The MCU Is Dead – Ant Man 3 Review *SPOILERS*

By | February 19, 2023

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How's it going so this is going to be my Review of Ant-Man uh three I watched it Last night uh pretty late last night so I didn't want to do it when I got back Um it will be me and my dog today Say hello So he he's gonna help me review it today What'd you like about it Frankie And he said it was boring anyways uh the Movie let's see It's a movie It exists uh is it good no Is it bad No Uh does it make me excited for phase Five the MCU no not at all Um there's just so many like The whole movie's kind of pointless and Dumb and it doesn't even need to exist It starts off and ends the exact same Way and the whole reason the movie Exists is for the stupidest reason in The world Michelle Pfeiffer who looks by The way amazing I couldn't believe how Old she was I think she's like 64. but Anyways it just looks amazing anyways The whole reason the movie exists is Because they're sitting around having Pizza family dinner or something like That and they keep asking her she's like Oh I'm so happy that we finally get to Do this because you know she's been gone For 30 years and they're like every Single one they're like what happened

You know when you're in the quantum room Can you tell us anything about it she's Like no no I refuse or I refuse I want To forget about it even Hank Pym you Know Michael Douglas is like yep she Won't even tell me so refuse is telling You I can't I'm protecting you or Something and then all of a sudden Cassie Who is also an Ant-Man in this as well Um she's like oh come to the basement I Built this thing oh what is this thing They built oh I just built like this Quantum Um like basic like messaging system Where we could like you know Investigate down there without actually Being down there basically it's like a A message system you can message things Down there oh yeah this high school Student just built this quantum Damn okay whatever it's so dumb it's Just so dumb it's just like she never Shows anything about like oh she's Really scientists you know into science Or anything like that she says like Randomly I just built it over the summer So she builds this thing and then of Course Michelle Pfeiffer is like Freaking out it's like no no you need to Turn it off it's terrible and then They're like well why do we need to turn It off oh you shouldn't contact her why Why why why I'm not going to say why and

She just pulls a plug on it oh but what Do you know there's still some it's Being powered from the other side and Then they get sucked down And then they get down there and they Get separated And The whole time they're down they're like Oh what is this is this place is so Weird you never told me it was anything Like this she's like I can't tell you Anything and then all of a sudden a ship Starts like navigating and like looking For people like a scout ship and then They're like what is that up there uh Old Ant-Man Michael Douglas and uh the WASP they're with Michelle Pfeiffer it's Them three and then Cassie and Ant-Man Are separated And then myself I can't tell you I can't Tell you just duck hide behind here do This do this and then they go to a bar With a bunch of aliens and then they're Like what's going on can't you tell us That no no I gotta protect you I gotta Protect you then people start shooting Them she tells us the whole time and Then like halfway through the movie she Finally was like okay I'm gonna tell you So there's this guy named King and he's A bad guy He wants to destroy the world he was Exiled there So that's why the movie exists by the

Way they're spoilers Um if she would have said Oh when they first sat to dinner and They're like can you tell us about the Quantum Realms like well there's this Bad guy named King and he was exiled There I helped him rebuild his ship but Then I destroyed his ship after I helped Him rebuild it because I realized his Master plan was to destroy basically Everyone and everything so I didn't want Him to get out of the exiled you know Quantum Realm and she would have just Said that and said that's why we Shouldn't go back there there's a person And if he gets free we're all screwed If she would have just said that those Words movie wouldn't existed Because then they wouldn't have turned On the little Quantum text messaging Machine and yeah so that's dumb Um there's just a bunch of dumb things That happen throughout the movie and It's just I don't know like there's a couple cool Action scenes a couple funny scenes it's Not like the funniest MCU by any means Not the best action by any means it's Just It's just like a lot of stupid things Like throughout the I'm like oh God like This is this part where um The wasp and Ant-Man are looking for Their daughter

