captains with him our forces can Finish the others we have unfinished Business that we must attend to he says Is the three of them stalk towards Shredder bludgeon and kuyo indeed we do Shredder snaps but meanwhile over on a Nearby Hill the turtles are watching the Two factions meet in battle where the Hell's the fugatoid Raph hits us to his

Brothers and Leo shakes his head there's No telling how long Krang and Shredder Will keep each other busy we've got to Get moving we know where we need to go We'll just have to figure out the rest When we get there he looks over his Shoulder at the Technodrome nearby below Them crang and Shredder have met in Battle with the alien launching a Barrage of attacks on the Ninja Master But Shredder Dodges swinging his sword For a killing blow but it's krang's Blade that cuts through Shredder's sword Bringing a look of surprise from the Master of the foot you and your Professions of nature were doomed as Soon as you stepped foot on my Island Crying at last as he opens fire on Shredder but the ninja leaps out of the Way snagging an ax off of the ground as He slams it into the alien's chest piece Cracking the glass crying lashes out Backhanding Shredder you have a train Fool and now you will die he laughs as He stands over the down pound Shredder Back over in their prison cell Stockman Asks Honeycutt if he actually believes That Shredder and Krang will kill each Other if they do then will be in even Worse trouble than we already are Honeycutt's size and the robot looks at Stockman questioning how the scientists Can be so calm but Stockman Just Smiles My plan is proceeding exactly as

Designed he says with a smile standing Up revealing that he has been planning To stop crying the entire time he tells Honeycutt that he used one of his Flyboards to gain access to the Schematics for the Technodrome and he Developed a malware that'll give him Complete control once the Technodrome is Activated my malware will initiate Accessing the core overrides and I will Be charged in short order he says and Honeycutt looks at him for a moment Before pointing out that in the time That that takes several thousand people Will die Stockman shrugs an acceptable Outcome of it means I possess the most Powerful weapon on the planet Honeycutt Refuses to allow him to do this his Body's shifting and taking the Appearance of one of the other lab techs And he hangs on the door trying to get The guard's attention alerted by the Noise the guards come rushing in but Stockman refuses to be defeated tapping A button on his watch if you think you Have the advantage then your circuits Are definitely corroded he says as his Mousers flood into the room shocking the Guards and Honeycutt and bringing them All to the floor back at the foot Clan's Headquarters though a wall suddenly Explodes inward as Karai and Arnold are Surprised and the Smoke Clears are the Mutant Army standing ready to fight

Knock knock anybody home Hobb asks with A vicious sneer repel The Intruders Karai shouts and the foot ninjas surge Forward but they're immediately met by The Firepower of the mutant Army come on Mutants time to show me what we are Hobbs says with a Lap as he opens fire Slash rushing forward taking a punch From Arnold Jones that seems to have a Little effect the big snapping turtle Picking up Jones and throwing him Through a wall Bondo meets in battle With Karan joking as he launches his Attempt back but she kicks the board out From underneath him knocking him to the Floor he looks up into fear as she Readies her sword for a strike but the Blade merely connects with Splinter's Sword go motto help the others I have This he says as he backs away waving the Gecko off So ratsu finally decided to crawl out of The hole that you've been hiding in but What about your filthy Turtles Karai Asks and the two leap at each other Their blades clashing as they leap in And Away a deadly dance of blades your Grandfather's time his past cry today's Doom belongs to him but understand I do Not believe that you deserve the same Fate meanwhile on the outskirts Hobb Watches with Glee glad that the Foot Clan is distracted and he slips away Going upstairs finding shredders vial of

Ooze left in the lab absolutely perfect No more hybrid mutts for you Chumps he Says as he picks up the glowing vial Rushing back downstairs and ordering his Army to fall back but Master Splinter we Just can't leave him slash growls but Hobb points out that the rat changed the Plan originally now Hobbes is just Changing it again let's go now he tells Them leading the others out of the hole That they blew into the wall back over At the Technodrome the turtles are Sneaking through the command center with A guard around the corner the guard Opens fire but Mikey is there quickly Knocking them out with his nunchucks Good job Mikey hope he tanked him before Anyone else heard RAF Whispers but a Voice calls out from around the corner Unfortunately for all of us he did not Turtles though I appreciate you removing The guards for me I have important work To finish after all Stockman says as it Comes around the corner surrounded by an Army of flyborgs and mousers the turtles Are shocked as Stockman orders his army To attack back outside crang slams his Fist into Shredder again but the Ninja Master continues to get back to his feet You still do not fall I am impressed Krang says with a nod but Shredder spits Out a glob of Blood on the dirt save Your praise demon if I am to die I will Do so standing

He says coughing Krang readies his Weapon prepared to win the fight but the Radio crackles warning him of an issue In the command building he turns running Away ordering his soldiers to finish the Fight back in the command building Stockman is working at the controls as The turtles fight his flyboards in the Background he initiates the activation Controls of the Technodrome but he's Interrupted as the door slams open to Reveal Craig Shouts as he Stomps forward slamming his Fist into Stockman knocking him down he Quickly scrubs away Stockman's malware Laughing at the scientists simple Attempt to take control of his Technology then he hits the button Activating the Technodrome once again Preparing to terraform the planet the Beam fires into the air and on the beach Bludgeon and kuyo stand with their Monster if we die we die kuyo promises Him but Shredder spits laughter and he Hits a button on his comms not only you My loyal soldiers Bebop Rocksteady this Is Shredder kill the turtle he coughs Back in the command center the turtles Are still fighting against the flyboards Forget Krang just get to the fugatoid we Need his help Leo shouts as he slashes Through another fly Raph and Mikey leap Over the Flies trying to get to the Robot Stockman finally comes too shocked

By what is going on oh this will not do I will not have my plans spoiled he Whispers hitting another button on his Watch causing one of the flyboards to Rush towards him grabbing Stockman by The soldiers flying him away the turtles Have finally knocked the mouses away Freeing Honeycutt don't think it's yet Honeycutt this isn't over they all turn Back to Krang with Honeycutt nodding Explaining that he can disable the Technodrome but he's gonna need help we Must divert General crane he says in Leo Nods as he gathers his brothers you Heard him guys attack he shouts and the Turtles leap at the alien but he whirls Around firing his wrist launchers Back over in the lab Donnie leaps over Another attack from Rocksteady you Really thought you could trick us I Thought you were supposed to be the Smart one Bebop laughs and Harold is on The screen shouting for Donnie to run But the turtle leaps into the air Smacking Bebop across the face with his Staff and Rocksteady hits him with his Sledgehammer knocking Donnie into the Wall Tony tries to struggles to his feet But Bebop lifts him into the air Prepared to kill him and that's when a Blast from Metalhead skims his body Don I told you to run go Harold shouts standing between Donny and The mutants but Rocksteady throws his

