I Forbid You From Buying These

By | February 20, 2023

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How's it going and David from comic book Investments so we're going to look at Five keys that are massively drop in Price some of them by 84 and some on Here I forbid you to ever buy you are Not allowed to buy them whatsoever well I mean you can if you want but I will Explain more in a bit so let's get into Our first one our first one is King Spawn number one a nine four is down 11 For 28.25.96 is down 69 from 80 to 25 and a 9A is down from forty two dollars or a 42 from 101 dollars to fifty nine Dollars I didn't see that graphic just Started going down ever since it was Released this was one of the hottest Books of whatever it was 2021 or 2022 Whenever it came out uh 2021 sold I don't know I think it was like a half A million copies of the cover a and then Of course had a bazillion variants and That's why everyone bought it surprise Surprise Why this book was ever a hundred dollars Out of the gate I don't know Is beyond me I this is where I for video I forbid you to buy this book thinking That it's going to go up in value this Book will never go up in value the most You could possibly hope for ever let's Say if you bought this for 59 which is Case cost when I say case cost I mean What it costs for you to actually send

This book to cgc and get it back it's Going to cost you 24 to grade a modern Book then there's taxes and then there's Shipping shipping there say it's like Ten twelve dollars to ship probably like 12 bucks to ship there 12 bucks ship Back okay now you're out in over twenty Four dollars now you're into the book For 48 dollars plus obviously a little Bit of taxes and maybe some insurance And all that kind of stuff so it costs About fifty dollars to grade a single Book if it's greater modern that's Basically what you're into so I call That case costs right now the book for Nine eight is that case cost This book will never go up uh where best Hope is 30 40 years from now it's a Hundred dollars that's your best that's Your best bet and that's maybe a go Probably not even no probably always Hover around case costs now obviously There's inflation so it'll go up with Inflation whatever that is well right Now it seems to be about 100 every month But normally it's about 2.2 percent a Year So expect us and that's for a 9-8 I Forbid you'd ever buy anything but a 98 Of this book if you want the book buy a Nine eight just if you want suppose just Buy it raw you can get it for like a Dollar Like there's like

And if you want a case don't case Yourself just buy a case because you Could probably try to case yourself and Then you get like a nine six or a nine Four and then you're screwed then it's Basically worth half of what you're into It for even if you got the book for free Um yeah modern books and by modern I Mean within the last like 10 years Always get 9 8 just only get 9 8 only 9 8. don't bother with nine six three nine Fours and nine worth it there's just too Many produced and they're all cgc'd at This point Um not every thing not all 500 000 Copies of cgc I'm just saying this as Soon as someone gets it they send it cgc People's grab stacks of them as soon as They come off the truck from you know The distributor and they send us Straight to cgc so 9A doesn't really Mean as much anymore is used to uh back In the day because people actually read Comic books and then you know it's ready To find a nine eight of a book usually In the Silver age Um so but yes Only get nine eights of modern books Only if you're going that route if You're sending one in yourself and you Bought off the you know off your comic Shop or whatever make sure it's a 9A Before you send it Um that you're just gonna have to learn

How to grade maybe you can ask the comic Shop owner that you bought it from Will this get a 9 8 if you really want That nine eight if not don't you like These books are basically cost the same You might as well just buy it Already cased just buy it already cased All right next we got is Superman Simon Cowell number five A nine four this one actually went up 127 now that's kind of weird on this Driving video it went from 11 to 25 uh 96 is down 42 from 50 to 29 and a 9 8 It's down from 350 Jesus uh down 84 to 55 now the one that went up there's two Sales and an i4 two this is the more Variant by the way so it's not the cover A Um two sales one in 2022 for eleven Dollars probably someone put in an Auction and that's basically what it's Worth and then one recently for twenty Five dollars so is this book really Going up no it's not it's this thing is Dead on Arrival whoever got that 9-4 is Like thinking okay it's gonna cost me Fifty dollars just a case book so I Basically got a half price Well you shouldn't even bought it at 940 You should have bought a nine eight once Again buy these books in the name I Forbid you to buy these books at a nine Four and don't even waste your money There's no point

Um what are you trying to accomplish Here so if you're buying this book for Even in the nine six buying for 29 what Are you trying to accomplish when you Can get literally a nine eight for fifty Five dollars these are actual sales Sales data is not like what people are Putting that these are actually what They're going for fifty five dollars so What are you trying to accomplish by Buying a nine four that's what I want to Know are you accomplished you just want To hang your wall why don't you just get The nine eight pay the extra 25 the Reason why you would want to pay the Extra 25 because you have any idea how Hard it is going to sell that thing at a Nine four No One's Gonna Want it no one Even wants the nine eight so No One's Gonna even want the nine four and so you Throw in an auction then you'll be that Person sells for eleven dollars So a sign really worth your time at that Point Um So don't even bother just get the 9 8 Buy already case these people are Obviously buying a case this way you Hang your own wall put in your Collection I don't care it's your book Do whatever you want with it if not just Buy it raw it's a couple dollars raw This thing is will be a dollar bin book Most modern books will always be dollar