And their daughter Is on this radio thing that broadcasts And has a big projection broadcast to The entire city how's the city exist I Don't know anyways there's a bunch of Aliens they exist in the city Uh Kang like built it but it's like Where'd all these aliens come from Anyways she broadcasts so there's a like You know I don't know probably like a mild tall Projection of her in the middle of the City and she goes she's trying to get The rebellions too To like fight back and then She's like come to the tower she's like Meet me at the tower there's something Along the lines of that And Ant-Man and wasps were watching her And then literally within the same scene After she it cuts out like obviously Kang like cuts the broadcast down The Wasps is like typing on some things She has this thing in her hand she's Looking at it and she goes I've located her she's over by the tower And it's like yeah because she literally Just said it two seconds ago that she's At the tower it's like oh my God it's Like so stupid Which scenes like that Um I don't know this is

I don't know it's a movie it exists and There's a couple cool things in it but It this kind of seems pointless Um I mean if you went back to phase two Through three right I I don't remember All the phases and what exists but Like when you add you know Winter Soldiers Civil War you know all those You know Thor Ragnarok all those like Great movies and then even Ant-Man one Was pretty good Ant-Man 2 is forgettable Like Anything after end game honestly is Literally just forgettable I don't know when Ant-Man 2 came out it Might have been before end game but I Don't remember anything about it nothing Special stands out nothing not a single Thing uh it's nothing I really want to Go back and re-watch this Falls right in Place with all that stuff There's this part where they have this Woman Rebellion leader and she's Supposed to be really tough I mean the Actress the place does steroids I mean She's super muscular and gigantic so It's probably some buff person but To It just seems so out of character like When someone says something that seems So out of character it just you're so That seems so forced and I hate that so There's this part where Cassie's trying

To break her out and here's a scientist That can build a quantum Basically text messaging machine But she can't seem to open the door and She's acting really stupid she's like How do you open this door is it a Numbers thing is a thumbs game I don't Know when she starts hitting invited and Then this little minion comes and she Slams the guy's face against it like Kicks him or something like that and you Know his face unlocks so sometimes it's A number system in the same jail cell Sometimes the number system sometimes It's a face Who knows it doesn't really make any Sense so this face the guy's face hits It it opens the thing and so then the The Rebellion leader chick comes out And they're like talking about something Well we got to get the others blah blah And then the guard the minion these days And he gets up and she just kicks him Front kicks him and then Cassie goes oh My gosh you're so cool like What like it was so weird I'm like It's almost I hate it when they Basically they when characters have to Tell the audience that you're supposed To like someone like when the characters Go I remember this in Wonder Woman too When cheetah before she's cheetah and Gal Gadot are sitting and having lunch And

It pans into them like it goes screen The Black Panther and then it you know Pans into them and they're at some Cafe Having lunch and then they're laughing And Wonder Woman goes oh my gosh you're So funny like you're the funniest person Ever like doesn't tell you what the joke Is doesn't like let you make your own Opinion of hey this character is funny Because she made me laugh it's more like This person I might have another Character tell you that this person is Who I want you to think she is right This person is cool and if it seems so Dumb Um I mean the Rebellion leader girl was Whatever forgettable no one yeah I don't Know This is the whole thing is it's like a Bunch of like that at the end you know Who kills Kang is the ants and this is This this part was so dumb I like the Ants the ants are actually pretty cool But this part was dumb so when they get Sucked into the quantum realm it goes Michael Douglas Michelle Pfeiffer and Then I don't know the girl's name but Wasp they get sucked in first it's like Evil on something uh they get sucked in First then the ants because there's These super smart ant in like an ant Tunnel chamber whatever an ant home Farm Whatever it's called that gets sucked in

And then it's Cassie in uh Paul Rudd Ant-Man they get sucked in and as they Get sucked in they all kind of end up in Different spots But when the ants come to save them Michael Douglas is like oh the ants Since time works different here the ants Actually showed up 10 000 years before Us and actually evolved for the next 10 000 years and it shows the ants like Building cities and building lasers and All sorts of stuff they became super Smart involved and I'm like but how they Literally got sucked in right around the Same time as them and if you want to say Well they got sucked in a different uh There were different times it's like Well Paul Rudd and Cassie were right Next to the ants Paul Rudd actually ran On the ant farm in okay you want down In the when they're getting sucked in And it's like I don't know this is but It's okay how did they get they never Explained they just said this is what Happened it's like some writer's like I'm gonna write that and that sounds Cool are you gonna explain It just is time works differently that's All they said so then the ants come and Basically pick apart King Pick him apart and He's left without no weapons the best Part was at the very end after this big Battle with the ants there's like Paul