Hammer knocking the robot away Donnie tries to run but Bebop throws a Monitor at him knocking him to the Ground they Reign blows upon Donatello Keeping him on the floor and Rocksteady Comes walking over Picking up his hammer And he brings it down with a sickening Crunch Whoa you split him in half man Bebop Laughs as he stands up yeah did you Expect them to look like Dad underneath There Rocksteady asks as blood begins to Leak out of the turtle the mutants Prepare to finish the job but their Comms crackle and Karai orders them to Return to the base come on we're done Here anyway he ain't recovering Bebop Says as they turn to go Honeycutt is Still trying to stop the Technodrome When Ralph comes flying past him Slamming into the nearby monitor Cracking it oh my the robot gasps and Crank Stomps forward prepared to cut Through Honeycutt but Leo is there his Twin Blaze blocking the assault Raph Leaves over his head stabbing the sight Into the robot armor brain and Mikey Leaves in tripping the armored shell Bringing it to the floor Krang gasps at them dang this dude Doesn't stop Mikey jokes back at the Foot Clan headquarters Splinter is Trying to reason with Karai but her

Ninjas are now behind her you believe That you can survive when I have Reinforcements in a route and all of Your friends have abandoned you she asks But a blast hits one ninja and another One is dropped by an unseen force not All of his friends Angel says from Inside of her exosuit stepping up next To Splinter behind them alopex growling As she drops another one how Splinter Asks in confusion wrath he didn't trust Hob and asked us to keep an eye on you Angel explains with Karai motioning Forward demanding that they finish the Fight but Splinter shakes his head Reminding her that this conflict isn't About the Foot Clan this is what Shredder has turned to the Foot Clan Into he has lost his way yet in your Eyes I see a desire for a return to the Ways of the past I hope for an honorable Future Splinter says and Karai hesitates For a moment but she throws a smoke bomb At the floor disappearing Angels come Bombs begin to crackle as a panicked Voice comes over it's Harold filling her Ears I need you at the List to her On the beach the armies are still Crane's forces have begun to run as the Technodrome is activated bludgeon and Kuyo are trying to get to the body of Shredder but the terraforming has Already begun to take effect and they

Are dying the master is no more we have Failed bludgeoned gasps as they look at Shredder but as the mutant turns to Escape bludgeon is leaping into the Ocean as kuyo flies away behind them one Of the flyboards arrive on the beach Lifting Shredder into the air and Carrying him away and it drops him onto A boat that is speeding from the island Ooh Shredder gasps as he comes to Looking up at Stockman at the helm if The megalomaniac alien is stopped your New partner Stockman says with a smile Back at the command center Krang is Struggling to his feet and Leo leaps Forward kicking the sail driving it Through the armor and out the other side Hey talk about a foot in your mouth rap Laughs leaping down grabbing a handful Of mousers stuffing them into the Opening and Crane's armor and shocking It causing the armor to finally fail the Three Brothers move for forward all Hitting crane at once and bringing him Down Honeycutt turns to them as the Technodrome is shut down oh it is done My friends he says and crane tries to Pull himself from his armor bellowing in Rage I thought I'd shut you up for good Rap shouts but Honeycutt stops him Explaining that there isn't time that The terraforming of the island will Eventually get into the command center And kill the turtles he hits a few

Buttons opening up the floor to reveal Another teleporter crying is no longer Of your concern goodbye my friends Honeycutt says as he activates it and Bright light fills the room and the Turtles disappear with crying snarling At the robot my people you've killed my People he gasps but Honeycutt shakes his Head informing Krang that the island was Already terraformed that Krang did Create a New Haven for his people a Place where they can survive and thrive It will be however Without You General You will not see her Promised Land you Have much to answer for he says Activating the radio sending word to Dimension X two for transport he's Greeted in dimension X and the soldiers Are already moving to take Krang to Arrest him but that's when the turtles Step through the portal into Harold's Lap shot by the destruction all around Them Oh wrath we didn't make it in time Alopec says as she moves forward The turtles turned in shock to see Donna's hello on the floor Splinter Cradling him his shell cracked blood Pulled around him I swear we tried to Help him Leah but it was too late Angel Gasps Tears In Her Eyes the family Gathers around their fallen brother My son my poor Brave son Splinter Whispers through his tears

Darkness Donatello opens up his eyes Shocked that he finds himself in a Forest in the distance he can see a Bright light he gets to his feet and he Begins to walk towards the light Please Stay a while and visit with me my son a Voice calls out and Donnie turns to the Sight of his mother greeting him with Open arms back in the world of the Living Honeycutt comes through the Portal excited to tell Donnie that they Are victorious and that Krang has been Imprisoned but he is shocked to find Everyone standing around with Splinter Cradling the body of his son those Bastards killed him Ralph growls but Honeycutt moves forward scanning the Fallen Turtle he's not dead he exclaims To the group everyone is shocked as the Robot explains that his vital signs are Rapidly fading that he is dying but not Dead and he turns back to the group Ordering them to place Donny's body into Harold's freezer we need to slow down Donatello's cell metabolism but that Won't happen if we don't act immediately He shouts at them and as the brothers Move Donnie Honeycutt grabs Harold Pulling him back to the teleportation Device telling him that he must return To Bernal Island to get everything that He needs after Honeycutt leaves Splinter Stares at the teleporter pad for a while

Sitting on the floor freeing his mind And allowing it to wander to the places Between life when he opens up his eyes He stands in front of a great force at The entrance to amaze Donatello my son It's your father I know you are still Alive I have come to find you to bring You home he says as he sets off into the Maze and at the Foot Clan head orders Karai is busy trying to Rally her troops Preparing for the return of Shredder but She is suddenly interrupted by kuyo and Bludgeon the two mutants sadly informing Her that shredder has been killed and That they were forced to retreat without Retrieving his body the two Warriors Offer their apologies but Karai rushes Forward placing her blade against kuyo's Throat enough I will not have any more Of your damned wallowing she shouts Turning back to her remaining forces Informing them that this is not the end That they will call The Outsiders from Their ranks that they will regroup and They will become strong again my Grandfather may be gone but the Foot Clan is not she shouts to the foot Meanwhile on the streets of New York City a couple is running away as a local Store is destroyed by the purple Dragon's gang the owner being harassed That's right run and spread the word the Purple dragons are back one of them Shouts brandishing his crowbar but Casey