Bin books uh I don't know if they go Lower than a dollar bin book 10 cent Been books Penny books sure these books Will always be Penny books Um yeah 55 dollars down 84 for the more variant Typical modern must go high because who Knows it's introducing some random Character that we'll never see again Um and no one will care in about a year I mean this book has been out so how Long it's been out about a year Uh and you know a little over a year and It's down to case cost and that's where Most moderns will fall the fall down the Case cost if you have a nine eight Because I mean getting something cased Does cost money and people do put value On that so But once again that's where these are Forbid you do not get a little grade of This book if you're going to get it just Spring the extra money why do you want To spend the extra money I'll tell you Why because if for some reason this book Happens to go up over time the only one That's going up is the 98 the 9 4 and The nine six are going to stay around The same case costs are less so if for Some reason it does go up you want to Make sure at least you got your nine Eight of it All right next we got what if number 10. A 9-4 is down 71 from 510 to 150 and 96

Down 77 790 to 181 and 98 is down 61 From 2150 to 848. uh yeah so no surprise Here this uh was hyped up because of Thor four and then The hype's gone So I mean you can clear the seat in the Graph too Oh it got covered bump oh what do you Know Thor four and then it's back down I Mean this book was I don't know Like Probably three four hundred dollars and A nine eight before all this so that's Probably where it's going to go back Down to Next week uh Superman Man of Steel 18. This is the first a Dunes day a 9-4 down 51 from 149.96 down 73 for 200 to 55 and Then 98 is down 68 for 396 dollars Yes so you know This is kind of all over the place Um I still think a hundred dollars for a Nine eight for this book not bad Not bad I mean I won't scold you over it I think it's pretty good 9-6 is case Cost nine four case cost at this point Um it's gonna go through Ebbs and flows I mean doomsday is always popping up Here and there I wouldn't be surprised if someday Hopefully we actually get a real you Know Death of Superman storyline instead

Of the crappy one that we got in Zack Snyder's whatever crappy Justice League Movie or was it Batman be Superman Oh That I will always remember you know What I always remember from the Zack Steiner Justice League movie or Batman v Superman I always you know things I always will Stand out to me is the Martha scene Martha why'd you say that name that's my Mom hey it's my mom too we're best Friends even though I literally was Plotting for the last I don't know two Years how to kill you because you have The same names my mom I'm gonna let you live and then uh Lois Lane going oh we don't know what the Writer's like what are we going to do With Rose Lane I don't know uh have her Throw the stick into the pool well now They need the stick okay she has to go Get back in the little pool of water to Get it back oh no something fell on top Of her and now she needs help Superman Has to go save her and get the little Stick that has the Kryptonite on it oh My God Oh So bad The fight scene in the warehouse of Batman was cool That's cool and Lex Luthor was terrible I don't know I don't I don't know who to

Blame with that one is that the casting Director or is it the director director Or is it the studio who picked Jesse Eisenberg to be Lex Luthor and do that Uh iteration of him Like whose bright idea was that And who went along with it a bunch of Yes men work over there all right next We got usagi Yojimbo number one a 9-4 is Down 81 from 546 to 103 a nine six down Eight percent for 900 to 176 and a 980 Is down 81 2800 to 535. ah yes This one Always hurts it's like a thorn in my Side because I hate being wrong but I'll Admit it when I'm wrong I projected that This book would be a good spec book oh Man it was a boy was that wrong I Was Wrong by a lot it was great too because When I expect it it started going up and I was like oh awesome yes I'm right and Then it went back down now I'd like to Say that you know I can't take all the Blame because most books did that but at The same time this went abnormally high And went abnormally low Um Yeah shame on me but nonetheless it's Down Um I also thought you know the show was Coming out and at the time I had no idea What was the show was going to be they Didn't have anything and then it turns Out to be like this kid cartoon that has

Nothing to do with him and they're in The future and I was like oh God I mean Stan Sakai he wrote it and he got Something out of it like some show so I Just if I wrote anything and they made It into anything I don't even care if it Was terrible I'd still be proud and Happy so good on him but Yeah It was one of those things it didn't Really work out and it's going back down Let's see it's not as bad as the Eternals it looks like it's right around Where it was before so 500 for a nine Eight that seems about right Have a good weekend

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