Rudd and Cassie and they're standing Like right here And you see this wide shot behind them And there's a couple straggler ants like The last line and they're like walking Through they've already already won so They're the ants are in a hurry to get There they've already won and there's Like a big ant in the background fall Background and then there's like a Medium-sized ant that run past like Paul Rudd and there's another little ant that Is running past Cassie and you don't Really notice it but if you watch it Watch it so the ants have what six legs Or something like that and if you watch They've already run oh one so the ants Are running and he lifts up his two of His arms and he's like this Like this puppy in the air I found that pretty cool anyways but There's that and then Um they end up oh this is the dumbest Thing and stuff Michelle Pfeiffer she's In the tower and of course every villain Every villain in here not just like Stereotypical like I have cornered you Now and I'm gonna defeat you let me Monologue every single time they Corner Them like Modoc is in this and he's Cornering Cassie and it's like haha your Dad is not here to save you and he even Starts monologuing how he's going to Kill her then Cassie turns small runs

Away turns big and then he finds her Again aha I've cornered you I am going To destroy you and she's like oh no turn Small runs away it's like does that like Over and over it's like they didn't know What to do with her so they're like here Let's just throw in Modoc and then they Can run they basically is Constantly running around at the final Scene it's pretty dumb anyways and then Finally at the very end she goes you Know you don't have to be mean You can be Darren you don't have to be Modoc and he's like I don't know how to Be that and he's like just don't be a Dick and that was like the and then he Decides okay I'm gonna be nice now and Then help save the day and they did a Bunch of Joe it was kind of stupid Um there's a couple funny scenes with Modoc but overall I think was kind of Dumb character So then Michelle Pfeiffer after you know King first has a monologue and he's like Finally I fixed my engine that's the Whole reason Ant-Man had to go down There they needed Ant-Man to use a pen Particle so he can make his engine work And travel the Multiverse and destroy it All that's what Kane wanted finally he Gets it he puts it in the thing and uh He's ready to travel and dominate and Conquer everything But that takes him like I don't know

In their time probably like 15 20 Minutes screen time probably like 10 Minutes of him Don't know what he's doing he puts it in A thing and he's like all right people Let's go That's it and then there's like this Blue shield around his little base and They sit there and I'm like well how Long does this thing take to heat up I don't know doesn't say just takes Forever and enough time for Ant-Man to Come and destroy everything and the Ants So I don't know it was pretty stupid but Anyways Michelle Pfeiffer is like There's one boost left of power in it But we have to go now to send this back To our realm and they're like okay so They all get up there Everyone goes through but Ant-Man Because Kang Is trying to go through Because he barely survived the ants and So then they start battling or whatever And then the portal closes Um and then it's a little engine for Some reason sucks in And kills him I don't know and then all Of a sudden on the other end they use Their little text messaging machine to Open another portal Conveniently doesn't ever explain that To begin with At all just hey

I'll use my text message machine to Basically it's like a message machine Open another portal and then they go Through so then Ant-Man is saved he's Not forever stuck in the quantum Realm Yeah I I'm just going off basically Giving all these the stupid instances of It Um in the end the end credit scene is it Shows the you know all the kangs you Know whatever it's called the Hall of Kings And or the crown something of canes I'm Blanking on the word right now Um so I'll say it shows all the kings And here's the thing They they say like they killed King blah Blah blah blah whatever his number was And they're like oh we got to stop the Avengers now or something like that All the kings the Council of Kings the Council Kings sent this one king to the Quantum realm because here's how it Works you have the Multiverse so there Could be another Universe with David in It where he has superpowers Um fighting crime doing things there Could be another Universe where David Actually is a famous musician just not In this universe all right in this Universe I am just a lonely YouTube Person so Multiple universes and each Universe has A king and each King can be good bad it