Jones comes roaring Out of the Shadows Of a nearby Alleyway swinging his Cricket back slamming it into the goon's Stomach didn't you jumps get the memo This ain't Dragon Turf anymore he shouts And the other goes for a gun but Casey Whirls around knocking it out of his Hands which means you boys are Trespassing he snaps the big man in the Shot comes stalking out wondering what The commotion is oh hey link I was just Telling your boys you bangers aren't Welcome here anymore Jones says as he Hits the big man in the knees and Link Try tries to hit him with his chain but Casey blocks it with his cricket bat Kneeing the guy in the face dropping him Oh wow you beat them all the shop owner Says with Wonder as he steps out shaking Casey's hand introducing himself as a Run Casey hands over the cricket bat Telling the owner that he needs to Defend himself if they come back I'll See you around and don't forget this is Our neighborhood spread the word Casey Calls to him and a run tells Casey to Look out for himself as there was Another big guy with the gang and as Casey rounds the corner he sees the Other big guy his father trying to break Into another shop meanwhile over in the Afterlife Donatello is asking his mother How he got into the forest she smiles And laughs that he was always searching

For impossible answers they talk briefly About the light how it is warm and Inviting and how Donatello wants nothing More than to walk into it where exactly Am I mother he asks her and she just Smiles at her son perhaps the more Appropriate question would be where are You going Meanwhile in the Living World Honeycutt Is managing to get everything that he Needs from Burn now and he places a Device over Donatello's head readying His machine if we are successful today Revitalization is only the beginning of The process Honeycutt explains to Harold The scientist looking at his friend Sadly I hope you're right Honeycutt Please be right he whispers and Honeycut Turns back to the table reaching for the Switch It's time he says outside of the freezer Though others are waiting anxiously but Raph is angry believing that this is all Their fault come on ref now is not the Time to lose it Ayla Pax tells him Trying to comfort her friend now's Exactly the time damn it he shouts Turning back to his brothers pointing Out that they should have taken out Shredder instead of helping adikun fight Against the Technodrome crying still Alive we don't know where the hell Shredder is that her brother's dying he Shouts but Mikey suddenly jumps to his

Feet shut up RAF everyone looks at him In Surprise as the normally happy turtle Is showing anger just shut up we saved The world Johnny being happy if he was Awake happy that we stopped the Technodrome just like he wanted can you Please just shut up you can play it and Complain about what we should have done What we could have done better but You're just making it worse Raph just Glares at his brother before bellowing In Anger punching the wall and he Finally turns walking away afterwards Leo Returns to the freezer door looking Through the small window he's right we May have stopped crying but we have no Clue what's up with shredder all I could Say is that if Shredder is alive he's Going to wish that he wasn't he says Triumphantly and over in the penthouse Apartment of Stockman Shredder snaps Awake on Stockman's bed his wounds Dressed ah yes home sweet home Stockman says in the balcony where he Sips a whiskey Shredder leaps to his Feet grabbing a hold of the scientist Where have you taken me he shouts and Stockman Smiles at him pointing out that He is the one who saved Shredder this is My home and I am not one of your Sniveling minions ninja he reminds him And he points out that Shredder had no Issues of being Partners when Stockman Pulled him off of the beach that he

Needs him and his army to re-establish Himself if however you've changed your Mind about our partnership he says Pushing a button on his watch calling in A pair of flyborgs then I'm sure my Friends will have no problem seeing you Out he says with a smile and Shredder Relents agreeing to talk about their Partnership but our first order of Business is to find and destroy the rat In his infernal brood he snarls but back In the afterlife Donatella doesn't Understand his mother's questions she Explains that he has many paths that he Can take But Splinter is meanwhile pushing his Way through the maze refusing to give up On his son finally he comes out of the Maze to see his son standing by a great Tree Donatello my son I am here it's Time to return home Splinter says and Donnie looks back but his mother has Disappeared and begins to walk towards Splinter who leads him out of the Clearing please my son your family needs You Splinter tells him gently leading Donnie back to the world of the living Reopens up his eyes to see a happy Herald shaded in a red I can't believe It's working Harold shouts with joy and Donnie is confused asking where he is Wondering why he feels so weird that's When he looks down to see the robotic Hands of metalhead what have you done to

Me Donnie asks from metalhead's body a Short time later Donnie is working Through Metalhead to make sure his body Is properly taken care of the best I can Do for myself now he says after hooking Up everything to his body to help him Heal his brothers and his father are With Him promising that they'll do Everything that they can to help we'll Even spit shine our mitts Mikey says of The smile and Leo looks at Donnie asking If he's okay honestly Leo no no I am not No matter how it seems this is just Really freaking me out Dani says as he Looks down at his Metal Head Hands he Sighs walking out of the room at leaving The others to wonder what they can do For him meanwhile Raph is outside with Ayla picks still trying to help him deal With the situation he's a robot wrath Hisses at her as she puts a hand on his Shell wrong he's your brother and he Needs you she says softly he's not the Only one Leo says interrupting them Pointing to Mikey telling a raft that They need to search for Hobb and his Crew father thinks the city is going to Be in flux after everything that has Happened we need to get a beat on things As quickly as we can Leo explains and Raph agrees moving off with his brothers Thanking alopex for their talk what are Friends for she says with a smile but After they leave she is joined by Angel

Friends huh the woman says of the smile The two of them move off into the night With angels stated that they could swing By the second time around the storm I Want to find out what Casey's been up to She says over at the store Casey walks Into the door to find the O'Neills Arguing with a drunk Arnold Jones Perfect timing I was just talking about You kid his father slurs in case he gets In between his father and the O'Neills Brandishing his Bat ordering his father To leave but Arnold explains that now That the foot is done it is time for he And his son to get back together Casey Shakes his head ordering his father to Leave what didn't you hear me kid I'm My Own Boss again Arnold snaps at Casey the Door suddenly bursting open revealing Angel in a growling alopex get lost Arnie Angel orders and Arnold snarls With anger but finally stalks out of the Store as elopex introduces herself to The family Angel pulls Casey aside and Tells him the bad news meanwhile Karai Is standing in front of the Foot Clan Explaining to the Foot Clan that they Will rise again but know this if I am to Lead you now then the pathway follow Moving forward will be different it will Be our path and our path alone we will No longer allow Outsiders to enter the Sanctity of our ranks the feet are a Family and strangers are not welcome he