Could be anything right there's could be Universe where I'm you know Drug lord somewhere killing people I Don't know So but this came was the worst of all The kings and all the kings decided like He's so bad we're going to send him to The quantum realm now there's only one Quantum Realm because time and space Work differently down there so It's not like each Multiverse Has their own Quantum realm so all the Kings agreed that this king is terrible Broke his little machine thing he had Where he could travel the Multiverse and Then exiled him to the quantum uh the Quantum realm so he was stuck there Michelle Pfeiffer didn't know and Decided help and that was another stupid Thing she was there for 30 years and she Just stayed in this little dirt pit the Whole time and then finally this guy Shows up and then she was like oh it's So nice to actually have someone to talk To for a change but the whole time there Was an entire civilization down there That she never bothered to talk to and Other human looking things because Bill Murray was there yes the actor and he Was called something and they talk about How they had a love affair and they had Sex I'm not even joking and So but for half the time she was like There's nothing to do down here and then

All of a sudden this guy shows up and She's like you know maybe if I just Venture Beyond this little dirt pit I'll Find the whole civilization with Buildings and and creatures and animals And things to do and people to talk to And Bill Murray to have sex with Whatever so he was exiled there Michelle Pfeiffer accidentally helped him But then right before he was going to Leave she destroyed the machine that They just took years and years building And uh yeah so this is going to be a Long review needless say the movie was Just there it just exists Um It's like Thor 2. It exists I wouldn't say Thor 2 is a Good movie I would never go back and Watch Thor 2. It's I don't even remember Ant-Man 2 so I Can't even tell you if Ant-Man 2 is Better I remember Ammon am I one I liked This is just I have a feeling that The mcu's done as we know they all exist And they'll continue to come out with Movies and they'll probably make a lot Of money but I'm not I'm not I'm not excited for King At all

Like watching these people like oh you Did such a great job I'm like Okay the actor played the character but And the lines were delivered well and Things like that but the fact that the Characters that they wrote is not very Good or compelling first of all they Killed the worst one Ant-Man killed the Worst one so even if they come with The second best king or the third best Even they come with five Kings if Ant Man pretty easily defeated this one They could probably pretty The Avengers As a whole could easily defeat all the Other kings so okay there's no threat There it doesn't seem very unless They're doing something crazy with time Or something like that but I don't see Him as a threat and then on top of that Thanos was a great villain because his Motive was cool like I understood his Motive and that's what made him a good Villain his motive is very weird it's Like Oh I don't know what it is he made a Mistake or something like that he was Talking about and then he's trying to Fix his mistake but at the same time he Was just destroying multiverses the ones That seemed to like threaten him and I'm Like so your your goal is to destroy Different multiverses that you don't Like And then you rebuild him as a new

I mean I don't know the threat didn't Seem that great and his motives didn't Really seem that great Nor did they really like explain his Motives like Thanos is pretty easy like They explained it's like look I travel Around the Galaxy There's a lot of people that didn't have Basic resources and Um and then I realized that there's just Too many people for all the resources That we have out here and so people are Going to suffer blah blah blah so I'm Just going to eliminate half the Beans on in the universe so there's Enough to go around now a lot of people Say well why don't you just double or Triple the amount of resources well if You did that then maybe there's too many Resources on a planet as in it just Takes up too much space or if you did That they would just consume more and Then You know be exactly where they were but Then if you cut people in half wouldn't They eventually just double in size so There's a lot of holes in his theory Um But still at least I understood what he Wanted to do And Yeah And it had a nice little backstory about Him on Titan and he tried to warn

Everyone no one listen blah blah blah But the king is this I don't know he to Me Kang is about his throwaway of his Villain as Loki wasn't Avengers one what do you want I just Want to rule something okay Here you can rule Earth that was his Whole motive because I just want to rule Something that's basically okay like he Doesn't seem that great of a Villain at All Um so I'm not looking forward to Avengers 5 at all also if we get all These What that this is like it's not an Ant-Man movie it's like an ant family Movie and it's just so dumb I don't know It's I don't know Whatever Um Watch it if you have let me know what You think below Um all right have a good day

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