Says raising her sword telling those Gathered that they will hunt down those That have hurt the Foot Clan our Master Is dead but our clan lives on she shouts And those gathered begin to cheer Chanting the Foot Clan elsewhere in the City Mikey is sitting with his friend Woody enjoying a slice of pizza as he Fills him in on everything that has Happened recently thanks man I needed This now I've got some mute animals to Go find Mikey says as they finish up Their pie no worries bro just remember Tough as you ninja twos are it's okay to Ask for help from your friends sometimes Woody says with a high five meanwhile at The University April is sitting with Professor Miller as he explains that Thousands of years ago the world was Controlled by a small family of Immortals beings of strange powers that Mysteriously disappeared during a Massive flood in time of great Calamity Legend state that they are hiding in the Shadows waiting for the time that they Could return and use The Mortals as Pawns in their endless game of control The Ultimate Prize being the control of The world he explains and he also tells Her that the squirrel has a companion Book that was lost somewhere in America She thinks I'm taking the scroll Explaining that she'll want to show it To splinter

Back at the O'Neills Casey and Ayla Pecks and Angel are enjoying a Home-cooked meal with Casey getting to His feet meaning to call April to see How her night went but when he gets to The window he looks outside shocked at What he sees Angel Joys him by the Window you know how this was an eventful Night looks like we're getting to the Main event she says that they look at The Gathering of the purple dragons Below led by the still drunk Arnold you Idiot time for the purple dragons to Remind the straight who's really in Charge Splinter sits by candlelight Meditating over his life and his son's Body is sitting close still healing from His ordeal Splinter looks at Donatello a Bead of sweat broken out on his forehead And he gets up placing a damp cloth Against him making sure that he's Comfortable enough even though his soul Now resides in a machine Gunter sits Back down unwilling to leave his son's Side meanwhile the other brothers are Moving across the rooftops with Mikey Finally catching up to them telling him That he couldn't find Hobb in the mutant Army and I'd look high and low trust me Says but the brothers aren't mad they Just looked down on the city where the Gangs have already taken to the streets In the absence of the Foot Clan look at That purple dragon strutting around like

A bunch of chickens with their heads cut Off RAF Scots and Leo nods pointing out How they aren't even trying to hide it Anymore like they aren't afraid that They're going to get arrested maybe we Should go down there and do something About it fellas uh isn't that like Uninjelike bro would be exposed Mikey Points out in Leo nods but believes it Is time for them to start breaking some Of the rules weeping down to the streets Rap looks at Mikey and surprise Me I'm Dreaming best Mikey Leap they're amongst the purple dragons In seconds leaping punching and kicking Them away with Leo slicing through an Enemy's bat while Raph slides along the Ground tripping up another I didn't like You to punch first Leo not that I'm Complaining Raph points out well if the Last few months have taught me anything It's that sometimes you have to take Things head on Leo says as he flips over Another gang member Mikey whirls around With his nunchucks knocking several Thugs in the teeth don't worry we won't Tell father on you he jokes and the last Goon drops and the brothers look up Seeing Arnold and another group of thugs Stalking towards them huh saves me the Trouble of hunting down you nasty Mutants he snares at him and rushes at Leo throwing a massive punch the ninja

Barely avoids but Raph is already Leaping at the gang leader the Casey you Deadbeat scum he shouts but with Arnold Rolling around backhanding him away he Stalks forward slamming his fists into The ground hard enough to crack cement But wrath rolls out of the way hun Karai Sent us a voice calls out making Arnold Stop short as he looks up up to Sequoia And bludgeon she wants to know why you Skipped out on her when the rat and the Crew attacked she's a little concerned About your loyalty to the foot Bludgeoned snarls but Koya holds up a Wing to stop her friend pointing out That the turtles are here as well it's Time for a reptile Feast she says with a Smile and the mutants leap at their Enemies as Arnold turns and runs forget This he shouts over his shoulder the Brothers begin their fight with the Larger mutants but stop when a jet of Fire separates them look out Metal Head Shouts everyone looking at him seeing Him pointing his cannon at the foot Mutants a warning shot move even a Millimeter and the next one won't be he Orders looking at his brothers get ready Fellas cause we're out of here he says Firing a laser from his eyes that forces The mutants to fall back allowing the Turtles to escape Donnie then transforms Into metalhead's Mobile form and the Brothers all escape with Donny going too

Fast peeling out into an Alleyway where He crashes into a couple of trash cans Whoa Johnny are you okay Leo asks as the Others rushed to his side I'm good I'm Still trying to learn how to use this New body as all Donnie says as they pick Up old banana peels off of him good to See you kicking butt again man Raph says As he pass him on the back yeah Robo bro That was totally awesome Mikey says as He Chucks appeal not sure what to do Next Leo informs them that they should All just head home I don't want to push Our luck anymore he says then Donnie Agrees despite all that we've been Through and believe that the worst is Yet to come little did they know Shredder stands in one of Stockman's Factories watching as an army of Mausers And flyboards are being built over with Arnold after he fled from the fight he Returns for a second time but now he's Surrounded by members of the Purple Dragon gang what no welcoming committee He shouts into the night but it doesn't Take long for Casey Angel and alopex to Meet them in the streets go home dad Your drunk as a skunk Casey tells his Father armed with several Sports weapons But Arnold scoffs calling his son weak Telling him that he promises the teacher Made lesson as he takes a long drag from His Whiskey Bottle honor your father he Sneers and Casey pulls down his hockey

Mask prepared for the fight with a roar He leaps into battle and alopex and Angel are at his side others from the Street seeing the Carnage and they head Out to help those that have protected Them the two of them grab a hold of Casey pinning his arm so that Arnold can Beat him but something hits Arnold from Behind and the other goons quickly gets Smacked across the face Mr O'Neill a run What are you doing Casey says in shock As he sees who saved them his eyes Widening as he sees April's father Wielding a toaster from the kitchen no Biggie just helping a neighbor a run Stammers it's all I had time to grab Jon Says as he holds the toaster over his Head and he throws it onto another goon While Angel and alopex take out the Others around them what now Casey John Asks well unless you got another toaster Handy batter up Casey tells him is he Hands on one of his bats and he pulls a Hockey stick out of his bag Arnold Roars As he rushes at his son but Casey ducks The attack hitting him in the neck with The hockey stick the other neighbors Begin to flood out onto the streets Beginning to help them fight the purple Dragons Casey is his father again bringing him To the ground where John and a run both Hit him with the bats and the hockey Stick Arnold gets to his feet angry

Again you think you're the only one with A new family around here he shouts at His son but Casey emotions with his head Pointing out the fact that the purple Dragons are all running in fear from a Crowd of angry neighbors who have come Out onto the streets Arnold looks for a Moment before laughing Casey can't Figure out why so Arnold explains that He was wrong about his new family that The gang bangers were just weaklings That he can replace Casey has already Begun to replace his new family having Already left the turtles and is now Siding with the neighborhood don't you See the only constant in all of this is You and me the way that we both handle Any problem that gets in our way even if That problem happens to be each other The jonesway fisted feet with blood and Broken boats he says putting his hand on Casey's shoulder explaining that he has Already taught him a lesson about what It means to be a Jones hands off the kid Dirt bag Of turns to see the police have arrived With Elizabeth O'Neill pointing him out That's him officer the big one his With all of this the police surround him Putting him in cuffs and detective Kara Lewis steps over to the O'Neills and Casey thanking them for helping put away One of New York's Most Wanted Most Wanted huh not by me Casey says as he

Walks back to the apartment with the O'Neills meanwhile over in their Lair Master Splinter is going over the scroll That April has brought to him what do You think father should we destroy this One too Leo asks but Splinter shakes his Head this document not only speaks up Threats from an ancient past but of Potential dangers to come as well it Would be beneficial to maintain some Forewarning of future Jeopardy Splinter Says and the turtles all study the Scroll but Splinter reminds them that They have more present concerns as he Looks in on Donatello the brothers Quickly fill April in on everything that Has happened including with hun and Casing well if Huns running around Causing trouble that is all the more Reason for Casey to go with me they Don't know what she's talking about but She smiles break time is over time to Get back to work back over at the Foot Clan Karai hearing the report of how the Turtles managed to escape Koya and Bludgeon he begins to get furious Silence you fools repelled by a secret Weapon again your excuses are becoming As uninspired as your fighting skills She snaps at them but a voice makes her Pause and yet they speak truth Shredder Calls stocks out of a chamber flanked by Stockmen fortunately secret weapons are Not solely accessible to our enemies he

Orders the others to leave the chamber As he takes his seat on the throne Looking at Karai and Baxter stuckman we Have important business to conduct Karai Tries to argue with Stockman but Shredder waves her off explaining that It is time for him to finally destroy Splinter and his children he asks Stockman if he's ready as the scientist Pulls a harness from his case and places It over his head I was thinking that you Would never ask says of an evil smile he Puts the harness over his head and Begins the task of extermination at his Tower the flyborgs and the Mausers begin To move through the city throughout the City those that have become Tangled in The lives of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles look up in shock as an army of Robots are flying above them Dani is Residing in Harold's Warehouse when he Tries to get Harold and honeycutt's Attention pointing to his radar which Shows something large and fast heading For the family's home as the family and Splinter are trying to protect Donny's Body the walls around them begin to Crumble and in Walk the cyborgs and the Mausers priority Mission kill the rat They begin to repeat as the Brothers Prepare to defend to themselves and Their father The mousers and the flyboards rush Splinter and the turtles with everyone

Dropping into their combat stances to Protect the body of Donatello my sons Protect yourselves Splinter shouts as They leap to meet their foes kill the Rat the flyborg shout but are quickly Silenced by Splinter's walking stick you Know Sensei keeps telling us to protect Ourselves but I'm pretty sure we're the Least of these fly dorks worries Raph Shouts to Leo and Leo nods rushing to His father telling him to fall back to The basement but Donatello is Defenseless Splinter says as he smashes Another flyboard they nod but wrath Moves Splinter to the basement promising Him that Leo has a plan after they leave Mikey and Leo managed to take out a few More of the robots before they look up To realize that they aren't alone so What now Mikey asks his older brother And Leo sheaths his sword I'm gonna go Help with those damn bugs you stay here And keep an eye on Donnie he says and Mikey doesn't like the idea at first but He doesn't argue I got this no problemo He says with determination left alone With his brother Mikey stays by his side You'll be okay bro don't worry he says Quietly but as the voice calls out Mikey Jumps to his feet with his nunchucks I'm Worried Mikey at least not about me Where's everyone else Donnie asks as he Enters the room in the metal head body Mikey quickly fills him in informing him

That Leo ordered him to protect Donny's Body but Donnie tells Mikey not to worry That he's got everything figured out and He puts a call through to Honeycutt Ordering the robot to teleport his body To burn now Island Mikey looks up in Shock as Donnie disappears with a flash Of light reappearing in a protective Medical pod with a few good now please Focus your efforts on protecting your Family my friend Honeycutt says over the Comps and Donnie agrees asking them to Send the coordinates to Angel tell her We're going to need all the help we can Get Dani says elsewhere in the city Angel and alopecs get the message Quickly leaping off the rooftops to get To their friends but down in the streets Below the police look up to see a Costumed vigilante and a giant Fox Leaping across the rooftops up there he Shouts to the sergeant but she doesn't Look up from her paperwork informing him That she has spent years undercover and Nothing surprises her anymore but that Discussion is interrupted as the whole Truck explodes lifting it up into the Air slamming it hard on the ground Let's try to crawl their way out but the Sergeant is looking through the cracked Windshield and sees a gun-toting cat and A dumpster wearing hermit crab get him Out of here Urban move Hobbs says Pointing to the transport truck Roger

Sir Herman shouts as he scuttles forward Using his claws to tear the side of the Truck off Han is shot as Herman reaches Down snipping through his handcuffs he Eyes the crap suspiciously as he gets Out rubbing his wrist so I wasn't Expecting this but I ain't gonna try to Look a gift horse in the mouth or Nothing but what's your play cat he says The hob and Hobbs Smiles explaining that Han is going to help them phrase freaks The sergeant snaps as she pulls herself Free aiming her pistol at the criminals Drop Smoke Herman Hobb snaps and the Crab quickly scuttles over and the Ground is shrouded by smoke the mutants Quickly make a getaway hopping into Hobbs old truck and pulling away you Know that big turtle of yours hates my Guts right he ain't gonna be happy it Did this hun points out and hob nods and Sneers why do you think I didn't bring Him as they drive away the police begin To regroup outside of the turned over Police wagon okay I'm not gonna lie that Did surprise me the sergeant says Meanwhile Leo and RAF form a defensive Circle with Splinter not wanting the Flyboards to get around them get ready Here they come RAF shouts but the laser Blast rips through the flyboards and Drops them all to the ground good plan Getting everyone down here Leo but these Two were just probing our defenses

Outside more Stockman's robots have Arrived swarming over the church the Turtles call home we need to get out of Here Donnie tells them explaining what Happened to his body after Splinter Offers his concerns for Donatello's Body's safety the turtles turn to the Sewers quickly jumping into the water Wait a second father Donnie says quickly Transforming his body into a boat Allowing Splinter to speed along the Water they quickly come to another Junction with rap unhappy about their Swim all I know is I'm gonna need a bath To wash off this bath he's now apps but Donnie turns his head activating Metalhead's Searchlight looking into the Darkness the sailing then shifts above Them as a bunch of flyborgs and mouses Are crawling along it they have found us Donnie shouts to his family Splinter Leaps up using his staff to knock the Robots away as they clear the sewers and Head out into the bay they're all around Us we have to get to the shore my sons He shouts but the two flyboards then Grab a hold of Wrath pulling him down Beneath the waters while another grabs Mikey and flies him straight into the Air Leo shouts for Johnny to get Splinter out of here as he dies in after Ref and Donnie aims his grappling gun Upwards and pulls Splinter free of the Water the two of them then continue to

Defend themselves from the robots I do Not like abandoning your brothers like This Donatello Splinter shouts and Donnie nods as he blasts more incoming Robots me neither father but like you Said we're no good in the water he Shouts back but beneath the waves wrath Is struggling to breathe as the robots Are pulling him deeper but as he begins To black out he the air leaving his body Is a flash of a sword as it frees him And Leo grabs him swimming to the Surface flying through the air though Mikey pulls out his nunchucks and looks At the flyboard if we're gonna fly like This we should probably have a propeller He shouts and he swings the weapon up Smashing the flyboard in the face Stunned the robot releases him and he Plummets back towards the water catapult All he shouts with Glee swimming towards The shore joining Leo and wrath Splinter Is happy that his sons have made it back But he and Donatello are still Surrounded at that moment Angel and Alopec suddenly appear fighting through The collection of robots man am I glad To see you too Donnie shouts and Angel Nas as she opens fire on the robots Let's hope you stay that way there's a Ton of these things Does and the others quickly join them Scaling the supports of the bridge Joining into the fight everyone gets

Into a defensive position readying Themselves promising that they will Fight together until the robots are Destroyed but Mikey looks at the horde Of robots that surround him uh Donny you Think Harold has more robots like you Lying around cause I'm thinking we're All gonna need a body of our own soon But back over at the Foot Clan Stockman Is watching Through The Eyes of his Robots as they surround and attack the Turtles and their allies so Stockman how Is the slaughter going Shredder asks but Stockman doesn't even look up his eyes Focus on the task everything is going to Plan Shredder I certainly didn't need Any assistance from your lackeys but Shredder is confused he then whirls Around to realize that his granddaughter Is gone with a group of ninjas Hey he Bellows but back with the turtles They're preparing for the onslaught but That's when everyone looks up in Surprise as the Foot Clan ninjas descend From the Shadows then they attack the Mausers and the flyboards in moments the Robots are defeated by the Foot Clan Okay I'm totally confused guys Mikey Tells them as he scratches his head Karai steps to the front of the Ninjas It is simple Turtle you do not deserve Death by those machines not in the name Of the Foot Clan she tells him she bows To Splinter asking if he will hear her

Out he studies her for a moment before Asking his group to lower their weapons I'm listening a Roku Karai he Sighs and She nods explaining that she did not Save them out of compassion but refuses To let their depths be so dishonorable She reaches for her blade now we can Finish this in a proper manner as true Warriors she says but Splinter holds up A paw explaining to her that her vast Army destroying such a small group would Also be dishonorable furthermore if its Retribution orokosaki wants as his Shunan it is your duty to ensure that he Does so in a way worthy of one who calls Himself Master he tells her Karai glares At him knowing that he speaks the truth There'd be nothing honorable about this Battle today meanwhile back on Burn now Island Harold and Honeycutt are arguing About how to fix Donny's body with Honeycutt explaining that they're going To need the Ooze to repair him but the Amount that they're going to need would Harm the ultrams in stasis I want to Help Harold but I don't think I'm Capable of creating more innocent to Victims in your War he says but a voice Growls at him from the doorway Well I can help you with that particular Conundrum if you'd be willing to help me With one of my own Harold looks in shock at the new person From his computer screen

Back over at the Foot Clan headquarters Stockman rips off his control helmet Snapping at Shredder that his ninjas Destroyed all the robots hear me now Stockman whatever happened you would do Well to control your tongue Shredder Hisses at him and an arrow flies through The air destroying Stockman's command Console yes you would Karai says and Shredder stalks across the room Demanding to know what his granddaughter Did and she immediately bows to her Grandfather and master I have eliminated A dire threat to our clan master Shredder orokusaki is about to kill her But the words of kitsuni stay his hand Convincing him to hear Karai out he Finally nods and takes a seat at his Throne she stands before him and tells Him that she believes that the Foot Clan Has lost its way that their army was Devastated during the attack on Burn now Island and they have fallen into Dishonor by working alongside the Cowardly Stockman she believes that Shredder should have his Vengeance on Splinter and the turtle's butt he should Do so with an honorable path This is the better way your shunan Speaks the true sake Splinter calls from The entrance to the base flanked by his Sons surrounded by the Foot It is far past time that we resolved This war between us ihomoto Yoshi

Formally challenged you oroku saki to The Gauntlet but Shredder stands in Anger absurd I will never Sully myself With such nonsense foot Slaughter them he shouts but the katsuni Orders him to wait she leans forward Explaining that the gauntlet is an Ancient path that by choosing it he will Prove that he is truly right to lead the Foot into the new age time for plots is Over the time for combat is now become The great ruler you were always destined To be except the challenge she says Gently and Shredder pauses for a moment Before turning back to Splinter very Well homoto Yoshi let your second to Death at long last seal your place as a Traitor to the Foot Clan I accept your Challenge the challenge begins with the Subordinates of the Rival families Facing off against each other the Turtles on Splinter's side with kuyo Bludgeoned Bebop and Rocksteady standing For Shredder Mikey is shocked that They're supposed to kill each other but Splinter explains that only he or Shredder are meant to die he takes his Son's hand explaining that the families Will never know peace until one or the Other Dead one way or another The Gauntlet Will remove Shredder's Dark Shadow from Our lives he tells his children both Groups prepare themselves bowing to

Karai who flashes her sword signaling The beginning of the combat enough of This bowing and crap if we're gonna do This let's do it rasnab says the turtles Rushed forward to meet with Shredder's Forces Rapha leans over rocksteady's Hammer kicking him hard in the face with Donnie firing on kuyo as the Falcon Descends upon him he whirls out of the Way shooting his grappling hook to wrap Around her leg and bring her down Mikey Is dealing with Bebop as Leo is slammed Into the ground by bludgeon little help Here Leo calls out to his brother so With Mikey leaping in punching the Shark Hard in the face breaking his tooth he Helps Leo to his feet check it out shark Tooth cool he says with Glee as he holds Up his souvenir but the momentary Victories of the turtles don't last with Kuyo grabbing the grappling hook and Swinging Dani through the air throwing Him into wrath and knocking them both Down Bebop rushes forward punching Leah Hard in the face and bludgeon swings his Tail knocking Mikey away with all the Turtles down the foot's massive mutants Stalk forward Rock Steady swinging his Hammer around let's just see what comes Out next he says with a laugh looking Back at kuya and bludgeoned the way you Guys are talking about eating your kills I hope you're hungry right now He lifts his hammer preparing to strike

But Donnie gets to his robotic feet Blasting a laser from his eyes I got a News flash for you idiots I didn't come Here to lose he says raising his arm Firing a flamethrower at the enemies Keeping them at Bay long enough for his Brothers to get to their feet guys I can Only keep the bozo Barbecue Cooking for So long he shouts back and wrath is Ready to rush back in but Leo stops him Telling him that they can't beat the Villains in a straight up brawl Splinter Shouts to them from the sidelines Explaining that they can't let their Opponents dictate the flow of battle Leo Nods as he readies his swords we do this As a team we do this for our father he Shouts and the group rushes forward Prepared to fight once more they quickly Leap amongst the group of mutants with Leo telling them that they need to keep Them scattered and off balance Donnie Nods transforming into car mode rolling Forward slamming into Bebop and Rocksteady yo fish breath candy gram rap Shots as he and Mikey hit bludgeoned one Going high the other going low Leo Ducks Under koya's attack rolling up and Throwing a smoke bomb at her pathetic Tricks won't keep you hidden she snaps But is lost in the Smoke Splinter Continues to meditate as his sons are Fighting memories of the day that they Were all executed by a Roku sake flashed

Through his mind back when they were all Humans Raph throws his kunai at Rocksteady the blades sticking into the Rhino forcing him to shout with pain and Drop his Sledgehammer which slams into Bebop's foot making the warthog jump up And down man and look at those dorks we Should just let them beat each other up Mikey last and wrap nods and smiles you Know what Mikey I think you're on to Something a few moments pass and both Brothers left a big mutants surround Them totally crazy Mikey Whispers to rap The big monsters rushing forward the two Brothers leaping out of the way letting Them slam into each other above them Leo Leaps Out of the Shadows landing on Koya's back slashing into her with his Swords bringing her down bludgeon is Trying to rip Donny's arms off but he Hears Koya shouting as Leo continues to Hack at her with his swings the Distraction is all done he needs to fire A beam into the shark's head this forces Him to release him and he looks up Flashing a blinding light at the shark Blinding him dude I think Donnie and Leo Are winning but are we Mikey asks is he And wrath continue to dodge it Bebop and Rocksteady's attacks allowing the two Brutes to continue to beat into one Another yeah pretty much RAF says in the Two mutants start shouting at each other Yelling for the other one to stop

Hitting them come and get us rash shouts And the Bruce turn rushing at him but Wrath and Mikey leap away again allowing Them both to slam into the wall Meanwhile bludgeon is stumbling around Unable to see with koya's screams Bringing him around and he blindly Flails with his tail knocking Leo away From her get away she's done he Bellows And Leo picks himself up but he sheaths His swords I think you're right he says Quietly as bludgeon picks up Koya Cradling her apologizing for not helping Her sooner stop doesn't matter we both Failed this fight doesn't belong to us Anymore pledging Leo and Don even joined Raph and Mikey who are watching his Bebop and Rocksteady continue to argue We made him beat each other up but I Think they liked it Mikey jokes and Leo Draws his swords telling the group to Attack together that they are ready to Get some payback for Donnie but Donnie Starts talking to himself asking if it's Really the right time he finally steps Forward telling his brothers to step Back hey what Rocksteady asks of the smile committing Suicide Bebop jokes and Donnie shakes His head no this is going to be Something a bit more drastic bye fellas It's been a blast Donnie says as he Looks over his shoulder everyone looks In shock as Donnie explodes the blast

Tearing through the center of the Arena Knocking Bebop and Rocksteady to the Ground Begin to struggle to their feet but a Metal box staff comes out knocking them Both back no freaking way the Three Brothers gasp as they look up to see the Real Donatello is back and standing Before them man that felt good he says With a smile the brothers rushed forward To hug their now alive brother shocked To see him up and around already the Same heroic Warrior you have always been Splinter says as he steps forward with Donnie hugging his father and Splinter Looks at his son wishing to know how Honeycutt managed to bring him back but First he says as he turns to the rest of His sons I know you were weary from the First battle but I must ask you to find The strength within yourselves to carry On without me for a short while longer The brothers are confused but Splinter Explains that he was searching the Astral plane for answers on how to Defeat Shredder I have yet to find them He says but Shredder is behind them Stalking forward are you finished Yoshi I grow tired of this delay Splinter Knots claiming that since Clan hamoto Has won the first part of a gauntlet Shredder must choose where the next Fight will happen I choose the rooftop Since you enjoy spending so much of your

Precious time in your head wandering Through the cosmos why not let the Heaven be witness to your doom Short while later the two families Finally meet up the turtles standing Between Shredder and Splinter Protecting their father as he continues To meditate Shredder nuts removing his Cloak and letting it Blow Away In the Wind come then sons of hamoto Yoshi know You're better he says dropping into a Combat stance as the turtles finally Rush at him Leo flashing past him his Sword biting into Shredder's shoulder RAF comes in next stabbing into his Thigh but Shredder whirls kicking him in The face knocking him away whirling Around again backhanding Liam Johnny is Next bo staff slamming into Shredder's Stomach while Mikey cracks him with a Nunchuck but Shredder is only Momentarily stunned moving with Lightning speed leaping kicking out of The turtles blocking their blows Punching them hard following your father To his Doom He blocks another Blow from Raph Slashing him across the jaw the filthy Rode into his sleeping through your Slaughter Shredder snaps and in seconds The turtles are on the ground Shredder Standing over them Shall we continue but Leo is the one That is back up attacking with both

Swords ah the failed shooted the first To attack Shredder says as he blocks the Blow twisting the swords away punching Out knocking Leo across the roof and the First to fall Shredder says as he stalks Forward grabbing Leo by the throat Lifting him into the air preparing to Land the final blow but Donnie is there Knocking Shredder away he keeps moving Forward twirling his staff as he presses The attack but Shredder is up grabbing The staff throwing Donnie to the side Meanwhile on the astral plane Splinter Sees himself in sake as children Practicing their skills fighting each Other but they are just children and Their enthusiasm sends them both into The river their Master looks down Commenting that if they don't learn to Control their compulsions they will Always be failed to do rap and Shredder Lock in combat as he leaps up kicking Shredder in the chest knocking him away RAF spins throwing his sigh but Shredder Catches it sending it back the blade Stabbing into raph's thigh bringing him Down Mikey is the next one leaping and Flipping over Shredder's attacks hitting Him hard in the stomach staggering the Ninja Master impressive I did not expect Such fire from you a Pity this new anger Leaves you unbalanced Shredder notes as Mikey launches himself again but Shredder sidesteps using Mikey's

Momentum to toss him away Splinter then Finally opens up his eyes ah Yoshi awake From your Daydreams Shredder says as he Turns to his old folks Splinter getting To his feet yes you could say that I Have awakened he says explaining to Shredder that while his sons have Battled he looked on their history Together he tells Shredder that he saw His innate strength and power but he Also saw the rage that boiled up inside Of him something that he eventually Learned to control and master when he Knew true peace and true strength he Says as he reaches down picking up Donny's new bow step and readying Himself Shredder laughs claiming that Splinter's strength lifted him when he Put out the rage in himself you must Understand sucky I never said that I put Out the fire I said that I now know how To control it when to subdued and when To unleash it he lashes out slamming the Staff into Shredder's shoulder whirling And lashing into Shredder's face the Ninja Dodges the attack sweeping out Knocking Splinter off his feet but the Rat reaches up for Mikey's nunchucks he And Shredder meeting once more in battle Trading blows back and forth Shredder Backhanding of drawing blood but Splinter grasps at one of raph's size Leaping back up the blow coming close to Shredder's face Shredder then twist out

Of the way slashing him across the arm Kicking the stunned rat Splinter Clutches the bloody wound death awaits Us we have no choice and yet you speak As if it's a fate belonging solely to The others he reaches out for one of Leo's Fallen swords using it to prop Himself to his feet in your blind Confidence you have forgotten something He says and Splinter moves with blinding Speed with Shredder's eyes widening in Shock I have never feared you Splinter Says a shredder looks at the bloody Wound in his chest everyone else looks In shock as Shredder Falls Oh he gasps a grunt of pain escaping his Lips as he convulses it's time to take The power back sucky time to control That which has controlled you for so Long Time to be strong Splinter says as he Turns reaching down removing his enemy's Helmet we reference Yoshi brothers and Then you turned your back on me why Shredder asks but Splinter explained That he didn't mean to turn his back on Him only what he had become for that I am truly sorry he says quietly Shredder still shocked believing that This is not how his life was meant to End the power is still in your control Of rokusaki which path do you choose in These dying times Splinter asks as his Old friend and enemy pushes himself to

His knees Shredder using the last of his Strength to tear off his tunic I choose The dream Yoshi I choose Warrior's honor He closes his eyes and splits her nods Raising the sword behind him Then it is my honor to help you know the Dream once more Shredder turns to Karai you are my Finest Warrior I am proud of your strength and loyalty He turns to katsuni promising I will find a path that leads back to You that he looks over his shoulder and You Hamada Yoshi I will see you in the forest again Brother Splinter looks at him sadly I do not doubt it to my brother the Sword flashes through the air and with That Shredder Falls The brothers look at him in shock as Splinter steps down from the roof Offering Leo his sword Karai steps Forward with the turtles moving to Defend Splinter but he motions them away Speak of rokukurai I am listening he Asks her if she would continue the Vendetta or honor the rights of the Ritual she agrees to honor them Believing that she has seen true Leadership today and she bows before Splinter offering out her sword I humbly Offer my grandfather's throne and my

Sword to you Master Splinter she says Everyone looks at them in shock and Splinter pauses for a moment before Reaching out and I humbly accept your Offer to lead the Foot Clan of rokukurai As I accept your sword with that he Touches it to her shoulder everyone is Stunned but it's Mikey who finally Speaks up no he drops his nunchucks to The ground I'm done I can't be a part of This not anymore not if this is what all The fighting turns us into The others try to stop him but he turns Leaping off the building disappearing Into the night Splinter tells them to Leave him be that he will come to terms With the surprising outcome on his own What's next father what do we do Leo Asks Splinter and Yamato Yoshi reaches Down picking up Shredder's helmet and Looking at it in sadness remembering the Children who were once best friends Now my sons we embrace our destiny And he looks over the city And there you have it we decided to Bring this video out finally here on the Channel because they've just announced a Brand new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TV show one that has Jackie Chan Starring as Splinter so you know I'm Kind of excited about that one but let Me know your thoughts on the show at the Point right now what it hasn't even come Out in the comments down below and don't

Forget if you enjoyed this style of Video check out our comic story and full Story Channel where we just do a bunch Of re-uploads over there and that's the Only type of content that comes out hope You guys enjoy and I'll see you next Time right here

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